September 29th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

Polaris Global Launches Beyond Freedom Evolution Success Stick!

The Success Stick

The Success Stick

Greetings Polaris Global friends and Associates!
Big news!! The Beyond Freedom Evolution University Success Sticks (USBs) have been shipped!!!

This marks the achievement of two major milestones for our company! It is the culmination of several years of hard work, focus and attention, and includes shipping Action, our final component of Beyond Freedom Evolution. With this we have also launched our new Learning Management Software, making Beyond Freedom Evolution an interactive computer-based learning experience!

This has been a massive undertaking and is a key step toward getting Beyond Freedom Evolution into the hands and hearts of many more people around the world. The Learning Management Software is proprietary and has been created (in cross-platform, for both PC and Mac) specifically for the Success Stick. As with all software launches, we expect a short period of adjustment and debugging as the final presentation is smoothed out. Our software features an auto-update function that makes it easy for us to provide immediate updates for anyone who plugs in their Success Stick. Just follow the prompt and your Success Stick is immediately updated with any enhanced functionality, advancements and/or design revisions. In the world of Beyond Freedom Evolution, one purchase really will bring a lifetime of new value and content.

Many people have worked on these two projects but there are at least four who pulled off seemingly superhuman feats (and maybe even a miracle or two!) in getting these projects to this stage of completion:

Special thanks goes to:
Greg – Multi Media Content Production
Mark – Project Management and IT
Sam – Project Management Programming
Chris – Programming

Each of these individuals made extreme personal sacrifices by spending many months working without days off and nearly around the clock.

Both the Action program and the Learning Management Software are well beyond the scope of the curriculum as originally envisioned. The Action program is actually about twice the content of either Departure or Decision. It includes over 35 written and video profiles of high-functioning, successful individuals and over 300 pages of instruction.

There are additional benefits of the new Beyond Freedom Evolution University platform. It allows us to push new content to existing customers at no cost to us, which allows us to invest 100% of our resources into to the content (not into shipping and product packaging costs). It allows us to create customized content for corporations and organizations. And it allows us to claim undisputed industry leadership in the Success Education category worldwide.

Today officially marks the end of pre-launch. Now it is full steam ahead!
Thank you,
Shane Krider

One Response to “Polaris Global Launches Beyond Freedom Evolution Success Stick!”

  1. Natasha Johnston says:

    Polaris Global BFE Success Stick.
    Iam so excited about receiving my new BFE Success Stick this week. Our Beyond Freedom Course has helped me become aware of my thoughts , actions and beliefs in life. BFE has had a huge positive impact on our family. We now living a life on our terms.
    I love that our new success stick is so portable, light and full of Life-transforming Information.