July 20th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

I’m reading a book at the moment called “Catch Me If You Can”. It’s the true story of Frank Abagnale, one of the most daring con men, forges, imposters and escape artists in history. In his notorious criminal career he cashed US$2.5 Million in forged cheques, practised law without a license, practised as a doctor without a degree or license, donned a pilot’s uniform and co-piloted a Pan Am jet, posed as a college professor even though he was a high school drop out, and managed to outwit the police of 26 countries and every US state, all before he turned twenty-one. You may have seen the movie staring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks?

There’s a part in the book where he’s describing one of the many times Abagnale walked into a bank to cash a forged cheque. He admits that the forged job wasn’t too great. Many flaws to the cheque which could have been easily picked up by the teller had they but simply took the time to observe. It was his confidence that carried him through. To quote a small section of the book: “the transaction also verified a suspicion I had long entertained; it’s not how good a cheque looks but how good the person behind the cheque looks that influences tellers and cashiers”.

This got me thinking about a person having success in a business such as Polaris Global. It’s not the quality of the opportunity that will create a persons results. It is in who the person is BEING when they present that opportunity to their customers and prospects that gets results. Our customers and prospects look at the quality of the opportunity through our eyes. If we have confidence, if we have belief, if we come to a place of “knowing” that the service we provide is one of tremendous value and opportunity then others will “feel” this and also come to this place of belief and knowing.

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  1. Shawna Garcia says:

    I love the title of this post and of the book/movie: “Catch Me If You Can” It is so fitting for an entrepreneur. I actually feel this way in my life and as I read this post I found myself almost saying the words out-loud and thinking of my future self. I have not always been as confident in my abilities as I am today and my confidence continues to grow as I mastermind with our community daily. In December 2007 I experienced the only financial upset I have personally seen. Through the next couple of years I lost almost all of my confidence in my ability to make right choices for myself. I had always had the “Catch Me If You Can” confidence level. This level of energy changed to apathy and life became so heavy and I allowed myself to stand still. Through being a part of this community I have pulled myself into motion again. It has not been easy and every day is another step closer to my big day when I reach the top of the hill and then the momentum can only carry me…I’ll say “Catch Me If You Can” as I cruise down the other side.

  2. chrissy greig says:

    I have seen the Movie and enjoyed it very much but I will make a note to buy the book. I love the catch phrase “Catch Me If You Can” I remember yelling that in the school yard to my friends and I did yell it with confidence because I knew I was the fastest runner. It has brought back a lot of memories so thanks for the great post. I must admit I think I will take up yelling that phrase again because it does give me the feeling of confidence when you have that feeling nothing can stop you….”Catch Me if You Can”

  3. Liana says:

    I love the post and is very fitting for where I am right now. Im receiving more enquiry into my business than ever right now… no change to how I am marketing what so ever… but there has been a change in my own belief in myself and my business. Polaris is an amazing opportunity and once one truly knows it for themself, success is sure to come. Thanks for the great post!!

  4. Tahnee Shalak says:

    Confidence is definately on the list of requirements for success, but this is not about having all the answers, being the best or the expert. It is a about belief and faith. Belief in what you are doing and why you are doing it, and faith that by having a clear vision and taking action in alignment with that each and every day you will succeed. To me this is confidence and this is what will show up in conversations you have with other people. The Polaris Global community, along with the Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum, really do allow you to build this inner confidence as you grow and clearly see the path you want to be on. The path to success can never be trodden alone, it is with the support, encouragement and mentorship of others that have trodden the path before you that will ensure you can say “catch me if you can” and live the life you truly desire.

  5. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    As we say on our extraordinary training calls – you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person!
    Doing it “my way” does not produce sustainable results. Sure I might have lucked out once or twice but over time…… that’s another story!
    Presenting the opportunity as it is designed to be presented, ie following the simple 3 step system, ensures my success at Polaris.
    You’ll wanna catch me!

  6. Michelle Galbraith says:

    Confidence is a wonderful quality. We are all able to exude this quality when we are comfortable and familiar with a given situation. Personal growth and discovery comes along when you take a bold move to take action from your gut instinct. In our developed world we have forgotten that the quality of ‘instinct’ that we are all born with is our most authentic compass we possess. Intellectualising, complicating the matter and putting ourselves in the way just keeps us in a place of inertia.

    So I choose to have a posture of confidence and I have knowing in my soul that I will create the life exactly as I have always planned from the dreams I held as a little girl. I just took a 44 year detour!

    Catch me if you can is playful …. let’s keep that in the box of tools for life too!

  7. Catherine Howard says:

    I really enjoyed that movie what an amazing character he was! I know myself when I am seeking advice or looking to purchase something, it is so true.. I find myself guided by the confidence and passion of the person selling/advising. If you are BEING a confident leader in your own life it shines through in everything you do and say.. you cant help but inspire others to BE the same. Great post thanks.

  8. Alison Wheeler says:

    Thanks Rachel
    This is so true, the more I am true to who I am and confident in that. The more I and our business grows.
    I am amazed everday at how much growth I have with Polaris. Thank you.

  9. It’s so true Rcahel. Anyone who achieved their goals will tell you that they had an unshakable belief in what they were doing.

  10. Danny Hawman says:

    Great post Rach! Imagine if someone puts as much effort into a positive movement as Abagnale put into his. A person can really accomplish anything, it is simply a matter of strength of mind and spirit. When I read the book, my thoughts were, “Good grief, this guy had the talent and ability to accomplish anything, and he wasted it on crime.” Too bad a leader like you didn’t get in front of him and show him how to channel his energy for good.
    The fact is that most people operate giving so little effort towards their goals. They say the “want” life to be a certain way, but they sell themselves so short. Today you have once again inspired me to do more and push harder for what I really want to be – and to KNOW I will get there. Thanks again Rachel!

  11. Lisa Molina says:

    Our beliefs will allow success or failure.
    Grateful that what we do positively impacts us as individuals, which in turn positively impacts our world!
    (unlike Mr. Abagnale)

    Building our beliefs for success is the very “work” of a business.
    When I got started in network marketing, I saw others having great results and knew the opportunity worked.
    I saw others getting loads of leads using the same ads I was using, I saw the system working for them – I was doing it the same way. It proved I WAS the only variable!
    All the more reason to work on me, building my belief in ME.
    The one thing that will make or break a person is a business like Polaris Global or any other, is our very own belief. If we think it’s impossible, it will be! If we think it’s tough – it will be. if we think it’s FUN and easy.. Guess what??
    IT WILL BE!!!

  12. Debbie Ruston says:

    Everyone is our teacher, is a quote we learned at a previous conference. The example with Frank Abagnale is an example of the power of confidence. In his example he built his success on believing in himself and displaying a strong confidence in what he was doing. Unfortunately, he did not use this for good cause and was only interested in self interest, but, we can still learn about the quality he possess. One of the skills we teach in Polaris is how to become confident and take a positive leadership role in your own life, and then how to assist others in creating the life they want to be living. When you combine your own confidence and leadership to really help other individuals create positive change in their lives, it is one of the most rewarding experiences there is. This is confident leadership with INTREGRITY….there is a difference…..when you maintain high ethics and integrity in the confident leadership you provide, and ONLY do things for the good of you and others, you not only change your own life, but unlike the example with Frank – you change thousands of peoples lives for the better. Another reason I am proud to be a stand for what we do here at Polaris Global.

  13. Judith Symonds says:

    When I read the post about Catch Me if You Can, I found that it didn’t resonate with who I am. I am listening to Louise Hay, Dissolving Barriers. For me the kind of self confidence comes from Louise Hay’s wish for humanity. She says:
    Know for yourself:
    Life is a joy.
    You are safe.
    You are loving and loved.
    It is easy to forgive.
    You have glowing health.
    You prosper where ever you are
    All is well with the world.
    What is coming up for me is that it is important to know who I am and this is very important to me personally because I have been denying who I really am for too long now. Confidence comes from knowing who I am and that I am Powerful when I am at cause (which means being who I am meant to be).
    Thanks Rach, I just wanted to put this out there.

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