April 8th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

Is Polaris Global A Scam?

Every day I receive emails from Polaris Global customers and distributors about the new and exciting results they are creating in their life. It’s always so wonderful to hear how our products are having such a wonderful effective on shaping peoples lives for the better, but every now and again one comes through from a disgruntled person.

I received one such message today. I’m not sure who the person is, as upon asking them to share with me their name so that I may be able to resolve their concerns they didn’t want to reveal who they were. Mmmm…well that gives me a lot to work with.

They simply stated that they were scammed out of alot of money, the business did not work for them and that I should be ashamed with myself for earning so much money.

I’m amazed when people say to me that they started a business and “it didn’t work for them”. You know last time I checked, a business isn’t designed to work. The owner of the business must “work within” the business in order for the business to become successful.

Imagine going to the hardware store and buying a hammer, some nails and the shell of a shed. A month later you go back to the hardware store and say to the clerk…”the hammer and nails didn’t work! My shed never got built”. The clerk would look at you like you were crazy. And guess what, the clerk would have good reason to think of you as a crazy person.

What is the difference between one person creating success within a business such as Polaris Global and another not creating a result? The one who gets the result worked within the business for a long enough period of time, the one who didn’t get the result, did not. Simple as that.

When I first started with Polaris I started out as a distributor. I was afforded the exact same opportunity as the person who sent me this message that they were scammed. I purchased the same product they would have purchased. I listened to the same training calls. I had available to me the same compensation plan, the same advertising guidelines. Yet I created unbelievable results and clearly they did not. What was the difference? Perhaps I got up a little earlier than they. Perhaps I went through the product a few more times than they. Perhaps I applied myself a little more than they. One thing I know for certain, I took more responsibility than they were prepared to take.

I ran another business prior to starting here at Polaris within the network marketing industry. I ran that business for over 4 years and while I achieved a certain level of success, it was never to the level that I desired. When I left that company the last thing I did was blame “the business” for my lack of results. The last thing I did was blame the person who introduced me to the business. I didn’t blame the owner of the company for my lack of results. How could I? It was working for so many other people. That business didn’t work for me, because I didn’t work the business the way it was designed to be worked for a long enough period of time. I too would be a crazy person if I were to blame “the business” for not working for me.

The reason that I’ve gone on and created incredible results this time round was because I was prepared to take personal responsibility for my results. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Have you ever dealt with somebody who was just convinced that you wronged them in same way?

It's a simple choice

It's a simple choice

51 Responses to “Is Polaris Global A Scam?”

  1. Kirsty Mailer says:

    I love your honesty Rach, thanks for sharing this message with us… You’re spot on – it all comes down to taking personal responsibility. The first thing that jumps to mind for me is that we have a number of options of what we can do with our Business here with Polaris. We can choose to simply enjoy the products & use them for our own personal benefit – the results we get from the product alone are priceless. In my personal experience I couldn’t help but then share the products with other people. When I realised the enormity of what the Business Model can bring for individuals looking for the solution that we have here – I couldn’t help but share that too! So it all starts with using our products. Like anything in life, no one can make you do something, you have to want to do it yourself. You have to want change badly enough to do something about it. That requires work. You can’t just wish for it to happen. And you have to be honest with yourself about whether you really are doing the work or not! Great ideas don’t work if you don’t… I’m just so glad that the “work” we do here is a heck of a lot of fun! But it’s me that does the work, not you, not any of the other members of the Leadership Council, not anyone else. I do the work for my business. I set my own goals, do my own work & I create my own results. In the past I’ve been guilty of being slack, and I certainly didn’t get results then. But I knew that I wasn’t really doing the work on myself with the product nor the work in my business to be able to create the financial results that I was after. I never blamed this on anyone else. I got real with myself, I asked for some assistance – which I got plenty of – and I got stuck into it. I got the results. It’s as simple as that. And it’s so nice when you can look at your results and say “Hey! I did that all by myself!” Wow, if I can do it, anyone can… πŸ™‚ ~ Kirsty Mailer

  2. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Kirst. You are so right about it starting with the product. If I had to pick the one thing that has contributed to my success more than anything else, I would have to say that it is my belief in the value of the products, our Beyond Freedom Evolution and the Live Events. I struggled for the first 4 months of building my business. Not through lack of effort. I was in massive action but at that early stage I didn’t yet have a strong enough belief in the value of the product, not to mention a strong enough belief in my ability to create results. Interestingly enough, my devotion to being a true student of the product assisted me with increasing my belief in my own ability, that in turn, created the result.

  3. Bev Abel says:

    Thank you Rach and Kirsty,
    You both expressed so eloquently the facts.
    Facing our own Personal Responsibility can be a challenge, but that does not make it someone else’s fault.
    I Appreciate your contributions. Bev

  4. Carlton Soo says:

    Hello there Rachel. THAT was an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT post right there. I’m new here so you probably not heard of me before but anyway being a new distributor, it IS quite intimidating to start such a business due to the change of mindset and all the fear + responsibility that comes along with it. I guess sometimes people (even myself) put a bit too much on the line and start wondering ‘What on Earth did I get myself into’, and unconsciously sabotage their own success. I was reading Think and Grow Rich just last week and there was this story of a gold digger who kept digging and digging and digging… found no gold and gave up. Then someone else dug the same hole just THREE METERS and ALL the gold was there!! I’m sure you’ve heard of that one before. The gold digger couldn’t blame anyone… but well he DID try his best and I wouldn’t blame him if he blamed the gold for not appearing just a bit higher. This was actually a very inspiring post you have written here and I just want to say thank you! Because I’m starting to self-doubt myself and this was just what I needed to read today!! πŸ˜€

  5. Belinda Byfield says:

    Love the blog Rach. Blaming others is taking the easy way out, it gives us something to fall back on and relieves us of any guilt or responsibility. I don’t know of any successful person that has become successful by relying on others. Here with Polaris we are all given the exact same tools, the exact same training and the exact same product it’s what we do with it that makes the difference. If you have a burning desire to succeed and put effort into action and give it time anyone can be successful but only if they want it bad enough. Someone that complains about the Polaris business not working for them I would say they need more Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  6. Rachel Oliver says:

    Hey Carlton, thanks so much for sharing your comments and for your honesty in sharing your fears and doubts. I too doubted my decision when I first started here. It’s very normal for the mind to begin with the monkey chatter and present you with a strong case of second guessing your decision. The best advise I can offer is settle in for the journey. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I made a commitment to myself when I first began my journey here that I would allow two years to figure out how to make my business fly. I took a long term view as I understood there would be new things I had to learn, so two years was my commitment. Now I’m grateful that it didn’t take two years (within 18 months I was earning over a million dollars a year) but still, it was that long term view which was attractive to my prospects. My prospects new that I wasn’t going to just “sell them” a product and be on my way. They knew from who I was “being” that I was here for the long term. This in turn gave them confidence. Enjoy the journey my friend!

  7. Rachel Oliver says:

    Too true Belinda. I would say with absolute certainty that this person did not become a student of the product (Beyond Freedom). For if they did they would understand that as human beings we have the wonderful opportunity to create our reality. I can manifest and create any experience that I wish to create. (this includes both good and bad experiences). This is such an empowering concept to understand & when one truly believes that they are the master creators of their experience here on earth, you simply could not blame anything / anyone else for your experience.

    Imagine I wanted to lose weight. I go to the store and after a lengthy conversation with the sales clerk, I fork out $2,500 for the best treadmill they have. I leave the store excited about my purchase and excited about the new possibilities for myself. I’m on my way to a healthier, more attractive version of me.

    A few days later the treadmill is delivered and I’m feeling a little down on myself because I’ve just eaten that piece of chocolate cake that I know that I shouldn’t have. I’m not in the mood today. I’ll start my new exercise plan tomorrow I tell myself. Tomorrow arrives and I spend 10 minutes power walking on my new treadmill. I skip the next day. Day 3, I manage a 5 minute walk. 12 months goes by quickly and I realise that I’ve been on the stupid treadmill twice in 12 months.

    Who can I blame that I’m now another 10kg’s overweight? Bad jeans or the guy that sold me the treadmill?

  8. Wendy Clarricoats says:

    Wow, just love this Rach. You truly hit the nail on the head. It really is all about self-responsibility. I liken it to one of my own traditional businesses in the past, a fast food takeaways shop.
    If I didn’t arrive at work early to do the preparation, get everything ready and then actually open the doors then nothing would happen.
    The same applies in our business. If we don’t knuckle down and do the prep and participate in the program and avail ourselves of all the wonderful tools the company provides, ie. actually open our doors for business, how can we expect to get the results.
    I can only feel somewhat sad for these types of people who have not yet experienced the “rush” one gets with being totally responsible for ones own results in life. It is totally empowering to know I have all the tools I need at my fingertips every day, to create the life I want.

  9. Rita Schwarcz says:

    How true is this?! I find it quite amazing that there are still people out there who believe in starting a business and without them having to move a finger it’ll fall into their lap. How can someone be so naive?
    Starting a running a successful business always….always takes great responsibility and ‘work’ to make it work. And we are actually pretty damn lucky to be able to have the opportunity to run a business where the products are not just about generating income but help us as a person and bring about much needed changes. I couldn’t ask for more.
    It’s not hard to be passionate about it and I don’t understand those people who say it doesn’t work when everyday there is proof that it changes life’s all over the world and much this company is able to give.
    Those people who say they been scammed have not really take on the opportunity presented to them or were just not serious about using what they have been presented with.
    I feel so grateful to have attracted this opportunity into my life and wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Anyone who is not even trying to give the time and effort to make it work is not really the right person to run any business anyway and it’s really like with wanting to loose weight.
    If you know what you want and you truly want to make it happen, you have to be committed and do everything you can to make it work. Giving up is not an option! If you stick to your goals it will work…….and how it works is purely up to the individual!

  10. Judee Pouncey says:

    Thanks for the post, Rachel . . . and thank each of your for your comments. Rachel, I love your analogies of the hammer and nails . . ., and the treadmill! As was said, obviously this person did not get far enough into the curriculum (if they got into it at all) to realize their personal sovereignty . . . and move out of victimhood! To me, the only way to fail in this business is to quit.

  11. kym kennedy says:

    I love the honesty in this blog post. How wonderful our world would look if more people got this concept ” you are responsible for the results in your life” . The energy that is wastes blaming others could be well used to turn life around and get into an attitude of gratitude and service to others. I have been around Personal Developement for some time and the results I am achieving from Beyond Freedom Evolution is literally delighting me ( making me lighter), I am letting go of past baggage that I have been drudging around with me for years. It takes guts to be honest with yourself and take responsibility, however the rewards , as we here at Polaris know are extraodinary. I wish the person who blamed, the courage to live the life they desereve. Thanks for sharing Rach, you are one gutsy lady.

  12. Rachel Oliver says:

    I love how you finished your post Kym….wishing this person well and courage to live their own extraordinary life. Beautiful x

  13. Rachel Oliver says:

    Aint that the truth Judee :o)

  14. Bettina Evert says:

    great comments Rachel. are we all sick of the whingers; those who didnt make it and blame someone else. these sort of people probably think it is wrong that any one is successful and think it is wrong that Steve Jobs is successful for inventing Apple! Success is 10% inspiration and 90 % perspiration and if you are not ready to to put in then success will never find you! Beyond Freedom Evolution helps you look at all those limiting beliefs (and the whingers have more then most) and gives you the opportunity – if you are up for it – to take aciton to change them ; to id your self of them to be responsible for your actions and choices. all the tools you need to have sucess!! thanks Rachel I love this blog

  15. John Crabtree says:

    “You can lead a horse to water” as was mentioned in a training call recently. “You can even salt the oats [encourage, train, mentor, teach, support, show] but you can’t make it drink.” Some people will just not do what it takes to get the results it seems. They lack the discipline for a number of reasons – parenting, teaching [or lack of] or other influencers in their life. If it was easy, the world would be full of entrepreneurial billionaires from pole to pole!
    I think succeeding in this business by using these unique and often confronting products takes enormous courage and self discipline and theses are not the usual attributes of most human beings. We are taught to be safe, always. To stay within the guidelines. One has to step out of one’s comfort zone and push beyond previous limits in order to create something great. Ask any sporting legend. Great blog!

  16. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks Bettina – too true. I’ve learned that there are some people that literally cannot stand it when others are successful. I was doing some research the other day and not sure how I ended up where I did, but I was on a website which was talking about Oprah being the devil. I’m mean – come on. They have so little to be critical of that they have to resort to the ridiculous. I love Oprah. She is an extraordinary example of what one can achieve if they “show up”. Show up every day, work hard, get the result.

  17. Rachel Oliver says:

    Terrific perspective John. A quote from Jim Rohn comes to mind….’don’t wish that it were easier, wish that you were better. For anything that’s “easy”, simply isn’t worthwhile”.

  18. Barbara Drummond says:

    I like your example of the shed Rachel. It is so true though, people do come into this business expecting miracles to happen without doing anything to make them happen. No one forces us to become a distributor with Polaris; we make our own choice to do so. Therefore, to blame the Company for their lack of success is clearly not taking responsibility for their own life. In a way I feel sorry for this person because they will now slip back to leading life in a rut when they could have gained so much from putting in the effort to make the business work for them.

    I find it strange how some people are determined to view the world negatively no matter what. A few weeks ago I received a phone call at 1am in the morning. It was from a very disgruntled person on the other side of the world ring to say he was not happy about me ringing him at 1am the previous morning. Yes, I had accidentally dialled a wrong number, but hung up quickly when I realised my mistake. I tried to explain and I tried to apologise, but he would not let me speak because he was so intent on venting his anger towards me. After he had hung up it left me wondering about what kind of a life this person had to let one late night phone call affect them so much.

    When I come across negativity now it makes me feel so lucky to be involved with Polaris where I am surrounded by so many happy and positive people.

  19. Rachel – fabulous blog – and so true – I seriously don’t get how anyone can come to a conclusion that Polaris is a scam! Ultimately everything that happens to ones self is through choices one makes – blame is just a cop out – my parents brought me up (and I in turn brought my children up) with the addage – ‘a good builder never blames his tools’ – and always take responsiblity for your actions (or lack of).

    When I first started this business I had all the fears and doubts as well but looked at others being successful using exactly the same tools and products as me and understood that my success, or otherwise, was ultimately up to me.

    Additionaly though I went into the business KNOWING (and with the comfort of) that my investment was into ME and in return for the investment I didn’t just get a fabulous ‘business opportunity’ but I was also getting first class, plantium products that would ultimately assist me with my personal growth quite apart from and in addition to the finacial benefit of the business. When we invest in this business we are getting tangible products – not just investing dollars into ‘goodwill’ as many businesses are. I was comfortable that even if I wasn’t successful at the business (and I am) – I still had tangible products that are invaluable to ME. How can something be a scam when you are actually purchasing a tangible product?

  20. Annette Richards says:

    Beautifully put Rach. I too was part of the same network marketing opportunity and it taught me so much for which I will be forever grateful. However I didn’t always feel that way, it took awhile before I accepted that success or failure is of our own making.
    It’s so easy to blame others for our own perceived failures. At some stage this person found Polaris because they were driven to find something better which could help them create a new life Hopefully for their sake, at some stage in their life they will look back and realise any opportunity is only an opportunity if you allow it to be.

  21. Rachel Oliver says:

    I love the points you have raised here Cathy. Here’s a question each distributor of Polaris should ponder- “would I still use the product, Beyond Freedom Evolution, if the opportunity ceased to exist?…..”Would I still want to promote the product to as many people as possible so that they may improve their lives for the better, even if there wasn’t a profit to be made?”

    If a person can answer yes to this question then they are a true product of the product just as Cathy demonstrates with her words above. And the reality is the people who are successful distributors of Polaris would all say yes to this question.

  22. Rachel Oliver says:

    Hey Barbara, that really is sad that one would exert the energy to attack another over something so trivial.

  23. Janine Blaber says:

    Hi Rach, this is a wonderful reminder to be responible for my decisions and actions. Not being a business owner previously, it took time to move myself from the “employee” mindset to “owner” , and a sense of knowing that the business works, it has for others so why not me!
    What’s the saying…a bad workman always blames his tools…..a hammer is a great tool, it’s the person using it that’s the problem..or NOT in this case.
    We are provided with fantastic tools which are constantly being ugraded and added to + training on how to use them. If I didn’t bother ‘showing up”‘in my business and attending the training to use these tools and then practise what I’ve learnt so I get better …nothing would change….same goes with anything in life.
    I love the fact that I’m in control of my results, all thanks to our products….woohoo !

  24. Marg OBrien says:

    Thanks for posting this Rach. This again shows the honesty and integrity of Polaris Global which is why so many amazing people have been attracted to the company and its expansive vision. Greg reiterated this on the kickstart call this morning which is to “create the best inspirational media and success education curriculum in the world which means excellent results for everyone”…. but only if we are prepared to do the work!

    In answer to your question, yes I recently divorced someone who is convinced that I wronged him. He believes that I pulled out of a joint business venture because I never really wanted to be in it. I pulled out after 7 years because I could see clearly that we were going backward not forward and I had given it my best. I believe I took personal responsibility by getting out of it because there was so much conflict of interest between us. With that choice made a new opportunity was presented to me which aligns deeply with my own personal vision and purpose (thanks):)

    Being a victim of circumstance is what happens when you blame other people for your problems. It’s a way of explaining why life hasn’t worked out the way you would like and that is how victims get through life – by blaming other people for the perceived bad thing that has happened to them. I know it because i have played the victim game during the course of my life, it just had me running around in circles, repeating just what I didn’t want. – yep the definition of insanity! It is not until I woke up and realized that ‘my life is not where I want it to be’ that I looked seriously at myself and changed the way I was thinking and behaving. I then started to create the experiences that I wanted to have. Slowly but surely my life has taken a very positive turn and a lot of it has taken place since I have been involved with this prosperous and generous community.

    Beyond Freedom Evolution’s Departure reminded me that I am the absolute authority over my own life (this gave me goosebumps and literally made me sit up and pay attention; I mulled it over for quite a while – such an expansive concept and no truer words said) and so whatever I choose to manifest in my life I take full responsibility for it period!

  25. Rachel Oliver says:

    How powerful Marg – thank you for your honesty. You are providing such a valuable service to others when you decide to take a higher level of responsibility. It tends to be that when we are blaming those outside of us for our lack of results we can find (attract) many other victims to listen to our victim tails. And of course they have their own victim tails and it turns into just one big victim conference. Errrr…..I am shuddering at the thought. But when just one person takes a stand, it in turn gives others permission to do the same. Even if it’s one other person who makes the decision to leave the “victim conference” as a result of your demonstration it’s worth it!

  26. Rachel Oliver says:

    Congratulations Janine for making the transition from “employee” to “entrepreneur”. It takes courage and determination, but geez it’s worth it!

  27. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    Great stuff! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tough ones!

    I have enjoyed being with Polaris for nearly 3 years. That’s about the same amount of time as Pauline O’Halloran. She is now the top earner in Australia (probably the world) and I am not.
    Do I blame Polaris or “the system” for the difference in our business results? Absolutely NOT!


    As I see it Pauline spends part of EVERY day on her business, day in day out. I spend some time on some days working on my business. Therefore blind Freddy can see why her business results are better than mine!

    Pauline also spends part of EVERY day working on herself via Beyond Freedom Evolution. SO DO I !!!
    I use the distinctions in our program DAILY and I reckon I’m as proud of the results in my life as Pauline is in hers.

    What results you ask?

    Well, I no longer work in a stressful sales environment that I hate.
    My investment business is rocking.
    I married the hottest guy nearly 18 months ago – my first wedding at the age of 46!
    I lost 17 kgs so I could wear a size 10 dress when I said “I do”.
    My husband and his teenage daughter are reconciled after a long break from communication.
    I tried IVF 3 times to have a baby – no baby but with BFE I got that all complete for myself very quickly.
    We live where we want to live, in a stunning home that is frequently filled with friends and nice wine!

    Oh, and in 8 weeks I’m walking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, with 12 other women, raising money for Breast Cancer Care in WA. 9 nights in the jungle, 96km in the mud and 1 goal to raise $100,000. Lots of media coverage, tonnes of support and the biggest mental, physical and philanthropic goal I’ve EVER taken on. Am I ready? Yep! Thanks to BFE.

    SO, if there is such a thing as a Polaris T-shirt…….I will PROUDLY wear it on my adventure!
    I hope it reads “Polaris scammed me into the best life I can possibly have!”

  28. Kim Usher says:

    What a wonderful insight you give to this Rach. I too am fairly new here and brand new to having my own business. I definately came across alot of scams whilst searching for a better way. However, not once have I doubted the integrity of this company and the amazing opportunity that it offers and delivers. As I have learnt from the start due to BFE, my success is in my hands. If my business was to fail, I failed my business!! Unfortunately this individual will most likely continue on his path to find many faliures in his life, as he is looking from the outside instead of from within. I wish him a speedy awakening for his own sake.

  29. Rachel Oliver says:

    you’ve given me a chuckle Elizabeth with your T-Shirt slogan. Congratulations girl on all of your achievements! I love it. Can’t wait to here about your adventures walking the Kokoda Track.

  30. Rachel Oliver says:

    Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your perspective Kim. For some reason with what you’ve written you make me think of Michael Jacksons song – “man in the mirror”.

  31. Great blog Rach – raw and to the point or is that raw truth? The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow!

    There will always be people who find it easier to cast blame on others than to look at themselves and be completely honest with who is staring back at the mirror. The words could, should, would come to mind.

    Believe me I know Rach, I have been blamed by a my very own family member as to how their life has turned out!!! And as a result has completely walked away from me. Incredible, fasinating, gobsmacked, hurtful this list goes on… So have I been blamed? ABSOLUTELY!

    However the way I see it, business or family isn’t any different, well not if you think about it. Many spend more time at work than at home anyway. I was brought up the same as my siblings, I was taught the same lessons, given the same tools to get me started in life.

    This business is like a family, we are all given the same love and nurturing, we all have access to the same amazing products and business model – what matters is what you do with it. Utilise is the KEY! Now you can think it is too hard, too much effort, I don’t have time or you can give yourself a kick in the ‘ass’ pull your head in and focus on what you want to achieve in life.

    When I came here and heard of the results other were achieving and I though well if they can do it so can I. I also read negative comments before I got started with Polaris, but I said to myself “Well that’s what they believe, that’s them and I’m ME, and it’s when I start believing it I’m in trouble.

    Polaris is an incredible opportunity, the system works, the support and training is brilliant and if I do not succeed I only have myself to blame.

    Effort = Reward every time. But TIME is required – if you not willing to put in the time then don’t expect the REWARD!

  32. Di Martin says:

    Rach what a fantastic post and I am constantly fascinated by people who wish to apportion blame for the way things turn out. Business is the same as in life, we are responsible for the twists and turns. I thought I had that down pat however BFE has given me a whole new understanding and has steered me onto a path of a greater awareness and within me an absolute knowing that I am truly successful, always have been in so many areas and just didn’t get it! We have all been given the same tools to succeed, it’s how we use those tools which determines our success. I thank you most sincerely for all you do and allowing me to see what truly is possible. I am the CEO of MY LIFE!

  33. Rachel Oliver says:

    well said Di! I love that…”I am the CEO of life”. beautiful

  34. Michelle Galbraith says:

    You really can only have one thought for a person who comes from a perspective of blame/non responsibility and that is to have compassion for them. What a shame they did not give themselves permission to be and to have what they really wanted in life.

    When I made the decision to set up my organisation I knew it was going to take huge effort on my part, on all levels but the silver lining in this business model are our Award Winning Products. I knew that if I invested in myself with the personal development programme here I would be able to have the transformations I was looking for. Now life gets in the way, sure, I have three children, my house is up for sale, I have a needy Parent, etc etc but I have made a decision that I will have the successes that I am looking for and I am excited and inspired to create them.

    Some of that successes I have already created here in just one year – I have lost 24lbs, now I can wear that previously elusive size 10; I now have the time freedom to be with my children and attend all of their school activities; the time boundness that we previously experienced as a family has now gone and this has been replaced with much laughter, deeper conversations and a grounded contentment in all of us; I have learned how to run properly and I now enter races; I have travelled to Australia and to Canada in the last year; I have contributed to fund raising at local charities and I mentor year 11 High School children on interview techniques.

    In and around all of the above I attend to my business daily – carrying out the actions that I need to in order for the financial element to fly. It takes time, patience, persistence, a sense of humour and a love in my heart for what I believe in to create my dreams into reality. My organisation is built on a knowing that I have a foundation of sustainability within ME and of course in the Polaris Global business model.

    I will always remember the gift that I have been given here at Polaris – another great debate Rachel !! x

  35. Peter Wheaton says:

    Great Blog Rach, it is quite amazing how this topic has coincided with the new member I have signed up this morning.
    They rang me to ask if they could have a look at the product-prior to this it was the biggest scam, it was this that and something else. The last comment was you will loose everything and you will deserve it. This morning they both signed as distributers and I asked why the change?

    You always happy, everything works for you and you have changed, so if the product can do that to you, we want the same.

    Success goes to those who really want it and what you do, say and live will determine whether you receive it. When things aren’t working try something different, tweak it twist or bend it.
    No imagination creates no results not the business.

  36. Jacquie Darley says:

    I love starting my day on an absolutely positive note ….. tuning into the Polaris live training calls. The wisdom shared and open interraction from the community is a gr8 opportunity to reflect and reframe, and then get my own hammer and nails ready for the day ahead.

  37. Lori Moore says:

    Two words! Personal Responsibility!! Where has it gone for people like these? They are grown adults making their own decisions to enter into a business opportunity of their CHOICE. It brings me to ask the question, correction, state the obvious – they were not studying Beyond Freedom Evolution for if they had, they would know that to blame others for your failures is not going to get you very far in life, nor will it make you happy or bring you success. They were given the same information as every business owner of Polaris and made the choice to join and create their own business. They also made the choice to not follow the business model, use the tools given or study the product. The same tools and the same products that have created so much success for so many people here.

    Polaris has changed my whole life and not only mine but also my family’s life. By studying the program I have been able to turn my life around and stop the negativity and anxiousness causing major self esteem issues within my 7 year old son that were stemming from my behaviour. You could say that Polaris has saved me – from unhappiness, self loathing and a passionless life. Have I been scammed? The only thing that I have been scammed into is living a life on purpose, happiness and love for myself and everyone around me. I have been given the skills to develop a more fulfilling way of living. This, to me, is PRICELESS and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to LIVE and not just merely exist in my unhappiness.

  38. Pauline O'Halloran says:

    Reading the comments above inspire me to promote all that we have and all that we are in Polaris to even more people. Surely everyone deserves to share in this? Unfortunately not everyone will be suited to the degree of responsibility required.

    When I started in this industry almost 9 years ago I heard three statements that changed my life. Interestingly I’d heard these words many times growing up and in fact, I built my life and previous careers on them however it was in the challenging, out of my comfort zone and going for the “NO” moments in my network marketing apprenticeship that they had the greatest impact. Grasping these concepts will make or break the results we will ultimately enjoy in Polaris or in anything we choose to pursue and hope to succeed in…

    1. “Those who do the work get the pay”
    2. “You can expect 100% that the results will come if you’re being consistent and persistent”
    3. “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me”

    Add a good dose of passion to the mix and the results will be outstanding. Only “the man in the mirror” can take the blame or take a bow!

  39. Rachel Oliver says:

    I just love what you’ve shared here Pauline. I’m thinking you should take a bow!

  40. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks Lori – I can feel your passion and gratitude coming through in what you have shared. Congratulations to you for confronting the issues you were experiencing and making the necessary changes to move past them. You must be so proud of the positive impact you are having on your little guy. Big hugs to you

  41. Leanne Oshea says:

    Great Post Rach… I love the word detachment… and l am sure you can so easily detach yourself from the email you recieved.
    Business success is a choice and when you dont give up and allow the journey to be about personal growth and a higher understanding of learning; success is available for all.
    Blame is a weakness!
    Polaris gives you the space to grow in all areas of your life personally and professionally and it does take strength but it is simply a choice. I love love love the industry, polaris and my business.
    It has been an interesting journey and a few challenges along the way but as we share many times – ” Dont wish it was easier – wish you were better.
    When you take full responsibility for your journey of success, business, family and life nothing will stop you.
    My investement here has changed my life, everyone deserves financial freedom and you especially Rach!
    Forever Forever Grateful for the Polaris Journey! xxxxxxxxx

  42. Belinda Waters says:

    Love this blog Rachel! This is a great topic. There are so many people around us that only see the “glass half empty” rather than the the “glass half full” mindset wanting to blame others for all that happens to them in life. It’s all about choices. We all have choices in life. Are we going to be the victim? Are we going to sit on the fence and play it safe? Or are we going out there to create results, live a life on purpose and accept responsibilty for all of our actions! I am so absolutely proud of being part of the Polaris community. Thanks for your excellent leadership!

  43. Sharon Whyte says:

    As always Rachel you hit the nail on the head (pardon the pun!) I am just thrilled to be part of a company who has integrity and honesty and also the wonderful leadership involved.

    The Beyond Freedom material is phenomenal and what really blows me away is those very few who are introduced to this business model and products, then they walk away complaining and blaming others for their lack of result. And as you know Rachel. they probably hadn’t opened the product or participated in a training call. The training calls here are Magic!!! The are like the daily fuel to our minds and I just love it!

    So grateful to be part of Polaris and I definitely am not complaining. I’m big enough to know my results absolutely depend on the significance, the time and effort I give my own business – Period!

  44. Fiona Corsar says:

    Thanks Rachel for sharing! its funny how so many people will look for the negative not the positive? l have always worked for a Boss l conceder myself hard working – honest person! l started to look for something different didn’t know what l wanted? l found Polaris Global its the first time l have ever done anything like this and yes l had to step out of my comfort zone on a daily base with this business. But Look at me Now! lm on top of the world… When l was getting started a friend said its a Scam its a Scam…. but sometimes you have to go with you own instinct. l always had good feeling about Polaris and what it was doing and the direction we are heading…. lm so happy l did follow my heart. l have had so many wins thanks to BFE…The number one thing l wanted out of this business was to improve my communication skills and to be able to express myself on a level so l could help others live the life of their Dreams.

  45. WOW – after reading many of the responses to your blog and the blog itself, it has reinforced my deep sense of gratitude for Polaris and our AMAZING community. For sure it is all about taking personal responsibility – who else can we blame? When people make the decision to come to Polaris they are making that choice as an individual so why would they think that someone else should achieve the results for them? I also feel compassion for your disgruntled person – I hope that they realise that to create the results they desire, they must take the appropriate consistent action and be prepared to travel their own journey. As many would agree, the only way to fail is to give up – imagine if a baby stopped trying to crawl… or walk… or run – the world would have adults sitting around unable to move πŸ™‚ It’s the same with anything – you may not be great at something however if you have the strong desire to succeed you must make the commitment to continue with it, until the goal is achieved – and how AWESOME is it to WIN!

    It reminds me of a quote by the great Jim Rohn “Give a lecture to a thousand people. One walks out and says, “I’m going to change my life.” Another walks out with a yawn and says, “I’ve heard all this before.” Why is that? Why wouldn’t both be affected the same way? Another mystery.”

    Are you prepared to do what it takes? The answer to this will show if you are taking full responsibility of YOUR life!

    LOVE Polaris, LOVE Beyond Freedom Evolution, LOVE the Events and LOVE the Community πŸ™‚

  46. Theresa says:


  47. David says:

    nice writing, very interesting. I like it a lot. I come acoss the article by MSN search engine. I may read your site weekly and forward it to my schoolmates. Please keep it fresh. Keep on the good work. – A colleage student

  48. Vikas says:

    Polaris is the only opportunity out there for those want to make it really big in their lives, we’re lucky to be part of such an awesome community, Polaris and BFE changed my life forever…Big Thanks to Rachel and Shane πŸ™‚

  49. Vikas Dang says:

    I have just reread the blog by Rachel and without doubt I am blessed to the ultimate to be involved with Polaris Global, which is absolutely NOT a scam. Thanks to Rachel, I now have purpose in my life following several years of aimless wandering and futile relationships.No longer am I sad and helpless but rather strong and developed. Thanks Polaris.

  50. Rachel says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Vikas. And congratulations to you on all the success you’ve created in your life. Great contribution today on the webinar today too. Thanks mate!

  51. Marley M says:

    Is this company and opportunity to good to be true?. No way! i would not be a part of this company if it was.