Friday, May 30th, 2014

Polaris Global scoops the innovative entrepreneurs

Working 5 to 9 - for yourself or for someone else?!

Working 5 to 9 - for yourself or for someone else?!

My Polaris Global office is blaring with a favorite Dolly Parton tune right now. Working 9 to 5 what a way to make a living… And now you’ll have it in your head for the rest of the day too.

As boppy as that song is, latest studies show the average person is working 5 to 9. Between kids, pre-reading, meetings, calls, email correspondence, and then completing your actual JOB, there is literally not enough hours in the day.  Instead of using today’s technology to work smarter, corporations are expecting us to work harder and longer.

This has launched a wave of innovative entrepreneurs who have had enough and looking for something more. They recognize it’s better to invest that time in themselves, not someone else’s vision.

Polaris Global identified this, and harnessed the cream of the crop with their clever home business opportunity. Polaris Global offers an unrivaled income prospect with an easy-to-use business plan, and personal leadership principles. The additional draw card for so many of its successful entrepreneurs has been the flexibility of the web-based business platform, which allows you to work from anywhere, whenever you like!

Polaris Global has always supported pioneering strategies to promote flexibility and lifestyle within its business opportunity, which attracts the highest caliber of people to the company. Taking full advantage of available technology and staying on the forefront has contributed greatly to Polaris Global’s strength and success.

Technology has given entrepreneurs a global reach. Polaris Global has grasped it with both hands. Where can it take you?

~ Amy Adams

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Use this essential guide to succeed with Polaris Global and life

Polaris Global created Beyond Freedom Evolution, the personal leadership development program, to help people become more successful. What struck me this week, during my Wifi-free revision hours (yes hours! I got up to four consecutive hours!) was how BFE was completely entwined within every facet of my life, I had forgotten the fundamental base of the curriculum – becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Polaris Global can guide you to success

Polaris Global can guide you to success

The direct link between BFE and entrepreneurship is clear for those who graduate to become Polaris Global distributors, as the lessons can be directly applied to becoming a successful entrepreneur within the Polaris Global business model. But for people like me, who don’t have a Polaris Global business, but a thirst for great personal development tools, BFE is an essential life guide to success.

No matter where you’re from, or what you do, most people want to be successful on some level. Some may aspire to greatness, while others simply want to enjoy success in the form of good health, happy relationships with adequate cash in the bank. The only way to become successful is to make a plan for success. And the best-executed plans are those that are well researched.  So it’s just good sense to educate yourself to better success with Beyond Freedom Evolution. It’s your one-stop-entrepreneur-shop!

Planning for success shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you’re really excited about and when you start with Beyond Freedom Evolution, you have access to Polaris Global’s innovative members-only social media platform where you can chat with other excited success students about their journeys, while seeking help with yours. This is something exclusive to Polaris Global, which is why our community is so popular and collaborative. And why so many people decide to continue on to become an entrepreneur with Polaris Global.

The lesson I’m taking away with me from this week’s BFE revision… Achieving success has nothing to do with your current level of education or whether you come from a life of privilege, or your immediate situation. It has everything to do with your ability to plan the steps necessary to realize your goals, and most importantly, to follow through to take you closer to the success you desire.

Who is an entrepreneur? You are!

~ Amy Adams

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Polaris Global inspired me to go WiFi free

Last week I shared how I was turning off the alert tones on all my devices, including pop-ups and banner alerts. This was inspired by a conversation we had in the Polaris Global office, and the teachings in Beyond Freedom Evolution on productivity and how a small change like switching off the TV or Facebook, can effect your productivity and therefore the success of your business.

Could you survive 24-hours with no WiFi?

Could you survive 24-hours with no WiFi?

Well fellow BFEers, I’ve been inspired again! But this time by your comments to last week’s blog, by our great Polaris Global community Mastermind discussions, and the lessons we love from Beyond Freedom Evolution.

My job requires I spend endless hours online, researching and analyzing, and on multiple social media sites, often simultaneously. I’m continuously connected with a computer in front of me, a phone in my hand and my iPad in my lap, working across all the screens at the same time. I mean seriously… I look like a one-man media circus!

So, motivated by my Polaris Global community and BFE, I am going to do something pretty scary. I am enforcing a WiFi blackout for myself. I am going to direct that time and attention towards brain storming ideas, having discussions with my Future Self, doing some Beyond Freedom Evolution revision, planning my next targets and the steps to reaching them. My initial goal is to be WiFi free for 24-hours, and slowly increase from there.

Okay, deep breaths. Wish me luck BFEers! Here I go…

~ Amy Adams… Signing out.

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

Is it just luck with Polaris Global?

We were having a discussion in the office the other day about how many personal development sites and books refer to ‘beating the odds’ in some form or another. But what odds are they referring to? Economy, supply and demand, luck?

Do not disturb - high productivity at work!

Do not disturb - high productivity at work!

Shane Krider, the visionary of Polaris Global, made an a-ha statement for me. All those factors are all uncontrollable forces so why include them in the equation to your success at all?

“Nothing is more effective in achieving success than the entrepreneur’s mindset, determination and desire. These aspects are not something you can calculate to a 30:1 shot.”

Shane has been delivering this message to his students for years. “Success in business is not a matter of odds, because you can take infinite steps to influence the outcome in your favor. Therefore, it’s a how-bad-do-you-want-it equation.”

That led us to chatting about some small strategies we can easily implement to help ourselves instantly. I recalled reading a tip in Beyond Freedom Evolution, how something as easy as turning off your TV can make a difference to your business.

This raised the discussion of time spent on social media, emails and on the phone, and how a ping, ding or ring can interrupt your train of thought and direction instantly. Too true!

So today, I’m turning off all the alerts on my computer, my phone and my iPad. That way I will concentrate on one activity without getting sidetracked. Emails, news, social media, phone calls are all scheduled. But instead of responding to their dings for attention, I get to them when I’m focused and ready.

I can already feel the productivity buzzing!

~ Amy Adams

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Polaris Global is up to their old tricks…

… Winning! Polaris Global has just picked up another award to add to their list of accolades for personal leadership development. Yep! The leadership industry has recognized Polaris Global as number two in the ‘small company’ category – super impressive.

Polaris Global - winners of the Leadership 500 Excellence Award

Polaris Global - winners of the Leadership 500 Excellence Award

Go Polaris Global! Congratulations on being the recipient of the prestigious Leadership 500 Excellence Award. If anyone had any doubt as to Polaris Global’s success, this award has just verified Polaris Global as a clear industry leader.

Winning a Leadership 500 Excellence Award is justification, and well-earned recognition that Polaris Global offers the best in personal leadership development. If you’re an old-school BFEer like me, you already know how awesome Polaris Global is. But everyone loves receiving awards, and it does provide additional credibility and verification for anyone newly interested in joining the program.

For the past thirty years, Leadership Excellence has identified and recognized the top 500 leadership organizations and their strategies and solutions in their yearly rankings issue. This award recognizes top leadership practitioners and highlights their role in the industry.

Check it out, and know for yourself. The criteria for this award saw the authors of Leadership Excellence evaluate different aspects of the leadership industry, and then discuss and scrutinize each company until the rankings were agreed. It is a highly coveted award, and this win showcases Polaris Global as a highly successful company, which honors integrity and ethics, while offering a popular online success education curriculum, and an unparalleled business opportunity.

Polaris Global’s continued success, awards, and supreme results are evident – what more could you ask for? Learn more about the award-winning company and products at

Happy Easter BFEers!

~ Amy Adams

Friday, April 11th, 2014

What about Polaris Global? Have you heard about them?

How do Polaris Global consistently continue to grow? How do Polaris Global achieve those amazing success results? How do Polaris Global stay leaders of the personal leadership development industry?  How do they do it?!

Shane Krider and Greg Strom - Here's to your success with Polaris Global

Polaris Global Co-Founders, Shane Krider and Greg Strom, cheers to your success!

The buzz is everywhere lately… I don’t know if I’m more tuned in now I work for a personal leadership development company, or if the interest has always been there, it’s just taken Polaris Global to capture and harvest it. There’s no denying Polaris Global has everyone talking.

The key is their award-winning success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. People are amazed by the results this personal development course can create, and the opportunities that arise as a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution.

There seems to be a shift recently, away from the traditional nine-to-five jobs, as people are seeking something more fulfilling, with a sense of purpose they can be passionate about. Yes, please!

So, what Polaris Global offer are the steps to achieve your ultimate success through their e-learning curriculum, with a home-based business opportunity, and an unparalleled support community. This winning equation for success has been developed with decades of research, and the vision of the Polaris Global co-Founders Shane Krider, Gregory Strom and Rachel Krider. There’s no great mystery here. Hard work, bold decisions and action create great success.

Polaris Global’s pioneering products and clear business model are innovative in structure and superior in quality, which is why they are reporting record-breaking growth, and unprecedented income figures for their distributors.

Personal leadership development can bring success to all areas of your life. And with the results achieved by Polaris Global, and students of Beyond Freedom Evolution, who wouldn’t want to share in that success? Start living the life you want, now!

Sounds like a win, win to me!

~ Amy Adams

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Polaris Global Values

The benefits you can achieve from gaining clarity of your beliefs and values with Polaris Global are amazing. You can also experience what happens when you make choices that are not aligned with your values. Through Polaris Global’s success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, you complete exercises which highlight what is most important to you, and then you learn how to take the action to align your life with those values and goals.

Polaris Global will steer you to your greatest happiness

Polaris Global will steer you to your greatest happiness

Polaris Global teaches you that understanding your values helps you to prioritize your time as well as make consistent, bold decisions. When you are consciously aware of what makes you happy you start making decisions in-line with your values. And before you know it, you will be happier and successful in the areas you pursue, and Polaris Global will get you there fast.

An invaluable Polaris Global lesson – as you grow and develop, you change, so don’t forget to stop and reassess your values every now and then. This is an important part of the process to ensure we are continually traveling towards our goal and making the decisions needed to get us to where we want to go.

The three volumes of Beyond Freedom Evolution – Departure, Decision, and Action – are each dedicated to one of these super important steps to success. So, hurry up and get started!

~ Amy Adams

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Polaris Global stoppers – a lesson learned

Stoppers stoppers everywhere. This is something that has been prominent in my life this week. Patience, deep breaths and a lot of side-stepping required.

With Polaris Global guidance, there aint no stopping you!

With Polaris Global guidance, there aint no stopping you!

Polaris Global classifies Stoppers in their success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. Essentially, they are roadblocks that appear on your journey to success, and they come in many forms – people, life events, obstacles. And they consistently pop up around times of change.

As an avid student of Beyond Freedom Evolution I have become adept at identifying Stoppers, and use the steps laid out in BFE to maneuver past them with minimal impact, and stay on track to my goal.

This had me recapping the essentials from that chapter and reminded me of some important factors. Don’t blame those who appear to be putting up roadblocks to change. That won’t solve anything. Instead, look for the way to move past them with minimal fuss and disruption.

Sometimes the biggest roadblock is you. Why do we resist change? Are we hesitating taking action? Are we still adhering to old rules and behaviors instead of embracing the Beyond Freedom Evolution mindset and beliefs?

The Polaris Global lesson – look internally first. Align your sense of self with the valuable concepts from BFE to make it easier to welcome change, innovation and success, and you’ll inject that attitude more fully into the world. Then there’s no stopping you!

~ Amy Adams

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Troubleshooting Polaris Global

Do you have trouble setting goals?
 Do you procrastinate taking the steps to achieve your vision? 
Do you become overwhelmed or encounter roadblocks while trying to obtain your objective? 
Do you want to improve your life but don’t know where to start?

Polaris Global provides the missing piece to living the life you want!

Polaris Global provides the missing piece to living the life you want!

Polaris Global can troubleshoot all these issues for you. Enroll to be a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution – Polaris Global’s award-winning success education curriculum, and change your life.

Beyond Freedom Evolution is a 12-month web-based personal leadership development program, created by Polaris Global co-founders, Shane Krider and Greg Strom. It features success principles that will put your life and business goals within reach today.

The Beyond Freedom Evolution online curriculum includes e-book texts, video and audio content, and an innovative exclusive social media platform and journal system. It is these members-only safe harbor online support communities that have attributed to students achieving amazing results, and attracted a record number of enrollments.

You’ll see a measurable difference in your life the very first day you establish clear, committed goals using the lessons in Beyond Freedom Evolution. Even if your first few attempts aren’t perfect, you’ll be able to make decisions much more rapidly because you’ll see how they move you towards or away from your goal.

Troubleshoot your life and take the first steps towards the life you want. Order Beyond Freedom Evolution now, before your life crashes.

~ Amy Adams

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Win win win with Polaris Global

The children are arguing, systematically tearing the house apart, The Wiggles are competing for airplay with Sponge Bob Squarepants, and I’m out of coffee. The work is piling up as high as the laundry, and the cat’s just vomited all over the lounge.make today amazing

Oh Polaris Global – thank goodness for you! Thank you for Beyond Freedom Evolution. Thank you for a powerful mindset and for teaching me the skill to count my wins. Yes, even those small ones most people wouldn’t even acknowledge.

Those small little breadcrumb-sized wins keep me going on days like this. And looking at my list of wins on my PocketPad app at the end of the day makes me reflect and smile with appreciation and gratitude. Instead of sitting and whining about the-day-that-was.

Of all the skills Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me, this is the one I utilize the most. The lesson that each action you take has the potential within it for a win is invaluable.

When every step is a win, there is no such thing as losing! What an awesome way to maneuver through life. As long as your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions are focused on your destination there will be progress.

Today’s focus is getting the kids to bedtime without losing one at the mall. If I manage that without stepping on a piece of Lego, it will be a double win. Ha!

This view of counting wins helps keep your efforts light and fun as you approach, and achieve your goals. And as BFE eloquently puts it – gratitude and acknowledgement are very powerful ways to occupy your thoughts. When you count every step as a win, you automatically acknowledge your progress and appreciate your efforts.

Hey, what do you know – another win! I can see this day turning around already.

~ Amy Adams