February 27th, 2011 by Rachel Krider

What’s all the Buzz About at Polaris Global?

I’m excited to say that our BuzzZing Social Media Training has now been launched to the public. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of our BuzzZing training. It’s so great to see a project come together and with such tremendous results.

Since officially launching our new BuzzZing website just a couple of days ago I have been inundated with messages of gratitude from those who have been introduced to BuzzZing over the weekend. People sharing with me that they have received tremendous value from the BuzzZing training and even an instant boost in inquiry.

I received this message from Fraser who owns Simply Healthy out of the UK;
“since i have watched your buzzing i have generated three leads today and 1 sale to Switzerland”

These messages are coming from business owners outside of our Polaris community. (of course Polaris distributors have had the info for a while and getting great results). It’s very exciting for me to hear of others also experiencing a boost in their inquiry and sales.

Incidently, it’s been only 90 days since BuzzZing was launched to Polaris Distributors and our sales have increased by a whopping 58%!! Congratulations to everyone for taking action on the teachings. The great news is….we are just getting started!!!

9 Responses to “What’s all the Buzz About at Polaris Global?”

  1. Lisa Molina says:

    BuzzZing is really a game changer for anyone playing social media!

    It’s allows any person, willing to take direction, and consistent action – a positive result!

    I love that the modules are short, and all about implementing.
    For me, BuzzZing has connected all the dots. It’s allowed me to get out of overwhelm and into overdrive.

    And as a marketer, i love that it’s FREE!!!

  2. Kathy Drury says:

    Thank you Rachel and Shane for BuzzZing! I love the simplicity and the practical information and I get a real kick out of being able to offer it to my social media contacts for FREE!!

  3. kym kennedy says:

    I am so proud and delighted to be part of a company that has a philosophy of giving back and more than delivers on walking its talk. My heart felt gratitude to Rach, Shane and Greg for all your work behind the scene to gift us with such amazing tools.

  4. Thanks to BuzzZing I now have a grasp on just how powerful social media is!

    This training has given me a new understanding on how to market my business – for FREE, doesn’t get much better than that. Up until four months ago I didn’t even have a facebook page let alone my own website, twitter or LinkedIn.

    The growth I am now experiencing in my business, as a direct result from the training modules is just incredible.

    It is fun, easy to implement – I love it!

  5. Being relatively new to social media, BuzzZing has given me the practical tools to understand and use this medium.

    The training modules are clear, concise, easy to understand and implement.

    I love being able to share this free training with all of my social media connections so everyone can benefit!

  6. Lynn McFarlane-Smith says:

    Just a great informative Blog Rachel, I love the pages content, the videos & what people are achieving, as it says, this method is absolutely duplicatable. Setting the trend, rather than being the follower. As the AD says, I don’t “like it”, “I LOVE IT”.

  7. Michelle Hayden says:

    I LOVE the BuzzZing Training. It is so easy to implement and understand. THANKS to Rachel, Shane and Greg for the amazing tools to assist us to achieve phenomenal success with our businesses! The video is pretty cool too 🙂

  8. Roz Kaiser says:

    I am truly honoured to have been apart of the Pilot Program of BuzzZing. The training and on going support within our company is second to none. This has afforded me such tremendous success by using our very simple modules. Success is achievable to everyone ~ but here is the beauty that I can offer this amazing training for FREE! You absolutely deserve to give yourself the opportunity to see this for yourself.

  9. Pauline O'Halloran says:

    This simple and effective training is assisting my new distributors to get their business off to a fast start without any advertising costs at all. In the past, advertising costs were the thing that really created challenges for most people starting their business but now there really is no excuse not to succeed if you’re willing to do the work. BuzzZing takes the guess work out of social media and is yet another example of the value Polaris Global brings to the industry as a whole. Leading from the front as always.