August 17th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

Polaris Global Heading Down Under

Shane Krider

Shane Krider

I’m beside myself excited! Shane, little Leia and me are heading to Australia this coming Sunday for our up and coming Super Saturday and Foundation Live event, hosted by Polaris Global. It will be 12 months since I’ve been home, so I’m really jumping out of my skin.
It will be so great to catch up with my family & friends and have them meet Leia for the first time. Equally excited about catching up with my Polaris family!

This event has been many months in the planning and we’ve got some incredible speakers lined up. There are 4 key note speakers who will be delivering a powerful message at the Foundation live on the Sunday. It’s difficult to put into words what takes place at an event such as this. It truly is a magical experience. If you attempted to explain to someone what a rose smells like, you’d find it difficult no doubt. Much easier to have the person smell the rose themselves.
The Polaris Global events are much the same. One has to experience it themselves to really appreciate the experience. It’s so much more than just the speakers on the stage delivering their message. Something quite special happens when a committed group of like minded, successful people come together. The energy that is created is like nothing I have experienced anywhere else. Can’t wait to get my fix!
Each time I attend one of our events I come away from the experience more aware, more powerful and with a greater understanding of exactly how to continue creating a life filled with love and prosperity.
I can’t wait to see you there. Big hugs x
If you’ve attended a Polaris Global Event in the past – would love to hear about your experience here….
Or if you’re coming along for the first time, please share what you hope to get out of the event.

49 Responses to “Polaris Global Heading Down Under”

  1. Lee Anne says:

    I am so excited! This will be one of many events I have been too and each one always tops the last. I look forward to catching up with my Polaris family and taking my thinking to the next level!

  2. kym kennedy says:

    I am so excited to be taking part in our fantastic event in Sydney. I am also looking forward to meeting little Leia. I know the profound effect last years event had on me – looking forward to who I will be, after this one.

  3. Melanie O'Halloran says:

    Im super excited!! This will be my first event and the taster of what is to come with my career here with Polaris. Looking forward to meeting all the voices I have heard on the calls and having some great conversations xx

  4. Belinda Byfield says:

    I too can not wait for our SS and FL event coming up.
    Going to the events is like a family reunion for me.
    You’re right Rach it is so hard to explain what the events do for you, all I know is that I walk in one person and I come out another person. I have massive paradigm shifts where I’m then able to create exactly what I desire in my life. Can’t wait to see you and Shane again and of course meet little Leia along with all the rest of the Polaris Family.
    See you all in Sydney !!!!

  5. Jo Austin says:

    Wow Rach I can FEEL your excitement!!!!!

    And you’ve hot the nail on the head… words could ever do justice to the energy, the passion, the excitement or the inspiration that is felt at a Polaris event……you simply have to BE there.

    Each event I have attended has given me a greater insight in to what is possible for me to create in my personal life as well as my Polaris business.

    Each event has left me feeling that I have truly “come home”…the people are amazing. All from different walks of life, from different cultural backgrounds and on different journey’s but all sharing a common ground…..a love of personal development. a passion for helping others and burning desire to create life on their terms.

    I am so EXCITED to be heading into Sydney and to be meeting up with my wonderful Polaris Family, to be amazed by the incredible speakers and to gain knowledge freely shared by the leaders within the company.
    To soak up the atmosphere, to be inspired and to feel truly alive…..this has to be the sweetest rose ever created.

  6. Caroline Broomhall says:

    Hey Rach
    I just can’t wait, it will be even more exciting then my first event last year, meeting everyone in the community.
    Last year at Foundation Live I was laughing and crying within the first 2 minutes of the speaker (Robyn Moore) being on stage. This year 4 speakers im sure that will be the best will have to pack plenty of tissues just in case.
    The whole weekend will be a fantastic buzz, catching up with such a wonderful bunch of like minded people. Counting the hours down to we arrive in Sydney. Look out Sydney Polaris is coming down under again.

  7. Anna Tucker says:

    Hi Rach, just can’t wait to be there in a few days time… This will be my first event and it will be just wonderful to put real faces to all those voices that I’ve connected with over the weeks & months.
    Like so many others, no doubt, we all know how powerful these events are when you are actually experiencing them for real; books, CDs and DVDs can do only so much….can’t beat the real LIVE thing for that injection of inspiration, motivation and wonderment!
    Really looking forward to “smelling that rose”
    See you next week 🙂

  8. Dave Carlton says:

    Fantastic Rach,

    I need to get my fix as well! Cant wait to see you, Shane and Leia, and everyone in the gang again and swap yarns over a glass of wine (or 3) and a nice meal in one of the greatest cities in the world. See you all again in Old Sydney Town :D)
    P.S…I already shared, thanks Rach

  9. Katarina Davey says:

    I too can not wail to get to Sydney !!!!!! this will be my third Event and every time i walk away a stronger and more inspired person … so looking forward to seeing all my beautiful Polaris friends …

  10. John Crabtree says:

    I fully support this seminar. Anyone who is looking to rub shoulders with people in action, people who live life with a purpose to succeed and are willing to help others along the way then this is certainly for you. The speakers last year were compelling to say the least and the advice and support from individuals in the business who were doing exceptionally well was excellent advice indeed. If you attend, be prepared to be thinking differently about life by Sunday evening. It will certainly create a shift for you and that shift will have positive consequences. Enjoy!

  11. Samantha Nugent says:

    Hi Rach & Shane,

    This will be my first event, and I am definately starting to feel the anticipation of great things to come. Being quite new I’m not bringing a team along, although I really wish I was. I am looking forward to fully understanding what Polaris is all about and of course meeting everyone involved. I am feeling like I’m the only one in my circle of friends and family that can see the wonderful opportunity that Polaris offers, so it will definately boost my belief system to be surrounded by others that “see” it too. Can’t wait to meet you all and so looking forward to the new product launch and new marketing tools to play with.
    Excited Sam :0)

  12. Corina says:

    The countdown is on….Its 10 more sleeps for me!!!! This is my first Polaris Global event and I’m sooooo excited, have been an entrepreneur for many years I have been to many seminars…but i must say that I have never felt this excitement before…..I know this will be a massive turning point in my business, I will get to meet all of my team face to face and enjoy being surrounded by truly, positive, driven and highly motivated people…. Bring on Sydney 2011…I cant wait…

  13. Tracey Dutton says:

    I will be like a kid in a lolly shop!

    Really looking for to the Foundation Live Event, going there with an open mind ready for what will be a incredible experience I am sure.

    Super excited also to meet Polaris peeps in person, that I have come to know, admire and adore over the past eight months.

    Bring it on!


  14. Rachel – you gave me the goosebumps reading your blog. Your excitement is jumping out of the page. I attended my first Foundation Live last year and I was blown away with the incredible, authentic, warm, energised on PURPOSE community of people. It was a gift to have participated in such an environment – the Personal Growth that I experienced has really set my life on the course direction that I had previously only wished for.

    LIfe is about Now. Life is everything to do with us and we can live a life of prosperity and happiness if we just make that personal choice. That’s not to say that my head is in the sand ignoring the challenges along the way – more a case of me being engaged and actively playing the game of my life, where I get to be in the driving seat of how I want to overcome these challenges.

    I am super excited to be getting on a plane next week to attend Foundation Live 2011. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone in the Community and experiencing some more personal growth so that I can pay that forwards in my circle of influence. I recommend you don’t miss out on this event

    With Love to you all x

  15. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks for commenting Melanie. You will never forget your first event. Well, you never forget any of the events, they all hold there own special value. But your first event is truly something really special. We look forward to seeing you there x

  16. Lori Moore says:

    You’re spot on Rach. It truly is something that cannot be explained. You can listen to the excitement and conversation from those who have attended and will never grasp the experience that you will have until you make it yourself.
    My husband and I experienced this for ourselves the first time last year in Sydney. We walked away changed people! It was one of the most profound experiences for both of us. We laughed, cried and were totally blown away. We found and corrected issues with our marriage that we didn’t even know existed! It was an all round eye opener and we haven’t been the same since. I simply cannot wait to meet up with an amazing group of people that I respect, admire and are an absolute inspiration to me. Love love love this community and how much it has transformed our lives! Bring on Sydney!!

  17. Rachel Oliver says:

    we can’t wait to see you too! and you’re so right Bell, walking in one person and emerging as another. This is what personal growth is all about. The income that one can create is obviously exciting, however you simply can’t put a price on the person that you “become” by practicing self education. big hugs

  18. Joy Keillor says:

    I have attended a Foundation Live before and it was fantastic meeting many people who I had heard on the calls. I know that the coming weekend of the 27th and 28th will definately take me to a new level. Totally excited about the whole weekend. I am so impressed with Rachel and Shane’s possibility thinking. The calls over the past week have been amazing. Many thanks to the Polaris Team management and fellow Polaris Team members. You are all amazing, fabulous people.

  19. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks Caroline – the event can certainly bring up some pretty powerful emotions for sure. Isn’t it wonderful to be in a safe environment to be able to express this and in doing so allows one to experience the shifts. just awesome!

  20. Rachel Oliver says:

    thanks Anna! Looking forward to meeting you for the first time. Be sure to share with me your experience. :o)

  21. Rachel Oliver says:

    Hey Dave, I’ll be taking you up on that glass of wine. I’ve been on a “cleanse” for the past couple of months and haven’t had a drop of alcohol in that time. Will certainly enjoy a good drop of red with ya!

  22. Rachel Oliver says:

    I love Kat…..walking away a more inspired person. When one is inspired they then take action steps on purpose to create their result. Can’t wait to see you again

  23. Rachel Oliver says:

    Well said John. I can’t wait for the Sunday night to hear of the breakthrough that people have experienced. It’s gunna be a rippa! Our best event yet. See you there!

  24. Alison Wheeelr says:

    We are super excited as well and on the countdown. Looking forward to catching up with everyone and having some great mastermind sessions. There is nothing like being with a group of such on purpose individuals to take your growth and results to a new level. Look forward to seeing you all there. xo

  25. Rachel Oliver says:

    Hey Sam, I didn’t take a team to my first event either. My first was in Cancun Mexico – a big flight from Australia! My business took off after this event. I had 20 people get started with me directly at BFE the very next month coming out of the event. Everything just “clicked”. I see this happen for so many people at there first event. Expect big results coming out of the event and this is what you’ll create! By the way…most of my friends still don’t see what I see. We all have our own journey and what is true for us. thankfully we don’t have to market to friends and family and the world is your oyster!

  26. Rachel Oliver says:

    yeah baby – I can feel your excitement!

  27. Rachel Oliver says:

    we adore you too Trace. can’t wait to meet you x

  28. Rachel Oliver says:

    you gave me goosebumps reading your post Lori. In business we talk alot about the financial success that is created, this is the very nature of business. However as you know first hand, it’s not just the about the money. Lives are impacted so profoundly in every area when they embrace the principles that are taught. Congratulations on being the student and it’s so awesome to see the results show up in your marriage. can’t wait to give you a cuddle x

  29. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks for mentioning the calls Joy. For those outside the community that are reading this, the company, Polaris, hold daily training calls around the world. They are a tremendous platform for growth and a demonstration (in a very practical way) of how one creates their life by design.

  30. Rachel Oliver says:

    hey ya Alison – how many events is this for you? I don’t think you’ve missed one since you and Paul got started. Why do you continue to show up? Love to hear your thoughts….

  31. Dave Pahl says:

    Hey there
    Have listened to your voices on the calls, spoken to some of you directly, but to meet you in person is going to be just the best. Have experienced other courses in my lifetime, but know they are all different and exciting in their own unique way so am totally amped for my first live event, and so looking forward to meeting all of you.
    See you all in 8 days time

  32. Gordana says:

    Hi Rachel, I am also, so looking forward to coming to Sydney. This will be my first event, and one of many to follow. I really feel like I am coming to see the many friends I have yet to meet; no strangers, just friends I haven’t met yet. Polaris for me has really been like a coming home. I love the culture, I love the people, I love the product. Cannot wit to meet all of you. See you in Sydney!

  33. Rachel Oliver says:

    I love that….friends you haven’t yet me. It really is a special community huh! See you there!

  34. Rachel Oliver says:

    Yeeeahhaha is right Dave! and a whowo too!

  35. Rita Schwarcz says:

    OMG….. I can not even begin to explain how excited I am…remembering last year as I walked through the door…..I was so new then and have experienced so much personal growth since thanks to this company, the whole community and the amazing products. I know that this time it’ll be a turning point for me! I can’t wait to meet everyone I haven’t met yet and catch up with all the Polarians I already know personally……we will rock Sydney! Whoohooooooo…….

  36. Serena Shannon says:

    Hi Rach,
    I can’t wait for this event to happen, This will be me and my husband Tony first event. We are still fairly new here. Looking forward to meeting all the great people who offer their stories to inspire others and help keeping us motivated. I would have liked to bring team members along but I’ve got a good feeling that after this event things will start to fall in place. So excited see you in Sydney. Cheers

  37. Natasha Johnston says:

    Our Events are EXTRAORDINARY! We come out laughing, crying and everything else in between.
    Been surrounded with positive, likeminded people is the true success within our business.
    See you all there!!

  38. Jenny Buys says:

    I’m seriously so so excited about the upcoming event in Sydney!

    This will be my first event and I feel like I’ve time-traveled back to being 5 years old again and counting sleeps until Christmas… The anticipation of celebrations, the opportunity to spend time with family/friends, the unwrapping of gifts (the wisdom shared) that will undoubtedly have me in awe, the joy and happiness that is infectious, and every year as the occasion approaches there is a special energy in the air that is brilliant!

    Can’t wait to meet everyone xx

  39. Kerryle Warwick says:

    Hi to all, Wow I am super excited with all that adrenalinel pumping around my body, a fantastic feeling that i love, as well as nervous….. This is my very first experience of Foundation Live I can’t wait. What a fantastic group of people you are from the Co owners to associates what more can i say life is fantastic. Thank you Polaris.

  40. Janet Harradine says:

    I love Polaris!! I can honestly say that this company has changed my life. My first event in Hawaii, was everything I hoped and more. I remember sitting there with tears in my eyes (most of the week), and saying to myself…..I have found it!…where I belong and that all these years being different and wanting more, was not just a silly whimsical notion, but a reality that I can make for myself.

    I look forward to each event and too am like a kid at Christmas. Can’t wait to see old friends, and meet new. Learn to take my business and my life to new higher levels of satisfaction and joy.

    See you there!

  41. Rachel Oliver says:

    Hey Janet – what you’ve described is so similar to what happened to me at my first event. It was like….”geez…I’ve found my home”.
    see ya in Sydney x

  42. Rachel Oliver says:

    thanks Kerryle, we are a pretty good bunch :o) This is so evident to me each week on our training calls when I hear of distributors sharing their results and breakthroughs. Just an amazing group of people!

  43. Can’t wait to see you guys. Can’t wait for the magic that happen at every event I attend. at my first event Sam Crowley said to me ( and everyone else there of course) that we should not go home and ‘go back to default’. I have never forgotten those words and I read those words hung on my mirror every day. Change is a necessary part of life. Thank you Sam for keeping me off the straight and narrow and onto the road less travelled. Thank you Polaris for giving me Sam and all the other inspiring speakers that attend our events. I realized at my first event that Polaris is a wonderful community of like minded individuals intent on personal development and success though education and masterminding. We turn average into outstanding.

  44. All I can really add is YOU BETCHA!

    Every sense will come ALIVE!
    – Your eyes will boggle
    – Your ears will flap wildly
    – Your nose will twitch
    – Your mouth will laugh until your whole face hurts
    – Your hands will shake the hands of leaders, so the gold rubs off!

  45. I’m very excited for attending my first event and looking forward to meeting all you guys, also I’m really looking forward to picking up the heartbeat in that hall, to feel the magic that will move me from where I am to where I want to be. Expectation is extremely high. Thank you.

  46. Hey Rach we are also looking forward to seeing everyone in Sydney….When I first discovered Polaris I really didn’t believe these people that I heard on our training calls could be real. Is anyone really that happy ,passionate and committed to helping other succeed ,all I know is that I had not met anyone like that before. So a couple of years later and a few Polaris seminars under my belt I discovered that they are real people who are really happy,passionate and committed to helping others succeed and the most exciting part is I’m now that person also.
    Last years event had me laughing and crying so not sure what to expect this year except I know I will have experienced another life enhancing weekend..Bring it on******

    Cheers Chrissy

  47. Pauline O'Halloran says:

    I’m excited to see so many of my own team members comments above and even more excited at the prospect of meeting many of them face to face (hug to hug!) for the first time. We build such incredible relationships over the phone in this business so when we get together at an event it’s like the family reunion you really want to attend!
    My first Super Saturday truly opened my eyes to the possibilities that were open to me through the Polaris opportunity and I knew I had found my purpose. The information and inspiration that I gained at that first event reshaped my future and my family’s future in so many brilliant ways and allowed me to create the income and lifestyle I had previously longed for.
    My wish for everyone attending this event is to experience the breakthroughs that you deserve and desire so go with an open mind and open heart and I’ll see you all next week x 🙂

  48. Mark Lane says:

    I am looking forward to coming UP to Sydney, I have not been here at Polaris long so I am thinking I will find some energy there, some great stories to take away, stuff to help my relationships as well as my business. If there was one thing I really want out of the weekend, it would be a breakthrough for my business. Only 4 more sleeps (if I can get any).

  49. Eva S. says:

    I am just as nervous as I am excited to get to Sydney! It will be my first time to attend an event and my first time to fly all the way across to Australia. When I joined Polaris, I understood straight away that this was part of the deal and that I need to attend the events if I take this business seriously. I have never seen it as `buying a ticket to an event´ but as business investment. or – expense, if you like. EVEN IF I didn´t succeed in this business, all the money was well invested as I have already learned so much from everyone here at Polaris… how does one value forever life changing effects? For me, it is the best investment I have ever made.
    Of course `leading by example´ is an important part of the decision to go to Sydney as well. How can you expect your team members to attend if you don´t attend youself?
    Needless to say I can´t wait to meet all those like-minded individuals – even if it is just to say “thank you” personally to those who have provided me with this unique opportunity to create the life I owe to myself.