June 1st, 2010 by Rachel Krider

4 Tips To Success In Network Marketing



I’m sitting in a cafe having my morning coffee reflecting on what it takes to succeed in a business such as Polaris Global. A few things come to mind.

1. Falling in love with the product. This is imperative to your success no matter which company you align yourself with. People don’t care what you say, they will be attracted and join you based on HOW YOU FEEL about what you say. The way I fell in love with Beyond Freedom Evolution was I immersed myself into the product, experienced personal wins that I was then passionate for others to experience.

2. Falling in love with the industry – Network Marketing. I remember when I first started in the industry 8 years ago. Initially I was a little embarrassed to share what I was doing with friends and family for fear of judgement. I then embarked on learning as much as I could about the industry and discovered it to be the most tremendous platform for growth, development & financial success. Where else could a high school drop out apply themselves for a few years and become a self made millionaire? A love affair with the industry began!

3. They take consistent action. Every success story in the industry has come as a result of an individual taking consistent action. Here at Polaris we teach 3, 5, 10. Presenting the opportunity to 3, 5 or 10 people per day. Its as simple as picking the activity plan that fits with your schedule, part time or full time, and then sticking with it.

4. They are patient. The worst thing that a new marketer can do is come in with the mind set of – “I’m going to give it a go for 3 months and see what happens”. This attitude would have one setting themselves up for failure before they even begin. If this had been my approach I wouldn’t be sitting here today as a success story. You see when I started here, the first four months of business produced next to nothing. So lots of activity and little result. All of a sudden, my 5 month, the business exploded! What if I had of quit in month 3? All too often I see people quit just before they are about to make the turn. Just before things click with them. Things can change very quickly in this business. I went from $0 income in month 4, to $25,000 the very next month.

Finally – network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. One must apply themselves, take responsibility for their results and give it enough time while they are learning the necessary skills to succeed. HOWEVER….my business went from ZERO to well over $1 million in profit in just 12 months. I don’t know about you…but to me…THAT’S QUICK!

To Your Success xx

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  1. Another great post Rachel and the fact that you’re doing it from a cafe makes it all the more sweet. Phrses that I grew up on such as “nose to the grindstone” and ‘put your shoulder in to it” all conjoured up images and scenes from the industrial revolution when working conditions were horrendous. Labour was hard and dangerous and 16hour work days were the norm. In all fairness, it was not that long ago and these were the beliefs that were handed down.

    Some of the great things that was handed down to me which never changes through the eras is persistence, loyalty and integrity. Although society is more educated, we appear to be none the wiser on the whole about our life choices. You in (wherever) and me here in Dublin, both working the same business in an environment of abundance is, to many, still the stuff of dreams and science fiction. I love that you are a self-made millionair in the space of a year and by jingo, that is quick.

    It takes as much (or as little) effort to be successful as it does to fail. For me, it’s not over ’til I win!

    So if someone told you that you would be a millionaire if you just persisted, how long would give yourself?

  2. Debbie Ruston says:

    Great post Rach, and love your question Howard….I remember Shane saying once “if there was 1 million $ under a bed in a hotel in _______ (could be anywhere) and I gave you a key to fit every room in the hotel….all you have to do is keep looking till you find it, and it’s yours – when would you quit looking?” Well the answer is obviously NEVER….you would look until you find it! But many individuals give up just before they open that door that leads to their financial success. It is all about believing in yourself and the vision you hold…being immersed in the product you represent, as you mentioned Rach, and following leaders that have the results you want to get. Trust yourself that you will be successful…the only way to fail is to give up. Remember that you may not achieve the goal the way you “think” you will….sometimes there are dips in the road and you have to go from plan A to plan B and sometimes quite far through the alphabet….be solution oriented and realize that you control your own destiny and that is so refreshing, especially as we have seen so many people downsized from the corporate world, that had no control over that.

    Network marketing is certainly not a get rich quick scheme, however, you will always get rich far quicker than if you sell your life to an employer for a set hourly wage. You will get out what you put in, period.

  3. Barbara Drummond says:

    Rachel, Debbie and my dear mentor Lisa you are such an inspiration to me. I have learnt so much from listening to you.

    I love the products, I love the industry and I definitely have a lot of patience but, I hate to confess that when I first came into this business I was not consistent. Finding a myriad of reasons to allow myself to be side-tracked, not fully realising the value of what I had in my hands. Not anymore though, thanks to you three ladies who have set a fire in me that will never burn out. Now I can’t wait to get to my desk in the morning and set to work.
    There is still a long way to go to achieve my own financial goals. However, I already feel rich through all the wonderful people in this business I communicate with daily on the chat sessions and the calls.

    So Rachel, I definitely agree with your four points, but would like to add two of my own.
    1. A friendly and happy community of fellow networkers.
    2. A good training and on-going support system.

    Rachel – I love the way you are prepared to offer personal assistance to all of us no matter whether we are a veteran of the business or just starting out. Your pool of knowledge is immense, just like your heart.
    Debbie – I love what you are doing with the New Distributor Training Calls. Even though I listen to them all I always pick up something new each time.
    Lisa – My Polaris sister, I love the way you have never given up on me and your constant words of encouragement. Without you I can’t imagine where I would be now.

  4. Kathy Drury says:

    How many times have I heard people in our business say, “I came for the money and got so much more!” This is certainly the case for me. I am still working a full time job for the time being, and because of what I have learned from Beyond Freedom Evolution, my attitude to my work has changed and my interactions with co-workers are quite different from before. My family and friends often comment on the changes that they have seen over the past few months and my life has taken on a whole new meaning. Previously, I would have dreamed about my goals with no real expectation of achieving them; now I KNOW I will achieve them!

    I love the challenges that I have experienced since I joined this business because they have taught me to think about solutions, not problems and to find new ways of approaching obstacles instead of head butting them and getting nowhere as I used to! I am learning to think outside the square and to be creative in more ways than I ever was before. The unexpected bonus for me was finding myself belonging to an amazing community of like-minded individuals who celebrate each other’s successes and give love, advice and support when needed. That I did not expect – it certainly doesn’t happen in my corporate job!

    Thank you to everyone in Polaris, you have enriched my life in so many ways and I value your friendships and sharing.

  5. Theresa Pembroke says:

    Thank you Rachel for sharing your insights and tips into assisting our longevity in the business. I always love and appreciate hearing you share your experiences and stories. It not only motivates me, but inspires me to be more than I am being, and to raise the bar and truly get more out of myself. Thanks again.

  6. Bettina Evert says:

    Ah yes Rachel, having patience is so important; so very important; whether you do this business full time or part time you need patience. Thank you for saying this is not a ‘get rich scheme’; it is a business! Passion for the industry, business and the products come from within. Do not expect other to provide the passion for you; it must come form within. Isn’t this business and the products just wonderful!

  7. Carol King says:

    I am grateful to the person who introduced us to network marketing eight years ago. Prior to this I had perceptions of “networking” – not sure where those perceptions came from – and when I look back at those perceptions I can see they were all based in fear. The main fears were failure, talking with people, and success. I know it is strange to have failure and success in the one sentence – however I was scared of failing – “we told you so” – and also scared of succeeding – “who do you think you are!” Once I started connecting with people who were successful in the industry and realised they initially had similar fears and learnt how they had overcome themselves then I realised I also could overcome myself.

    The initial journey into network marketing then lead me to look for a business that really resonated with me as I felt there would be “new energy” out there. Polaris was the business I attracted and it was like a comfortable coat – the support, the community, and the energy. The best of all is the emerging ME – a magical, mystery tour.

  8. chrissy greig says:

    Thanks Rach for this post…at the moment I’m listening to a CD in my car on network marketing and they are talking about it not being a get rich quick business for that you have to buy a LOTTO ticket and keep your fingers crossed. There is one distributor that they interviewed and after 3 years he did not have one team member but from year 3 to 5 his income was $40,000 per month and in year 6 his income was $80,000 per month worth the wait I believe. It may have taken him a little while to get a roll on but he is certainly glad that he did not quit. Now yes this is the extreme but to achieve success you do what you have to do….. UNTIL!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Alison Wheeler says:

    Thanks Rach for your post. Once again providing great insight into the sort of person you need to be turning up as in life and in this business to have success. I really like what you say about time frames. I agree that from zero to 1 million in the time frame you achieved it is fast. Results show up when you are ready to see and receive them. Therefore giving yourself the time and space to succeed is so essential. As Chrissy said…..UNTIL.

  10. Wendy Clarricoats says:

    Thank you so much for your post Rach. To see you write about patience really spoke to me as I’ve never been a patient person, always wanting instant results but since joining Polaris I’ve learnt to be guided by my heart, have total faith in our system and the support of fellow Polarians and my faith has not been misguided.
    I totally love the products, the company vision, and most of all the awesome community we have here – all supporting one another daily on our own unique journeys.
    You Rachel are my inspiration and I have your lovely smiley face on my vision board to encourage me every day.
    I too have a burning desire to keep going …………….UNTIL

  11. WOW,
    I love everybody’s comments, Everybody is so Inspiring and Positive within Polaris.
    We have got a wonderful community and fantastic support.
    Everybody has a chance to succeed personal and financial goals within Polaris.
    Its all about making a choice and been in the right mindset.

  12. Leanne Oshea says:

    Thanks for being YOU Rach. A true leader and inspiration that shines a light for everyone. I feel passion for the products, community and the industry making a difference for so many. This is the first time business success can be combined with who I am and what I believe in. Forever grateful. x

  13. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  14. Faenza Aitken says:

    Love this post Rach…it speaks in beautiful and connecting over-tones of a natural flow which is something I really didn’t come here with in the beginning. I was so illuminated GREEN…that you’d have to put you’re sunnies on to see me.
    Thinking about falling in love with the business is something I would hear you say from time to time and think to myself,” what is she on about”.
    Now I totally get it and thanks to everything I have gained from our “Beyond Freedom Evolution” I do LOVE this business, love what I do, I feel special just knowing that I am empowering myself from the inside and I am effecting everyone else around me.

  15. Marley says:

    Hey Rachel thank you for being the awesome leader you are. Its amazing someone can go from struggling, to an absolute success. I love Polaris and beyond freedom, it rocks. One thing i have learnt here at Polaris is that, you don’t need to be smart to know everything you just have to start to get smart. As you say, Patience time and effort is with any business whether its Polaris or not. Getting in with the right people, the right system and product really keeps you attached. Ive just recently started in network marketing and realized is not as complicated as i thought. I’m here for ever and looking forward to reaching my goals here.


  16. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks for your feedback – Enjoy!

  17. Jo Austin says:

    How interesting to read your post Rach….just in this last few weeks I have found myself really understanding the amazing opportunity that Network Marketing has to offer. I also finally realised that if I want to succeed it truly is up to me. Network marketing does indeed offer an opportunity that will enable me to become a millionaire….but not without commitment on my part. So having come to this realisation I had to ask myself the following questions…Do I really want to be successful, do I really want those goals that I have written down and am I prepared to do what is required to achieve them? The resounding answer was YES!

    I then had to question whether I had chosen the right Network Marketing vehicle. Again the resounding answer was YES! The system in place is simple and works, the products are of outstanding quality, the training is thorough, inspirational and constant and the support network is phenomenal .

    Polaris has opened up a world of opportunity for me that I never knew existed and will support me as I create the life I’ve previously only ever dreamed of…but ultimately it is up to me and what an empowering feeling that is.

  18. This is one of the most powerful post I ever read in a long time, I’m talking about this part of your article “… with was I immersed myself into the product, experienced personal wins that I was then passionate for …” it gets me to feel more knowledgable after understanding it.

  19. My wife and I believe you could have a fairly good blog here… today was my initial time coming here..i just happened to appear across it performing a google research. anyway, outstanding post..i’ll be bookmarking this site for sure.

  20. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    one – two -three – four!!!!
    1 – 2 – 3 – 4
    follow the bouncing ball, over and over and over until it stops (which is never)!
    Simple, persistent, consistent and patient. All the rest follows.

    Love it!!!!