March 14th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

Be The Demonstration Of Success

Thoughts from Shane Krider & Rachel Oliver, Polaris Global

There’s no greater service that one can provide than to be the demonstration as to what is possible. As human beings we gain confidence in our own ability to perform when we see others achieving what it is that we ourselves have the desire to achieve.

“Well if he can do it, whose to say I can’t too!”

The evidence of another persons success gives us wings. We’ve all heard what happened when Roger Bannister became the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. The very next month the record was broken. Many men then went on to achieve what once was believed to be impossible.

I feel tremendously blessed to be surrounded by on purpose individuals. The distributors which are a part of my company, Polaris Global, demonstrate to me every day of what is possible. Belinda Byfield comes to mind. She’s a mum of three young kids & when she started her journey here as an entrepreneur only 12 months ago she couldn’t even send an email. Her confidence in her ability was so low that she couldn’t take a step out her front door without her mum being there as a crutch.

Fast forward just 12 months and Belinda is an incredibly competent and powerful business owner. She’s mastered Social Media marketing. She’s confident, capable & self reliant. She’s growing and developing a successful global business, leading her organization with grace and dignity. She’s earned as much as $20,000 USD in a single month. Talk about a demonstration as to what is possible. Good on ya Bel – keep shining!

4 Responses to “Be The Demonstration Of Success”

  1. Bev Abel says:

    I have just been watching some of the Videos produced by the Advanced Buzzing Group, and want to Congratulate your Fun, Creativity, and Courage. WELL DONE All of you. And Thank You Polaris Leaders For you Leadership, Inspiration and Forward Thinking In Appreciation!!!

  2. Belinda Byfield says:

    It really is an honour to be here working along side of you and I literally have to pinch myself each day to make sure I’m not dreaming. Who would of thought only just over 12months ago I would be the person I am today. I think about how I use to live my life and what I was teaching my kids. I actually didn’t even use to live my life, I hardly ever left the house and even to go grocery shopping I had to take my Mum with me and now James and I and our kids travel the world together, we are all involved in a community of people that are like family to us and our kids are now growing up in an environment where they know anything is possible. I seriously cringe at the thought of what my life would be like now if I wasn’t here.For the first time in my life I did something for me and it’s paid off for my whole family. I’m so grateful to you Rach I can’t even put it into words.

  3. Bettina Evert says:

    Belinda you are a legend; Someone who used their personal development course and changed themselves completely. I am in awe of you girl!! go for it!!

  4. Sharon Whyte says:

    Awesome Belinda! Your story just blows me away from someone who was so shy to where you are today. What a great example for your kids to not only follow but other family members as well who see the change in you. It just demonstrates the power of the Beyond Freedom Evolution Program that we all study here – Truly life changing and exciting futures for anyone who truly embraces it. Aren’t we soooo darn Lucky!