May 14th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Making a difference at Polaris with our product



Hey guys – the below message was sent to me this week by one of our leaders. Margaret has kindly given me permission to post her wins here. It makes me so proud to know that we are making such a difference with the principles that we teach. Thank you for sharing Margaret, your story is courageous xx

Prague Jan 2010 Polaris Global

“Sometimes when your in the flow and the world and you are pulling together you find yourself drawn to certain events, people and places.  At the time it’s not always clear why but as your life unfolds you realise that many things are “meant”. Prague for me was one of those events.  I didn’t know it at the time but It was to have a profound influence on what was to play a huge part in carrying me through the next three months.

The underlying theme for me from the speakers Scott Burrows and Ozzi (Oz Sanchez) and the film Unbeaten was “Don’t wait until your life changing emotional event happens before you go for what you want in life.”  To witness these people telling their stories of how pure grit and determination enabled them to push the tide that was pushing against them and turn it around and achieve what they wanted in life was overwhelming and mind blowing.  Little did I know my own life changing emotional event was already awakened in me and for the next 3 months I would be journeying through biopsies, waiting for results and an operation.  Thankfully for me I have had a very positive out come and I’m very blessed and fortunate to have my health back. Most importantly a second chance to live my life to the full and have the time to be with my family.

What I would like to share is the fact I have been introduced to the world of positive thinking through the Beyond Freedom Program and through my experience in Prague,  I went through my life changing emotional event with such positive strength.  I can honestly say some of my most profoundly happy moments were during this time.  I discovered how to turn a hugely stressful time into such a positive experience.  I saw my world with new eyes and without my positive belief the experience would have I believe been terrifying.

I would like to say thank you to Rachel and Shane for your belief and all who are making Polaris Global a company that has and continues to have such a positive impact on peoples lives.

To conclude Prague was outstanding at the time but now I recognise why I traveled and how my path crosses with the giants of positivity”. Margaret L-W

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  1. Judy Germantis says:

    Truly amazing. Thank you Margaret and Rach for sharing. I also have found the products and events life changing. Being a student myself of personal development for coming close to 18 years now, I have never come across products that can be so life changing and really do assist you to get results, when you apply these principles and become aware of what you are thinking and why. I am grateful everyday day for these wonderful products and the very giving community here at Polaris. I applaud your courage Margaret. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Rich Welt says:

    Stories like Margaret’s is exactly why Bo and I are so proud to be affiliated with Polaris Global. There are a lot of choices one can make in how to make a living or how to make a life, and knowing that a company like Polaris is available to everyone is incredibly exciting and fulfilling to us. We each have an opportunity to make a difference in our individual lives, the lives of our family and friends, and in the world. We are blessed to be able to share what we have here with so many people and to be a part of a community where stores like Margaret’s create the fabric of our dreams and journeys.

  3. chrissy greig says:

    Thanks Margaret for sharing your story with us…To be involved in being able to improve so many peoples lives is just an inspiration every day..I know that you will go from Strength to Strength now Margaret…Just remember to love every precious second of YOUR LIFE.

  4. Bettina Evert says:

    How wonderful Margaret; I went to the Gold Cost event and listening to Oz and Scott and seeing how they never allowed their struggles get in their way; they thrived and saw their challenges as beautiful opportunities in disguise!! well I took that message way and stopped complaining about my life! I just saw opportunity. What a gift to get from Polaris!

  5. Simon Haggard says:

    WOW….well for anyone to make a change from there current situation they must expand and change their thinking otherwise they would already be there and would not require anything else so they think.

    Life is a Journey and of course education and knowledge is at the forefront of each individuals development and THANKS to Beyond Freedom Evolution we all have the Opportunity to change with a tool.

  6. Howard Hughes says:

    Hi guys, just to let you know that Margaret IS growing in strength day by day and loving the company of her husband and two sons. Her husband is realising a dream they shared with me two years ago (he got renewed strength from HER Beyond Freedom lol) and it is a very beautiful story.
    For me, this is more than a business, it’s a calling and I’m so delighted to be sharing this road with you.

  7. Di Martin says:

    Your courage is truly inspirational Margaret, I thank you for sharing.

  8. Leanne Oshea says:

    Thank you Maragret for sharing. I am forever grateful to be growing, achieving, learning and contributing everyday. Polaris is everything I wanted from busienss and my success is due to the passion you share margaret. THANK YOU.

  9. John Howlett says:

    I recently purchased Departure and am thoroughly enjoying all the Information but mainly acting on it. If you change nothing, nothing changes. This is a Lifechanging piece of equipment for the brain

  10. Emma Lewin says:

    I also got so see Scott Burrows and Oz Sanchez speak at my 1st event (foundation Live Gold Coast) and came away with a lasting feeling that is hard to put into words – I felt my eyes open and for the first time realised all the things we should be grateful for that we take for granted. Between that event and the Beyond Freedom Evolution course I’m learning everyday to be grateful for the here and now and not sweat the small stuff – its amazing how much more enjoyable life is now! To your continued good health Margaret.

  11. Bev Abel says:

    Such Courage Margaret, I soo appreciate your candid expression of your journey with your health challenge. This wonderful business of Polaris gives us the opportunity for growth in so many areas– not just wealth creating. The personal growth in every area of our lives is here for those of us that step up into our POWER and STRENGTH. I value your strength and character.

  12. Hai Goring says:

    Awesome post. I so good to see someone taking the time to share this information

  13. Jeff Olive says:

    I’ve been checking your blog for a while now, seems like everyday I learn something new 🙂 Thanks

  14. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    The opportunity to shine in ALL areas of life is available here. Wealth is just one. And by “wealth” do I mean financial or health or relationships. etc?
    Using the Beyond Freedom to cause results in every area is exciting, challenging and worth living for!

    Otherwise why are you here?

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