June 22nd, 2012 by Rachel Krider

Polaris Global hits a home run with most recent event

La Reve, Las Vegas

La Reve, Las Vegas

We have recently returned from our Polaris Global Sovereignty Live Event, hosted in Las Vegas Nevada.
It was simply an amazing and unforgettable experience. Polaris Global’s, CEO, Shane Krider delivered exceptional content all surrounding the “Energy of Money” and how to create wealth in ones life.

The Polaris Global Sovereignty Live event for 2012 goes down for me as the best event ever!

Below are just a couple of reviews we’ve received from the event. 98% of people said they’d definitely attend a future Polaris Global event. You can enjoy reading the rest of the reviews via the Polaris Corporate site (they will be live in a few days).

FABULOUS – not only did the means to create wealth double, but I was able to learn strategies of how to keep and build that wealth” Janine, Australia

“My biggest breakthrough was learning a process to make solid decisions for my financial future. Unforgettably fun, light and inspiring with fantastic applicable information. Thanks Polaris Global” Paul, Australia

“Shane’s ability to effectively communicate a simple, yet profound message is very apparent. He provides such clarity of creating wealth in my life, taking out the confusion. I’m now clear on how to build a solid financial wall around myself and my family. ” Lisa, USA

We learned, we celebrated and we all caught a fabulous show – Le Reve! If you ever have a chance to visit Las Vagas, it’s a must see!

All attendees have now been invited to participate in follow up private conference calls hosted by CEO of Polaris Global, Shane Krider, to assist them in implementing what was shared at the Sovereignty Live event.

We’d love to hear of your experience at the event or any past events you may have attended with Polaris Global. Post your comments below!

39 Responses to “Polaris Global hits a home run with most recent event”

  1. Lee Anne B says:

    The Vegas event for me was my favourite so far. I learnt so much more about myself, about money and wealth and had a blast in the meantime! Can’t wait for the next event!

  2. Frazer says:

    As my first event with Polaris Global I was blown away with the positive, supportive community who were all together to improve themselves and the world in which we operate. My wife and I came away with many insights into improving our future and are excited about creating our future with this wonderful team.

  3. Anne says:

    The Las Vegas event was my first overseas Polaris event with my husband. We had a fabulous time and learnt so much new info to ramp my business up to the next level. I came home and got straight into action and am having fabulous results. Met some great people as well – I’m so pleased I got involved in this business – best decision ever!

  4. Barbara D says:

    Polaris events are absulutely not to be missed. To me they are like a huge family reunion from start to finish. Then on top of that there is so much to learn from our fabulous speakers. I’ve come away from every single one of them feeling like a new person. Where else could you have so much fun while you are learning at the same time.

  5. Paul W says:

    Fantastic just to hear the excitement and fun that was had and see the effect on peoples lives and businesses. πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait for Sovereignty.

  6. Lisa says:

    The conference was amazing! So grateful of my choice to CHOOSE IN
    The information was so simple, yet life changing, it is time for this message to travel across our nation/ across our globe. So happy we are here to provide this service to make our world a better place where people are at casue over what they want to see.

    an added note – Bob and I were one of the top five winners…. for a contest Polaris ran previously… One of the best rewards ever!

  7. Caroline says:

    Love all the excitement that has come back from the event and the great changes in the comp plan. JUST LOVE IT.

  8. Kirrilee says:

    I love Polaris Global.

  9. Kelly, USA says:

    This was my first event with Polaris & it was amazing! Such great information shared & it was fantastic to meet other distributors & master-mind with them. This event gave me great insight & I can’t wait for the next one! Thanks to everyone involved in making it just awesome. Love this company & this business!

  10. Susan D says:

    INVALUABLE – that describes how I feel about the information we learned at the Vegas conference – I learnt so much about wealth creation that I can use to change my financial situation not only right now, but for the rest of my life. I am so grateful for this!

  11. Michael says:

    This event was loaded with more positive and useful information then any event we’ve had. It was awesome.

  12. Carmel S says:

    I attended my First event in Las Vegas in May 2012.
    To spend time with like minded People all sharing their vision for the future is priceless.
    Shane shared a lot of content on wealth creation that just blew my mind.
    I highly recommend attending events held by Polaris, I have come home with a much better under standing and lots of tools to take into my life and business. Looking forward to the next.
    Carmel Skinner
    Perth Australia

  13. Moni says:

    The learning I got from BFE so far and our latest event in Las Vegas with Polaris helped me and still in realizing my hidden potential in becoming a leader in something I love to do and believe in, also to conquer my default limiting beliefs in creating money in my life as a tool for happiness, good, power and peace.

    I had beautiful quality enlightening fun times with the Polaris folks in Las Vegas. Many realizations are still coming to me and showing in my mind from the unconscious that great change is possible and coming!


  14. Kirsty M says:

    This Polaris Global Sovereignty Live Event was a life changer for me… I can now honestly say that I have a great relationship with money. I did not have that before, no matter what was happening in my financial situation – even really good things – I always had some sort of negative feeling around it. Now I understand how to tap into the energy of money & how to have it work for me, and since the event, based on income & many other personal results since, I have topped my personal best month EVER! Thankyou SO much. ~ Kirsty Mailer

  15. Zandile Shaba says:

    We had a great time in Vegas. I learnt so much about how I think about money and how I manage my finances. I was so grateful for the information. It has changed my whole perspective. Coupled with Beyond Freedom Evolution product, Polaris Global has really changed my life.

  16. Gordana says:

    Learning, celebrating, sharing, empowering….happy to be a part of such a great community!

  17. Nadina says:

    This was my first event of many with Polaris Global and it was fantastic. I came away feeling on purpose with my life and have greater clarity to where I am going. Enjoyed spending time masterminding with like-minded, positive people. Thank you πŸ™‚

  18. Lori M says:

    Absolutely LOVE Polaris Global events. So much amazing information to change our mindset and propel our success. Shane is a fantastic communicator, making it simple and easy to understand. I have gained so much from every event I have been to with Polaris. So so excited for our future – not only the in company but for my own business and success in every area of my life. Beyond Freedom Evolution has changed my whole life (as cheesy as that sounds) – so many areas of my life have been improved in every way.

    So grateful to be involved with a company giving so much back, assisting as many people as possible to achieve success in all areas of their life.

    If everyone studied our Beyond Freedom Evolution and went to our events – this world would be a whole lot different!

  19. Carol -Launceston says:

    After working high end corporate, Polaris Global training is far more comprehensive and supportive than any corporate training offered throughout my career, coupled with the Beyond Freedom Evolution program and events, Polaris has opened doors I didn’t realize were closed.
    Polaris Global is the most generous and giving company I have ever worked with and I am so grateful to be a part of.

  20. Jacinta says:

    This was our first live event and i cannot believe they can get any better than Vegas!!! Shane’s passion and grasp on reality left us motivated and truly inspired, he also provided us with the tools we need to maintain the wealth created from being a Polaris Distributor, we cant wait for Sydney in September

  21. Janine says:

    It was the most enlightening, positive, fun and exciting 3 days, thank you Polaris Global, can’t wait for the next one!!

  22. Pauline O says:

    The Polaris events have been instrumental in building my knowledge, understanding and personal belief system and therefore my business.
    The content is always so powerful and a huge part of the value is spending time with incredible leaders, people who think on a much higher plane.
    By exposing my teenage son to the education and leadership at these events he finally understood his true potential and applied what he’d learned to his schooling, going from an average C/D to A/A+ student. This was a bonus I could never have anticipated and so grateful for.
    I can’t wait to attend the next one!

  23. Jo Austin says:

    I have been to at least 5 events with Polaris Global (loosing count already) and absolutely LOVE them.
    I go there knowing that I am about to spend anywhere from 2 days to 5 days with the most incredible people. People who are on the same journey as myself, people with big goals and people in action to achieve them. Everyone of them (from the most successful in the company to newbies) is willing to share their experience, their advice and to encourage you to believe in yourself and your own dreams.
    Add to that the content of the actual conferences which always takes my personal development and understanding of where I’m heading , what I have to work on and what is possible to the next level.
    I am so excited to know that i have my tickets and flights booked already for the next event in Sydney because it is the place to be without a doubt.

  24. Belinda B says:

    Words can’t describe how much the Polaris events have changed my life.
    Surrounding myself and my family with people within the Polaris
    community has made a dramatic difference in our lives and the results
    that we achieve.

  25. Simon &Kara says:

    We had the most incredible experience in Las Vegas recently with Polaris Global. Being in an environment filled with people all wanting to live their dreams, reach their goals and travel the world…

    For me personally, in Vegas recently I walked away knowing that Simon and I can create a partnership and that we really can have the life we desire for ourselves and our children.

    Thank you Polaris for showing us consistently how to lead by example, celebrate every win and exploring with us, the formula of success.

    Kara and Simon
    Sunshine Coast

  26. Jacquie H says:

    Thank you Polaris Global for holding events all around the world so that we can not only be exposed to the insightful training that the events offer but also to have the opportunity to travel to exotic locations to expand our minds and life experience – AND have a ton of fun doing it all. Loved the opportunity to meet and talk ‘in person’. Loved the whole Las Vegas experience!

  27. Gurpreet K says:

    This was my first event with Polaris Global, and I was absolutely blown away with the whole experience, I am so grateful that I found this opportunity which is completely changing my perspective in life and making me realize that the dream lifestyle I visualize is so possible and within reach. The content of the conference and Shane’s passion and direction of the company is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for this incredible experience!

  28. Neville S says:

    Sovereignty Live was my 3rd live event and it not only lived up to expectations but surpassed them.
    I came away feeling so much more in alignment with my Sovereign Self and the Spiritual essence of Money, thus acknowledging my complete readiness to be able to receive. What a breakthrough! The follow up interaction and training has also been the absolute best resource to be able to stay in alignment. So much appreciation to the Polaris admin team, their creative minds and to the fellow directors who also made it such a fantastic experience.

  29. Alison Wheeler says:

    This event was the best event ever. I have learnt more in the few days in Vegas about money and my own mindset about money than the years of reading complicated books and websites. I love the simplicity and straight to the point use-ability. Thank you.

  30. Bev Abel says:

    I went to the recent Live Event in Les Vegas, with anticipation, excitement, and expectation…and was not disappointed. The INSPIRATION that Shane expresses in presenting the material of the day is Awe…inspiring and informative. As I continue to attend these events I Grow in my appreciation of my self and other participants. Forever Grateful for attracting Polaris Global.

  31. Sharyn, Sydney says:

    From all reports this was a fabulously exciting and enlightening event. Can’t wait for Super Saturday and Foundation Live, which will be my first Polaris events! Bring on September!

  32. Donna & Don says:

    Fantastic event! This was our second event and even better than the first. Polaris continues to raise our awareness about creating Life Changing events in our own lives. Thank you Polaris for all the valuable insight you provide. We are so grateful to be aligned with such a fabulous, caring and generous company!

  33. Kym M Kennedy says:

    I am so grateful to Polaris Global and all the team for our amazing compensation plan that has made achieving my financial goals way easier. I am continually blown away by the generosity of our company.

  34. Bev Abel says:

    I have recently returned from a time at one of the Polaris Global Events. It was illuminating, transforming, and altogether FUN…with life long Like Minded people to share the Journey with. Sure am Grateful for my Life and Polaris Global!!!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    The events are the icing on the cake. NO DOUBT!

    And…..a fabulous new innovation of Polaris Global is coming where I’ll be able to review the content of the events via my Success Stick on my home computer in my own time!

    How good is that?

  36. Money P says:

    Love this new business that I’m in!! Polaris Global is by far the best in product, community and compensation. I continue to learn a ton on the calls and my business is buidling so I can reach my goals!

  37. Helen Reid says:

    I love the Polaris Global events, and I am eagerly anticipating the next events, Super Saturday and Foundation Live in Sydney in September. The training that is provided and the support and sharing of the Polaris community is truly awe inspiring.

  38. Eva S says:

    Sovereignity Live in Las Vegas was my second Polaris Global event and I loved all the great news that were announced while there! It was also really special seeing everyone again and masterminding with so many like-minded and positive people who are actively creating a life worth living!
    I am proud to be part of a company that has and is following its vision, moves forward at a fast pace, constantly tries to improve and contributes to the greater good on this planet! Thank you, Polaris!

  39. Fiona C says:

    The Las Vegas event was my 7th event so far. I had so much fun it’s a party town that does not stop l came away with a whole new out look on Money Thanks Shane, Rach and Greg.