July 24th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

Baby Talk At Polaris Global

Leia Anniston

Leia Anniston

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. Have been flat our adjusting to my new responsibilities as a mum and also continuing with my role as co-owner of Polaris Global.

My baby girl, Leia Anniston, was born on April 16. Can’t believe how quickly the past 3 months have flown. I can hear her now in the background. She’s started talking which is amazing to me. Now I can’t understand a word she saying. It’s “baby talk” – but she’s certainly communicating in her special way and has graduated from just crying to get want she wants.

She’s allowed me today to gain a new perspective about how to deal with certain challenges that crop up from time to time which I’d like to share with my fellow Polaris Associates & readers.

When she wants something, typically food or a cuddle, she will let you know straight up by crying. We all have this knowledge, that the baby confronts head on what they want – whether it be food, a diaper change, a cuddle. They don’t hold back, they communicate directly how to solve whatever they may require at the time.

As adults – we can all learn this lesson from our kids. That if we have a particular challenge that we are facing, the best way to deal with it, every time, is by confronting it head on.
Now I know for myself there are many times when this path hasn’t been clear. The “natural” response for some reason when we get older is to perhaps back away or shy away from the issue that is causing us discomfort or pain. Of course what happens as a result of this is the problem tends to grow – it certainly doesn’t go away by our lack of confront or our lack of acknowledgment.

So if you’re facing a particular obstacle right now. Ask yourself, what is the solution. What can be achieved if I just tackle this head on? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how resilient and capable you are of handling even the most challenging of obstacles.

Have there been times in your life when you put off confronting a particular challenge and then when you finally did, you wondered what took you so long?

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  1. What great reminders we get from our children! Thanks for sharing Rach! For me, I know that there was a level of fear holding me back in the past – fear of going full steam ahead towards my goals. I took a really close look at my goals & the only decision I had to make was what was I more afraid of? Working hard to achieve my goals or not achieving them at all? Well, THAT certainly got me into action! And yes, now I shake my head at myself & wonder why it took so long, but I accept that it was my journey & I’m loving where I am now. Back to Leia’s communication – a quote from Ghandi seems fitting ~ “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. ~ Kirsty xox

  2. Belinda Byfield says:

    Hey Rach,
    I totally agree with what you are saying, being a Mum to 3 little ones I learn from them everyday.
    Children are so determined, they have no fear of failure and they don’t take no for an answer.
    They know what they want and don’t stop till they get it.
    As adults, as you said, we loose this. If we used these same techniques in our lives, goals that we though were out of reach suddenly become a reality.
    My children remind me to think bigger and that the only limitations that I have are the ones I place on myself.
    I’m truly grateful for being a Mum and being here with Polaris where going after what you want is encouraged.
    I cant wait to give Leia a big cuddle in Sydney, See you soon.
    Belinda xoxo

  3. Bev Abel says:

    Welcome to your Mothering Rach, Quite right everyone we connect with is a teacher including our children, and in fact more often it is through our children that we learn our deepest lessons. I hope to meet your little one at our next Event, and make sure you enjoy each stage of growth…it goes so quickly. Blessings from a grandmother of 10. Bev

  4. Caroline Broomhall says:

    Hey Rach
    I just can’t wait, it will be even more exciting then my first event last year, meeting everyone in the community.
    Last year at Foundation Live I was laughing and crying within the first 2 minutes of the speaker (Robyn Moore) being on stage. This year 4 speakers in sure that will be the best will have to pack plenty of tissues just in case.
    The whole weekend will be a fantastic buzz, catching up with such a wonderful bunch of like minded people. Counting the hours down to we arrive in Sydney. Look out Sydney Polaris is coming down under again.

  5. Rachel Oliver says:

    Look out is right Caroline! We tend to take over the city when we come to town. Can’t wait to shake up the city!

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