April 25th, 2010 by Rachel Krider

To Experience A Polaris Global Event

The Key To Success

The Key To Success

My prospects often ask me to describe to them what happens at one of Polaris Global’s live events. As much as I attempt to paint a picture of the experience, it’s difficult to put into words exactly what one will experience. Have you ever tried to explain to someone what a rose smells like? Probably not, to appreciate the scent of a rose, it’s much easier for one to smell it themselves.

At our most recent seminar in Macau China we had Steve Rizzo as one of our guest speakers. Steve was hysterically funny. His message was delivered via humour. Since I started my journey of self development I’ve seen many speakers and Steve would have to be the funniest I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Steve wrote about his experience of the Polaris Event through the eyes of a speaker on his motivational blog.

I keep referring to the event as an experience. You will find that we couple inspiring speakers, dynamic content, exotic locations, contribution and community in a way that creates a synergy of perspective building realisations that are sure to get you up and running and out of the box permanently. I will never forget my first event with the company. My mindset was dramatically altered. This new perspective allowed me to create extraordinary results in my business and in every other area of my life.

It’s why I keep going back. To gain a higher perspective than I had before. What was your biggest win at a Polaris Event?

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  1. Phil Tanguay says:

    I so agree, these events truly are experiences that change your whole perspective on life. I’ve been to many conferences and workshops in my corporate j.o.b. life but these are so different. The way the information is relayed is incredibly powerful. I especially enjoyed experiencing Andy Andrews at one of our conferences in the Bahamas, he too used to be a stand up comedian now turned author and speaker. I still find myself quoting him and living by his 7 Decisions. I can barely remember what I heard at my old job conferences. These events are what makes it all so worth it. Best part is that every one gets better and better.

  2. Barbara Drummond says:

    I left New Zealand for Macau with a little intrepidation about the journey ahead of me. Macau to me then was just some tiny little foreign place that was difficult to get to and where they didn’t speak English. However, I had travelled alone many times before to foreign countries and was determined that I was going to make the journey worthwhile and squeeze everything I could out of the conference.

    Returning from Macau 7 days later I felt incredibly enlightened and refreshed. Much to my surprise I found that I loved Macau and its history. I am just so grateful to Polaris for choosing to have their conferences in locations where we may not always choose to go to ourselves.

    The conference itself I loved from start to finish. All the speakers were outstanding and I came away with pages full of notes that I am now putting into practice. There was so much to absorb in such a short time. I could have listened to them all for a whole day each. For me the key points I brought home were:
    Kevin Kelly – In your reach for the top you must enjoy the ride.
    Steve Rizzo – Gratitude is the most powerful connection you have to your higher self.
    Jim Cathcart – How would the person I’d like to be, do the things I need to do?

    Outside the conference room it felt to me as though I was at a family reunion. Everyone was so friendly and I had a wonderful time catching up with others I already knew and making new friends. Networking with so many and collecting business tips and ideas was as valuable as listening to the speakers.

    By the way Rachel and Shane, the breakfasts were great. The food was fabulous food and it was a super way to start the day by meeting some new people.

  3. Rachel Oliver says:

    Hey Barbara, this is also how it is for me. I got started in this business to make money. And while I have been rewarded financially more than I ever anticipated, I have received so much more than the money. The people that I have met as a result of starting my business have been a tremendous gift. The friendships that have been formed will stay with me forever. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone in Sydney at the Foundation!

  4. Bettina Evert says:

    Rachel; my biggest win was ‘burning the boats’. it was an ‘ah ha’ moment for me. I really had to let go of the past no matter the cost and ONLY look forward; my success is there in the future! and it is all up to me. Jim Cathcart old me that the future I see defines the person I’ll be. I will never go back to default ; I keep going to these wonderful conferences because learning is ongoing; we learn form the day we are born till the day we live. My life experiences are so enhanced and I am happier as a person from all i have learned at the conferences. I cant wait for Whistler BC in December! So much more to learn!

  5. Lisa Molina says:

    One of my team members said this to me about attending the conferences –

    Attending the conferences is like riding UP on a glass elevator; Each time you attend, you go up a floor, and the view gets better and better!

    I can so relate to that! As I continue to do the things to nourish, challenge and renew myself, expanding my experiences, which expands my perspective, and naturally everything about me and who I am as an individual GROWS.

    I’ve had team members say, they miss the environment at our events so much when the event is over and they go back home.
    I understand this and also can relate. Thank goodness we have the events several times a year!

  6. Wow, what was my biggest win at a Polaris event? Well I’ve only been to 2 and already there are too many things to name.

    My first event was on the Gold Coast in January and not only did it blow me away, but it also blew my husband away. At that event we had some amazing speakers but I have to say that for me Scott Burrows made me realise that my excuses were becoming my disability. My husband on the other hand felt that Shane Krider was speaking to him and had a huge breakthrough in terms of the foundations he had been laying for our future and we have since started re-building and working to new plans.

    Macau blew us both away in ways that are too numerous to go into in terms of messages from the speakers but there are 2 other things that stand out for me and they are:
    1. Debbie Ruston – I asked Debbie a question which she could have just given me a few tips in response but instead, this beautiful leader sat Belinda and myself down and spent at least the next 40 minutes giving us a detailed action plan of things to do when we got back. That alone was worth my conference fee. Thankyou Debbie, I will be forever grateful for your generosity.
    2. The friendships I made. As Barbara and Rachel have already mentioned, the friendships formed are life-long. So much so that we have already organised that we will stay on with a couple of other families after our conference in Canada and we will all do some travelling together ,have a white Xmas and then spend New Years in New York. Luckily our spouses and children all get on wonderfully as well, it was just meant to be. For this I will be eternally grateful that I attended the events.

  7. Andy Phelps says:

    All events are a win to me, from the moment I decide to go to the moment I am back home after, each one is always better than the last, and for me personally, the whole experience of an event is amazing, the people, the speakers, the venue and most importantly, hearing the wins from everyone else, seeing the impact that it has had on another person is unbeatable.
    Thank you Polaris Global

  8. Debbie Ruston says:

    I agree totally Rach, it is about gaining a higher perspective and that is why I keep going back to our events. I can’t put my finger on my biggest win because there have been so many, instead I feel that every time I attend an event, I go deeper into my own journey and gain a higher level of clarity, an unwaivering confidence in myself and my decisions, and a stronger trust in myself.

  9. Pauline O'Halloran says:

    Each Polaris event I’ve attended has been a unique and hugely valuable experience.

    The first one I attended was in the Bahamas. It was a huge stretch to get there but I’d set a goal to attend with my husband and our son and that’s exactly what we did. That event changed our lives forever. What I learned from the speakers and in particular Dr Joe Dispenza (“What the bleep do we know?”) gave me a totally new perspective on everything I thought I knew about myself and my relationship to everything around me and as a result my business exploded and my family and I fell in love with with the community. We all gained such a sense of belonging and have formed life long friendships as a result.

    Our only disappointment is when each event comes to an end! We just can’t wait to attend the next one.

  10. Belinda Byfield says:

    The Influence Event in Macau was my first big event. My husband and I went as well as our 3 young children and it was our very first overseas trip as well.
    I had so many BIG wins. One being, Enjoy the journey. If you only focus on where you want to be and put your happiness on hold until you get there you will never trully be happy when you reach your goal. The journey is just as important.
    But what is priceless is the networking you get to do with everyone else in the company. By the pool or by the bar, you are able to connect with successful entrepreneurs from all over the world.
    I have made such wonderful friends that I get to catch up with at all the events that are always in the most amazing locations all over the world, but what’s even better is that I get to show my kids that you can live a life with no limits and that anything is possible.

  11. Michael Berry says:

    You’re right Rach it’s very difficult to explain what impact an event will have on you. For each individual it’s different, but I can say that especially for the first event someone goes to it is usually a very dramatic change in the person. I have seen so many people go to the event as one person and leave as a totally different person. Come to the event a quiet and reserved and leave as a bubble of energy. Come to the event as a person like “ok show me something” and leave as someone “wow I did not expect that”. You get the picture, you just have to experience it for yourself.

  12. Pauline O'Halloran says:

    Michael, you were one of the leaders that I sort out at my first event in the Bahamas. My question to you was simple and the answer you gave was simpler still but my goodness – the power in what you said changed the results in my business from that moment on! I am forever grateful for your wisdom and grateful for my courage to ask what seemed like a “silly” question at the time. Of course the only “silly”question is the one not asked and had I not been at that event I would not have made that connection with you and who knows where my business would have gone from there. The value in our Polaris Live Events lies not only in the powerful speakers that the company provides for us but in the opportunity to master mind with the top producers and get to know them as real, authentic human beings.

  13. Kim Serafini says:

    Thanks for asking Rachel.

    There’s just NOTHING that matches the VIBRATION or the ENERGY in a room – when everyone is there, in the same place, at the same time, for a similar purpose… This has been well researched and documented by many scientists in the field of positive psychology. And the benefits are CERTAINLY those I’m up for : )

    To be inspired… To create new connections… To learn, improve, grow… it’s ALWAYS best to BE with a large group of people… satisfying similar needs & desires… AND it’s fantastic that we have a community of people who are all motivated to ‘continue’ the conversations when we leave…

    It’s NOT like we go & then never discuss or USE what we’ve learned… because our systems & processes & community KEEPS it ALIVE for each of us… Even blogs like this cause us to REMEMBER, savour and maintain our joy.

    From the “law of attraction” or “quantum physics” point of view… I’d ALWAYS rather HEAR and SEE the information, suggestions, insights come DIRECTLY from the PERSON at a LIVE EVENT and to be among MANY OTHERS who are also having their vibration lifted – especially when compared with listening to audio-books or reading…

    I am looking forward to our expectations being exceeded at our upcoming events : ) Thanks for creating the opportunities for each of us.

  14. Leanne Oshea says:

    To explore amazing locations, meet inspiring people, to grow and absorb insight is what the events have given me plus the opportuntiy to share this with my family. We all achieve something new and life changing.

    My business comes alive at the events as I surround myself with leaders who share the passion and vision that has given me the success here at Polaris.

    The wins are constant throughout my jouney. Choosing to be at the next event creates the excitment, feelings and vibrations of winning. Being there is even greater and after an event I am exploding with belief in myself to keep winning.

    Love Love Love my life!

  15. Judee Pouncey says:

    Here is something that really impacted me when I attended my first Polaris event . . . at the end of the first day, I suddenly realized, and mentioned to the guest I brought with me, that all day I had not heard one person complain, I had not heard anyone make any negative comments all day long! The people were all upbeat, positive, friendly, cheerful, and optimistic! Wow! I had never experienced that before in such a large group of people!

    My guest agreed that she had had the same expierience. By the time the conference was over, she had signed up as a new Distributor!

    And I have had that same positive experience at each of the live events I have attended since. What a joy to work and play with people who are so upbeat and inspiring!

  16. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.

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  25. Barrett says:

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  26. Robert T says:

    My Alchemy,
    It is a thing of deep beauty and knowing within. A knowing of the wonder and delight in hearing the seeing of the ones who have the courage to know themselves and share it. My Alchemy comes from a place of memory and knowing from the past and now it is back with me again. What I disbelieved but still did, still had hope that the powers I knew I was given as we all are could be reignited again. The silent embers within, the knowing within.
    The wonder of life and each perfect moment. It is only imperfect from my own seeing. Therefore I decide to be in gratitude for all. Magic does indeed happen, I have a wonderful memory from Sovereignty, the truth is I have a total overflowing abundance from Sovereignty, words are impossible to convey feeling, experience and gratitude all bundled up in a feeling of humility. It just keeps growing stronger from the Never Ending Story.
    My Alchemy is I am blessed beyond my own ability, it is a beautiful thing that is for certain.
    I have been a seeker for pretty much all of my life, I have read many books, I communicate from my heart, I have studied and practiced different forms of meditation and yoga, I have played in the corporate world – it is illusion to me. I know the truth when I hear and see.
    Thanks Shane – I see your thinking, it is very much as my own. PS The Magic was the connection in Singapore with the drop dead sexy, metallic silver Maserati (Grrrr!!!) and connecting with Greg from his creativity. That was the perfect way to say goodbye until next time. May all abundance be given from your heart’s desire.

  27. Robert T says:

    Sovereignty 2015. I always go to the Live Events as a totally blank canvas, being. I have known for myself from past experience that this perspective, being open without wanting anything except to be there makes the gathering with the Polarians beyond anything I could imagine or dream. Even if I created a dream about how it would be – it is always more, beyond anything I could have imagined. I find this way works best for me – there is abundance of love, joy and just a good feeling. I did ask to see some dear friends and they were there and we had a great time. I am grateful.
    The content was indeed very practical and easily implementable (not sure if that is a word) but very easy to understand and action. I had thought about these things of going offshore with investments, but never knew how to take the steps. I also perceived a spiritual intent, quietly delivered. It is a thing of the heart, as you have said many times Shane “Live from your own heart” That is truth and takes courage. It takes courage to live from our heart even when we know it is true. Therefore, I am very grateful to you and to Rach and Greg. True people. This is the special thing about Polaris, when we are given the space ( just love that concept) to be. My thoughts – I am grateful, there is nowhere else I would rather be. I sought and seeked and I found what I was looking for in Polaris. I also spoke the Language of the Soul (World) in Barcelona as Paulo Coello spoke of in the Alchemist. The resonance of communicating from the heart beyond language. I am happy, I am grateful. One other thing I understood besides the knowing is this. If we have a desire to live from our heart and if we don’t do it – then we deprive the possibility for those who desire to know it for themselves. It is leadership. That is my thinking, my Alchemy

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