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Friday, October 24th, 2014

Beyond Freedom Evolution – It’s “Everyday stuff…”

Polaris: Everyday People!

BFE = Everyday People!

Posted by Kirsty M.

I was taking a potential retail client through a tour of our Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum today & highlighting how the exercises are laid out in the guidebooks and how to go about completing the exercises as you progress through the course.

I went on to talk about the journaling system and our very cool pocket pad app (doing my own demo of the sound effects), and various other features in our online portal.

The client brought me back to the exercises – particularly the page in Departure Book 1 – “What is an Entrepreneur?” and he said: “So I see that in this exercise it directs you to walk around your house and look at things that have been created by someone else. Are these exercises things that are done along with your every day stuff?”

I paused (thinking, “Oh no, he was looking for something WAY more technical!”) and said “Yes! They are!” followed by “This is where we find the biggest difference between our course and reading a book or taking a one day workshop where everything you learn in that moment tends to fade away when you get back to your normal every day living. The exercises in BFE are designed to be implemented into everyday living so that they can be used over and over again, forever. It just becomes part of your every day way of living and that’s why it’s so successful.”

His reply: “Oh that’s fantastic. You’ve made this very easy”.

Well, yes, but not me – Shane Krider & Greg Strom have made it very easy! Big thanks to you guys!

BFE – it is every day stuff, just getting that stuff right.

What’s your favourite BFE exercise to implement into your everyday living?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014


Changing The Game!

Changing The Game!

Posted by Brianna B.

The biggest game charger for me is Gratitude.

Today I was writing my daily gratitude as per usual. I have been doing this consistently for the past 4 months however sometimes I felt I was writing it because it was one of the 6 Daily Activities for Success. The feeling behind the gratitude had dissipated.

I was typically writing 15 – 20 things I was grateful for which was great but it was clearly becoming a quantity over quality thing. So I decided to shake it up a bit and speak my gratitude out loud as I wrote it down.

This slowed the process down and made me really feel what I was saying/writing down. It made me reflect on why I was grateful at a much deeper level.

The 6 Daily Activities for Success are AH-MAZING. However sometimes I forget why they are amazing. Which is why I love the sometime subtle sometimes brick to the face realizations this community assists in. I’d love to hear what your favorite part of the 6 Daily Activities is and how you implement them into your DMO.

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014


Being A Seed

My Life As A Seed!

Posted by Jennifer W.

My awesome enrollers, Simon Haggard and Kara Wright, answer all my questions, support and encourage me. Recently, I was having a conversation with Kara and was telling her about how I’d planted all these sunflower seeds… I’d suddenly really felt the urge to plant things and when I checked my moon-planting calendar that day was exactly the right day to do it! (I am very new to all this, have never been spiritual, always considered myself scientific) I decided I’d plant all these seeds and I’d nurture them and make them grow and their energy would spill over into my life and fuel the growth of my business…

Kara directed me to a Jim Rohn video, The Law of Sowing and Reaping, have a look:

This highlighted to me some of the things which have been getting in my way. (I’ve got to stop chasing the birds for a start!) And we were talking about all this stuff, analogies and visualization and she said, “And you are our seed, Jen” And I thought, how cool is that! They are watering, nurturing me, and helping me to reach my full potential. I saw myself as this tiny sunflower seed and this is what I wrote:

I’m stripy and I’m black and white
There is no day, it’s always night.
The darkness doesn’t worry me.
This is the place I need to be.
The earth around me keeps me safe.
I sit alone and just have faith.
The universe is on my side.
I’m only small and though I hide,
In two weeks’ time I’ll show my face.
The world will see my gentle grace.
I’ll come to life and chase the sun.
Invite the bees and have some fun!
I’ll need a little bit of help.
I can’t just do it all myself.
My friend, the Rain will help me out
Unless Australia’s got a drought
Which often seems to be the case
But who will give me breathing space?
My Gardener will soon step in
So germination can begin.
A Gardener takes care of you.
When things get tough, he’ll pull you through.
I haven’t got to work alone
Against the odds, in the war zone.
I only need to ask, not hard,
I’ve been to battle and I’m scarred.
But now, refreshed, I start anew.
I know there’s nothing I can’t do.
I’ll soon rise up and take my place
I’ll give myself the space and grace.
I’ll make it work, just wait and see!
Not too long now and I’ll be free.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?

Posted by Debbie P.

Last weekend we drove to the shopping centre, ran a few errands and I said to my partner “I really don’t feel like going back home, let’s go for a drive”. We quickly agreed it was a beautiful day for a drive, then realised and discussed, we had left the house open, garage open, left the phones at home, didn’t have our wallets, we had so much to do, all the tools were set up for jobs to be done, the computers were on and a host of other obstacles we put in the way.

Still, the mutual feeling of wanting to be out and about was strong, fuel was low but we reckoned we had enough, so off we went for a drive, headed out to a friends’ farm with our visit being a pleasant surprise. We shared that we hadn’t planned anything and had left the house open, tools out, phones and wallets at home and so on, to their delight they responded with “You’re Free”.

In that moment and for the afternoon, we were completely free, free from the constraints in life.

Driving home, I thought about Beyond Freedom Evolution and the exercise in Departure, the importance of Play and our recent Alchemy call, create a picture to enable your state of play. I actually couldn’t remember the last time I didn’t have my phone and wallet with me.

A large part of my decision to start my Polaris Global business was to find, understand and live my Freedom.

Deciding to Play, letting go of all those obstacles we tried so hard to put in our own path, returning to a time in life when you just left the house and took off, was a great and timely reminder that constraints and obstacles are perception and to Play is our Freedom.

Freedom is my picture to enable a state of play, everyday.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


Can Anything Be More Exciting?

Can Anything Be More Exciting?

Posted by Joey G.

My yoga teacher shared a story this morning about how she has two puppies, she feeds them twice a day and every time they are SO excited! It’s pretty much the same food every time, but still they are jumping around with excitement. I instantly got a picture in my mind of my dog, he’s an american staffy, he’s almost 8 years old and still every time I feed him, actually every time he’s see’s me, he is so excited!

Imagine if you approached everyday things in your life with that much excitement….. How much happier would you be? Every morning when you wake up – “Yes! What a beautiful day, I’m so excited to be alive!”
Eating breakfast – “Awesome, weetbix again, they’re so yummy, I’m so excited to eat them!”

So I felt this was in-line with what Shane Krider has been speaking about on the Alchemy calls – creating the picture that will enable you to come from a state of play in your life everyday.

You can have crazy amounts of joy and excitement in your life if you just change the perspective from which you view things. Get excited about the little things, see the beauty in life, be grateful for everything! Don’t wait for things to happen or for life to get better, you are in control. Be yourself, be in the present moment, do the things that make you happy and have fun!

Every day can be a good day, if you choose to see it that way.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


Easier Fast Than Slow!

Easier Fast Than Slow!

Posted by Lee M.

That last few days I have made a point of just being in action, and really doing the 6 daily activities for success that are suggested in our Polaris Global Business. The strangest thing is that now that I am really doing the work, it feels effortless.
Previous I was placing 3 ads a day which was such a choir, now I am placing 30 ads a day and it feels effortless.
I wondered what is the change?
I don’t even have this dreaded pit in my stomach now that used to have because I felt like I “had to do it”, it just feels light and fun now.
I am so looking forward to seeing what will become of this over the next few days, weeks, months and years. I guess the change is really embracing what Shane & Rachel Krider have said on many previous calls, “it is much easier to go fast than slow”. I never could really get that together in my mind, but it is so clear now.
So excited about the progress that we can all make in this community.

Monday, October 20th, 2014


Can I Get A Yes?!!

Can I Get A Yes?!!

Posted by Lise R.

Since starting my journey here with Polaris Global I have noticed a huge shift in my willingness to say “Yes!” In the past I was always so fearful of committing to things without giving it lots of contemplation. I would wait and wait, thinking that time would add some security to my decision and I would be better prepared to what I was committing to. This old habit was kicked to the curb when I found Polaris Global. I signed up right after my Three Way Call – without talking to Jeremy first! I placed ads and paid for marketing that just “felt” right. I knew that successful people made decisions quickly and rarely changed their minds so I had to be willing to follow suit.

This week I was asked to sub in for Live Prospecting, without thought, I said “yes!”. Kym has asked me to join her on the Beyond Freedom Evolution call and I said, “yes!” to that as well. I believe that in life we receive what we put out there. You know those people in your life that always have an excuse as to why they can’t come out or always have a reason not to come to the party, the get-together, etc? They stop getting the invitations. My suggestion is – if you are invited to host a call, say, “yes!” If you are giving any opportunity to move out of your comfort zone, even if you find it a bit scary at first, say “yes!”

And don’t expect too many party invites from me after you’ve said no a few too many times! ;)

Monday, October 20th, 2014


Mixing It Up!

Mixing It Up!

Posted by Robyn J.

Undoubtedly, the biggest change I have seen in myself with being a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution is how it is changing my point of view. Having just reached my early forties ( or is that naughty forties?) I was becoming a ‘stick in the mud’. I did not like doing anything differently to what I had been & I was hesitant to learn new concepts. For me, life had become an endless round of routine & predictability & it was driving me crazy!! But, pre BFE, I just could’nt seem to break that cycle of routine.

I am the first to put up my hand & admit that I have found learning how to use my laptop (to a much greater extent) really scary. But at the same time, it is exhilarating when you see your ads live & your blogs live!! Additionally I get a real ‘kick’ out of receiving
an item I purchased online, in a lovely box, hand delivered to my front door. I know it seems a little sad, but to me this has been a big ‘win’ because I was never prepared to go out of my comfort zone to learn how to do these things. With BFE, I now have the courage & the sense of ownership about how I am going to experience my life.

Becoming a student of Personal Development with Beyond freedom Evolution meant that all previously held beliefs & thoughts were going to be challenged & that I needed to accept responsibility for what it was I had achieved & just as much, if not more, for what I HAD NOT achieved. No more blaming anyone else, ie the Boss or the Education system for my chort comings. I had to own them all & stop looking at the past & instead start looking to my future by making better & more action oriented decisions TODAY.

My journey with BFE is still is its infancy, but I already know ‘she’/BFE has plenty more things to teach me & challenge me on which will continue to set me on a very exciting course to a new & more adventurous & fulfilling life. I am not going to stop learning & I am ready to develop myself as a human being even further, than I ever thought possible. That ‘higher self’ that is starting to lurk around my consciousness is no longer a threat but a very welcome addition to my life. What a blessing it is to have found BFE. xx

Sunday, October 19th, 2014


Make The Choice!

Make The Choice!

Posted by Brianna B.

It was just under 2 years ago I came across Paul & Alison’s advert about a better way that was unique, genuine and involved being a part of a community who support you 100% in your wildest dreams. To my 20 year old self, this sounded almost unreal.

I had no voices in my head saying it was too good to be true, I didn’t need to ask anyone for approval, I simply responded and was processed through the system. To be treated as the adult I was in a professional manner was the best gift Alison could have given me that day. I honestly had no idea what I had just purchased or what was to come next, all I knew was my heart was beating like crazy and I had just made the biggest purchase of my life and felt 100% amazing with it.

As I’m sure many of you would agree, I had just made one of the best decisions I could have in my life.

Age was not a factor, experience was not a factor. The only thing that mattered was the pull of the vibration that lead me to a world of unlimited potential.

Have you ever made a snap decision that gave you goose bumps with excitement?

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

KNOW FOR MYSELF – Beyond Freedom Evolution

The Future Is Now!

The Future Is Now!

Posted by Jodie C.

My know for myself mantra.

I know this business will get me where I want to be. I know I have to learn things on the way.
I am capable of learning those things.
I will be successful at them.
I will progressively grow and get better, quicker, happier, richer.
There will be bumps, I will get over them
My success is determined by my knowledge that this what I have been seeking, undoubtedly.
I am grateful for where I have come from, what I have experienced.
This is how I have come to be here now.

Thank you past self for guiding me here now. Thank you future self for guiding me to you.