July 8th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

What We Think About We Bring About

Future Self

Future Self

Lets have some fun!  First of all close your eyes. Picture your high school English teacher running their long pointy fingernails down a black chalkboard. Take some time now, close your eyes and visualise. Makes you shiver doesn’t it? Even though this event didn’t actually take place right now in this moment, it still causes a physical reaction in the body. The reason for this is because the mind cannot tell the difference between events that are real and those that are vividly imagined. If we can create a vivid mental picture of how our reality will look, sound, smell and feel, our mind will support us in experiencing it as though it were actually real.

We can all create a vivid mental picture of the life we desire, we can then go about reinforcing this future life into our consciousness by daily repetition. A great way to do this is by writing a short story. Writing our future life as if we are already experiencing it and then reading it twice a day. The reason for reading it twice a day acts as deliberate reinforcement and the more familiar it becomes, the greater will be our belief in its ultimate realisation. Before too long, what was once an uncomfortable and difficult concept to grasp will soon become an expectation of what our future will resemble. And here’s the wonderful thing….when such a future appears to be inevitable, we will find ourselves acting in ways that are consistent with it actually happening.

Share with me part of the vision for your future self!

22 Responses to “What We Think About We Bring About”

  1. Lisa Molina says:

    I didn’t have an English teacher with long pointy nails – and I still SHIVERED at the thought!

    I am stunningly confident, yet graceful and humble. I am noted for the lives I have impacted and my willingness to speak the heart of the matter when it matters most. I am recognized internationally for the impact my Parenting Information has had on schools, parents, and of course children.
    I feel great about getting uncomfortable and taking risks, like sharing my inner thoughts with all of Polaris on this blog! 🙂

    What a life changer the Future Self Concept is! More than any other concept, this one has brought it home for me to move from present time to my future! Love this part of BFE!
    Thanks for the post Rach!

  2. Rachel Oliver says:

    WOW Lisa – THANK YOU so much for sharing and putting it out there! You are stunningly confident, graceful, humble and so much more.

  3. Wendy Clarricoats says:

    Wow… awesome post Rach and love Lisa’s comment too. Yes I too look forward to meeting my future self in person.
    I am blissfully happy and I am fulfilled in my role of assisting young school age children to live their lives at cause. I’m encouraging them daily to take positive action towards their own goals and to be supremely confident in the unique abilities.
    I travel at least 6 times a year overseas and I continue to be a part of an awesome community I found back in 2009.
    My travelling takes me to schools all over the world to spread our message and the feedback I receive from parents is both heartwarming and sincere.
    I want for nothing as I have more than I need, and so am able to provide scholarships for our program to young people who would otherwise not be able to afford it but show very real desire and commitment.

    I love the future self concept and also think its very powerful stuff. Thanks Rach.

  4. Rachel Oliver says:

    Geezz…thanks Wendy. Bring on the kids BFE program huh! Its so wonderful for me to learn of others’ visions. I love it. Appreciate you so much for putting it out there. x

  5. Barbara Drummond says:

    Rachel and Lisa what a wonderful way you both have with words. You have become my hero’s and my life would be the poorer without you in it. I feel quite emotional thinking about it. When I think about how far I have come in the relatively short time I have known you both it makes me aware of how golden my future is.

    I hated English at school and spent the time daydreaming about where I’d rather be. So for me, just visualising being back in my high school English class makes me shiver. The more classes I attended the more I hated it, which is not surprising because at that young age I had no understanding of “what we think about we bring about”.

    All those years later when I was an angry young widow I was still unaware that being angry with the world was bringing me more anger. Then Beyond Freedom Evolution came along and saved my life. It taught me to let go of the negativity and invite only positive thoughts into my mind. As a result of that, the anger was replaced by gratitude and I now feel like a butterfly freshly emerged from its cocoon.

    I already have a short story of my future life. It started out some time ago as a short paragraph about how I saw my perfect day. Well, as we all know, when you have a really great day you don’t want it to end. So now, 22,000 words later, my perfect day has become my perfect life. I read it occasionally, but nowhere near twice a day. Thank you for the golden advice though Rachel. Reading 22,000 words twice a day will take some doing but I have started out by promising myself to at least attempt it.

    Many times I have experienced the result of bringing about what I was thinking about both good and bad. Until I read your blog Rachel the story of my perfect life seemed like just a story. Now you have made me realise that there is nothing I can’t bring into my life if I think about it enough. I am so grateful.

  6. Suzi Morris says:

    The FUTURE SELF concept really impacted me when I first heard Shane speak about it, and I found it a very useful and encouraging part of the Beyond Freedom course to work through. As I type these words I am looking up at a vision board of my future self, and it is filled with pictures that inspire me to stretch for bigger things. My future self is deeply spiritual, loving, kind, happy, confident, connected, inspired and giving. A leader, high achiever and big thinker who persists, reaches out to help others and achieves SUCCESS. With every challenge that comes up, I take comfort from the fact that my future self made it through. Thanks for the reminder about the power of visualisation.

  7. Great visualization test rach, I didn’t have to close my eyes either, just the thought of it made me shiver… and I think we have all done that to make sure of the feeling when we were at school as I have.
    With the LOA and understanding that thoughts really are things helps keep me mindful most of the time about what it is I am thinking and wanting to bring about.
    Here’s a question for you, when you are a couple either married or otherwise and if you are both on the same path with the LOA, then it would serve as a powerful force for both. I understand that you are as individuals and responsible of your own success although do you think 2 individuals thinking as one in thoughts and feelings would be unstoppable?

  8. Judith Symonds says:

    Thanks Shane & Rach for the wonderful training we received in Auckland on Saturday 3rd July.
    I could understand the whole business so clearly after I heard Shane speak, I was on fire as I drove home. I was concerned that I would loose the clarity of my understanding and so on the way home, I stopped my car by the side of the road and I made a voice recording on my phone from my future self urging me not to let the dream go.
    Today I have spent at my JOB. I realise that my JOB is across purpose with my inner self and that is why I don’t enjoy it. But after a day of struggling with my JOB I wanted to get to my goal today. So I went to seek.com.au and I looked at freelance writing JOBs – yes another job – Immediately I felt physically sick. Quite a strong sensation and I had to breath deeply until the feeling passed. It came home very clearly now that the more I am understanding who I really am and what it is that I really and truly desire, the more my inner guidance system is working for me. I didn’t really even need that voice from my future self on my mobile phone.
    Thank you Shane & Rach, I am experiencing a phenomenal spiritual growth spurt thanks to Polaris.

  9. Alison Wheeler says:

    Wow Lisa and Wendy fantasic share.

    I love the furture self conecpt as well it has changed my life. I did not realise I was not even connected to to that part of myself. To realise that my future self is actually part of me, fantastic. The difference is connecting to my future self instead of my past self.

    My future self:
    I inspire and lead myself and my family to extrodinary heights. I assist others to find and connect to who they truly are and create that in their life. I happily show all of myself to the world and have an open heart and mind. I am known for assisting in the area of concious parenting and concious living.
    I give myself the best because I believe in myself.

    Thanks Rach

  10. Kerry Allison says:

    How fortunate we are to have so much information available to us on a daily basis. I am in awe of the Polaris People who give their time to help others. It is truly amazing. Together we can change the world.

  11. Marie Vassallo says:

    I just watched a movie yesterday that suggested the short story idea so now I figure that to receive the message twice and ignore that would be stupid on my part so i shall make some time to do that..thanks Rachxx
    Lisa, to me you are already stunningly confident, yet graceful and humble, not to mention beautiful inside and out and internationally recognized and have already impacted so many more lives than you realize. So congratulations on already BEING Your future selfxxx
    As for my future self…I wrote myself a letter from my future self that I pull out and read whenever I have self doubt and it really helps me step into the role of my future self and feel every part of BEING that person.

    I am confident, beautiful, compassionate and someone who truly brings joy to the lives of others, I am as caring towards myself as i am towards others. We earn in excess of a million $$ a year and as such are able to help numerous more charities. I am a motivational speaker who inspires others to live their best lives. I have homes all over Oz set up for ‘at risk’ kids or those who can’t live at home, where they not only have somewhere to live and a way to stay in school if they choose to, but they are also taught about the fundamentals of creating their own reality.

  12. Michelle Galbraith says:

    Future self: The underpinning thought that guides my day is that every night before I go to bed, I must be able to explain the value and worth of my contribution for that day. I make of myself, the very best thoughts, feelings and actions in return for my gift of another day on earth.

    Michelle future self:

    I am a recognised advisor to the UK Government Education Department for the underpinning of Beyond Freedom Evolution knowledge and the application of this knowledge for all Primary school children aged 5 – 11. All schools will have a programme of BFE within the curriculum.

    My motto – the price of greatness is responsibility. Here here Mr Churchill!

    Now I will post this blog with the courage of my conviction. x

  13. Thanks Rach for a great reminder of how simple it really is to live your dreams! Being clear on what those dreams actually they are has been the big thing for me. Thanks everyone for sharing enjoyed all your dreams and visions, putting it out there for me is also a powerful part of commmitting to it and living it!

    I have an overflowing colorful and inspiring vision board up and also a grateful folder to keep images etc when they have become reality so I am not only expressing gratitude for what I do receive, but also remembering to continually update and redo my vision board… I have a lengthy future self story also Barbara, up on the wall by my vision baord and realize I need to read it daily from now on!

    My future self;
    I am beautiful and radiant, healthy, confident, happy and successful in everything I do. I am an amazing successful leader in my own life and in my business and encourage and inspire others to do the same. I live a successful, healthy, balanced, spiritual and abundant life with my husband Graeme and our beautiful children (also part of our future life yet to be created!). We love to travel the world, be insired and passionate about life and spend quality time with both of our families between Australia and the UK!

  14. Shawna Garcia says:

    My Future Self is a concept that I am beginning to use daily in my decision making process. Even though I have been a student of personal development for over a decade, I never quite got this.

    I remember being lost when it came to making decisions. I would analyze forever, sometimes until I got a headache. Now I consult my future self and ask myself “What decision will bring me closer to my future life?” and I have more confidence in taking inspired action.

    Here it goes for me: I am a fully present mom to my 22-month old daughter, Isabella. My heart is peaceful and my mind is calm. I am emotionally healthy. I model a strong example of prosperity consciousness for Isabella. I am confident to stand-up for my parenting path regardless of what others may think of me and I am open to learn new ways as well.

    Now for the material stuff: I live in this beautiful modern home on the beach! Our home is made of sustainable materials and utilizes solar power, has radiant heated concrete, wood and tile floors throughout and is decorated with Mid-Century Modern Furniture. Wow! You should see our bathroom it is very Zen, simple and spa-like with a sauna and an awesome soaking tub. The back of our home is all glass and when you are over visiting you will be able to see the Pacific Ocean from the living room or large deck. Do you feel the Breeze – nice huh? I have a landscape of sand and rocks in my back yard and our property is somewhat secluded on its own private beach. I’ll invite you all over for the house-warming.

    Thanks for the post Rachel. I’m off to build my visionary board…got to move into this home!!

  15. I just love being the company of such wonderful people. BEING my future self is where the work is at but like any habit, once it takes hold, it’s effortless. I’ve come a long way. Thank you for the wonderful comments and posts.

  16. Tanya MacIntyre says:

    The concept of future self made me face the realization that I had been a functioning alcoholic for 25 years.

    I also felt I had relatively high self-esteem, until I committed to this journey of self growth. I discovered that 22 years of being routinely told by bosses that I was “replaceable” had really taken its toll on me.

    Beyond Freedom, together with our live events, my fellow entrepreneurs, and everything this company represents has given me my life back!

    Thank you for your exemplary leadership, Rachel. The vision of you, Shane, and the extraordinary people who make up this company has assisted me greatly in not only defining my North Star, but also in learning how to follow the path toward it.

    Warmest regards,

  17. Tahnee Shalak says:

    I use the Future Self regularly as I go about my day. A constant reminder about where I want to be and who I want to be and ensuring that all that I do is in alignment with that. It really does work and I can see how I shift my perspective or my actions when I use it.

    Here at Polaris we know that life is but a reflection of our thoughts, and so to have the life you want your thoughts need to reflect that life and the reality comes into being. So grateful to share my journey with this amazing community of people. So incredibly grateful to have BFE to work through so I can experience my life the way I want to. It truly is an evolutionary curriculum. Just love it.

  18. Liana says:

    Rach, such a fantastic post and amazing breakthroughs had by all! Thank you. I have started to connect with my future self a little more each day, understanding who I am, what I do, how these two parallels connect.

    My future self will be driving a Suzuki Liana back home from the shops after purchasing some winter gear that I am taking with me to the upcoming conference. I am packing today and leaving for Canada tomorrow, I’m so excited I could start screaming in joy! You should have been there when I told my old manager that I was firing him, the look on his face was hilarious! He is supportive and extremely interested in what I do now but never truly saw the value in it til that moment. To think that was only a month ago, and in that time I have been able to set up a strong marketing campaign and helped many people realize their true dreams and pursue them. Thank you Polaris!

  19. Belinda Byfield says:

    Thanks Rach, reading this blog has been very inspirational to me. Previously I have had trouble visualising. My head would just feel all over the place as I had so many dreams, desires and goals that it was confusing to me as to which one to focus on. But now I have followed the excercise of writing a short story about a day in the life of my future self and everything is just so clear now. I have been reading it twice a day now for just over a week and every time I read it the images in my head and the emotion that I feel gets stronger and stronger.
    So from the bottom of my heart, thankyou so much for giving me this wonderful and very powerful tool. xxx

  20. Sharon Whyte says:

    Thank you Rachel for your posts and just the way you deliver absolutely every message with so easily!

    Even though I went through BF classic I am so looking forward to delving into the BFE Departure program – it’s on its way! To listen to you guys talking about your future selfs is just awesome and I am so excited to start applying the principles I will be learning.

    Thank you for all that you do here at Polaris – your commitment and passion is just wonderful. Look forward to meeting you and Shane! Take care.

  21. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    Quite simply I ask myself before EVERY action……….. would my future self do this? Say this? Be this?

    Then I choose x

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