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Sunday, January 25th, 2015

I am Standing Strong Firmly Rooted in Beyond Freedom Evolution!

There's No Place I'd Rather Be!

There’s No Place I’d Rather Be!

Posted by Portia D.

OMG-I was so impressed with the team call hosted by Shane and Rachael Krider two Thursday ago . It’s just what I needed to hear. I’m going out on a limb here and daring to be vulnerable. I need to get these feelings out. Please bear when me if this post is a bit along-it will be worth the read. Frankly speaking, this safe harbor community of Polaris Global is the only place that give me the confidence to be vulnerable “daring greatly” in expressing my truth. The quotation~title of a book by Brene Brown~also good read. This is my story—I a 54 year old wife and mother who has ALWAY, has a heart for entrepreneurship. As a young girl (age 9 or 10) growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, I walked many long miles in the blazing heat on my way to and from school. Along this daily rough, I would pass one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in my home town. The homes in this area were high above on a hill. They were beautiful and they were grand. In my eyes they looked like mansions compared to small one bedroom house where I lived with my siblings. My mother had moved to America to make a better life for her 7 children whose father was an absently Dad. In this house I slept on a box which was my makeshift bed. I remember during those days on my daily commute to school, I would dream and fantasize bout one day owner such a grand home and living such a grand life. Even at such a young age I believed it was possible for me to live that life. To this day, I clearly remember one particular bright and sunny afternoon as I was working home form school, I was singing and skipping along with a song in my heart ~ Killing Me Softly, by Roberta Flack~ Why I remember that? I have no idea. Lol…! Anyway I digress! I remember feeling such joy and happiness in my heart as I imagine this wonderful life. Oh…the imagination of a child! Why does life steal it from us a we grow in this world?

Fast-forward to the currently state of my life. My so-called “REALITY”! I’ve mentioned in previous post, that my entrepreneurial spirit has lead me to many failed attempts at creating financial independence in the multilevel network marketing industry. My desire to achieve the dreams that was placed in my heart so many years ago, has been a very painful journey thus far. Most recently since the unexpected passing of my ex-husband, who was my best friend, my life seems to have taken a downward spiral. I have two beautiful adult children, a blessing from 22 years of marriage to my now deceased ex-husband. My daughter who is married to a beautiful man whom I love, has given me a beautiful grandson and is expecting another one on the way. I’m so proud of all she has accomplished in the happy life she has created for herself. My son is finally on the path to healing his life after a very rough transition in accepting his true identity. This new direction came after much pain and turmoil for both of us in the three years since his Dad’s passing. But my greatest challenge by far, is in participating as a co-dependent in a close relationship that has so consumed my life at times it nearly impossible to fathom.

I can’t begin to express how difficult it has been for me to maintain my focus and continue to make progress in my Polaris business. The daily battle steals from my energy and positive outlook, If I were not firmly anchored in Beyond Freedom Evolution (BFE), I would surely drown. Those of you who were on Thursday’s team call I’m sure heard my passionate rant about my determination to success here with Polaris Global. You know the BFE sketches used to illustrate people who have decided to pursue a life-long dream but he/she has those negative voices lurking in the background telling them all the reasons why they will fail, all those negative voices.  I experience that in my life.  This sinking thinking is a prime example of the herd mentality. Additionally, my family, my friends, my neighbor are all less than supportive because I dare to dream and seek opportunities in pursuit of that dream. It’s all good, as much as all this brings me to tears, I’m standing strong, I’m firmly rooted in BFE.  I’m using this time to immerse myself in any personal development material I can get my hands on. I’m also plugging into Guerrilla Marketing, learning all I can about free marketing website and job-boards. My past failure is not a predictor of my future success as those with the herd mentality would suggest. Every failed attempt is what has lead me to Polaris Global Media. What I’ve found in this wonderful community of like-minded people and the teachings of BFE, I’m confident will propel me into manifesting my dreams. As I continue on my life’s journey there is no place I would rather be than with my fellow Polarians as they support and help me live my dreams. You my fellow Polarians understands that, “A Quitter Never Wins And A Winner Never Quits”. This I know for sure, I WILL NEVER, NEVER, NEVER…Quit! And that makes me a WINNER!

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Life by Your Design!

Living My Life By My Design!

Living My Life By My Design!

Posted by Stephen K.

If you participate in the Beyond Freedom Evolution quick start curriculum, these words will begin to echo throughout your day as a welcome companion. Our narrator closes each session with these words and one would be wise not to let them go in one ear and out the other.

As we immerse ourselves in this award winning program from Polaris Global, it’s not long before we move into a self-awareness that we are all at cause in our lives; either by choice or by default. When we move away from the herd and make the decision to be the designers of our lives and our world, we soon realize that we get to consciously choose and our choice is power. In the realization that our thoughts are creative, the genesis or cause of the effect we choose to manifest and find ourselves living in, we begin to choose wisely – every thought, word and action.

Our thoughts create the world we’re living in and if we consistently make inefficient choices that do not support the life we want to live, we find ourselves living within the effect of others choices and decisions. Living this way we wake up wondering ‘what happened?’ rather than starting our day saying ‘what am I going to make happen?’ We relinquish our liberty, we become bound by the herd, we abandon what is possible for our lives and hope fades.

Living life by your design is about making efficient choices that move you in a positive direction into the life you want to live. No limits, no boundaries, no shackles, no chains; drawing from the infinite realm of pure potential, we can all begin to choose to live life by our design.

I invite you to saturate yourself with the wisdom found within the Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum and finally know for yourself that living life on purpose, by your design, is an infinitely spectacular way to live and a magnificent new horizon from which to shine your light. It is in shining your light, by demonstrating success and leadership that you serve others. Walking this path beyond freedom we easily attract and return to ourselves perpetual rewards of boundless good and this my friends is living life by our design.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Signs from The Universe

Showing Me The Way!

Showing Me The Way!

Posted by Carrie M.

I love receiving ‘Signs from The Universe’ – my Universe definitely has a sense of humour and loves to make me laugh! To me, they are like the flashing lights on an airport tarmac, guiding you home or to another destination. A gentle nudge and loving reminder to keep going on this path.

One of my signs is hummingbirds and their spiritual meaning is: lightness of being, enjoyment of life, and being more present and playful. I remember reading that their wings also make the infinity symbol when they flap them. I know I am on the right track, when I see more and more of these in all sorts of places (the pictures; we don’t have the bird in Australia).

The second one is my dream car – a bright pink Toyota Yaris. I am not a car lover, yet when I see this cute car my whole body and vibes lights up! I saw 5 while driving around yesterday (quite a lot for a pink car!); accompanied with some assertive intuition of ‘go for it’ and ‘place ads’.

Do you have a Sign from The Universe? I’d love to hear what yours is ☺

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

My Why

Being The Source From Within!

Being The Source From Within!

Posted by Brianna B.

It’s been a long time coming, the thing I’ve always thought I wasn’t clear on. My Why.

People say when you ‘Why’ is clear & strong, then the how will take care of itself. This stopped me in my tracks, and I just freaked out that my ‘why’ was not clear, I didn’t “feel” it in my bones.

Well, here’s to an ‘uhuh’ moment.

I am not here to fix other people, and I am not here to be fixed by other people. I am here to be the source from within, so others can too. That to me is true freedom.

This is why I do not resonate with coaching.
This is why I do not resonate with limited thinking from negative people.

My why: To simply be the source from within, so other can too.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

What It Means to Have Faith!

Having The Faith To Have Faith!

Having The Faith To Have Faith!

Posted by Lawrence M.

I woke up last night thinking about Faith. I came to the realization that Faith is the real foundation from which all things are possible. I am 59 years of age and believe that I now, finally, really understand what it is to have Faith.

For most of my life I have wanted to believe and have Faith, have gone through the motions, following a Christian identity, listening to sermons on Christian life and yet have not been able to have a real understanding of total Faith. Still, I have not been able to create the life I have wanted. I believe the difficulties I have had to attain and achieve the success I have wanted has been caused by my inability to release myself from myself and let Faith take the leading role. To me, True Faith means “letting go of self”. It allows us to release us from our own limiting self. Letting go frees us up of all concerns, doubts or worries that keep us from being the creation of who we are and the true creators of our own life’s destiny. When we come to accept that there is a higher power at work within and surrounding us, and when we get out of the way of ourselves, we start to receive exactly what it is we want. This also frees us up to be totally “at cause” and on purpose with no holes bard. It’s very exciting.

My daughter is getting married this summer. I felt the need to want to bless her and her fiancee and ask this Universal power to help them understand the oneness of the life they are embarking on together. It speaks to the importance of being on the same page as far as making life decisions about raising family, and working to create a wonderful life together. I asked God to help them grow in their Universal faith, and to give them the means to work together to receive the knowledge of his Universe. I believe their full and complete faith will release them from any fears they may have and allow them to operate on a level above their own limiting and separate selves. I believe my daughter and her fiancée are receiving my prayers and the prayers of others in this regard.

They have been looking at venues for their wedding and coming to realize they have to get it under control. They visited one such venue yesterday. I’m sure the sales person working with them gave then a realistic cost for their wedding that upon review was more than they had anticipated. Having been to see some venues on their own they are seeing that weddings can be very expensive. In reality I have been saying to them they don’t have to be. Wedding are a celebration of the union of two people and it is the sharing and witnessing of the celebration with friends and family that is the only thing of importance. What they spend now will mean less for them after the wedding. I had sent them some options a few weeks ago that offer a great day and something to remember forever but that won’t break the bank. Anyway, this morning my daughter came back to me asking about the venue that is a renovated barn and grounds for their summer wedding.

Once you have ( real) Faith, you can be rest assured that the higher self will take the right steps and the outcome that is the right outcome will unfold whatever that may be. When you Ask, and Believe, you will Receive. This is having True Faith and is a real blessing for me to now know it is, in fact, for real. For me, it is the letting of faith into what I’m doing that’s going to guide the results. I just need my egoic self to stay out of the way.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Loud & Proud Without a Doubt!

No More "What If's!"

No More “What If’s!”

Posted by Brianna B.

I am SO excited for the Aussie Tour Shane & Rach are doing. This event has sparked so many calls to action I had been avoiding.

So many questions were in my head like, “What will my family and friends think if they know I’m in a network marketing company? Will people pressure me to continue my photography career?”

And then BOOM. What if I just go for it, and I achieve, and I’m a multi-millionaire. What would people think then? I don’t know, I don’t think I’d even care.

What a wake up call to BEING before I do & have! Stop caring Brianna and just start doing!

What happened next? Nearly an overwhelming surge of energy to just get out there and go for it. I’ve had the most amazing conversations with people via social media and networking events about this business and have generated some fantastic leads. My entire body is buzzing, everything I visualise is coming to fruition in the most wonderful & surprising ways.

For example, at the start of the week I had the intention to do a 3-way for someone, low & behold 3 days later here I am doing a 3-way.

I envisioned increasing my people through the system & having people register for the events, each day numbers have increased at least by 1.

My vibration is loud & proud without a doubt! Get inspired people because big things are happening!!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Make Sure You’re Open to Receive!

Be Open To Receive!

Be Open To Receive!

Posted by Lawrence M.

My neighbour is a deal maker/wheeler dealer. He and his wife watched with interest this past year while I built our home next door. In this time we got to know each other and have shared experiences about our previous lives.

He approached me last week and indicated that he knows of and has access to the decision makers for the construction of a 42 unit 4 storey condominium project in a nearby town. I had made a decision in November to leave my past behind and to go forward with Polaris Global and become a distributor of their products. He came over to meet with me at the end of last week to tell me about the opportunity. I was only somewhat interested as I have made a commitment to my new direction and there is no turning back.

In my readings on personal growth in the past two months (I haven’t read this much in years and I’m just devouring books now) I have come across a number of very important and success minded guiding principles. One of the principals of achieving success is the need to RECEIVE. By that I believe it means to be “open and ready” to receive when opportunity presents itself. We know what we want to achieve. We don’t necessarily know the “how” part is going to unfold. I got to thinking about that; that by refusing the opportunity I was not responding positively to the Universe that has presented me with the opportunity. It so happens that immediately before making the decision to join Polaris I interviewed for a sales position with a large custom home builder in the area. I indicated to them that even though I didn’t get the position that I would keep my eyes open for suitable projects. The position I applied for was strictly sales. They have their own staff that does the physical building. This is what I was looking for anyway because I didn’t want the hassles of site work anymore.

I called the owner of the construction company yesterday to tell him the good news. He didn’t remember me. That didn’t stop me. I told him I was his best friend and that I had a perfect project for him. I will be sending him the construction package this week and get a price to construction the project for the owners of the project. The project will cost approximately $10,000,000 to build. His average sale is $600,000. I will get paid a handsome commission when it comes together. It’s all happening because I am allowing myself to Receive what the Universe is flowing to me.

I am so grateful for the knowledge I have acquired since joining Polaris Global. It is because of my commitment to becoming a Polaris Global distributor that my good fortune is coming before me. As an old business partner of mine used to say, “Don’t forget to put your hand out when the tarts are being passed around”! In other word, always be open to receive that which the Universe offers you. It’s a gift.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

My Life Purpose

My Declaration!

My Declaration!

Posted by Lawrence M.

I thought I’d blog my life purpose to make sure that I stay accountable for myself on my journey in personal development and leadership. It incorporates my primary and secondary purpose. Here it is.

My Life Purpose (North Star): to be a platform of true conscious “awareness” of god’s presence (infinite intelligence), and a means to abundant life for all who join me in personal growth and leadership (in partnership with Polaris Global).

Paradigm Shift: I have a burning desire for my Purpose. I will not be denied my purpose, defeated by anything, or anyone including myself. My Purpose is pure and true. My Purpose drives me, and provides infinite value for those seeking abundance.

My Personal Financial Goal is to have a Net Worth of $2,000,000 by January 1, 2020.

Monday, January 19th, 2015

My Future Revealed!

Tracy Pic

Posted by Tracy

Yet again I have had another lightbulb moment listening to Shane and Rachel and the effect their words have on us all. The emotion that is felt gives you the power to chase your dreams and be the “torch bearer” for the rest of the world, by passing on the belief I have in the Polaris Community and the life-changing possibilities.

Sunday, January 18th, 2015


Are You Up To The Challenge?

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Posted by Lise R.

At the beginning of last year (2014) Paul W put out a challenge to the Polaris Global community to increase their engagement with all areas of their business for the coming year. He challenged us to be on every call, put out more blog posts, get to the events, place more ads, jump out on more calls, etc. I followed Paul’s advice to a “t” and the results were amazing that transpired as a result – I experienced my personal best income month, I received my Rising Star Award, I was one of the top 3 finalists for the Blog Competition and got to stay at Shane & Rachel Krider’s beautiful estate in Colorado. Wow.

So here I am doing the same favour to all of you that Paul did for me last year. I am challenging you all to step it up and totally commit to your Polaris Global business. What more can you do? How many more ads can you place? How many more people can you put through the system each week? How many blogs can you post per week? How much more income can you generate this year in business?

The choice is yours but I can tell you that the proof is in the pudding. When I decided to fully commit to my business last year I was absolutely blown away by the results that followed.

Are you up for my 2015 Polaris Global Challenge?