July 5th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

Play The Game To Win At Polaris

Play To Win

Play To Win

I was thinking today about playing the “game to win” as apposed to playing it safe and “playing not to lose”. There was a time when I first started my journey here with Polaris when I was in the category of playing not to lose. I’d been in the network marketing industry for a little over 4 years. My first business venture had failed and I was at a place whereby my belief in my ability was, well, lets just say somewhat racked to the core. I learnt very quickly upon joining with the company that there were certain things that the leaders did on a daily basis in which to get results. They are known as the Six Daily Activities for Success. Income producing activity, daily mediation and visualisation, masterminding with leaders, being a product of the product, daily gratitude & cultivating the expectation of leadership.

Now I knew what these Six Daily Activities were from day 1 of my business, yet I didn’t do them. Some I embraced and put into action, yet others I didn’t. Was it any wonder that I struggled in my early days of the business? I had a battle going on in my mind. I remember thinking that I would have an excuse if I failed. It wouldn’t be my fault – It was the fact that I didn’t mastermind with leaders or that I didn’t do my visualisation. The thought of failing and having done everything that was required was initially too much for me to confront. My thoughts were….”what if I do all of these things and still fail”? Then it would have to be me. Scary thought for me at the time. Thank goodness I got over myself. I gave myself permission to succeed. I got serious and implemented these success principles and disciplines in which to get results.

My question today is: Which of the success principles are you not applying? Is there an area that you are able to improve upon? Are you playing the game to win or are you playing it safe?

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  1. Debbie Ruston says:

    Great post Rach….something I realized from one of these principles (being a product of the product and using Beyond Freedom everyday) was that there is a gap between knowing and doing….we can “know” all the “right” things to do, but still find excuses not to do what it takes, as you mentioned. This was a huge realization for me – when we start doing what we know consistently -THIS is how we make significant changes to our results and this is where true opportunity and growth takes place, within this gap. It is such a waste to have the information for success, to really know what it takes, and allow yourself to buy into excuses – it is a form of self sabotage. This is why this one basic principle is so important – immersing ourselves in the products to identify where we are steering wrong, and make those corrections in thinking to create better results in our lives.

  2. Alison Wheeler says:

    Thanks Rach, this is a great reminder of how simple it is to play to win. It is not rocket science just commitment to youself and your goals. Focus, focus, focus.

  3. Lisa Molina says:

    Great article Rach!
    Even those whom have been in the industry for a while deserve the reminder!

    Playing the game to win to me means, consistently choosing in to doing the things that successful leaders do.
    I used to believe that people at the top of their game have it easier, and to win it takes them less effort.
    When results happen, it is not because it becomes easier. It is because a person becomes more and more clear and more and more willing to win therefore be in action. The other side of that is true as well.. At anytime a person at the top of their game can begin playing it safe, and playing not to lose. This is turn will impact their actions/ they become a bit stagnate and thus their results follow suit.
    Having been on both sides of the coin, this article is a great reminder for new and experienced leaders alike. To succeed it takes choosing in over and over again to all the things successful people do!
    Best, Lisa

  4. Oh Rachel; such a good piece. I am guilty of not doing the 6 daily activities .In the past I would beat myself up ! Which lead to less action rather than more; now I carry my list around and now simply ask myself the question; which of my 6 daily activities am I not doing and why ? Tthere is always time to do them. Lack of time is never an excuse. When I concentrate on the BEING I then quickly get into the DOING of those activities.Thanks Rach

  5. kym kennedy says:

    Great Question Rachel,
    I was questioning myself on this earlier today. I could do masterminding with leaders more often and have a stronger expectation of leadership. I have aleady masterminded with Gaye today and now I am going to practice the expectation of leadership. I would love to hear what ” The expectation of leadership” means to you and others.

  6. Suzi Morris says:

    I keep a checklist of the six daily activities in my diary, and when I reviewed it today I discovered that the one thing I am not doing consistently every day is VISUALISATION. So I’ve printed some pictures to add to my list of goals, and I will be making a special effort to focus on visualisation from now on. I’m playing to win! Thanks Rachel for this reminder about the importance of daily discipline in the six daily activities.

  7. Jo Austin says:

    Wow…I love this article Rach and as always you seem to be able to see straight into my heart and mind and speak about exactly what I need to hear.
    I have typed out the 6 daily activities and they are on my vision board but do I do each of them every day….No! It is much easier to make excuses than attempt to do the things that I struggle with or find difficult. Just this week I realised this is what I was doing and I also realised that this was of course why my business wasn’t booming the way it should be considering the action I was taking.
    I understand the benefits of meditation and visualisation but because they aren’t things I find easy to do and because they aren’t tangible income producing activities I opted to not make time for them.
    How silly do I feel! Definitely time to leave the excuses behind and take responsibility to really apply the 6 success activities EVERY DAY!
    Thanks for the positive poke in the right direction Rach.

  8. Rachel Oliver says:

    hey Kym, to me I am personally willing to put in the time and effort to learn and grow and become better, to become more effective. A more effective communicator, a more effective leader, more effective at taking the appropriate actions. I expect this from myself, so therefore I also expect that others will do the same.

  9. Rachel Oliver says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one Deb. Consistency is the key. Consistently using the products, consistently taking action in all forms generates results…. period!

  10. Theresa Pembroke says:

    Love this post Rach, thank you. I have been questioning for what I admit now has been quite a while, the following…..’I know what it takes to be successful here…why am I not doing it consistently?’ This has led to many a journal entry. And it’s not that I’m not doing all of the 6, it is just that I am not doing ALL of them consistently. In the last 18months, the most productive and most rewarding times in my business have been when I am conisistently completing all the 6 principles every single day.

    The principles that I need to work on are both the visualisation and spending adequate time each day working on me – my personal development. As I mentioned on the call this morning, to ensure that I cover all 6 principles in a day, I write them down in my diary and cross them off as my day unfolds. I find this the easiest way to ‘check in’ with myself that I have completed them all…and to be honest…it’s what helps me turn my computer off in the evening, so that I can dedicate time to these processes.

    Making my mind ‘still’ is a challenge, and something that I am working on. My visualisation is so strong when I am working through it, that most times it ends in tears of joy, relief, happiness and the feeling of success….so spending the time mastering this principle is worth it….as I know creating the space in my mind for it to take place, means I am creating the space in my life to realise my vision.

    As for working on me…a brilliant man once said “The most important question to ask on the job is not “What am I getting?” The most important question to ask is “What am I becoming?”, he also said “Income rarely exceeds personal development”..thank you Mr Jim Rohn. In order to achieve all of my goals I need to spend the time ‘becoming’ the person who has already achieved them. I need to spend time developing me. Learning, knowing and accepting me, and making the changes that I need to make in order to BE more, is the only thing that is going to help me grow as a person, grow my business and grow my financial success. I’m playing all out BABY!!!

  11. Gaye Morgan says:

    Be the leader, Be in action, Be the person who has the results. We are human Beings, it’s all in the Being. Be, Do, Have… in that order. Be clear on where you are going and Be that person now. Be grateful. Be kind to yourself and others. Be true to yourself. Be forgiving. Be determined. Be persistent. Be decisive. Be successful. Be prosperous. Be happy. Be alive…now, in this moment. Just Be.

  12. Peter Wheaton says:

    Great Post Rach, the last few weeks I have had some great break throughs, I went home judging sheep dog trial and was asked this Question by the people with their pups? When will I start my pup. My answer was let him go and he/she will tell you what level he/she is up too, You can’t teach a dog to round up sheep on the chain.
    I then realised this same fact in my business, let go of the chain and let something happen, stop trying to control the outcome and have an excuse for the outcome. Accept the result and try something else or build on what is working and be brave with your actions. Far better to have been a has been, thena never been at all.
    Life is not the way it is supposed to be,
    it is the way it is.
    The way we cope with it,
    Is what makes the difference for you and those around you.

  13. Rachel Oliver says:

    WOW Peter – I just love this analogy. thanks for contributing

  14. Hi Rach
    Playing the Game was the gap between knowing and doing for me, I would over think things and I needed to let GO..of stuff. I can look at myself now and know I was playing it safe and it seems ridiculous to me now because all I’ve been doing is playing to win and taking many risks and breaking all the rules to get me to base. My experience has been incredible as all avenues just open for me, life is in full colour and I love my inner guidance system which keeps turning it on for me. I do all the daily activities without thinking about them now and my priority twice daily is my meditation which helps me de-clutter and centred. My personal motto is “Burn the Bridges” and “Stake Your Life On It” …LOL

  15. Annette Ward says:

    Thank you Rach and everyone that has commented. Very timely for me. I am now committed to achieving with this business and I need to make those activities more visible. The diary was a great idea. Thanks

  16. I read a phrase once “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.” It’s funny and I bought in to it. Hidden in there is the excuse for poor planning and failing to begin with the end in mind. So right there was where I fell down initially, failing to visualise the optimal outcome. When you do that, the ‘how to’ falls in to place.
    Great post Rachel. Thank you for making me ask myself questions again!

  17. Bev Abel says:

    Thanks Rach for putting these PRINCIPLES in front of us CONSISTENTLY. You are an inspiring leader and I soooo! appreciate you.and who you are BEING. Bev

  18. I read a witty phrase once that went “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard top remember that your initial obejective was to drain the swamp”. It was funny and I bought in to it but, of course, implicit in this sentence is the excuse of lack of planning. Beginning with the end in mind through visualisation was something that I failed to do and to hold until its accompishment.
    Thanks for making me question myself again Rachel, instead of taking it for granted! Great post.

  19. Michelle Galbraith says:

    Playing to Win …. for me it has definitely been removing the self limiting beliefs I have of myself and removing the fear of being criticised or getting ‘it’ wrong. When I let go and I mean really let go of the knot in my stomach and the tightness in my throat and I stop trying to control the outcome … a transformation occurred. It’s a free flowing feeling like I am running at 10000 miles an hour and I have so much energy and enthusiasm to reach my destination; my Vision/my goal. And I am enjoying every minute of the journey; all of my senses absolutely tuned in. Decision and Result – they go hand in hand. Sometimes the Result turns out not quite what I have visualised but often it brings with it a silver lining. That silver lining is what I call an OPPORTUNITY.

  20. Jill Cope says:

    Thanks Rach,
    You are so right. You have hit the nail on the head for me. I need to get myself into Action and start to stop leaving steps out. I’m going back to the beginning and starting from scrath, with everything. Here goes watch the turn around…..

  21. Liana says:

    Hi Rach, I remember hearing someone say that these daily activities are easy to do and just as easy to not do. I must admit that previously at times I had made excuses for myself and did not make these a priority in my life. Today is a new day however and I will be dedicating myself to consistently completing these activities daily. Thank you for setting the example of making the decision to play to win!

  22. Pat Cavananagh says:

    Rachel this subject really really resonated with me at this moment .. and infact “are you playing not to lose or playing to win” To be honest I hadn’t even grasped in terms of myself in my business. Certainly in the first instance I would say “ of course, I am playing to win” isn’t that the game? But on a closer look at the 6 daily principles and consistently , GETTING behind them with the energy and commitment I know I am capable of the answer is yes I am doing most of them most of the time…and that is not WINNING. So this post has certainly highlighted for me …its easy to talk … and we know deep down if we are truly allowing ourselves the freedom and opportunity we came here to create for ourselves by taking inspired action on a consistent basis. thanks For your Leadership

  23. cathyvargas says:

    Thanks Rachel!…You absolutely Rock….This post brought me back to the basics and, the reason I have joined this awesome community. Brilliant!

  24. Judith Symonds says:

    Thanks Rach. Both you and Shane absolutely rock. What comes out for me is Shane’s comment on the weekend in Auckland that Comfort is a Drug. So I realised that if I want to play to win – I also need to get myself off the comfort drug.
    Thanks Rach for continually pushing the boundaries.

  25. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    It’s not rocket science and yet sometimes I find myself wondering why my results don’t match my enthusiasm!
    Or why I’m getting results over here but not over there!
    THIS IS WHY! And carrying a ready-reckoner of the 6 daily activities is a brilliant structure to check in with myself!

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  27. Caroline Broomhall says:

    Thanks Rachel for the Post.
    If it was written yesterday or 1 year ago it still says the same thing.
    We all must be doing the 6 daliy activities it receive results.
    Thanks for the timely reminder.

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