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December 7th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global spreading the joy

I was doing some Beyond Freedom Evolution revision this weekend, and re-watched a lot of the online video content. As we are riding the wave of the festive season, there was one video that really resonated with me. It was about joy.

BFE + gratitude = joy!

BFE + gratitude = joy!

Shane Krider, co-founder of Polaris Global, and creator of Beyond Freedom Evolution success education curriculum, explains joy from an angle I hadn’t thought about for a long time. The joy you feel from pursuing something you love, combined with the satisfaction and momentum gained from taking action on your dreams, will push you into a state of mind far beyond where you’d be if you did nothing at all.

Ding ding ding! Thank you Polaris – your success education curriculum certainly kicked me in the butt and led me to follow my passion and find my joy! Beyond Freedom Evolution taught me that finding what you love and living it isn’t one big step. It’s lots of little ones, and then they gain momentum until you start living the life you want.

It doesn’t mean quitting your job, selling your house and diving right in. There are decisions and actions you can start today, no matter where you are in your life right now.

Totally worth a shot, right?

This is what I know for myself… it’s do-able, and I’m loving the joy. And the gratitude… thanks BFE!

~ Amy Adams

November 24th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global gain strength, support and success

The Polaris Global community is pretty special. The support, positivity and gratitude are infectious and go hand-in-hand with the philosophies of Beyond Freedom Evolution success education program.

Polaris Global + change = success

Polaris Global + change = success

One of the biggest lessons in BFE is the importance of change and action. Everyone reacts differently to change. For some it’s fearful, to others it’s exciting! But with the Polaris community behind you, it’s so much easier to get through whatever change comes your way.

Regardless of your initial feelings towards change, the most important BFE view is opportunity and growth is on the other side. Sometimes though, we have to fall in order to learn a lesson. Yes, it can be disheartening, and sometimes quite painful. But if you keep your BFE mindset, implement an action plan; it gives you every chance to get through it.

In conversations with Shane and Rachel Krider, Co-Founders of Polaris Global, they explained this concept quite beautifully. Our individual evolution is an organic process; the whole point of it is the journey. When we shortcut the course of action, lose focus or listen to those pesky Stoppers, our wheels end up spinning. We don’t get anywhere.

So as BFE students know, with each fall, there is a win! You just have to look for it. I love being involved with a group of people who see the silver lining in every situation, who learn from every opportunity and use it to gain strength, motivation and action into success.

High five BFEers! You rock.

~ Amy Adams

November 11th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global change in action

A month ago I posted a blog Polaris Global keep your eye on the prize that mentioned my friend who had some grand ideas she talked up, but it became apparent there was no real compass heading or idea how to get to the finish line. There were no plans, practical steps or budgets set. No vision of the journey just the end goal. It was clear she needed some BFE intervention!


Departure, bold decisions, action!

Add Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution success education curriculum, and what a difference a month makes!

There have been multiple phone calls, plans and questions. She’s asked advice on everything from advertising to website creation and content. I’ve poured over every word she’s sent me, and have happily helped her write, re-write and edit her copy to ensure it’s absolutely clear and concise to give her every opportunity for each web viewer to become a customer.

She’s set up meetings with an accountant, and sought out other successful people in her field, and asked them a million questions (some may even say interrogate… with a smile! Ha ha!) It’s been inspiring to watch and see the transformation that Beyond Freedom Evolution has had.

And I’m just so happy! For her, for her family, to see the decisions turning into actions… it’s awesome. Her whole demeanor has improved and her spirits are clearly lifted as she rides that feeling of being on the right path. There’s nothing quite like it!

And without a doubt, the change is all due to teachings in Beyond Freedom Evolution. To see it in action is just a beautiful thing.

No prizes for guessing what happens next…


I’m feeling inspired to go out and pay it forward… again. And again. And again.

~ Amy Adams

October 26th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global sprint to the finish line

It’s nearly November. November! How did it get to be November already?!

While I quietly freak out about the light speed of which this year has zoomed, it has reminded me to look back on the goals I set for myself this year, and reflect on the journey so far. Of course, I have a list (hello, BFE student here!) and it was great to see I have completed 85% of those goals.

Win win win with Polaris Global

Win win win with Polaris Global

I love re-visiting my vision board. Remembering the reason I added an image and the intent behind it. I use pinterest for this and could/do spend hours in that space (you can find Polaris Global on there too!). Adding, editing, enjoying. I love it. It’s the Future Self in a collage of images! I was happy to see I’ve achieved a lot of what was up there. Some long-term goals are still a huge focus, and revisiting my vision board just added that extra oomph of motivation.

Next, I scrolled through my BFE PocketPad app. The best every day tool I use to appreciate, revel and count the small wins. Love this app! And I never forget those things I want to add to my BFE journey map. And let me tell you – those small wins quickly add up over the course of a year.

What became crystal clear through my 2014 goal revision, I’m totally winning. YAY me!

My North Star has remained clear and bright. And by doing a few course corrections, and stretching out of my comfort zone, I’ve achieved some amazing levels of success this year.

Pretty frickin’ awesome!

So suddenly, November, I’m okay with your fast approach and the start of the festive season you bring! I’m ready for the 2014 finish line. I’m feeling motivated, focused, and most of all grateful. For Polaris Global, for the leadership development program that has changed the lives of so many people, and for this beautiful safe harbor community.

Hmm… I think this calls for a new pinterest vision board…

~ Amy Adams

October 18th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Change with Polaris Global

Change is difficult – Polaris Global can make it worthwhile.

If you change nothing

Polaris Global can change everything!

First thing I learned… take a deep breath, recognize the need for change and make a conscious decision to accept it. This used to be so difficult for me. It gets easier. Beyond Freedom Evolution makes you acknowledge these opportunities and make the most of them. I’m forever grateful.

The golden steps to navigating change as outline in BFE are…

Make the choice to actively change, don’t be a passive passenger. Lead the charge.

Be clear on your desired outcome. Let this be your compass guide. Crystallize your vision.

Believe in your decision, recognize and acknowledge any Stoppers, and action the steps to go around them and continue towards your North Star.

Take small steps to start and then more boldly as you feel confident. It’s all action!

Follow through – keep on trucking! If you stay focused, you will reach your goal.

I have to say, these BFE guides have saved me. The guidance I have found through Polaris Global has kept me from feeling completely overwhelmed in times of complete flux. The steps, exercises and teachings have turned a huge challenge into a very exciting journey.

As a student of BFE, I know how it can change your life. But this is such a practical use of the curriculum; it has just propelled my gratitude. In times of stress and change, I focus on strength, empowerment and can’t wait to get to the other side and celebrate victory.

~ Amy Adams


October 3rd, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global keep your eye on the prize


Polaris Global’s BFE can bring you all you desire!

I’ve been an advocate for Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution for a long time now, and I sometimes forget how far I’ve come. I was starkly reminded of this recently, having a conversation with a friend who was so enthusiastic and excited about her grand plans for the future.

I quickly realized there had been no steps made towards the goal, other than the dream of the end prize. No steps or planning had gone into making it a reality, and no intention to start plotting them in the near future.

It was incomprehensible to me. My brain is so Beyond Freedom focused; I immediately see my long-term goals as a journey with intermediate steps to achieve on my way. It’s second nature these days. But seeing my friend talk with no real compass heading or plan, made me realize that I was once like that too.

Look, I know it’s not as easy as reading the success education program, and presto! You’re a gifted success leader. Planning takes discipline and sacrifice. Whether it is time for education or fitness, or money to invest in a business opportunity. It all depends on your goal. Beyond Freedom Evolution teaches us that these early sacrifices and obstacles may seem like hard work, but it is a necessary ingredient for prolonged success.

The easiest way I know to begin a new goal for the best possible success result is read the first volume of Beyond Freedom Evolution. And before you know it, you’ll be listing wins, and see your objective within reach.

I love paying it forward. And that’s exactly what I did by introducing my super enthusiastic friend to BFE.

Beyond Freedom Evolution will help you plan for success, take action and make your dreams a reality. What are you waiting for?

~ Amy Adams


September 27th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global stop the Stoppers!

Stoppers. Sigh. I’ve come across a few of them this month. Any student of Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution program knows how regular these little lurkers can pop up in the face of change and growth to try and defeat your spirit and stop you from achieving your goal.

Don't let the Stoppers sink your success

Don’t let the Stoppers sink your success

So what is a Stopper? They are roadblocks that appear when you’re on a chosen direction towards a goal. Mine have mostly been people who are always so negative about everything. They try and deter you from your dream, they are always saying you can’t do it, don’t get your hopes up; it’s never going to happen. They criticize your decisions, are not supportive and always play the victim. They are often your first challenge when starting a new success goal.

A very powerful chapter in Beyond Freedom Evolution (Departure Part III) is ‘Identifying the Stoppers’. Once you can see them for what they are, you immediately see how they’re blocking your journey and success. It is quite an eye-opening part of the syllabus. And can be quite a difficult process to get through. But ultimately, very rewarding.

The BFE program gives you steps and example scenarios in the accompanying videos, on how to navigate a Stopper. Step around them, and not let their negative attitudes affect you and your goal. This lesson alone has completely changed the way I spend my time, and who with and the difference is amazing.

Instead of wasting time, energy and space on listening to Stoppers, trying to convince them, I now just let them finish their spiel, and side step them. So tired of hearing a negative spin about everything. It’s exhausting. They’re sucking the success right out of the air around them!

No thank you.

Along with the Polaris Global Mastermind support network behind you the whole way, you’re unstoppable! What an awesome life skill.

For now, my road is clear. But I’m ready for anyone who tries to block me. Look out! I’m armed with BFE and I will use it!

~ Amy Adams


September 20th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global home delivers success

Polaris Global readers, I’ve been on a bit of an inspiration spree this week. Setting up goal after goal, high targets, big ideas and bold decisions. So exciting! I feel like I could tackle any challenge. But I know all too well, that if I let the ball drop, and my focus wains, my results will start tilting and before I know it…  deadline is missed!

Hit your bullseye every time with Polaris Global's BFE

Hit your bullseye every time with Polaris Global’s BFE

Does that sound familiar?

Polaris Global’s success education program Beyond Freedom Evolution has saved me. Multiple times! Whenever I lose my way, hit a roadblock or lose my compass heading, I turn to my trusted BFE eBooks and find the solution to keep me on track to my goal. Sustaining motivation for a long-term goal is hard to achieve (duh!). BFE solution – create a new habit, belief and mindset that will lead to achieving your goal by breaking it into manageable pieces.

Set realistic targets, focus on the small steps, and before you knows it you’ll be at the success finish line. It totally works!

By breaking down your goal into what you have to achieve each day has made a HUGE difference to me. A simple daily to-do list has delivered me to so many wins. I’m focusing on something I can obtain. That little daily change adds up to a huge change over time until you’re surprised at how far you’ve come.

Best BFE advice… Don’t try to change the world, take baby steps at first and before you know it you’re winning!

Cheers to that!

~ Amy Adams

September 12th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global can give you the life you want

Live the life you want! Sounds easy enough. But we know it’s not always that simple. There are responsibilities, bills, children, work. And before you know, it’s Sunday night and you think… what did I actually achieve this week? And then you’re back in the grind.

Polaris Global can get you there!

Polaris Global can get you there!

That all changed for me when I became a student of Polaris Global’s personal leadership program Beyond Freedom Evolution. It didn’t just teach me how to become successful in all areas of my life, it guided me to my true goals. BFE broke down the steps into achievable bite-size pieces and before I knew it, I was working for myself, away from the office that had imprisoned me for years, and living the life I had dreamed.

Work life balance – sorted!

Spare time for the kids – done!

And the Polaris Global business opportunity gives those budding entrepreneurs out there an avenue to achieve financial freedom. And it’s offered in one easy-to-use success package.

Polaris Global’s step-by-step business plan and personal leadership principles are a winning equation for a successful business that can lead you to the work life balance you’re yearning for.

The additional draw card for so many of Polaris Global successful entrepreneurs has been the flexibility of the web-based business platform, which allows you to work from anywhere, whenever you like!


Thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution, I am following my North Star, and loving my life. Every second of it! I highly recommend it.

~ Amy Adams

September 4th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global – let’s learn more

Learning is a fundamental activity in a successful and purposeful life. Polaris Global has succinctly put the most important tips, tools and lessons together in their success education program for us. Thank god for Beyond Freedom Evolution!

Life + BFE = best education ever!

Life + BFE = best education ever!

Learning is super important. If we fail to learn, we fail to grow. Life gives us endless opportunities to learn, and the more difficult the situation, the more we are likely to learn. And as a student of BFE, you are receiving the best education ever, and giving yourself ever chance of achieving your greatest success.

Since being a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution, learning has become a constant in my life. Every single situation can be educational, and once you see the world as your learning tool, every encounter has a meaning, a purpose and a way to help you grow and reach your goal.

We can learn from other people, from the events happening around us, but the most important lesson I’ve encountered lately, is how we can learn from watching ourselves and how we react to certain situations.

Using these lessons with Beyond Freedom Evolution, and applying it to business, family, relationships and  self-confidence… well, it just about determines everything. Whoa!

Get out there and live, love and be happy BFEers! It’s a beautiful day to be learning.

~ Amy Adams