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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Jetlag Influenced Me to Blog!

Posted by Kirsty M.

Creating That Good Feeling!

Creating That Good Feeling!

It’s 2.42am (Denver time) and I Can. Not. Sleep!

Hello jetlag…

It seems to have kicked in a full day after I’ve got here! I’m so energised about our Conference next week and of course I may be a little excited about heading out to Rachel & Shane Krider’s residence tomorrow for a few days of pre-event “fun”!

All excitement aside, I’ve been listening to the audios of our last Influence Live Conference (Europe, 2013) and one particular topic has really struck a chord with me right now. Shane speaks about creating a “feeling” in life. If something affects us in a negative way, we want to feel better. If we feel alone or lost we want to feel comforted. If we’re feeling flat or bored, we want to feel thrill or excitement. We want to get that “good feeling” in life, after all it is better to “feel good” than to “feel bad” isn’t it? However the way we go about getting that feeling can become the problem.

Shane points out that we can get this feeling in one of two ways – it is either by “Consuming” something or by “Creating” something.

If you choose to Create something, you become the source for it & the feeling never wears off, it’s not just a quick “fix”.

Where as if you “Consume” something (eg. Eat a block of chocolate, down a bottle of wine, or indulge in impulse purchases etc), it is a quick fix, it never lasts, it often leaves you feeling worse than you did in the first place, and you are never able to really take control of the feeling in a good way. I believe this is how and where addictions start, in my experience (and yes I have overcome an addiction) there is the quick fix for sure, it feels good, you return to it over and over again, until the point that you’re seeking that quick fix as a “preventative” just in case you get that “bad feeling” back again, but there is always, ALWAYS, an underlying message within yourself that this is not the right option, and long term, the end result can be catastrophic.

So how do we opt for the “Create” rather than the “Consume”? For me, it’s by finding personal challenges that I know I can win with, because that makes me feel awesome. It may be something as simple as setting a timer for how quickly I can clean up the kids playroom & have it looking perfect (I’m a neat freak), or how many people in a day I can pay it forward to, or how many loose ends I can tie up in a 10 minute task. By creating that feeling of winning, I remove that bad feeling & I am creating something positive that has a direct impact on my life. I am back at cause again, not at the effect.

I’d love to hear how you have been able to turn this around in your life, going from “Consuming” to “Creating”.

Monday, September 8th, 2014


Out Of This World Results!

Out Of This World Results!

Posted by Lise R.

Just recently Lee Anne wrote a post and asked us to share one of our goals with her. My next goal in my business is to hit the $50k profit mark in one month and become a member of the $50k Club. Even writing this now makes my hands tremble with equal proportion of fear and excitement.

The goal is not the purpose of this post, but Lee Anne’s reaction. It wasn’t “Wow, are you sure you can do that?” or “Maybe you should aim for something a little more realistic” or something along those lines. Instead, she wrote, “I can totally see you smashing that goal!” Wow. This is another amazing example of the leaders we have the privilege to be working alongside. We get to work with people who are creating some out of this world results and encouraging us to do the same. So grateful.

Friday, September 5th, 2014


Putting It To The Test!

Putting It To The Test!

Posted by Bart (Michael B.)

Shane Krider and Rachel Krider often reference Jim Rohn’s theory that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. This relates to the <i>law of averages</i> which is the theory that the result of any given situation is the average of all outcomes. As entrepreneurs, we know that in order to increase our wins, we must also increase our losses.

Let’s put Rohn’s theory to a test by using Beyond Freedom Evolution’s 10-Minute Task. Get a sheet of paper and turn it horizontal (landscape for the geeks out there). Now, draw 5 columns. At the top of each column, write one name for each column of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Next, under each name write<i>Greatest Strengths</i>. Number vertically 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Make a dotted line across the page under each ‘5.’ Under the dotted line, write <i>Weakest </i> and again number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Draw a dotted line. Under the dotted line, write <i>Lifestyle</i> and again, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

For each person, list what you feel are their <i>Greatest Strengths</i>. Next, under <i>Weakest </i> list what you feel are areas they may not be as strong in. These do not need to be weaknesses or qualities they need to acquire, but rather are areas where they are not as strong as their greatest strengths. Finally, under <i>Lifestyle</i>, write 5 attributes of the life they live. Are they married? Kids? Home Owner? Happy in their job? Good income? Educated? Successful?

Take a few moments and compare each category across the page. Are there any common characteristics of the 5 you associate with? Are those your strengths or weaknesses? Do they reflect the lifestyle you embrace?

Now, flip the paper over and put your name at the top. List what you think you those 5 may say about you? And, if you are so inclined, ask them to do this exercise on you. Does your 5x5x5x5LS (5 friends x 5 strengths x 5 weaknesses x 5 Life Style) match up?

Friday, September 5th, 2014


Today Is The Day!

Today Is The Day!

Posted by Caroline B.

Listening to this months Beyond Freedom Evolution Supplemental Video. Why I have struggled over the years to lose weight, which mostly I put on after giving up smoking many moons ago.

Once I started on BFE I managed to lose that weight without even trying 8kg in about six months. Whooo. I reached my first goal and was over the moon, and then lost focus. I let a couple of kg just creep back on.

There is one word why I lost the weigh and same word why the weight just crept back on FOCUS. As we go up and down on the roller coast of life, we lose focus on our goals. That’s the great thing about the Beyond Freedom Community we all learn from each other how to stay focused.

Over the past couple of months I have been getting back on focus stepping my goals and putting a time frame on them. Without a time frame I feel that we can just keep on saying one day tomorrow is another day. TODAY is the day to get started. These are a few points that I have written down whilst silting to todays Audio.

• Attitude
• Belief in yourself
• Do a exercise that thrills you.
• Take back the Control
• Know for myself
• Win Win Win
• Do what works
• If it works it’s right
• Faith
• Curiosity
• Work throw the confront
• If it’s not fun don’t do it.
• Explore see what the body can do.
• Be wild have fun.

The biggest thing is that we just have to GET STARTED Thanks to Shane and Rachel for the supplemental Video!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

“The World’s Most Successful Home Business…”

When The Student Is Ready …

When The Student Is Ready …

Posted by Kirsty M.

I am so grateful for Shane & Rachel Krider “introducing” me to Bikram Yoga (and to Alison Wheeler for dragging me to my first class)! I’ve been going regularly for about a year now & much like our Beyond Freedom Evolution journey, I pick up new distinctions ALL. THE. TIME.

This one really stood out to me though… At the end of class on Monday our teacher was sharing a little bit about the history of Bikram Yoga (in his McDreamy Southern American accent… Ok that’s not why I go but it is very relaxing!) He told us that Bikram – after healing himself from a major knee injury, put together the most beneficial (physically & spiritually) 26 Yoga postures / poses to create the Bikram Yoga set, and shared it with “as many people as he possibly could” – and created the world’s most successful Yoga practice.

When I heard this, a HUGE light bulb went off for me. This is exactly the same as what we have here in Polaris.

Shane, Rachel & Greg have selected the most beneficial steps to take (after creating LOADS of their own success) – in the Business Model (6 daily steps for Success), within our Marketing (Guerilla Marketing), the Income Opportunity (3, 5 or 10 plan), and most importantly within our product – each step of the Beyond Freedom Evolution program AND our Live Events.

What else needs to be done? Our work as Distributors – getting it “out there”. Just like Bikram – he “shared it with as many people as he possibly could” and he created the world’s most successful Yoga program.

That’s our responsibility here too.

Are you ready to create the World’s Most Successful Home Business? Who else can you share this opportunity with today?

Monday, September 1st, 2014


Moving Forward!

Moving Forward!

Posted by Caroline B.

Re Last weeks Beyond Freedom Evolution call. Six minutes exercise

Today as I take my next step into my future. I wonder why I have not reached this point before now.

Some days we just try to get to our next destination before its time and then we would of not gained the knowledge that we need to on the way. We often don’t take time out of ourselves.

Thanks to Bart last week I have taken on the six minutes exercise into my life. The thing is that we can adapt anything to our own lives we don’t have to stick to the rules we can make things suit our selves.

My six minutes consist of
Silence: One Minute Silence before I jump out of bed in the morning
Exercise: Going for 30 minutes walk
Affirmations: Whilst out walking
Visualization: Whilst out walking its amazing what comes into your mind when everyone else is still sleeping and the air is so crisp.
Scribling: A very quick minutes before I start my working day.
Reading: I have a personal development book one story per day which I read whilst having breakfast.

Once again thanks Bart in sharing about the six minutes exercise and yes I’m also doing those Jumping Jacks.

The thing is that it does not matter what format we fit these thing in it only matters that we are moving forward towards our future.

Saturday, August 30th, 2014


Don't Forget Who You Are!

Don't Forget Who You Are!

Posted by Danielle V.

So there I was in my so-called ‘high flying’ corporate position living the ‘dream’ and hating every minute of it. I have taught my young daughter to never use the word HATE. It’s so negative, so destructive, so ‘down there amongst the swamp dwellers” but let me tell you I hated the world I was working in and thus living in. I felt like one of the ‘swamp dwellers’ – no down time, too much travel, far too many benign meetings, too many moments of excruciating loneliness selling someone else’s dream —ahhhh where is my tribe??? I was a nomad lost without my clan.

My only guiding star was (and is) the enormous love I have for my daughter Taylor and thus, in the mistaken belief (and fear) that my corporate role was the only role that could provide us with security and income, I pushed onwards through all the years of corporate wilderness –never fulfilled and always empty inside. Lonely. Aching. Searching.

Despite knowing in my heart that security comes from within, despite watching many colleagues settle into their dissatisfaction, despite hearing the ‘executive’ team sprout their strategy as though it were some kind of child’s security blanket – small and familiar – something to clutch onto in the middle of the night when the dark hours bring fear and worry. Just stick with the strategy. Hey after all that’s what we designed over those endlessly boring “strategy weekends” paid for by the corporate engine (and my precious time and aching heart). So many secret hours spent doodling Home Business ideas on my note pad as my colleagues herded together in search of the next great campaign. I was lost. I desperately needed Beyond Freedom but I had not found it.

I did leave a number of times, I spent many dollars searching and building small enterprises but ultimately I was always drawn back to the herd. Fear is such extraordinary powerful glue.

But I was frightened. I didn’t want my baby to grow up without all the magic that I needed to give her, I didn’t want to lose the small amount of capital that I had built, I didn’t want to hurt my resume (now that’s bizarre) – so much fear and slowly the girl that used to be me was disappearing. The girl that explored the Himalaya, the girl that adventured up the Mekong, the girl that used to believe anything was possible – I WAS DYING. I DID DIE. I stacked on the weight, started with anti depressants, and stopped noticing the opposite sex. I turned inwards and just survived. I lived solely for my daughter and then one hot afternoon in Adelaide my world shifted on its axis.

I recall the exact moment that I decided ENOUGH. I was in a hire car with a few hours to spare before catching my return flight to Melbourne and I had just come from a meeting that had left me devoid of any fulfillment. The tears were pouring down my face and I pulled over and lay down on the back seat and sobbed as though my broken heart could break even more. That was it. That was my moment. I knew that I had to save my own life.

As if by magic an old man sat next to me on the flight home and, as he noticed my tears, without prying, he simply said the exact words my Dad used to say to me when I was a little girl – “Don’t forget who you are”.

I resigned the next day. That was 11 months ago and what a ride it has been!! Not easy, but nothing worth having ever is. The journey is spectacular. The road is now wide open for me and I am on the way back to ME. I knew exactly what I was looking for and along came POLARIS GLOBAL.

I am brand new here (well 10 days new and very overwhelmed) within this lovely community and yes I do feel some fear but I know that this is it. This is the path back to me and Beyond Freedom Evolution is a wonderful structured friend along my journey. Thanks Rachel and Shane Krider for your vision and grace– and thanks to my Leader Lee Anne Bartlett for ‘finding me’.

I am no longer lost and my aching heart is healing.

Friday, August 29th, 2014


Bring On The Challenges!

Bring On The Challenges!

Posted by Lise R.

I used to believe that people who were creating greater success than I was were no longer being faced by challenges, that somehow once they got to the pinnacle of creating results that adversity no longer was a part of their reality. I thought that maybe it was an added reward for the results they have created – no more challenges.

Over the last three months I have seen my business expand and grow in ways I never thought imaginable. What has accompanied this growth has been an improvement in the quality of my challenges. Instead of being challenged by lead generation or prospecting my challenges now look a bit different. This last week I was challenged by bank transfers and merchant facilities. I know now that when we grow and expand so do the quality of our challenges. We will never be without them, but we will always have access to the knowledge to overcome them.

Has this been true for you? Have you seen the quality of your challenges augment alongside the growth in you?

Thursday, August 28th, 2014


Leaving Behind The Pressure

Leaving Behind The Pressure

Posted by Rosemary L.

Here goes my first blog …..

On a recent Polaris Global call Shane Krider talked about the distinction between anticipating a result and expecting a result. At first I had difficulty finding the difference or distinction between the two terms and how they relate to my business goals. The dictionary definitions are similar:
1. expectation – regard something as likely
2. anticipation – regard something as probable, expect, foresee

So, what is the distinction? After much thought I see the distinction as the feeling I attach to anticipation as opposed to the feeling I attach to expectation. This may be different for you, but for me this is how I see it:
1. when expecting a result I feel as if it is my right and the focus is on expecting the result to be perfectly as I have imagined it to be. The pressure I put on myself is too high.
2. when anticipating a result I have a sense of excitement running with it, I feel more relaxed and trust that it will work out. Somehow there is less pressure and more of a positive feeling around the outcome.

I am thankful to Shane for getting me thinking on this subject, and my challenge going forward is to consciously bring anticipation and those accompanying feelings of excitement and trust to whatever activity I am doing to achieve a result and leave behind the pressure of expecting perfect results.

What are your thoughts?

Monday, August 25th, 2014


Tingly Two!

Tingly Two!

Posted by Kirsty M.

WARNING: Proud Mummy moment coming up…!

I picked up our son Pierce from school this afternoon & he’s been chosen as “Star of the Week” for his class! SO proud!

On the way home from school he explained how it felt: “Mum, when you’re the Star of the Week it makes you feel all tingly in your Heart. But when I’m not Star of the Week, I still feel tingly in my heart because I’m happy for the person that is the Star that week”.

This reminded me of “Phase 1” that we all go through in the early days in our business. When I first started consistently doing a 3 plan, of course things weren’t happening as fast as I wanted them to, and I would get SO frustrated hearing everyone else’s amazing results on the training calls, when I had little or nothing to announce. I remember the leaders saying “You need to celebrate everyone else’s Success as if it is your own”. What I love about our business is that we genuinely do celebrate each others’ success, as if it is our own. We are not in “competition” with each other. The more success that is created, the more there is to come. And if you’re having a moment of your own success not being where you want it to be, just remember that everyone else’s success is just the Universe showing the catalogue of availability to you again. Here’s what’s available, if you want to do the work for it.

I’m grateful that celebrating other people’s success, not getting jealous or sour about it, is something we’re able to pass on to our kids. It’s an important trait to have as a child & as an adult. Congrats EVERYONE on your Success here – it makes me tingly in my heart!