Monday, April 13th, 2015

Polaris Global event Sovereignty Live – all aboard!

I can’t believe we are gearing up for Sovereignty Live 2015 already! It’s always such an exciting time at Polaris Global preparing for this amazing experience.

All Aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure Of The Seas

All Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure Of The Seas

Sovereignty Live is one of Polaris Global’s most popular events. It’s a five-day experience designed to assist you in increasing your financial income as well as personal wealth, all while cruising in luxury to exotic destinations. No wonder the tickets sell so fast!

Polaris Global Founders, Shane Krider, Greg Strom and Rachel Krider lead the event sharing their philosophy on understanding money. It is designed to accelerate each person’s self- confidence, self-reliance and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

Whoa! That’s some pretty powerful stuff. A Sovereignty Live ticket gives you life-changing tools, exploration of amazing locations all while meeting extraordinary people and making lifelong friendships. It’s an investment that comes back ten-fold.

This year the destinations are Spain, France and Italy on board the amazing Allure of the Seas luxury cruise liner. Rach recently gave us a quick insight via the Prosperity Pulse update into the city of Naples and is super excited to be visiting there for the first time, and to gain inspiration from its history. Sounds awesome!

We always receive a tremendous amount of feedback from this event. People love sharing their breakthroughs, ah-has and the quantity of personal growth testimonials has been joyful. It’s just so great to hear how everyone’s journey has been different, and how so much has been gained from Sovereignty Live events.

Check out some of the highlights from past events on our pinterest board and Flickr albums. You guys sure know how to have fun!

So who’s cruising Europe with us this year? Better get shopping for my theme party outfits… yahoo!

~ Amy Adams


Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Polaris Global hits a home run with most recent event

La Reve, Las Vegas

La Reve, Las Vegas

We have recently returned from our Polaris Global Sovereignty Live Event, hosted in Las Vegas Nevada.
It was simply an amazing and unforgettable experience. Polaris Global’s, CEO, Shane Krider delivered exceptional content all surrounding the “Energy of Money” and how to create wealth in ones life.

The Polaris Global Sovereignty Live event for 2012 goes down for me as the best event ever!

Below are just a couple of reviews we’ve received from the event. 98% of people said they’d definitely attend a future Polaris Global event. You can enjoy reading the rest of the reviews via the Polaris Corporate site (they will be live in a few days).

FABULOUS – not only did the means to create wealth double, but I was able to learn strategies of how to keep and build that wealth” Janine, Australia

“My biggest breakthrough was learning a process to make solid decisions for my financial future. Unforgettably fun, light and inspiring with fantastic applicable information. Thanks Polaris Global” Paul, Australia

“Shane’s ability to effectively communicate a simple, yet profound message is very apparent. He provides such clarity of creating wealth in my life, taking out the confusion. I’m now clear on how to build a solid financial wall around myself and my family. ” Lisa, USA

We learned, we celebrated and we all caught a fabulous show – Le Reve! If you ever have a chance to visit Las Vagas, it’s a must see!

All attendees have now been invited to participate in follow up private conference calls hosted by CEO of Polaris Global, Shane Krider, to assist them in implementing what was shared at the Sovereignty Live event.

We’d love to hear of your experience at the event or any past events you may have attended with Polaris Global. Post your comments below!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Polaris Global Heading Down Under

Shane Krider

Shane Krider

I’m beside myself excited! Shane, little Leia and me are heading to Australia this coming Sunday for our up and coming Super Saturday and Foundation Live event, hosted by Polaris Global. It will be 12 months since I’ve been home, so I’m really jumping out of my skin.
It will be so great to catch up with my family & friends and have them meet Leia for the first time. Equally excited about catching up with my Polaris family!

This event has been many months in the planning and we’ve got some incredible speakers lined up. There are 4 key note speakers who will be delivering a powerful message at the Foundation live on the Sunday. It’s difficult to put into words what takes place at an event such as this. It truly is a magical experience. If you attempted to explain to someone what a rose smells like, you’d find it difficult no doubt. Much easier to have the person smell the rose themselves.
The Polaris Global events are much the same. One has to experience it themselves to really appreciate the experience. It’s so much more than just the speakers on the stage delivering their message. Something quite special happens when a committed group of like minded, successful people come together. The energy that is created is like nothing I have experienced anywhere else. Can’t wait to get my fix!
Each time I attend one of our events I come away from the experience more aware, more powerful and with a greater understanding of exactly how to continue creating a life filled with love and prosperity.
I can’t wait to see you there. Big hugs x
If you’ve attended a Polaris Global Event in the past – would love to hear about your experience here….
Or if you’re coming along for the first time, please share what you hope to get out of the event.

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

To Experience A Polaris Global Event

The Key To Success

The Key To Success

My prospects often ask me to describe to them what happens at one of Polaris Global’s live events. As much as I attempt to paint a picture of the experience, it’s difficult to put into words exactly what one will experience. Have you ever tried to explain to someone what a rose smells like? Probably not, to appreciate the scent of a rose, it’s much easier for one to smell it themselves.

At our most recent seminar in Macau China we had Steve Rizzo as one of our guest speakers. Steve was hysterically funny. His message was delivered via humour. Since I started my journey of self development I’ve seen many speakers and Steve would have to be the funniest I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Steve wrote about his experience of the Polaris Event through the eyes of a speaker on his motivational blog.

I keep referring to the event as an experience. You will find that we couple inspiring speakers, dynamic content, exotic locations, contribution and community in a way that creates a synergy of perspective building realisations that are sure to get you up and running and out of the box permanently. I will never forget my first event with the company. My mindset was dramatically altered. This new perspective allowed me to create extraordinary results in my business and in every other area of my life.

It’s why I keep going back. To gain a higher perspective than I had before. What was your biggest win at a Polaris Event?