May 29th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Ethics of Polaris Global

The Pirates

The Pirates

Wow guys – what a brilliant training call we had yesterday. On reflection today I am feeling so humbled and proud to be a part of our Polaris community. If you missed the call, we had an open discussion about the ethics of the network marketing industry.

Over the past 8 years as a professional network marketer there have been many times when I’ve received phone calls from “the pirates”. When distributors from one company strategically invade another company’s downline, they are known as raiders or pirates. Each time “a pirate” has made contact with me, it’s always left a sour taste in my mouth.  Do “the pirates” not realise that this form of unethical business practise will in no way assist them to build a long term profitable business? Do they not realise that this conduct would never attract strong leaders into their team? To me “the pirates” are self serving, after a quick buck and worst of all are doing tremendous damage to the industry as a whole.

I love the network marketing industry. I have made it my home for the past 8 years, have enjoyed tremendous success and have met so many wonderful people. It has been a platform and an environment for growth in all areas of my life and I certainly look forward to many more years as a professional network marketer.  As with any industry there are good guys and bad guys. I feel so grateful to be surrounded and moving forward with the good guys.

Thank you to all of the ethical marketers I have met on my journey, we are in good company.

Enjoy this article and pass it on to educate others within the industry.

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28 Responses to “Ethics of Polaris Global”

  1. Michelle Galbraith says:

    Rachel and Shane – you are the two remarkable people who have brought together your vision to create something beautiful for our world. Your authentic leadership is the stand you have made for Polaris.

    Network marketing is all about relationships, where people join people. If you then introduce the philosophies of the Law of Attraction, all the ingredients are there for the perfect opportunity to unfold.

    I am excited for the future of this business and the force for good that it is going to be on endless levels!

  2. Rachel Oliver says:

    hey Michelle – thank you for your comment. You’ve hit it the nail right on the head. This business is all about relationships. It’s a people business and those who enjoy long term success come from a place of having genuine desire to assist other people. So essentially operating as a force for good at every scale available to us.

  3. Wendy Clarricoats says:

    I second what Michelle has said and every day, with each and every training call, I feel more empowered, more supported, more certain that I’m in the right place with the right people.
    Life is a journey and to be on my journey with so many like minded individuals is such an enriching experience.
    Shane and Rachel you are truly an inspiration to us all and the gratitude I feel for having found this community is sometimes overwhelming.

    I’m looking forward to being a part of Polaris’s vision of creating positive change globally.

  4. kym kennedy says:

    Thank you Rachel and Shane, for your conviction and clarity. I am brand new you to Polaris, Just 1 week into BFE and the call yesterday confirmed for me at a cellular level why being part of the Polaris team feels so right . To be able to stand tall and be proud of what I do is an awesome feeling, I love helping others and want to make a difference and contribute to our world and Polaris gives me the tools and support to do that.
    I am so grateful.

  5. Emma Lewin says:

    We too really enjoyed the call yesterday and have been thinking a lot about it since then. One of the many things that stood out for us is the Integrity of the people that decide to move on with the pirates ( which is of course their choice and their journey) and how they will probably duplicate their recruiters tactics for attracting new people to their organisation. We are all free to make our own minds up about where we want to be but an important thing for many of us is being able to sleep at night knowing we are conducting ourselves from a place of integrity.Thank you Rachel and Shane for sharing so honestly with us and for leading this great Polaris team by example.

  6. chrissy greig says:

    Hi …Rach and Shane….Thanks for the fantastic call and also the article..
    I have had so many different business opportunities presented to me since I have been here with Polaris …so the other day I sat down to journal about why I have no interest in the other opportunities…and these are my personal thoughts…For me our products and community are about showing PEOPLE how they can Live a better Life…and I’m not talking about just money, I’m referring to having a wonderful LIFE filled with SUCCESS and HAPPINESS. In fact to be so happy that you really have a vibration from deep inside you so you feel happy from the inside out….I can tell you it is an amazing feeling. To build a team of like minded entrepreneurs that all have the same goals is very,very special.So to me the other opportunities were about making a quick dollar that certainly didn’t excite me and those types of business have never lasted. I’m very grateful and proud to be part of Polaris because it is a business that has always shown to me that it is built on Integrity.
    So Rach and Shane lets show others in the Network Marketing community how it is done..

  7. Tahnee Shalak says:

    As in any business you purchase and become loyal because of the product and the experience. In Network Marketing this is the business opportunity and the relationship with the sponsor and community. As in any business you attract customers based on the merit of your product and the experience you provide your customer, and again in network marketing this is no different. As you mentioned Rachel no long term business success will come from unethical behaviour, only based on your own merit will you succeed, long term.

    Here at Polaris we are truly a community of people wanting to assist others build long term businesses, and have success in life. I believe we are truly unique and will be around long after others have come and gone, thanks to the integrity, passion and vision of Shane and yourself, and the commitment, integrity and passion of everyone involved.

  8. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    A clear message leads to clear direction. Yesterday’s call dealt with the very grassroots of what it is to be honourable in ANY business practice – we just happen to be in the network marketing business! To focus is SIMPLE but not necessarily common sense. I enjoyed being reminded of that and what is important for ME to focus on this week. From the abundant, empowering, inspirational sharing that occured for 2 hours following the call, I experienced pride, gratitude, integrity and trust. And success. How about that?

  9. Di Martin says:

    Thank you Rachel and Shane for your vision and leadership. How different the world would be if there were more true, passionate, honest ethical leaders like yourselves. Leading by example is all we can ever do and I thank you once again. I too am only relatively new to Polaris but am so grateful that I have joined this wonderful community.

  10. Gaye Morgan says:

    It takes courage to build a business honestly, and it takes true integrity to do it with respect. The people who prey on the efforts of others by pretending to be leaders are in fact thieves. A true leader empowers others to be great but not at the expense of someone else. The worst of these are sadly, the ones who claimed they believed the ones they now align themselves with were the thieves before they themsleves crossed the line. A pirate may jump ship but is still a pirate, and a pirate never truly finds the treasure. The fortune is here though… thanks to our beautiful community at Polaris, we have the unity and grit required to ensure the success of all who choose it for themselves.

  11. Faenza Aitken says:

    There are many ‘pirates’ out in cyber-space and closer than we think that are ready to recruit anyone as long as you have a heart beat or not. The ‘Get Rich Quick’ and better than anything else you’ve seen senarios can grace your inbox on sometimes a daily basis.
    I see it as driving on a ‘Freeway’, there are many different drivers out there, ones who don’t even have a licence to drive, safe drivers, aggressive ones and ones who continually break the road rules because they don’t care.
    As you drive on the busy freeway, you start very quickly in getting a sense of what to look out for and if you are there doing the right thing there will always be someone ready to cut you off or include you in unsafe practices.
    Just being aware of this in life and in business for me is the key yet to stay true to who you are and keeping an insight as to where you are heading, just like ‘True North’.
    It takes true leadership, integrity, honesty and above all else a sense of knowing yourself to make the best decisions and if you get it wrong at times, it ‘s okay because you are still learning and that is the main thing.
    Thankyou Rach and Shane, love your work and love what you do.

  12. Rich Welt says:

    Thank you Rach and Shane, as always, for being a living example of integrity, honesty and leadership. I fell in love with Network Marketing when I was quite young. It spoke to my humanity and the hope of a better future and business model for many more people globally through the principles of cooperation and collaboration. The call on Friday just affirmed for me at an even deeper level that Network Marketing aligned with Polaris is the right combination for me and for humanity to move forward in ways that allow so many more people to live lives of prosperity on so many different levels.

  13. Yoshimi Kawakami says:

    Thank you so much Rachel and Shane and everyone in the wonderful PG community, that’s the reason I’m here enjoying the journey to achieve my dream and never get attracted to those recruit from ”pirates” which are not even compared to PG.

  14. Debbie Ruston says:

    Call them pirates, raiders or hoppers….none of these names has a positive vibe to it. When “leaders” have to build their new businesses by raiding other people’s businesses, it should be a wake up for those being approached that perhaps their leadership isn’t as strong as it had been promoted to be. After all, if that leadership was so strong, these folks could simply place an ad, they wouldn’t need or have time to chase after people in their prior business.

    I have been in this industry for 25 years, and have only been with Polaris and a prior company. When I left the last company after a very long and successful career there, I gave the president of that company my word that I would not speak to anyone from that company about my new business, and I kept that promise. I walked away and put my own skills to the test….I knew nothing about marketing, and decided to roll up my sleeves and learn and didn’t speak to anyone I knew….I proved to myself that I could learn new skills and follow the system put in place here and created success in a very short time.

    Not only did that serve me, by building my confidence, but it allowed me to demonstrate to people that if I can do it, so can they….walking the walk – THAT is powerful leadership.

  15. Judy Germantis says:

    I am so proud to be a part of a company who operates from a place of honesty, integrity and strong ethics. Having been a part of the network marketing industry for more than 6 years whenever I have come across these pirates (these dream stealers) the only thing I have ever seen is someone looking at people for money and looking for a get rich quick scheme, jumping from one business to the next and not achieving in any. A real business is built on strong work ethics, dedication, loyalty, leadership and a real caring to assist other people. The call on Saturday just showed how our business and community is being built. I thank you Shane & Rachel for your leadership and taking a zero tolerance on this practice and also for being a stand for the entire network marketing industry as a whole. I take my hat to you both!

  16. Rachel Oliver says:

    thanks for your comments Judy. This stand is made possible because of people like you and others within our community and the industry who also operate from this place. It is you and others like you that make it possible. much gratitude sent your way xx

  17. Rachel Oliver says:

    I agree Deb. Whenever I have been called by raiders, my first thought it….”my goodness, you must be a little desperate if you are calling me and not just focussing on building your business via ethical methods. If you are so successful then why is it that you are approaching me. If you are as successful as you say you are, then you would have plenty of leads to call that you had acquired through your own efforts” A big red flag has always gone off when the raiders come a callin’…. THANK YOU for your leadership. It is because of people like you that empowers us to take the stand that we do.

  18. Rachel Oliver says:

    I appreciate your comments Rich. Geez…you do have a way with words. You should write a book. Oh, hang on, you already did!

  19. Rachel Oliver says:

    I love this analogy Faenza. This is what our Beyond Freedom Evolution – Departure is all about. To quote Jim Rohn…..”there are only 10 really mean, horrible people in the world. Trouble is, they move around alot!” When you are clear yourself, it allows more of like minds to show up in our world. xx

  20. Rachel Oliver says:

    This has given me a chuckle. Thanks Gaye…how true….”the pirate never finds the treasure”. Every book that I have read on how to succeed in Network Marketing states the same thing. They point out the do’s and don’ts of leadership. A big DO is to align with a company that you believe in and stick with it. A big DON’T is to practise unethical business practise, ie raiding.

  21. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks Di – as you continue on your journey here you will come to realise – if you haven’t already – that the community that we have hear is a reflection of ourselves. We will all continue to attract ethical leaders as that is who we are being. Welcome aboard!

  22. Rachel Oliver says:

    How about that baby. The call for me demonstrated just how powerful a group of people truly are when they are working toward a common goal. A common goal that is for the good of all.

  23. Karen Edl says:

    Thank you for the wonderful call. I am so clear in were I am going and that I am with the right business. Thank you Rachel and Shane, for your leadership and integrity so clear and the business ethics makes this business so totally right. This community is so amazing and supportive and filled with leaders.

  24. Jo Austin says:

    Fantastic call Rach and Shane and as I said before it saddens me to think that people don’t know that what they are doing is wrong and that we actually have to write down Rules for how to ethically conduct business.

    Like many others I have been approached with other “opportunities”, with people even offering to pay for my entry level….but for me Polaris has everything that I could possibly want. Amazing products, fantastic training and support and a wonderful community of Like Minded people. People who most definitely have integrity, people who are looking to not only improve their lives but that of others as well, people that I can call my friends.

    My view of Polaris has ALWAYS been one of coming from a place of ethics in all areas. Not just the way we are taught to conduct business but also in the way the leaders communicate with the community…..the call this Saturday was a magnificent example of exactly that. Many thanks to you both for your inspiring Leadership.

  25. Theresa Pembroke says:

    This call’s timing was absolutely perfect. A few days into the new week and I can say that the community is stronger and more motivated as a result. I am looking forward to seeing the results over the next few weeks. Thanks again for your inspiration, motivation and leadership.

  26. Janine Blaber says:

    To follow an ethical path takes courage, courage to be different, courage to stand up, courage to play the game fairly!
    My overwhelming gratitude to you both, Shane and Rachel, and to the Polaris community.
    So often leaders in all walks of life, talk about… ‘for the good of the people’, ‘ for the good of the community’, for the good of the country’, etc… however …very few actually…. ‘walk the talk’. (all promises and no action)
    I congratulate you both, for leading Polaris as a network marketing company that does walk the talk and is prepared to protect our Polaris community, with ethical conviction.
    Thank you

  27. Judee Pouncey says:

    Shane and Rachel (and allothers who shared on the call) . . . thank you so much for what you shared on the last Global Team call . . . and for being who you are.

    I am so grateful for being a part of Polaris Global as I love your authenticity and integrity that I feel shining through. I have experienced so many authentic inspiring people in Polaris. Those that I felt different vibrations from have now left the company (Law of Attraction in action). I feel so good about so many of the changes in our business, and I only see things getting better and better. I have been with the company for about 18 months now, and my going has been slow . . . and yet I have faith and patience and persistence . . . and I feel an inner shift has been made . . . which means an outer reflection of that won’t be far behind!

    Thank you again . . . not only for your authenticy and integrity . . . yet also for your leadership and for being such fun models of possibility for me and others.

    I am grateful . . . and I am having fun!

  28. peter Donelan says:

    The network industry is hard at times.
    BUT at POLARIS everything is different, people help one another to grow to have feelings and love for a better place to be, they encourage you to be the peerson you want to be.
    Life is just beautiful

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