March 23rd, 2011 by Rachel Krider

When A Plan Comes Together

A message from Shane Krider & Rachel Oliver, Polaris Global

Paul & Alison Wheeler have been Polaris Global distributors for a little over 12 months. I was chatting with them yesterday and they shared with me that in the last 4 weeks they have profited $24,407.69 from their Polaris Global business.ย  It didn’t surprise me to learn how much they had made for the month. Paul & Alison are among the many rising star distributors at Polaris.

But was this always the case? Is it luck that has created such success? Is it chance?

I was on a call listening to Alison the other week and she mentioned that when they first started their journey here they didn’t have a clue how to market. How to generate leads did not come naturally to them. They’d implement an action plan and experience mediocre results. BUT, Paul and Alison had RESOLVE. They took responsibility to “figure it out”. Put one foot in front of the other, applied consistent effort and BECAME top marketers.

I’ve been a marketer for coming up to a decade now. I’ve coached many people over the years and it’s a very rare occurance where someone gets started in their own business and is a master marketer from day 1. I’d say 99% of the time a person has to go through the learning curve just like Alison and Paul have been prepared to do. Success is not an accident – Success is a choice.

What do you choose?

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  1. Vicki Hecktus says:

    Great article and awesome video! I Love that you have been able to be present for the the “firsts” with your little one because of the freedom you have with your business.

  2. Wendy Clarricoats says:

    Well done on your success Paul and Alison. You totally deserve it and I just love your video. It certainly portrays what’s important in life.
    I’m so grateful to Polaris and grateful to be a part of such a supportive and inspirational community.

  3. Linda Botta says:

    Rachel, thank you so much for such a terrific, inspriring blog post! Excellent, helpful article. Can’t wait to read more. Paul and Alison, way to go – good for you! ;>

  4. Bev Abel says:

    Once again I have an example for being Proud to be a part of this wonderful Community…Congrats Paul and Alison. Dogged determination has paid off. Well done.

  5. Kathy Drury says:

    Congratulations, Paul and Alison. What a great video and demonstration of the freedom that you have achieved for yourselves through passion and dedication to your business. This is what Polaris is all about – family, friendship and fun!

  6. chrissy greig says:

    Congratulations Paul and Alison on your wonderful success and the Life that you have created..
    So grateful to be on this journey with you.

  7. Debbie Ruston says:

    Just love seeing Paul & Allison’s success! I remember having a conversation with them last March at our Influence conference in Macau China. We talked about what they were doing in their business and they were anxious to get the results they came here for. It was very evident they were doing all the right things and it was just a matter of consistency and the results would follow. They took the time to learn, they masterminded with people getting the results they wanted, and they took massive action. And they continue to do so. This is the recipe for success. And how exciting….now look at them….THEY are inspiring others! BIG congratulations and continued success Paul & Allison!

  8. Narelle Davis says:

    Well done Alison and Paul, in your business success and creating the ife that you value.
    Thank you for being there to support your team too as they learn these marketing skills.

  9. Emma Lewin says:

    Congratulations Paul and Alison – Two people that have consistently taken the ACTION required to get the results they desire and deserve. They CHOOSE success and learnt how to make it happen!

  10. Liana says:

    Paul & Alison you are shining stars leading the way to success. Being a professional marketer can be learned so long as you are persistent and passionate. I choose success with Polaris! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Judi Wade says:

    Excellent article.. Love the video. Congrats to Paul and Alison for your success in the business. An inspiring family. Thank you

  12. Barbara Drummond says:

    Yes, success is a choice and the only alternative to success is failure. A concept that is too fearful to even think about. So to be a success in whatever I do is my choice too. It is not enough to just want success though; you have to be in the space where you expect success.

    Congratulations Alison and Paul for your amazing success. It is clear that you went into your business expecting success and as a result of that it came to you. Sure, you had some setbacks in the beginning, but your expectations have carried you through and it couldnโ€™t have been more deserved. Well done.

    A great video too, which is another demonstration of your learned marketing talents.

  13. Farina Hradetzky says:

    Congratulations to you Paul and Allison!
    You are such an inspiration and another reason to believe in the power of this business and especially the growth of oneself. Like you guys at the start, I had no previous experience in marketing when I came here. I am still in the โ€œfigure it outโ€ stage, but I have no doubt that I am getting closer and closer to my breakthrough every day. The training call this morning alone held mayor key points to success for me. One of them being: We are not here to ‘sell’ – we are here to ‘tell’. You tell your story beautifully in your video! Great job!

    All the very best to you three from the bottom of my heart!


  14. Sharon Crump says:

    Congratulations Alison and Paul. Your story is inspirational and gives hope to others who are not familiar with marketing. I choose success and look forward to experiencing what you guys currently are. Well Done and thank you!

  15. Tracey Dutton says:

    What an inspiring article. Congratulations to Paul and Alison, I use to think that incredible success only came to extremely ‘lucky’ people. This is a perfect example of how having an ‘action plan’, mixed with desire, determination and doing what is required to achieve success, becomes a reality. Polaris gives you the system and the training, you bring the rest. Love it!

  16. Helen Longfield says:

    Very inspirational. Anything can be learned! You are demonstration that persistence, perseverance and patients pays off. Well deserved success.
    Fabulous video, watching your daughter learn is precious. Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. Di Martin says:

    Congratulations again Paul and Alison what an amazing journey. As you say you took responsiblity “to figure it out”. Success is out there for everyone because it is a choice and we can either chose to do whatever it takes “to figure it out” or not.! Thank you.

  18. Jacquie says:

    Congratulations Paul and Alison — your perserverence to achieve the skills required for success is inspirational. Thank you for sharing

  19. Catherine Howard says:

    So inspiring thanks Rachael. And big congratulations to Paul and Alison – such a wonderful example that anything is possible!

  20. Sylvia Cary says:

    Beautiful & true story “Plan Comes Together” for Alison & Paul. I am working on my plan coming together this year.

    All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Lisa Molina says:

    Woohoooo! So Fab to see. This inspires me to continue to make decisions for Success!

    Paul and Alison – You both Rock! Congratulations!!
    and as they say in Oz – ONYA!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Someone correct me if I am not using that word correctly – I am doing it in my best Amer-i-Kan accent. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Alison Wheeler says:

    Thank you everyone and thank you Polaris. Our results are a testament to our commitment, persistence and tenacity to succeed. They are also a testament to the level of training, professionalism and limitless ability we all have with this business.

  23. Elizabeth Roughan says:

    Well done Wheelers!!!! Love love LOVE what you have created and your soundtrack on your video ROCKS!!!!!! Listening to that, there is NO way you could be unhappy! Congrats x

  24. Judee Pouncey says:

    Congratulations, Paul and Alison! What a great video!!! Thank you, Rachel, for the reminder that success is a choice . . . and with the consistency of putting one foot in front of the other it is inevitable! Oh, yes! : )

  25. Dineke Kleyn says:

    This is so awesome Alison and Paul. I am really proud to be in your business and that I will be able to share all your wisdom.

  26. Janine Blaber says:

    Congratulations Paul and Alison. Rachel, a lovely reminder that it’s all about what we choose…..and inspirational to know that with persistence and consistent that, ‘you can work it out.’..Here’s to the choice of Success..woohoo!!

  27. Melanie O'Halloran says:

    Very Inspiring! Cant wait for my first day in business with this wonderful company, and to also achieve the successes that Paul & Alison have. Congratulations! and thank you for the motivation & also for showing me that its possible to do this with a young child ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Deb Mair says:

    Thanks for the inspirational video and example of what happens when we CHOOSE SUCCESS no matter what! A great reminder for what I came to Polaris for and the great community of people that we are surrounded by! ๐Ÿ™‚

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