September 28th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

Change Is Essential For Shifts To Take Place

Be The Change

Be The Change

I’ve just come off a great Polaris Global Training Call. Each week the Polaris Global community come together on a global mastermind call to speak about the various concepts within our Award Winning Curriculum, Beyond Freedom Evolution. This week, leadership member, Lisa Molina joined me on the call discussing the breakthroughs that she’d experienced after completing a particular exercise in the BFE program.

This particular exercise encourages the students to write down how they feel and react to encountering change throughout their daily experience. Getting in touch with how we respond too and feel, right when the change occurs. Do we resist? Retreat? Panic? Roll with it?
When we set a goal to experience greater levels of success in our lives. Whether it be greater levels of financial success, relationships, health or otherwise, we are going to have to make changes and be willing to adapt to a new way of “being”, a new way of embracing certain tasks, which then allows us to experience the outcome of the changes we’ve made. The old saying – “if nothing changes, nothing changes”.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who easily adapts to change. Although after the call today it’s got me thinking about just how well I do infact adapt to change and are there areas that I require a greater level of awareness in order to respond in a more productive and effective way? Of course there are. So over the next 7 days….the challenge is on. Taking the time to journal daily and asking the effective questions with respect to change.

How does the word make you feel? Where do you feel it in your body?
Do you find change comfortable? If not, try to pinpoint why not?
What would have to shift in your thinking for you to feel like change is your friend?
Are you willing to risk change to pursue your passions and achieve your goals?
Are you able to adapt to change so that you are in alignment with your North Stars?

I’d love to hear your wins and breakthroughs as you take on this 7 day challenge with me…..

15 Responses to “Change Is Essential For Shifts To Take Place”

  1. David Moyes says:

    Hi guys, I’ve only recently activated on BFE – haven’t received DEPARTURE yet – only the DECISION module and don’t feel ready to activate on the other events because (naturally) it will require maxing out credit cards and the like. So I am going through mental ups and downs regarding doubt and hesitation. I am TRYING really hard to overcome this with auto suggestion and listening to DECISION but I just realised that because I haven’t gone through the DEPARTURE module maybe i haven’t been able to leave behind my old ways. The change required just ain’t happening yet. The analogy of the rubber band that you mentioned Rachel was a light bulb moment for me as I realised that I was hanging on to past mindsets. I’ve made a start at least and anticipate receiving the USB stick this week. I know that with persistence and belief I will expand my thinking and confidence as long as I nurture this growth. 2 steps forward -1 step back . Thanks for that little bit of help and encouragement. Dave

  2. Rachel Oliver says:

    hey Dave, congratulations on beginning the journey of growth and expansion. I remember when I first started on the journey as exciting as it was, it was also very scary. My eyes were opened up and I realized that there was so much that I still had to learn. If you are feeling uncomfortable then this is a really positive thing. It means that you are challenging yourself. Something to keep in mind….”there is no TRY, there is only DO”. When your USB stick arrives, start at the beginning and just continue with one foot in front of other. If you continue to commit to the journey you won’t recognise yourself in the near future. To your success!

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m on day 5 of the CHANGE CHALLENGE. Some really interesting things have come to light for me. I thought that I handled change very well and to a certain extent that is true. However when something of significance is put forth to me which requires me to step up and take on a new way of doing things, my initial reaction has been to repel. There have been two significant instances that have come to me over the past few days and on both occasions I reacted the exact same way. Initially – NO, that’s not good for all of these reasons…… I then found myself reflecting, journalling and consciously deciding whether or not this particular change would be good for not only me, but for the group – for my community and loved ones. Interesting, on both occasions I realised that my initial reaction was fear based and by not adapting and taking on this new way of doing things i would be not only hindering my results but also the results of those that are within my influence. I’m thankful that I have the tool through BFE to reflect appropriately which in turn allows me to make more informed, rational and powerful decisions.

  4. Narelle Davis says:

    Change is indeed challenging a lot of times, even when exciting or eagerly anticipated. For instance, I’m excited to have started my own business. There are many skills required that were outside of my current skill set, so the challenge is the self belief that I can acquire the skills to ensure I reach my planned goals. Working through BFE has given me the practical exercises to nurture my self belief as I persist in developing the necessary new skills on my path to success. I love the exercise of writing down my Wins each day of how I’ve met the challenge of change!

  5. Carol Brydon says:

    When you asked us to follow up on our BF Change subject, to write out our how we respond to change in our daily life I just ignored it, dismissing it thinking this was for other people who only have to deal with a change here & there, not for me experiencing 4 major life changes within the past 12 months but here’s the point, when I began thinking about change it prompted me to think deeply of changes I have made in the past not just the past 12 months. I realised I had made changes that had gradually lost my true essence over time?

    It hit me that sometimes we don’t notice changes & to our detriment, we allow them to gradually take us off our path. Maybe I’m slow, this has taken me 30 years to notice that who I use to be & who I have been these past years are so paradoxical that it made me realize, I need to claim back who I was.

    I was this women who back in the early 70’s walked into a racing stable & asked for a job, a man’s world where daily taunts were dished out to get rid of me, I rode horses they were afraid to ride to show them up. I was powerful & although these events gone by have been life changing, who was I being now? I had changed, I had lost my power, I had allowed myself to lose who I was. I do wish to add as a note here that BF assisted me greatly during the past year along with our calls which kept me feeling part of this amazing community.

    This exercise, although I did not follow the protocol, actually gave me the biggest Aha! to date so thankyou. I am power & although I am older, this had given me back the strength I once felt within. I have now been able to answer the question my challenges asked of me.

  6. David Moyes says:

    Thanks Rachel for replying. I’ve had a breakthrough this week with my personal development. We’ve been having some family counselling to work on some issues between my daughter and wife and myself. BFE must be working because they both said they have noticed big changes in me of a positive nature. I am focused on my business and absorbing all that I can in regard to changing my THINKING. Journalling has been very interesting and so helpful in materializing my thoughts and dreams. last night I saw myself on a hill and a Concorde jet came above me, turned skywards and ROARED off! I’m sure it was a good message that I am about to soar. Ha! You’re right, I’m not TRYING any more – I’m DOING IT. Nice to hear about your experience this week – we are all continually learning and I would encourage everyone to EMBRACE change for the shifts to take place.

  7. Rachel Oliver says:

    Good on ya David :o) This is what personal growth is all about. We must BE THE CHANGE that we wish to see in the world. The fact that your family members are noticing positive changes is such validation of the work that you’re doing with your Beyond freedom program. To journal and gain the clarity as you are is such a key ingredient to implementing what you’re learning. Keep it up mate. I look forward to hearing more from you and the wins you are experiencing.

  8. Rachel Oliver says:

    WOW Carol! How fabulously empowering for you. This is SOOOO significant. I got goosebumps as i read what has come up for you as a result of embracing this exercise. The magic really is with the application of what we learn and read. You are POWERFUL! XX

  9. Rachel Oliver says:

    hey Narelle – it sure can be challenging at time. The very simple steps of being consciously aware of how we handle it and to simply question if we could be more effective allows us to be so much more productive and powerful. You’re winning every day!

  10. dineke Kleyn says:

    I too was a person who thought, yep, bring on the change.
    However I discovered that those “welcomed” changes had to be convenient and easy to adapt.
    In other words, to break a routine or even sometimes boredom.
    When it actually comes to a “real” change, a change which made me feel uncomfortable, I felt it deep in the pit of my stomach. I did not want to know. It was too hard.
    I tried to find every excuse not having to change. Even to the point: “Do I really need to change at my age”

    I always expected my kids to adapt every change as something you just do.
    They had to come with us to New Zealand, without having a say in it and they did not speak English at the time.
    Going to a new school, learn a new language, if I think about that I even feel a bit ashamed.
    Fortunately they are grateful for all those changes and I am proud how well they adapted to them.
    I now embrace those memories and tell myself just to get on with it.

    By taking on the challenge of the change, I discovered that there will be more changes to address.
    It is a never ending story, but I know it will get easier as soon as I acknowledge the fact that change is necessary
    to grow as a person, what else would one be doing?

  11. Rachel Oliver says:

    Spot on Dineke, what else would one be doing is right. Isn’t it amazing how adaptable kids can be and how as adults we tend to find it more difficult to change, or learn a new language etc… It would serve us all well to remember to tap into the “child within us”. thanks for the reminder x

  12. Gordana says:

    I can so relate to Carol’s experience. I was thinking exactly the same thing the other day. where did I go, from all those years ago. And I didn’t even realize the changes that were taking place.
    One thing I realize about change, in any sense, is how I am aware that no matter what change it is, it has two sides to it. There is always a sadness of letting go of something familiar, be it good or bad, and then the excitement and anticipation of the new. Again, not even knowing what the change will bring, means there are so many new possiblities, and I figure that is always good. And although I feel that deep feeling in the pit of my stomach, I never stop myself from going through and allowing the change. What I need to work on is not going through so much pain while going through it
    With journalling through BFE I have really noticed some subtle changes in how I respond and deal with certain things and I am truly so grateful for having BFE in my life.

  13. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks for sharing Gordana. You mention working on not going through so much pain while going through it. (the tough experience I was just speaking to someone about this today. My friend who is experiencing challenges in her life and she had such a great perspective. She said – you know, as tough as this is right now, I know that I will look back in 6 or 12 months from now and know that everything was just perfect. I know that I’ve got to go through this experience in order to jump to the next level etc.
    There have been many instances in my life where I have near worried myself silly over different things that seemed so big and important while I was going through them, only to look back with a smile and sense of gratitude for the greater wisdom that’s come from having gone through the experience. We learn more about ourselves through the challenging times than we ever do through the easy times.

  14. Alison Wheeler says:

    I did not want to look at how I was with change as I thought I was terrible at it already. Why would I then want to give myself more reasons to feel bad about myself. But non the less I decided it was time to check in with that belief and prove it right or wrong. On reflecting over how I am with change, I am surprisingly better than I thought. Change I do not believe I choose still challenges me and stretches me, but at the end of the day I created that too. What I can choose to do now though is not just throw my hands up in the air and go, “well I am terrible at change that is why this is happening”. I can take full ownership and self responsibility and ask myself am I being part of the problem right now or the solution. And choose to be the solution.
    Thanks BFE.

  15. Marley M says:

    Good reminder post. There is a few things come up for me on this post. Being willing to change oneself is more difficult mentally than it is physically. There are alot of challenges along the way, but you have to mentally overcome them first, at least its been my experience. Fro me as a leader i wouldn’t teach someone something i haven’t done myself.