August 9th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

The Power Of Vision

Kirsty Mailer

Kirsty Mailer

Hey Guys, I received this email from Kirsty Mailer yesterday and thought it would be powerful to share. Enjoy!

I have just re-listened to Shane’s Visionary Call from Tuesday last week (3rd August) & WOW what a call it was… (listen again now before it gets deleted tomorrow morning)!

Many many things I’ve learned from that call & a million notes that I’ve written, but the biggest thing for me is about sharing my vision…

So, here goes…

I’ve managed to get very clear on my vision. This is important. My Vision is to assist as many people as possible reach the level of success they truly desire. At first I thought my vision was to have the best performing team in the company, but it’s not, because my vision is not about ownership, it’s about contribution & making a wide spread impact. This is something we all have not only the opportunity to do here, but the ability to, because we are all on the same team.

So, firstly I’ve set out to “make an example of myself” – in a good way! As most of you will now be aware, I’ve got my electric bicycle & I’m delivering 5000 flyers in letterboxes every week. There, I’ve said it. Now watch me do it! It’s not easy, but it sure is a lot of fun! The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I’ve recently come to the realisation of what is truly possible here, and what we really CAN do. It has been done before, and it can be done again. I remember in my early days here I learned about this principle:
Success requires Action
Action requires Motivation
Motivation requires Belief
Belief requires Proof – find the proof of what you believe in so that you know it can be achieved.

If you haven’t done or redone your 90 day plan recently, I encourage you to do it. And then stick to it. Call another Leader within the Company to walk you through it if you need to or share it with someone else if you want someone to hold you accountable.

Secondly I am Playing To Win! This is not a competition, it’s just my game. You make your game whatever you want it to be. Figure out what motivates you. What ingredients do you need to bake the perfect cake of your dream lifestyle…? Put it all together & just watch what happens when you put that cake in to bake… You can’t miss out 1 ingredient or put in the wrong measurements & expect the cake to turn out. I love Rachel’s Blog on the Corporate Blog page about this topic – she talks about letting herself off the hook a little bit in her early days – not doing absolutely everything she could to have success so that she had an excuse as to why she didn’t succeed. I’ve fallen into that trap in the past too. If you’re looking for excuses why not to succeed you might as well quit & stop wasting your own time. Make a Decision as to whether you want success or not, then go out & get it!

Thirdly, I am being ME. Yep, I’m a Mum, I’m a Wife & I’m a Business Woman. We all play many roles throughout the day & I’m doing the best I possibly can at each one. One at a Time. The best way I’ve found that I can do this is by just being Me. Doing things the way that MY Future Self would do them. Because I am my Future Self from many years ago, I am being a lot like the person I thought I would be, I am doing some of those things that I intended to do & I do have a lot of the things I thought I would, but there’s still a lot more ahead of me, along the way I’m still me. Get to know yourself & then just be yourself.

So, back to my Vision… To assist as many people as possible reach the level of success they truly desire.

What Level of Success are you aiming for? What are you doing to achieve it? Are you putting yourself in the best possible position to play your game to WIN?! Are you doing everything possible to achieve that goal?

Some famous words from Shane:

“It’s up to you, you’re going to be the one that decides what is supposed to be, you’re going to be the one makes that come true…”

On that note, I’m off to deliver flyers… ๐Ÿ˜‰

17 Responses to “The Power Of Vision”

  1. kym kennedy says:

    What a wonderful post Kirsty, thank you for your honesty and willingness to share. I was pondering clear vision this morning as I was driving up the mountain in the thick fog. I likened driving in the fog to not being really clear about my goals, my why and my purpose. Driving in the fog I sort of knew where I was going however moving forward was very very slowly and not that comfortable. This experience has encouraged me to go back to my goals and get really clear about where I am going, why I want that and how Im going to get there.
    I am so grateful for this amazing community and being surrounded by such authenticity.

  2. Lisa Molina says:

    Well said Kirsty!

    It is evident of your willingness to be the Best You!

    I love what you shared about Playing to Win!
    “This is not a competition, itโ€™s just my game. You make your game whatever you want it to be.”
    This really resonated with me. It also reminded me that I have played this game for many other people…and found myself frustrated. I could not WIN that game.
    In fact any time now I feel feeling frustration, it’s an opportunity for me to recognize and clarify the game I am here to play. It always comes back to more clarity on my Vision, thus more clarity on my goals.. And with that Clarity comes a whole lot more certainty – thus Results and more certainty.. on up the spiral of Success.

    Hmmmm – I just had a visual of Polaris creating electronic bikes and helmets….
    and a whole lot of us buzzing around the countryside.
    Certainly is a metaphor to being in ACTION, baby!
    Love it Girl!

  3. Barbara Drummond says:

    You are such an inspiration Kirsty and a true leader. With your positive attitude and generous nature achieving your goals and dreams is just a step away. I feel truly inspired by you and reading your post has certainly taught me a few lessons today.

    Even without your bicycle you are going places and I’m sure each and every one of us in Polaris wants to come along for the ride.

  4. Catherine Howard says:

    Thanks Kirsty for sharing your thoughts… so clear and so inspiring! I love the synchronicity of thoughts and experiences that happens within this community, you are never the only one going through whatever challenge or win or thought process… successful minds think alike.. and it all trickles down from the top. I am so grateful that Shane followed through with his vision regardless of what he came up against… we are all a part of his original vision!! As are the many people yet to become part of this community!

    I have really been contemplating this lately and getting clear on my own vision. I love that Kirsty.. help as many others achieve whatever it is that they desire for their own life! I have also been getting serious about my 90 day plan and made the decision to just do it… whatever it takes! I realize I have been allowing myself to accept ‘close enough is good enough’ and haven’t been taking full responsibility for creating the life I dream of!

    I truely believe that anything is possible… actually taking the action is essential!! I am so grateful that I found this community and thanks again Kirsty for a great post! Happy days on your bike!!!

  5. Can’t be said any better. After reading this entry I was reminded of my old roommate! He never stopped kept talking about this kind of stuff. I will forward this article to him. I’m pretty sure he will enjoy it. Thank you once again for sharing this.

  6. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Really useful to me and I am sure to all of the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m certain you experienced fun writing this article.

  7. Bev Abel says:

    Thanks Rach, for putting Kirsty’s email on the blog, and good on you Kirsty for putting it out there. You are an inspiration and Leader. Much Appreciated. I am off to put cards on cars, something I have fun doing. To me this business is about have FUN while you are taking ACTION. BRING ON THE FUN.

    My experience is that every day of every week there is something to LEARN and enjoy. I sooo Appreciate all of you THAT MAKE UP THE PULSATION community. bRING ON SYDNEY and the opportunity to be together.

  8. Judith Symonds says:

    Thanks Kristy & Rach for this post. I can see that you are so happy with your life now Kristy. Taking control is such a powerful thing. Tonight my son is in bed with a fever. In the past I would be feeling guilt and frustration because I would need to take a day off from work. What would my colleagues be saying…..monkey chatter. Now I am feeling so grateful that I have the ability to be available for him when he needs him & as a mother, that is so important.
    Love that snap of you in the park on the bike.

  9. Peter Wheaton says:

    Thanks Kirsty & Rach, for the post, i just returned from the flyer drop, which once used to bore me to tears, but I left this morning thinking I was chasing sunsets and as I have realised the past couple of weeks, due to a tribe of monkeys beat on the brain, I always go walking to find an answer and again I found another reason to succeed. I can’t see how it can’t work, there is no real reason if you are following what you want you can’t achieve in this business. So on my way back I decided as a game that I would have a lead call in by the time I got home and would you believe just after I went back over my power point goal movie, a lead dropped in the in box.
    If you know your dream and you expect it to work, it will work ,if you want it. I used the same lines during one the big droughts when sheep were dieing getting them to shed for shearing. So I decided to take the shed to sheep and designed a mobile shearing shed, I had a heap of knockers, we shorn 85000 sheep that year with 5 shearers. But my reasoning was I can’t see how it couldn’t work. This blog has just reinforced I on the climb up, so thanks

  10. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    Oh Kirsty – my visual of your vision (especially the bike bit) makes my face laugh and my heart sing!
    I can see you VROOOOOOOOOMING around the neighborhoods you choose to play in each day, and I think of you often while I play in Perth! Literally a “cross- country” game.

    Thank you for lifting the bar to CLARIFY our vision – mine is simply that there are no black sheep in families and that people really GET how extraordinary they are!

  11. Great post Kirsty,

    when you hold true to your vision I find that what needs to be done becomes secondary, easy and fun to do. It’s a game and we know how to play it. The prize is whatever you choose it to be but make sure it’s big and then multiply it by four! To quote Les Brown (I saw him in Rome 2 years ago and I’m STILL being inspired by what he said!) “Most people in life don’t fail because they aim too high and miss but because they aim too low and hit.”
    You are a vusionary Kirsty and it’s such an honour working alongside everyone in this community.

  12. Sylvia Cary says:

    Great post, thank you. Being new to the business, and on holidays at the moment I am letting my self go and that is not what I want to do. I am following your steps now. I need to live that VISION now:)

  13. Diana Shaw says:

    Thank you Kirsty and Rachel
    I have read the posts a couple of times, but tonight something clicked with the words from Kirsty about ‘being ME’. I just realised I have been visioning a lifestyle and goals for my children, for my family, and really a description of things for me. However, I have just now FELT – I am doing this for me!! it has been easy to say I am doing such and such for a better life for my children, and just now broke through a hard spot to say ‘I am doing this for a better life for ME’
    so great to be part of this community Thank You

  14. Simone says:

    Kirsty, I love what you are TAKING ACTION on. Some ppl make claims of what they are going to do to, and sometimes offer up their lists of qualifications, and experience in business/career to prove themselves to others. However as we all know, you can have a great list of experience, and a great deal of creative ideas under your belt, but if you do not TAKE ACTION then you have created nothing. TAKING ACTION on a half baked idea is going to create way more success than not taking action on a great idea. So congratulations Kirsty, this is why you are a wonderful Leader in our business.

  15. Jo Austin says:

    Lovely post.
    Finding your own vision is very important – but it does have to be your own vision. It has to come from the very core of you or you’ll not have the drive and passion to chase it.
    Thank-you for sharing your vision with us Kirsty and allowing us to hold you accountable. I know that you will achieve all you set out to do – you are a truly inspirational woman.
    For my part you have inspired me to look deeper into myself and to look further into the future so that I can find the vision that will utterly set me on fire. x

  16. Sharon Whyte says:

    This is great,
    What great vision you have. Your discipline is huge and you can see you possess that quality as well.
    And you make the flyer delivery so much more fun! Take care riding that cycle…

  17. WOW! I was certainly guided here before I shoot out the door Sunday morning 6am to deliver my flyer’s. Thank you Kirsty, you are a true leader, You covered everything and I’m truly grateful. I’ll be skipping down the road now!