May 22nd, 2010 by Rachel Krider

“Screw It – Let’s Do It”

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

I just love this tag line that Richard Branson is famous for – “Screw it – Let’s Do it”. I’m reading one of his books right now, “Business Stripped Bare”. Highly recommend it. It’s light, funny, informative and in true Branson style – utterly BALLSY!

It amazed me that he was able to launch his very first airline within just 4 months of when he initially had the thought to go into the airline business. In 4 months he had to learn everything there is to know about the airline business, from reservations to ticket sales, to acquiring a plane, to the food served on the flight. Everything! Four months to learn how to deliver an airline. “Not easy”, as Richard said, “but definitely doable”.

He did this by immersing himself in every detail for 4 months. Getting up early (well maybe not so early – as he does like to party), but certainly staying up late to gather an understanding of the business model and how to have it launch effectively.

Think about this for a moment. 4 months! This is strong evidence that one can learn all they need to learn to get their Polaris Global business launched in maximum one day. I remember when I first started here I immersed myself for a day. Spent the day setting up my website, listening to some training calls, placing some ads and by the afternoon I was speaking to people.

When you first launch a business, any business, its important not to get bogged down in complexity. As Richard says, “thinking simply and clearly is hard to do. It takes concentration and practice and self discipline”.  Attention to detail is different to getting bogged down in complexity.  The details are important, but don’t major on the minors. Just get on with it.

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  1. Wendy Clarricoats says:

    A man after my own heart. He is truly an inspiration and a very fine example of just what is possible. To be as successful as he is, and to be self made from the ground up has always given me cause to admire this man. His heart, his fun, his dedication, his persistance, his loyalty are all qualities of a successful person. It just goes to show that “ATTITUDE” is what its all about. Start with the right attitude and the rest will follow.

  2. Barbara Drummond says:

    This guy’s enthusiasm and determination is unbelievable. As soon as I began reading the article I started thinking about a sassy lady called Rachel Oliver, who has the same passion for Polaris.
    It makes me feel guilty when I think about how long it took me to get my business set up. I’m definitely someone who has always spent too much time worrying about the details and not enough time doing what I originally set out to do. It is thanks to the Polaris leaders who give so generously of their time to do the training calls and my mentor Lisa Molina that I am finally learning to work on the income producing activities first.
    I have to confess that although I have read many business books Richard Branson’s books are not in my library yet. By the end of today they definitely will be.
    It is very clear that successful people all have one thing in common, they expect to succeed. For them, failure is never an option.

  3. Emma Lewin says:

    When we look at successful Big Thinkers its easy to forget that like us they had to start somewhere. Richard Branson has NOT always been rich and owned his own companies, he has not always owned his own luxury Island. He got where he is today by believing in himself and following his dreams. He started with a mail-order record business and now owns an airline, record label, stores etc. These things didn’t happen over night, but they did happen because he followed his dreams, set goals, researched what we wanted to do and took ACTION. How inspiring.

  4. Leanne Oshea says:

    I loved this book to Rach. When you know your passion and purpose, nothing will hold you back. Cant wait to read your book oneday Rachel – Best seller. 🙂

  5. Theresa Pembroke says:

    Great blog, thank you Rach. And yes, a true Entrepreneur doesn’t sweat the small stuff – over complicating the process detracts from the outcome. Can’t wait to keep a copy of the book.

  6. chrissy greig says:

    Thanks Rach…this man is an inspiration…He is on the top of my list to have dinner with and in true Branson style a few drinks maybe…I have read and enjoyed all his books….his honesty always blows me away…and the amount of time and money that he spends on helping others should not be over looked….I’m very proud and grateful to be an Entrepreneur and have my own home based business with Polaris Global.
    I follow Richard Bransons approach and that is to LIVE MY Life with Honesty ,Integrity and make sure that I have Fun along the way…

  7. kym kennedy says:

    Great inspirational words Rachel, thanks for the reminder that ” anything is possible” with the belief that you can.
    This piece exposed a limiting belief for me ” that success takes a long time” thanks for the opportunity to depart from that one.
    I wonder what limiting beliefs it exposes for others. To all our success’s.

  8. Peter Wheaton says:

    Thanks Rachel, this book is great read. I read it a couple of years ago and picked it up again a few weeks ago just for a change of thinking. I love the way his creative mind thinks and have been tapping into his inspiration.

  9. Alkmini Sussa says:

    Thanks Rachel, Richard is so inspirational. It’s mind boggling that he has time to write a book. Not bad for a man who used to sell discounted records from the boot of his car. I love this quote from his autobiography as it fits in so perfectly with our motto for making our lives what we want them to be.

    “My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them…from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it.” Richard Branson

    Here’s to all our (continuing) successes <3

  10. Lorraine Walters says:

    Absolutely love this man, have read his books and really admire how he deals with, and removes road blocks.
    He is a prime example of how people with some sort of adversity, excel in life. How many successful people do you know like this ? Look at the Williams sisters, The Jackson Family, Alan Sugar etc etc. They all came from impoverished backrounds to become the best in their field. Richard Branson didn’t come from an impoverished backround but he had dyslexia which affected his academic abilities. He is now one of the most well recognised business men in the world. Having a disadvantage in life, is clearly an advantage. It puts the fire in your belly required to achieve success. Thanks Rachel for sharing.

  11. Jo Austin says:

    A truly amazing man! He has achieved massive success purely because of his determination to succeed and his belief in his dreams. He is incredibly inspirational and for me he is someone I can point to when my son is struggling with his dyslexia and remind him that Richard didn’t let it stop him from not only achieving success but from building an empire.
    The fact that he launched his first airline within 4 months is a true lesson in focussing on what’s important and taking the necessary action to set the wheels in motion. A fantastic example of what is possible if you have that burning desire.
    Many thanks for sharing Rach and for reminding us that we truly can create our own success.

  12. Simone says:

    What I love about Richard Branson is his ability to be non-compliant with the general population and be completely comfortable with that. He has done this for such a long time, that now when he turns his dreams into reality (such as creating an Airline with all the trimmings) the general public not only accept but expect this to occur.

    It is so fitting to discuss this topic as the Polaris Global products have such an incredible way of assisting people in adopting this very mindset that Richard Branson and many other highly successful Entrepreneurs have. I love watching people’s businesses prosper as a result of deploying what they have learnt with Beyond Freedom Evolution and the rest of the product line up.

  13. Anni Thompson says:

    I love this story Rach..Richard Branson is a real inspiration …
    It has been written that Richard Branson has been a “transformational leader” with his maverick management strategies driven on informality and information, one that is bottom-heavy rather than strangled by top-level management. He defintely has the fun aspect of business covered as we know when you are doing what you love and enjoying the process everything flows so effortlessly.
    He has been quoted saying ‘My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them…from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it. That’s what I call getting out of your comfort zone…we can all learn so much from his fearless perspective and certainly no suprise he was knighted in 1999 for “services to entrepreneurship” and presented as a millennium icon.

  14. Michelle Galbaith says:

    Sir Richard is a great reminder for us all to grasp the perspective of the importance to love what you do and do what you love. His playful creative imagination has certainly enabled him to bring the Virgin Brand to a reality. And he knows a thing or two about maintaining absolute integrity!! Sir Richard’s way of doing business reminds me of the Haka performed by Southern Hemisphere rugby teams. The raw energy, passion and desire required in order to gather the momentum from deep within oneself is key to being successful. Just so, the Haka may be understood as a kind of symphony in which the different parts of the body represent many instruments. The hands, arms, legs, feet, voice, eyes, tongue and the body as a whole combine to express courage, annoyance, joy or other feelings relevant to the purpose of the occasion. There’s synergy here at Polaris for all of the above. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to personally participate with the BIG THINKERS in this world.

  15. Howard Hughes says:

    I agree with Emma here, we all have to start from somewhere. A lot of people tend to look at the finished product and think that’s the way it’s always been. All the knowledge and knowingness takes time but let me not take away from the amazing rewards for putting in the spade work.
    Even to maintain it is like a swan gliding on water with such grace and beauty, it’s hard to see the real work going on underneath as she paddles away. I love what we do here and how we do it. I love the business model here that allows any one of us to become the next Sir Richard or Lady Rachel.
    If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!

  16. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    This HAS to be the thing that has had my foot nailed to the floor!!!

    I want to know everything so I don’t make a mistake – so I don’t take any action at all!
    My experience is frustration all the time – never feeling like I get results and never feeling like I get it all done!

    BUT I’ve just realized that the mistakes are where I learn the most DELICIOUSLY VALUABLE lessons! When I actually have taken action and done SOMETHING (ANYTHING except procrastinate) then life takes on a whole new meaning!
    And mistakes are simply mistakes – a point where you re-evaluate what worked and what didn’t work. Simple.

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