October 6th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

Sharing Your Vision For The Future



We had another fabulous Beyond Freedom Evolution Call at Polaris Global today. Belinda Byfield joined me as co-host for the call. Thanks Bel :o) You are such a true demonstration of someone really taking on board the principles of our Beyond Freedom Evolution. So proud of you. To go from someone who couldn’t even send an email when you first got started here, to someone who is now leading a team of people right throughout the world with Polaris is a true testament to the growth that has taken place within you. It’s so much fun for me to work along side you and to see just how far you’ve come.

But back to the call we had today…we spoke about one of the new DVD’s contained in the Action Program. Belinda took 20 pages of notes just after watching the DVD! Such a demonstration of someone being the student of self improvement. Thanks for giving me a kick up the butt Bel! I plan to look over the DVD again and take some notes this time round.

We also spoke about the power of speaking your future into reality. A great exercise to complete (from departure program) is to write out your future vision. So imagine the life that you desire to be living in say 2 years from now. Where are you living, what does your house look like, how many bedrooms, what sort of car are you driving, are you flying first class….?? Etc. So the key with this is that you write your future reality in the present tense, as if you are already there and then read it to yourself every day. You can literally speak your future into reality!

If you’re happy to share your future vision – I’d love you to post it here….. By sharing your vision with the universe you will bring it about much quicker than just keeping it to yourself.
To your success xx

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  1. Michelle Galbraith says:

    I very much look forward to receiving the Action Syllabus any day now!

    When I reflect on my life to date, I can see how everything that I have experienced has been through speaking my reality. Without even consciously realising the impact of the power of words; how powerful and self directed I can now be with the knowledge that my thoughts do create the life I have/would like.

    My vision is to have a natural stone house with a walled kitchen garden in the West Country, where I can see the sea. I will have my menagerie of a small holding and my cars will be a Land Rover Defender and a Mercedes Sports soft top.

    My kitchen will be the hub of the home with an Aga, natural flagstone floor and it will be flooded with light.

    i will have a horse again (better get my skates on before I am too old :)) and I will be able to provide employment for people in the nearby village.

    The Reflexology specialism that I have developed for the Elderly will be recognised and used as a Leading Therapy in all Care Homes in the UK.

    I will have secured licences for BFE to the top twenty Secondary schools in UK.

    I have started to read this Vision out loud twice a day – and remember that Rome was not built in a Day.

    Thanks Rachel for the post – Learn and Grow x

  2. Alison Wheeler says:

    Here is my vision:

    I look back over the last two years in share amazement, wonder and overall a feeling of excitement and like a magic wand has danced along the scene of my life. What an amazing journey and who would have thought that in such a short period of time all the we have created for ourselves and the hundreds of others that we have assisted to re create their future would have been possible.
    We have on an individual level assisted over 1000 people to six figure plus incomes and on a corporate level made a huge impact to company and educational culture in over 50 huge organizations around the world. I look back and look around me in awe of what is truly possible.
    It really did all start back with a small dream and taking one step in front of the other.
    The exciting part is I am reflecting on this from our dream home, I am adsorbing the smell of the salt air as I can hear the waves lapping on the beach. As I look out our front window this morning I can see the sun glistening on the waves as the lap at the white sand on the shore, there is a dolphin out playing in the waves, which reminds me of how much play we have been able to do for ourselves and our family along this journey. We have travelled to over 10 different countries as a family spending great quality time in each absorbing each culture wide eyed with wonder. Our house is also surrounded by wonderful bush land. We have two gorgeous guest houses on the property that are often frequented with family or friends. So many times we have had the most awesome dinners with laughter filling every corner of our house, sometimes we have so much fun that no one really wants to go to bed, way too many fun times to be had.
    I look around this house and realize I am surrounded by love with my amazing husband Paul and our two children; they are growing up to be such amazing inspiring individuals. I am so proud of who they are becoming at such a young age.
    It was so much fun to go for a family drive this morning in our Audi Q7 and zoom up the beach for a family picnic; we all looked up into the sky at the clouds and picked what animal we could see.
    I look forward to looking up at the sky many more times and recreating our dream, building on what we have been creating with new aspirations. There is nothing quite like this. I am truly blessed.
    We are just about to open a school in Brisbane, it will be known to be one of the best educational facilities for children in Australia, and you guessed it BFE for kids is part of the curriculum.
    I have the pleasure this year of handing a set of keys over to my mum for her house in Whangaparoa, she was speechless. I was a little worried when she could not speak for 10 minutes and asked for a chair to sit down on if we were going to have to call an ambulance, but as it turns out she was just in shock from our gift to her. It is sooooo nice to know that she is taken care of now and for the future, something that has always played a little on my mind. Now I know she will always have a roof over her head in a sensational spot in the world filled with memories of our childhood and her life. I know my dad will be watching over her as well in her new home, thank you dad.

  3. Rachel Oliver says:

    I just love this Alison – thanks so much for sharing and putting it out there! I plan on being a permanent guest in your guest house. xx

  4. Rachel Oliver says:

    Thanks Michelle – what a vision. I feel blessed to be on the journey with you and to be celebrating your wins as they continue to come to fruition. big hugs to you x

  5. Rachel Oliver says:

    oh….that’s if I’m invited :o) love ya x

  6. Journal Entry 14th August 2013

    As I sit here on the deck of our penthouse, sipping my morning coffee and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I am in awe of not only the wonders of nature – her smells, her sounds, her ferocity and her gentleness, but the journey I’ve taken over the last two years that has brought us here.
    When we looked at this penthouse 2 yrs ago, it was on a day when we’d decided to be millionaires and go window shopping for that ideal home. At that time I was looking seriously for my dream home so that I’d be able to always keep it in my minds eye until we had the where with all to get it. I knew I’d found the way with our incredible program and community, and that all I needed now was my own personal commitment to go after my dreams and do as the leaders were doing. My success could only come from me.
    Needless to say, I am here now and all the sacrifice and discipline was so worth it. I now have a base my children can come home too. I didn’t realize when I achieved and followed my first dream of living on the road in motorhome, that a base would still be so important to me. I needed somewhere for my children to be able to come and stay with me and now we have a home they just loving coming to and we enjoy many family weekends together.
    I love that I get to wake up each morning with the sounds of the ocean, it’s the first thing I see as I step out of bed, and when I open the sliding patio door of my bedroom and breathe in the sea air – OMG if feels so good. It’s as if I’m filling my lungs with all the promise of the new day. I’m immediately filled with a feeling of gratitude so strong, it can be overwhelming sometimes.
    I love that as I walk out of my room towards the front of the apartment I am surrounded by a quiet opulence. Nothing flashy but definitely tasteful. The artwork on the marble entrance table, a bronze bust, a vase and a platter all make me feel very at home and give my home a touch of class. I had always dreamed of having ‘nice’ things and these to me reflect nice things.
    Continuing down the hall I am surrounded by wonderful paintings on the walls. Done in sets of 3 they make for a very classy, but still homely environment. The kitchen where I head to first, to make my morning coffee and smoothie as I look across my lounge and out to the ocean, is modern with state of the art finishing in glass and marble. The appliances are the latest and every area is beautifully functional, clean and a joy to prepare meals in. Even the crockery has it’s own unique style.
    From the kitchen I am able to look across my entire living area, out onto the exterior deck and out to sea. The deck is awesome in that it goes around the entire 2 sides of our penthouse. We are top floor and corner, giving us maximum deck area. The deck is wide so even accommodates a spa pool and being so high up with no neighbours as high as us, we have no need to create screens for privacy – I love it. Our living area comprises of 3 large soft and snuggly light grey couches scattered with brown and orange cushions which compliment the natural grey hues of all our walls, two of these face directly out to sea. In the centre of the main TV area is a lovely marble coffee table adorned again with bronze artwork. A large screen TV hangs on the wall and a very discreet surround sound, stereo system sits beneath that. Two of the couches face into this area. The other is positioned in the far corner of the room pointing outwards to the ocean – wow, that spot is sheer indulgence and the perfect spot to sit quietly and meditate on a day when it’s too cold to go outside.
    Tucked over in the other corner nearest the kitchen is the dining area with its leather dining chairs and marble top dining table. The entire room is absolutely spectacular with the ocean being at the forefront of everything about this room. Even the exterior walls to the deck are in floor to ceiling glass, with just the occasional pillar rather than entire sections of wall.
    We’re expecting a house full later today as the kids all arrive with their little ones from all over and our dearest friends join us as well for our commitment ceremony. – something Ron and I have always wanted to do after so many years but were waiting for the absolute right time when we’d achieved what we set out to do. With that now accomplished, and our beautiful home, today is the day to cement our relationship once and for all. 14th August 2013 which also happens to be my birthday. What a precious birthday pressie.
    To think our beautiful home and the incomes we now enjoy which are never less than $100,000 per month all started when I found Polaris just 4 yrs ago and made the decision to create my perfect life.
    That’s not long ago in fact. 4 yrs is no time in the big scheme of things to finally find myself where I’ve always dreamt of being.
    It’s not only about the material possessions like our home either. Being a major donor to organizations like Salvation Army and The Cancer Society gives my life real purpose.
    Just yesterday I hosted a coffee morning with representatives from The Cancer Society, Hopsice, Salvation Army, Womens Refuge, all together in my home and it gave me such a buzz to facilitate an opportunity for them to network with each other and to be able to personally hand them a substantial contribution for their ongoing efforts.
    To know that my contributions save lives and this contributes to my reasons for getting up each day. I love that I now have the ability to do this in a substantial way.
    Last year in 2012, that was my bumper year. My business going from strength to strength with new people joining my organization every single day. New leaders stepping up and building their own teams as well, keep me well and truly busy lending my support to each of them as and when they need it. I love being their inspiration, and their encouragement and sharing in their successes every day.
    Eva’s team has grown to a massive organization and flourishes within the European market. With her on that side of the world and me here in the Pacific, there is nothing stopping us.
    I feel wonderful, I fee successful, confident, inspirational, passionate, fulfilled, grateful and at cause in my life every day. I feel priviledged to be able to inspire and support my amazing team members and assist in supporting the rest of the Polaris community.
    I’ve helped change thousands of lives by getting our program into schools. Now that really is the stuff of my dreams – impacting young people in such a positive way and leading by example for my own children.
    Yes my life is good and I’m loving life now.
    My Rising Star Award and Embodiment Award have pride of place in the living room on top of our sound system, beneath the large screen TV. They are impossible to miss and are a daily reminder of just what is possible and how I actually DID IT!
    I feel very thankful and blessed every day.

  7. Belinda Byfield says:

    Hey Rach,
    The BFE call this week was such a blast and it was an honour to co host it with you. From the very beginning you had belief in me which I am so grateful for. Who you are as a person and what you do for us every second of every day here at Polaris is such an inspiration and I’m so proud to call you a dear friend,
    I’ve been using the Action programme for 4 days now and I’ve already had massive changes in my thinking and the way I experience my life, BFE is the heart of our family and the soul of everything that do.
    Love ya heaps Rach xxxx
    And here is the vision for my future.

    Well we did it, we are finally here.
    I never thought that I would ever leave Perth even for a holiday let alone move to the other side of the country.
    I remember my very first event, it was on the Gold Coast and one day James and I came down to the beach and I thought to myself “I’m going to live here one day” I couldn’t even say it to James it felt so ridiculous and One Day was like at least 10 years away.
    But right now I’m standing on my 3rd floor balcony just having unpacked the very last box at our new home.
    I’ve stared at the picture of this house for years imagining what it would be like to live here and now I know it’s bloody awesome.
    I can’t stop saying our address outload “We live at 199 Hedges Ave Mermaid Beach”, it’s been one of my affirmations for so long but now that I’m saying it out loud Summer keeps looking out the window hoping to see a Mermaid in the water.
    It was so great this morning to get up with the sunrise and literally step out of the house onto the beach and go for a run, the sun was glistening off the water, the sand was soft beneath my feet, of which my legs are still paying for, and I had an overwhelming sense of freedom, something like I’ve never felt before.
    The kids have been so excited since we got here, they have a fascination with the stair case and think it’s the best thing ever.
    Every Afternoon we have all been going for a walk along the beach as a family and just watching Bella, Brock and Summer running in and out of the water and chasing each other through the sand is just priceless. It really brings tears to my eyes that I’m now living what I’ve been staring at on my vision board for so long.
    It’s taken a lot for me to get here, I’ve had to overcome many things and many obstacles, but if I didn’t have challenges I wouldn’t be growing.
    One of the hardest things I had to do was say bye to Mum and Dad, I’ve always lived within 10 mins of them and the kids adore their grandparents and Mum and Dad love them so much. I know Mum’s not happy that we decided to move but I know she understands it, plus she’s now trying to convince Dad to move to the Gold Coast as well.
    Happiness is the ultimate goal and I am so happy, but the journey’s not over yet. I continue to evolve and expand with Polaris and so does James and the kids and I’ll be forever grateful that the best place in the world has given me the opportunity to give my family the best everything of me .
    Bel xx

  8. kym kennedy says:

    N.B. After speaking my vision outloud on a BFE call 2 weeks ago, I have realised part of my vision, I have moved from a 2 bedroom villa to a beautiful 6 bedroom home with my 3 children, the home includes an amazing walkin robe. The power of speaking my vision has allowed it to manifest. There is more to be realised so here is my vision;
    I am so happy, grateful and proud of what I have achieve.
    I have created a beautiful cedar and stone Yurt home which has a ornamental cherry tree lined driveway that winds through the horse paddocks leading to a circular drive.
    At the centre of the circular driveway is a magnificent 5 foot bronze statue of Quan Yin ( the goddess of compassion) who stands over looking the water feature and lily pond.
    I walk up the wooden ornate stairs to my beautiful custom made hardwood door.
    The door opens and I step into my wide entrance foyer where I remove my shoes and place on my indoor slippers. I then approach the 4 foot well rounded Buddha statue which sits on a beautiful wooden pedestal, I stop to light a stick of incense and make a gratitude blessing.
    I walk into my beautiful spacious kitchen and see the fire blazing in our stone fire place, I can hear my love tinkering on the keys of our shiny black grand piano. The soothing music wafts over to where I am preparing my family a delicious nourishing wholesome meal, we drink organic wine and laugh and enjoy each others company.
    The stairs off the kitchen lead to our romantic spacious turret bedroom, complete with balcony, beautiful bathroom and a dressing room with his and hers robbing that allows my eyes to see all my beautiful clothing and shoes easily ( im talking like big built Carrie – sex in the city movie).
    Other features in our heavenly home are our home movie theatre, peaceful meditation room, library and ample bedrooms & bathrooms to accommodate all the children and their children. It is energy efficient and gentle to our environment.
    Our Garden is enchanting with a secret garden maze labyrinth and vegi patch.
    My blue Range Rover Sportz is parked in garage.
    I have created all this by living purposefully true to my north star of Making a difference and being in service to those who seek more.
    I continue to assist many to change their own lives through personal development. I am so delighted to have been instrumental with introducing Bfe to corporations and BFE kids to organisations assisting children.
    I have received several awards one of which was at FL 2012 standing along side Elizabeth from Perth both receiving our Rising star. A momentous occasion.
    I continue to support the Duac Tuan orphanage in Vietnam and the children’s Future orphanage in Cambodia.
    I am grateful to travel comfortably always business class to all of our live events and enjoy catching up with my growing Team.
    I continue to support my three children Elly, Jakob and Jesse to live their dreams and their individual journey’s.
    I am delighted to have completed and published my mothers book as promised with the proceeds earned from sales going into my fathers memorial fund which continues to support Children’s bereavement care.
    My life is amazing I am grateful to Polaris and its wonderful community who have offered me the opportunity to live a healthy, purposeful live.

  9. Rachel Oliver says:

    Kym, it gave me goosebumps all over when you shared on the call that so much of your vision had already been created – just 2 weeks in! Can’t wait to see what you create this week :o)
    look out!

  10. Shawna Garcia says:

    Wow ladies such nice & inspiring lives. As I read them I became so caught up in them I actually felt they were true right now…I found my mind saying, “I didn’t realize Alison & Paul had another child!” 🙂

  11. Rachel Oliver says:

    That’s so funny you say that Shawna. Belinda had people wanting to catch up with her for coffee on the Gold Coast after listening to her vision. Thing is, she lives in Perth! At least for right now she’s in Perth :o)

  12. Tracey Dutton says:

    I sit mesmerized by the reflection of the water against our French doors. I love how it glistens as if sprinkled with diamonds. I feel a smile rest gently across my face as thoughts of our incredible journey over the past couple of years, fills me with a deep comfort unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

    As I watch Paul, and the girls playing together in our pool, tears begin to fill my eyes as a rush of pure bliss and happiness stirs up within me that engulfs my very soul.

    Suddenly I am brought back in an instant as I feel cool refreshing water flicked upon me. I focus on the Paul and the girls smiling faces, their joy is obvious! My family is happy, my husband is stress free! I am happy! TRULY HAPPY!!!

    I JUMP INTO THE POOL, as I feel the refreshing water cover my body, I gasp, and think this is fabulous….Life is so good! I am so proud how far I have come as a person.
    Enjoying our time together as a family is so important to us, and at times I pinch myself to think how wonderful our life is. The fun, the laughter, and the adventures we get to share together.

    As I feel Paul’s arms around me I can’t help but look around at our home and feel so grateful. It is finally finished and just as I imagined is to be all those years ago. A beautiful, comfortable and welcoming home filled with love and a garden filled with birds, roses and fruit trees.

    Paul’s family are coming over shortly to watch the footy on our big screen from the comfort of our pool area, how AWESOME!!
    Paul doesn’t know it yet but I am organising a trip to Kokoda and making plans to visit Gallipoli, a lifelong dream of his.

    We are so excited to be heading back to New Zealand, to stay in our holiday home in Wanaka. Our holiday in Tasmania, brought wonderful memories flooding back, so we just knew we wanted a home there.
    The house is just gorgeous with its stone and timber walls, large brick fireplaces and floor to ceiling windows. It’s like a very grand cottage, with windows running almost the whole length of the main living area and the views are just breathtaking. The sprinkling of snow on the mountains, the sunlight that shimmers on Lake …spectacular!

    The crisp clean air fills my lungs with such delight – sometimes I just can’t seem to breathe deeply enough. We all love it here. My favourite room has a cathedral ceiling which is glass, the sunlight and the warmth that fills the room is magical, with uninterrupted views to the mountains. What better place to do my prospecting, the positive energy flows so freely here. How can it not? Paul is already looking at ski boats, he makes me laugh, he has the excitement of a little kid. The girls have taken to skiing like a fish to water. Hannah prefers to ski whilst Erin has developed a passion for snowboarding. They can’t seem it get enough!

    As I sit staring out the window completely captivated by the snow capped mountains…..

    I hear Mum, Mum in the distance…..SUDDENLY….dripping wet arms wrap around me followed by a wet kiss on my cheek with fingers running through my wet hair. It’s my girls! I am back in Queensland….

    MUM…..Grandma and Poppy are here…

    I smile as I get up to greet them, and think to myself

    Life is so good

    I am so grateful for my life and my beautiful family.


  13. Rachel Oliver says:

    So beautiful Trace – I too feel blessed to be on this amazing journey with you.

  14. Rachel Oliver says:

    Oh Bel – I got goosebumps when i read “BFE is the heart of our family and the soul of everything that do”.
    When one really embraces the product and experiences such significant results, this radiates into the conversations they have. As you know – it doesn’t matter what you say – it’s how you “feel” about what you say. One person, one organisation at a time, we have the power to change the world through BFE. Thank you for being a demonstration of the power of the product.

  15. Catherine Howard says:

    My Future Story

    It’s September 2013 and I am so so grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything I have in my life right now, I am sitting at our long old Chinese wooden table, in our big open planned kitchen living area that looks out onto our beautiful garden, surrounded by many beautiful things, Graeme’s artwork, artworks we have collected and photos we have taken on our recent travels. We both love decorating our home with beautiful things the big vase of fresh red gladys placed according to our Feng Shui on the antique Chinese sideboard catch my eye. It’s a warm sunny spring Melbourne day, and the smell of fresh new blossoms waft in with the gentle breeze coming in the large open glass doors.

    I look up as I hear a squeal of delight then laughter… out through the big windows I see Graeme grinning ear to ear outside in the sunshine squatting down with our beautiful baby daughter who has just turned 1. The brilliant red and gold glimmer as the fish dance around the lotus flowers floating on top of their brand new pond Graeme has carefully created.. splashes of water excite her as Ronnie the cat joins in on the action! My heart smiles at the two of them together.. she is her dad’s pride and joy and is already demonstrating some of his creative talents and his keen love of fish! Their loving connection brings a tear to my eye as I remember how long we waited for this bundle of joy arrive!! We are even more elated to have just found out we are expecting our second and are busting to share the news with our family and friends.

    We have recently moved into our new home. A large double fronted weather board with a big with wide hall way, wooden floor boards, fully renovated with 4 bedrooms. The large room at the front of the house is perfect as Graeme’s yoga/art studio After he attend his first Polaris event with me in Tahiti he has never looked back.. he has done so well with a couple of art exhibitions since. My home office is in a beautiful space off the main living area at the back which looks out onto the garden. I love more than anything to be working FT from home.. we enjoy every moment of being home together with our precious little one soon to be two! My Polaris awards take pride of place in my office and keep me inspired daily… preparing for the next event in the Greek Is where I am taking the whole family with me on holidays!

    We are so excited to be hosting Xmas this year, our families are so special to us. We cherish our time together even more after going through my mum’s journey with breast cancer only a couple of years ago and are all so grateful she made such an amazing recovery back to full health and delight in her renewed spirit for life. This year made more special as Graeme’s sister and husband join us from UK for their first Xmas in Australia. My first white Xmas in the UK with them was when I was still pregnant so they are especially excited to meet one special little girl. Julie is looking at property in the UK for us as we want to spend more time over the in future.

    I step out into the sunshine and as I wrap my arms around the cheeky pair splashing about, I feel truly blessed and am overwhelmed with joy and happiness!

  16. Di M says:

    I love visualising my future self and so happy to share the me of September 2013.

    I’m sitting in the sun under the awning of our beautiful and luxurious motorhome. it is now perfect in every way. We’ve found the most stunning spot on the coast overlooking the cliffs and the wild sea rolling in. I’m watching Kimbo fish, maybe it’ll be fresh fish for dinner tonight . We’ve just returned from yet another stunning luxury train journey so another goal ticked off but it’s great to be back home in Oz.. We’ve been discussing which direction we’ll take once we’ve decided to leave this idyllic spot. I look around my current backyard and it truly is Australian coastline at it’s absolute best. Clear blue sky, red cliffs, white sand and an aqua sea and not another human being in sight. My mind is calm as am I. I feel I’ve left all of life’s dramas benhind me. Now we have such wonderful phone and internet coverage even in this remotoe location I am able to run my successful Polaris business without any hiccups and I love as always starting the day with a training call. I’m feeling so well and looking great too, it must be due to all those walks around golf courses, along beautiful beaches and through pristine wilderness. I love sitting under the umbrella working while watching Kimbo surf. I no longer pinch myself as I know this is my true destiny. I can’t wait for the next event which is only weeks away. My life is perfect.

  17. Marley M says:

    I never knew what personal development was and how powerful it is before coming here, and using our bfe program, it sure does work!.