July 15th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Jane Seymour and Unbeaten

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  1. Liana says:

    Hi Rach, thanks for sharing this message, its great to see the inspiration this outstanding documentary can bring to others. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many people making a difference in the world.

  2. Thank you Ms. Seymour for the inspiring words. There is a great peace that radiates from this woman. Unbeaten, for me, is about the endurance of the human spirit. Adversity doesn’t create the person, it reveals the person to themselves.

  3. Absolutely awesome support of the highest order.

    I was chatting with Steven C Barber on the email yesterday and got this request from him. At the time there were about 100 hits or so on the video and It stands at about 450 views now about 36 hours on. Not bad going, its not a telethon but the effort behind the support for this production is huge, much like the hearts and minds of the athletes, organization, and effort applied to complete the Sadler’s Alaska Challenge, and the movie “Unbeaten”


  4. Debbie Ruston says:

    A beautiful video from a well respected celebrity! Thank you to Jane Seymour for your support! Unbeaten continues to inspire me every single day! I go to the gym every day, and not a day passes where I don’t think to myself, keep going, if they can do it (the athletes in Unbeaten), then so can you, and you have no excuse. It is such a great visual message of inspiration and just pulling out that raw human spirit to achieve what we are all capable of in every area of our lives!

  5. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    Not that we NEED a “celebrity” endorsement – but isn’t nice that we are impacting ALL kinds of people positively!

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