April 5th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

How Long Will It Take Me To Make Money At Polaris Global?

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill

Thoughts from Rachel Oliver & Shane Krider, Polaris Global

This is the question that I asked of my enroller (the person who introduced me to the business) when I first got started here. How long will it take me to make money with Polaris Global?
His answer…..”as long as you think it will”.

Okay, got it. As long as I think it will. If I really believe that it’s possible to make $20,000 my first month in business, then this is exactly what I have the opportunity to create. If I doubt that this is possible, well, we all know what the result will be. The result will reflect what I innately believe to be possible.

Most of us would be familiar with Napoleon Hills statement of “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, one can achieve”. I believe in this statement to the core. I believe that as human beings we have the unique opportunity to create an experience we wish to create. I also believe that most of us sell ourselves short. Most of us are victims to our own limited thinking – myself included.

Let us have a look at Napoleon’s statement again – “WHATEVER the mind can conceive and believe, one can achieve.” That being said – we have the ability to create WHATEVER we choose.

If this is true, as I know it to be, why do we find ourselves settling for less?

25 Responses to “How Long Will It Take Me To Make Money At Polaris Global?”

  1. Leanne Oshea says:

    When we give ourselves permission to attract wealth, enjoy wealth and be deserving of ubundance it will show up. I am forever grateful to Polaris for what it has taught me!

  2. Shawna Garcia says:

    You know Rachel – my own personal experience tells me that we find ourselves settling for less because of “hidden”, unconscious beliefs. Uncovering and healing or changing these beliefs is required. And also in my own personal experience, this can take time, patience, love and an honest desire & determination.

  3. kym kennedy says:

    Great Blog and such a powerful topic. Love the enormous opportunity I offer to many everday. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Peter Wheaton says:

    I have to admit before I joined the Company, I knew nothing about, what you think about- you bring about and the power this success technic has done for me and my business. I believed if you had a go at something and it isn’t working, try, try, try and make it work and don’t stop until you have your goal. That determination in the last 12 months has grown to a level where there is no turning back. The wheels are turning slowly, now we tune the engine to get the power. So the question now is, not How long will it take- but what is the fastest and most effective way to return my results. I always do my exercise at 8.30am every morning(because I know everyone is going off to work) for two hours and look over what my day will bring and after the call this morning, everything I have thought about and achieved so far, has been a result of focusing on the goal no matter what potholes I may have hit. Count your wins, you maybe surprised.

  5. Dineke Kleyn says:

    We find ourselves settling for less, because most of us don’t believe it ourselves.
    Most of us have never been educated as children, that it is actually possible.

    As always this statement comes again at the right time. I Love the article.

  6. Tracey Dutton says:

    I love that statement, it is so true!

    When I first heard that statement I thought what a load of bull.

    Limiting beliefs instilled in me from an early age, have held me back from my full potential for far too long. I thought only people who had letters after their names, people who came from wealthy families could have wealth! I have always been a dreamer and wanted to do and have many things, I was told “Well you better hope you marry someone RICH then!”

    Thanks to personal development and Polaris, I know understand just how powerful our thinking is, and the richness comes from with ourselves. I now look toward the future with a willingness to create and embrace all that can be and all I desire to be. I didn’t go to University but I have the greatest letters of all after my name…..HAPPY!

    When I came to Polaris, I saw the money, I saw the personal growth, when I believed in myself and my potential….it happened! I have earned more in five months than I have made in a whole year!!! So how long? As long as it takes to change your thinking, believe you are worthy and you will receive.

    Thankyou so much Polaris for coming into my life.

  7. Wendy Clarricoats says:

    Awesome post and great timely reminder Rach. Thank you. This book was the first book I ever read on personal development. It changed my life way back 27 yrs ago and I’ve read it at least twice a year ever since. I just love the quote that so many of us recognise today, even though one may not necessarily remember who said it.

    I’m so grateful to our biz community and company for providing me with the program and tools I was looking for, to actually get out there and create what I’ve been conceiving in my minds eye for many years.

    I think too often people settle for less because they just don’t BELIEVE it’s possible. It all comes down to belief.
    We believe we are not worthy of success and so we settle for less. If this company has taught me anything its about changing my beliefs and going after what I want in life because I do truly deserve all the success I can get.

  8. Debbie Ruston says:

    There are many reasons people settle for less…past conditioning, fear, society, complacency….many simply do not believe they have the control to create what they want because they don’t know anyone in their circle of influence that are doing it. We are taught in society to play it safe, and to avoid risk. It’s not much wonder that so many settle for less than they are capable of!
    I am very grateful to be surrounded by like minded people in Polaris Global that take a stand for what IS possible and help each other to live into our full potential. We take a stand for greatness, for personal achievement and results. What a refreshing change!

  9. Bev Abel says:

    An interesting question and thought provoking!!!

  10. Lisa Molina says:

    It’s a case of unlearning all the words, expressions, limited feelings that we have smushed into our minds since our very early days. I believe we start out strong at heart, and over time with negative media, stoppers all around us, and loved ones with limited perspectives, our vulnerable young hearts hear, and take in the limitations of others.

    This is the importance of utilizing personal development and creating around us a success environment.
    Having the tools and a community of people who believe in Napoleon’s statement, as you do, as I do, so that we can “unlearn”, and it’s to uncover, what we always knew all along.

  11. Barbara Drummond says:

    My feeling is that most of us accept less because years of conditioning from the people who influence our lives have most of us thinking that you should “be grateful for what you get”. Many times when I was growing up I heard those very words. So if I wanted $5 pocket money, but I only got $2, I had to be grateful because it was better than none at all.

    However, I have always been a dreamer and I dreamed that one day I’d have more. Though life got in the way sometimes I never gave up on that dream. I read books about it and I planned for it and I waited. Then Polaris came in to my life totally unexpectedly and someone asked me what my dream income was. It was really big, but I gave a figure much lower than that because I didn’t want to seem like a dreamer. You see, I had been conditioned to accept that less is okay.

    I have come a long way since that day and though I still have many goals yet to achieve I have no doubt that I will achieve them. No longer am I prepared to accept any less than what I have set my sights on in spite of some of my family expressing concerns for the state of my mind. The future that awaits me is big and bold and beautiful.

  12. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    OMG! What a topic!

    On this mornings Professional Marketers call, we looked at “giving ourselves permission” to succeed, run a business, whatever.

    What did I see for myself from the call and this blog?

    I have given myself permission to be successful “one day”. Like I know it will happen in my lifetime but there is no “by when” date! D’oh!!!!!!!

    TODAY I have created being successful in ALL areas of my life today! Literally taking action the minute something pops into my head! What fun I’m having….. and results too!

    Love love love it!!!

  13. chrissy greig says:

    Great topic ….Before coming to Polaris I was a person that believed and I can hear myself saying it over and over again..
    I will believe it when I see it….
    How wrong was I ….
    I now have learned that I must believe it before I will see it.

    So grateful everyday that I have learned the difference between those 2 statements.

  14. Sylvia Cary says:

    I can relate to what Rachel & Tracey said. Yes TRUE. I do believe in myself 100%, and I have alwasy been successful in my life with WHATEVER I wanted. But some success came at expense of others and negativity. Now looking back I realise that what I am doing now is for Me, my own building empire. Yes I did marry rich but now I want to do it ALL on my own without anyone help, and believe me there are some stoppers for now.
    I know the Universe showed me the way and am going for it full speed…… well until my daughter’s birth that is, afterwords will need to slow down a bit but not for long. 🙂

    Thank you Universe & POLARIS 🙂

  15. Jacquie Darley says:

    Look backwards and acknowledge what you have already created in your life …. Now look forward and believe in what you can create for your future, THEN TAKE ACTION. Is it all worth it???? —- ask your future self.

  16. Roz Kaiser says:

    And the million dollar questions is?……..Thanks Rach, I love this blog, I love this book and I sure as heck love this company and everything we stand for

  17. Melanie O'Halloran says:

    Just what I needed to hear right now! thank u!

  18. Judee Pouncey says:

    Thank you for this powerful reminder of the Truth!

  19. Michelle Hayden says:

    Thanks for the wise words Rach. Yes, belief is a BIG thing and with belief in yourself, there is no holding you back! SO exciting to think about what is possible 🙂

  20. Michelle Galbraith says:

    I love science and I have always had a curiosity for why we think how we think. Through personal development, especially Beyond Freedom Evolution I have learned that what holds me back is mainly a ‘fear’ of the unknown. The distinction I have learned to move through limited beliefs is to know that my ‘fear’ is just my unconscious mind being stretched to a memory recall that the neural pathways do not yet have. It is up to my conscious mind to train my thoughts that there is another way to think; and this new way of thinking will get me to my goal. We call this ‘out of our comfort zone’. With this knowledge I have been able to let go of needing to know the unknown and to trust in my instinct (by the way I feel) with my decision making. This is such a liberation and so exciting to be able to have an awareness that if I want to create a particular outcome then it is completely within my ability to go for it. We are the only species on the planet with this capability. What an honour we should feel for this gift. Thank you Rachel for the post – as always, thought provoking.

  21. Bettina Evert says:

    It takes as long as you think it will. If you dont EXPECT success – ie if you dont EXPECt to make money you never will! Thanks for bringing this up. I remember when I joined I did not ask myself this question. I just expected I would .. and then I did. Self confidence is so important. Believe in your self andthen persevere! Your day in the sum will arrive !! That is why life is so wonderful! Thanks for this thought provoking and inspirational blog Rachel!!

  22. Marg OBrien says:

    Whatever the mind can conceive…..it is a mind blowing concept!

    I have been given entrepreneurial opportunities during my life where I could have become very successful and very rich!! I think always having to ‘know my place’ left me feeling unworthy and undeserving. Women being successful in my family was never going to happen.

    So my circle of influence definitely was a catalyst. I always felt like a square peg in a round hole. Tall poppy syndrome was another dis-ease that kept me in my place. All the money I made during those opportune times went through my fingertips like water. I literally gave it away to “more worthy’ counterparts or just lived up large until it was gone…what a huge relief that was. I could now go back to being just like everyone else and get a job…DOH!

    Thanks Polaris community….I’m finally getting my mojo back:)

  23. Rachel Oliver says:

    You are a step ahead of the rest Marg. To simply become ‘aware’ that this is what you were doing previously is a MASSIVE step!

  24. Lawrence Mens says:

    You know Rachel this is a very strong statement and sure to be true. To me Success is a state of mind. If your mind is targeted to a certain success it is far more likely to achieved than not. Really, what you think, you create for yourself. I went to a seminar years ago about healing oneself and what I got from that experience so strong was the saying “What you fear you create” If you fear failure for sure you will fail. I need to remind myself of this often because its easy to let negative thoughts very surely enter. Negative thought is sinful. They are not the image God has of us or wants for us. We need to fill our hearts and minds with Good thoughts, that’s like God with an extra OOO. In German, the word Good is ‘Gut’. We’ve heard before the about using our gut to help make decisions. our gut feeling.

    I went through about a 5 year period after separation from my first wife. We had two wonderful girls together. I made a decision that I would not actively date or take on a new relationship with another woman until such time as I felt my children were strong enough to accept it. I went to them when they were 15 & 17 and told them I wanted to start dating again to have a female adult relationship. They were so supportive. They were in their formative years. Once I made the decision to start getting out there It was like being on a mission. I dated 6 women over an 8 month period. I was no none sense about what I wanted to do and really out enjoying a personal life again. It was great meeting all these new women and seeing who was out there also looking. There was a big range of choices to say the least. Anyway my point is that by putting into motion the decision to engage in a relationship, within 8 months I found the one who for the past 9 years has been my rock and steady partner. You just have to want it bad enough and commit yourself to it.

    I’m taking my business with Polaris the same way. I made the decision that a change was in order in my life in November, 2014. I have big goals that I want to achieve and am writing myself a cheque to be cashed by this time 2019. The number is $2,000,000. yes $2,000,000. Jim Carrey, the comedian, and fellow Canadian at the age of 19 wrote himself a cheque for $10,000,000 and put in his wallet. The cheque was dated to be cashable on his 30th birthday. He went about his business. In fact within approx. 3 weeks of his 30th birthday he was able to cash the cheque. His dream was realized because he had the dream and could see it manifested. Jim Carrey believed in Jim Carrey. He grew up in a family that went through lots of financial difficulties. He knew about struggle. His parents did it most of their lives. Unfortunately both past away before he reached this exceptional milestone.

    Let me say here and now, Lawrence Mens believes in Lawrence Mens. I see $2,000,000 manifested in me by January, 2020. I can’t wait to cash my cheque.

  25. Marley M says:

    Hey great post. A common question that gets asked alot, “How much money can i make”. Well it depends on you, putting in the effort getting clear on what it is you want. Stay motivated and working on yourself, reading motivational books such as think and grow rich i haven’t read that yet but have started reading 7 habits of highly effective people. A powerful quote in it is “Your attitude determines your altitude”. It takes the right willingness, mindset and excitement to lift yourself up to go for what you want. Along with bfe, i haven’t read any of this stuff before coming here but now im willing to read more.