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Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Gradually and suddenly… everything changes

Posted by Ann-Maree M

It started with a post on Facebook.

The word was communicated out by Rachel Krider, co-founder of Prosperity of Life, for anyone to join her to participate in a two-week cleanse. You know, kick the coffee, the alcohol and the sugar for two weeks, that kind of cleanse. I said yes with no interference…no little voice to contend with.
Rachel has openly shared her own experience about kicking the sugar habit and I appreciated the authenticity of her journey. It was a no brainer for me to participate.

It’s a few weeks on now as I reflect on the experience.
1.Coffee perfect score…’amazing’
2.Sugar abstained … ‘not required’
3.Alcohol succumbed …a combo of fruit and sugar…with a birthday I allowed myself a celebratory glass of wine for the occasion. In the moment, I made the choice to enjoy a chilled wine and savored the experience with friends…’to enjoy with no regret’.blog-1-copy2

I committed to participate in the cleanse challenge without a second thought – ‘I’m in’ I said.
Every now and again I find it’s a good thing to recalibrate, to know I am in control. You may be thinking ‘of course you’re always in control’ – yes that’s true I am and it’s even easier to run on autopilot and to not recognize that machine mind of mine running.

My autopilot had become the ‘gradually and suddenly’ increase in the amount of coffee I’d been consuming each day. Coffee had become a thing with me and I didn’t like it for a minute. Driving demanded a coffee as a companion. What the hell!
I wouldn’t consider taking a cup of tea for a drive…no offense intended to the tea drinkers.

Then with the passing of my Dad, a heavy feeling had taken up residence in my chest and I wanted to feel this feeling without any outside influences. I’m very aware that everything I put into my mouth has an influence on the way I feel and my energy levels. I decided amidst the grief I wanted to be connected directly to that new feeling I’d associated with Dad.

I decided I’m doing this for me and to allow the space for Dad to continue to reside in that special place in my heart. And so he does.

Throughout the time, there’s been things that have only added fuel to my quest. For starters, mid-week week one, I recognized there is this mental fog. It’s like a curtain raise in slow motion, reaching a point where it hovers around the brows. It’s then I realize it exists. Each day the fog curtain raised just a little higher to the point that it lifted right out of the top of my head. I now have that clarity and I love it. Strangely enough until I started the cleanse the mental fog wasn’t obvious to me.

Then there’s the taste buds waking up from a deep sleep to become alert and alive. Food tastes amazing, exciting and every mouthful is meaningful.

One of the distinctions I’ve gained is that I’m prepared to break up the patterns that no longer serve me. Otherwise they take on a life of their own like the coffee thing. Everyday doing the same thing, a coffee at this point, another coffee to accompany that, another while I do this and so it goes.

Tuning into the Mind Power podcast over that time, Shane and Rachel Krider interviewed the most dynamic woman. She spoke about her life and the challenges she overcame from early childhood to be the person she is today. Her name …Ella Cojocaru and I’m super appreciative to be able to listen to other people’s stories, hers, one of tragedy to triumph.

Ella spoke about breaking patterns of behavior. While we’re dependent on air and water for survival it’s not ideal for me to be dependent on doing things and keeping stuff that no longer serves me.

Did I go back to coffee? I love my cup of black coffee at the start of each day and instead of coffee as a habit it now has a purpose. That first cup back tasted different as my taste buds are more alive than ever. I know I can take it or leave it.

That heavy feeling in my chest is not weighty anymore. Instead it’s a like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis; authentic and perfect. Reflecting on my time with Dad, it pays to get things into perspective each day through appreciating who we have while we have them. Because gradually then suddenly, Dad changed and there was no going back. The moment had passed, never to return however the memories live on as a celebration of his life.

A big thank you to the Prosperity of Life community led by Shane & Rachel Krider and Greg Strom, who boldly stepping forward to lead, and contributing to shaping who I’m becoming.

Monday, August 29th, 2016


Posted by Ann-Maree M


Words hold power and combined with our life experience, shapes who we become. Words run the full gamut of contrast from those treasured words of love and encouragement, to those that seem to cut deep and everything between.

My passion for words came about through getting involved in personal development and continue to grow from those early days through to today. It was at my first weekend course where my passion for the written word began to take on a major place in my home and my heart. The result is an extensive library. Untitled

The blinkers I never knew I had, continue to be peeled back to see a whole new world. I devoured books with each situation that came about, highlighting words and phrases, writing notes that spoke to my heart.

Most recently I became aware of the 4 Stages of Mindset on the weekly episode of Mind Power with Shane Krider. The way in which Shane spoke to these stages brought about incredible value to me.

There are the words we speak with others and then there’s the language we reserve for ourselves. These are the words with the power to shape and shift who we’re becoming and a fresh perspective while we’re listening to others. The way in which the stages were presented makes this relatable to an individual through to tuning into a business conversation.

Increasing my awareness is what keeps me inspired and therein lies the ability to change. If you’ve wondered what it might take to move forward, then start with ‘I AM reading this’ and go to it.


In this stage we have a mindset of I’m not setting goals or we’re not striving to achieve anything. In this stage, it’s just surviving day by day with no direction, stagnant without a purpose. When we’re in this stage we don’t know what we want. While this stage is not so common to me I’ve been around team mates who are at this exact place and it looks like a trudging through life… is that a word?

When we’re in this stage the thinking is – I would, but I can’t. We at least know what we want, but don’t believe it’s remotely achievable. We don’t believe we can reach it so we don’t even try. “I would, but I can’t!” This is a resigned and hopeless state accepting more of what has come to pass… no hope L


This is probably the most frustrating stage to be in, because we believe we can do this. We’re trying to do something and we have the ‘I can’ attitude, but there is a big difference between a person who is trying to achieve a goal, and a person who is doing it. ‘I can succeed at this business, I can lose this weight, but I’m just not doing it yet…sound familiar? I’ve never related ‘I’m trying ‘ to ‘I can’ and have since listened more closely to what I’m saying at this stage when I say I can.


When we’re in this stage we have advanced from saying I can. We’re just doing it, in action, no longer trying and in doing it – full out action. Those limiting beliefs, doubts and fears fade off into the distance as we get on with it. When we’re operating from the place of I AM, we’re empowered with self-confidence and inner strength propelling us forward.


A goal is possible once we make the decision to do, to act and create. It’s a perspective with a fresh point of view and everything changes. What is it we’re wanting to achieve and what would we be doing to make this a reality?

I’ve started an ‘I AM list’ to shift my perspective to focus on possibilities instead of obstacles. Today I AM sharing with you my perspective on Shane’s 4 Stages of Mindset to make the shift from learning to teaching and you may choose to do the same.

Writing has been a passion of mine for some time and now I confidently say ‘I AM’ succeeding at this.

I’m forever grateful to Shane and Rachel Krider and Greg Strom and the Born to Prosper and the Prosperity of Life community for having conversations to shift up the game of life.

I AM what I chose to be, as are you.

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Finding the joy in communicating

Posted by Ann-Maree M
The inspiration for me to write bubbled up inside this week. An event takes place and many pieces of life experience and learning, fall into place just as it does when that elusive piece of the jigsaw puzzle appears right in front.

Communication…a simple gesture, an expression, body language and words in any form, anyone of these or a combo of. Communicating…even when we’re not speaking with another we are in fact communicating. Thinking about that just for a moment, could it be that we don’t want to speak, are unable to speak or that we have other things to do, deemed to be more important. Untitled-1

We Cannot Not Communicate.
We are always communicating something to the world or at least to anyone who is paying attention. If we shut ourselves away from the world we choosing a form of communication – do not disturb without putting the sign out. 
This brings up an interesting thought – do we consciously give a thought to whether we want to communicate or not?  Picture this …the phone is ringing and we know who the person is. Do we answer the call with enthusiasm, with dread or ignore the call? 
Why is that? Could it be the anticipation or the fear of what’s known, unknown, or what might be?
I know there have been times when I could have handled myself better.

For a few years now I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many people and more often people will say communication is a strength.  And yet in my experience working with teams is one of the first challenges encountered between people is when a communication challenge rises up or erupts. It could be something that was said, unsaid and inferred or interpreted through our set of filters resulting in a misunderstanding. The outcome can be friction, avoidance, conflict or a walk out.

Raising Awareness

I gained a few distinctions on communication when Shane Krider spoke about the topic at Influence Live. The seeds were planted. It was the topic at the time and then I let it go. I love Thursday mornings to tune into the weekly Born To Prosper podcast and the topic of having the desire to communicate came up again. The example Shane used was observing Rachel taking an incoming call and how she answered it – full of energy and vitality for the conversation to follow. To hear Shane, speak about watered the seeds planted in my mind just a few weeks back cruising the Canary Islands.
Later that day, I was putting my runners on to head out for a walk and had a light bulb moment. It was the combo of the call and an email I’d received an hour earlier that triggered the deeper thinking – I love those moments.

The light bulb moment for me was in receiving that email and being the observer just as Shane spoke about, checking in on how the person was coming across without judgement.
When I become aware of stuff like this it’s timely to check in to ask ‘when am I like that’?

Taking Responsibility
When we’re going about our life and business, taking responsibility could be as simple as a check in – ‘do I want to communicate with his person and why’?
Checking in with why has the potential to unmask any temptation to retreat due to the emotion coming up, even though we’re about to go through the motions of making the call.

Think about it – it could be with a stranger, the boss, the kids, the staff and of course your partner or even a first date. Taking responsibility for being authentic in how we communicate is the starting point. How the person we’re communicating with then chooses to respond is their responsibility. Together we’re each responsible.

With this in mind is it possible to have every conversation go to plan? Probably not.
After all we’re human and so is the person we’re communicating with.  There are a range of outcomes from feeling aligned, neutral, excited, offended or defensive to name a few – every response is a choice by either party.  Underneath that response can be an inflated ego, seeing ourselves as a victim, a martyr, a know-it-all, the pleaser or the struggler to name a few and all it takes to go into effect to another.

Surprise and Delight
Situations arrive to challenge us and like a balloon escaping into the sky, it can take some courage to let go of a not so great experience we’ve had with another. The flipside is when we treasure the conversation that had us feeling just that little bit special.

What if we were to treat the next conversation with anyone as if it was the very first time we’d spoken. I’m not referring to acting weird as if they’re a complete stranger, instead bringing the warmth and the vitality into how we show up and just as we would appreciate. Could that slight shift create a change in the dynamic between two people?

When we’re being authentic in our conversation we have nothing to fear. That’s giving ourselves and the other person the space to exist. Next time the phone rings or the text arrives, I’m taking a second look before I respond and to raise my awareness to a level where I have the desire to engage.
A big thank you to Shane and Rachel Krider continually raising our awareness and the bar on skills for life through the Prosperity of Life and Born to Prosper community.

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Just follow ‘the recipe’

Posted by Ann-Maree M

‘The Recipe’ has been featuring throughout my year and while this isn’t about cooking, it’s the metaphor I chose back in February when I was doing a presentation to a talented group of creatives.
At the time I was creating a context about delivering a consistent service to delight the customer, yet protect the experience to be personal and authentic.Untitled-1

I’m part of the professional salon industry and the ongoing challenge is to inspire a group of up and coming stylists to develop their communication skills to surprise and delight the person paying for the service. It’s a perpetual ‘work in progress’ and as some people progress in leaps and bounds, others take their time or hang back, then there’s the new people joining the team.

Have you experienced that defining moment when the thing you’ve been working on with others comes the full circle and meets you to deliver the same lesson? That’s me. I now feel like the fielder in baseball preparing with the gloved hand out stretched, to catch the ball coming from some great height. I got it!!

You see, I created word tracks to help the young stylists have a conversation with their clients, who more often than not, are older. We know how powerful language is, impacting on the way another person responds to us. And as we experiment, we come to appreciate the tone, the pitch, the body language that creates the energy – the vibration that we know and value as posture. It’s very rewarding to see these young guys grow through their awkward stage to pop out the other side, like that’s all they know.

Over the weekend I received a gem into my emails with a link to a podcast about the ‘Secrets of Self Made Millionaires’. I listened to it twice over to focus on the message before I started taking notes. Early up was the reference made to ‘The Recipe’ which clicked with me through that word association.
That’s right – we ask a successful person how they created what they did, they tell us and we nod, write notes, get excited and then get into action. Or so we think. What can follow is frustration, becoming disheartened, procrastination, or throwing in the towel, never realizing that we’re just not following The Recipe.

The chef creating the amazing dish isn’t throwing in a bit of ‘this and that’ to deliver to us their signature dish. They’re exact just as my guys are when they’re mixing a colour to match the last one you loved.

My light bulb moment this week is this – I have been an expert at not following ‘The Recipe’ myself in aspects of my life. While I’m clear on what I want, I have taken shortcuts and then missed the precious gems hidden within. The sweetness in all of this is becoming aware, uncovering what was there all along. And indeed it sparkles brilliantly know that I’m ready to see it.

Shane and Rachel Krider self- made millionaires continue to deliver the Prosperity of Life Recipe. While the offering of products grows, ‘The Recipe’ to create success remains the same – ‘just follow the system’. It’s a simple approach yet easily complicated when the ingredients and the method are tampered with.

‘The Recipe’ underpins every aspect on what’s on offer with this extraordinary business. Starting with the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System through to the Master of Destinies Program and then the Live Events, each are building the foundations for success. The business systems are world class with training and support to shine the light on the path to being successful ourselves. The rest is up to each of us.

Since my return from Influence Live, I’ve had a breakthrough. To cut the excuses, surrender the nonsense and to be the person who follows what I have come to appreciate as – The Recipe.

Taking that second look, I’ve exposed gems previously overlooked and one by one, I’m collecting a bag of jewels. I’m leading and following, learning and teaching and then doing it all again and again.
As Shane Krider says – choose A to B – the direct path – that’s ‘The Recipe’.

Monday, July 11th, 2016


Posted by Ann-Maree M

For some time now, I’ve been a fan of keeping a gratitude journal. I’ve been thinking back to when it began and it was around six years ago and marked a major change in direction for me and one that I will treasure forever. blog2

You see at the time I decided to quit my high flying corporate J.O.B and move to the beach. That’s right to move out of the city I loved, to move north to my beachside haven reserved for holidays. Funnily enough this move had been on my bucket list for a while – won’t share how long – as I had a lot of stuff to do between when I decided and when I moved on the decision.

There were other things I chose to make my priority over moving immediately to an idyllic location and that’s what I did. I have no regrets and a whole lot of gratitude for following my heart. Good things came and continue today and I consider myself blessed.


My first gratitude journal was an exercise book that I covered in metallic blue wrapping paper.  Looking back, I have no recollection of where the paper came from and funnily enough it takes me back to the days when we covered our exercise books ready for the new school year…do kids still do that?

I got into writing daily for close to a year and then I stopped. Looking back, I know it was because I was making it tricky. Tricky because I was looking for too much to write about, dismissing things instead searching like a miner searching for a gem. No that one’s not big enough and so on.

There must be something wrong with me. The introduction to journaling was to write ten things each day. I found it challenging and it’s funny for me to look back at what I wrote. Do any of you remember being in class and the teacher says write that out 100 times! Well that’s where I got to, ‘on repeat’. I was going through the motions, mechanical at best. This isn’t it and I stopped.

I took a break and started over about two journals ago, almost 2 years. The catalyst for journaling again was when I was introduced to the Master of Destinies program. I printed the online MOD books, bound them and wrote to my heart’s content. This was my turning point and today I write in my gratitude journal every day. Expressing gratitude is part of the ‘Six Daily Activities for Success’ within the Prosperity of Life community. So today I write three things that I’m grateful for at the end of each day. Sometimes I’m compelled to write more just because and if it’s one liner, then that’s great too.
Everything is in balance and perfect, as is.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal has become my evening, ‘before I sleep’ ritual. I love the practice as I snuggle into my bed that I love, to reflect on the day and the things that touched me before lights out. And when I travel more often my journal comes too or I make a note in my phone and then pop it in on my return.
Regardless it’s my ritual.

Research suggests that writing in a Gratitude Journal for just a few minutes per day can increase happiness and our overall wellbeing. Happiness brings out the best in us, improving our health, increasing our desire to exercise more, releasing more of those happy endorphins – yes please!
The practice of gratitude is a simple daily activity and a wonderfully rich cycle to be part of.

Gratitude improves relationships both personal and professional, because people who are considerate and kind are, understandably more likeable. Those who express their thanks and appreciation for others have better relationships because everyone feels valued and loved.
Who doesn’t love the sound of that!

If you haven’t given journaling a go, then writing in a gratitude journal is a great place to start. Keep it simple, adopting the no rules approach, allowing yourself to express as your authentic self. It’s your gratitude and that’s what matters. If you’ve been thinking about starting, then I dare you to make the move.
I’m hooked!

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Our words are our life

Posted by Anne-Maree M

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without the words? If you’ve lost your voice for a time you could relate, otherwise it’s just a consideration.
This thought has just flashed through my mind as I was flying…maybe it’s the altitude!pic1

One of the activities we do at the Influence Live events, is to take to the streets to do ‘random acts of kindness & angelic deeds’. This trip it was the colorful streets of Vigo, Spain. The locals spoke little if any English, we had no knowledge of Spanish and yet we communicated with ease through giving and receiving. There was no conflict, instead who could do more…us for them or them for us. It was a rich and rewarding experience we’ll treasure for years to come.

From a magical moment with a complete stranger to being with ourselves day in – day out, have you ever paused to listen to the conversation you’re having with yourself?
From what’s on your mind that’s spoken out loud or in private, it’s no surprise how we become what we’re thinking about.
Here’s a few that come to mind…
–    I’m no good at this
–    Business is always quite in June
–    I haven’t been successful yet
–    I always get a cold at this time of year
–    I’m hanging in there

Whether we realize it or not, we are the by-product of what we tell ourselves, feeding our mind, just as we become what we put into our bodies.
When things are going our way we’re patting ourselves on the back with how amazing we are and then just as fast, the tide turns and we’re the worst person on the planet.
This messes with the vision we have for ourselves, bringing about opposing forces, never getting ahead.
”You mean all that stuff I say to myself carries that much weight? I didn’t mean it like that.”
With two conversations running – the one I’m having with you and the other I’m having with myself, these conversations shape who we are being.
Shane Krider speaks about the roles we play in our lives – from who we are being as ourselves, family, society, business and finance. I started with the role that holds my attention daily and wrote a narrative on that one. It didn’t take me long to see how I had in fact turned this into a ‘thing’ giving it life and not deserved. I laughed when I got to the end of what I wrote and ‘the thing’ is gone and I feel light about it now.

Here’s a few ideas on roles to get to started if you’re coming up short. Are any of these familiar? I can definitely relate to each one and a few more I’m sure.
–    STRUGGLER – Why does everything have to be so hard
–    PLEASER – No one appreciates what I do
–    HARD DONE BY – I’m over this
–    KNOW IT ALL – I’ve heard this before
–    VICTIM – Why is this always happening to me
–    MARTYR – I gave up so much for you

When we uncover a role, checking in as to how has this role served us, is first up. Is it a current role or one being dragged from the past like an old suitcase that’s seen its day some time ago.
Consider this as a ‘random act of kindness’ for ourselves.

It’s not about dredging up details from my past, it’s about what we tell ourselves everyday starting right now.

My journey here with the daily practice of Personal Development through Master of Destinies and the Alchemy program, combined with attending the live events – the most recent Influence Live are continual game changers for me.
Becoming conscious, waking up, I’m continually removing the perceived blocks, to live the life I dream of.

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Be Do Have

Posted by Chrissy G
When I first started my Personal Development journey here 7 years ago with Prosperity of Life and our Master of Destinies curriculum I was introduced to the principal  Be Do Have.
This is a description from Shane Krider on the Born to Prosper Site about the Be Do Have principal “This concept has been around for thousands of years, it’s a fundamental basic truth of life. You can try and change what you have, and you can try and change what you’re doing
but unless you change who you’re being, then none of that is going to change.” 
We tend to believe we need to ‘have’ something – money, more time, love; 
then we can finally ‘do’ what we really want – start a business, pursue a passion, create a relationship. This will then allow us to ‘be’ what we really want in our life – successful, fulfilled, in love. 
There were a couple of points that Shane Krider shared on the Born to Prosper podcast 
that really resonated with me.
1/ Being comfortable in life is like a drug so the more we stay average the more comfortable 
we become with average and we begin to believe that being anything else is hard.
2/ We can be either Pro Active creating our future working through any obstacles 
that present themselves but while always moving towards our goals.  
OR we can play 
the victim role so that means we are listening to our own excuses and playing 
the blame game. 
3/ Learn to listen, really listen to your own language, are you using empowering 
words when speaking to others and more importantly when speaking with yourself.
I ask myself and you these 4 Questions
1/ Who are your really being?
2/ Who are you really listening too?
3/ What are you filling your mind with ( positive or negative info) 
4/ Am I being a fixer or a creator
Please share the answers that came up for you when asking yourself 
those 4 questions and anything else on the topic of Be Do Have.
Monday, June 27th, 2016


Posted by Ann-Maree M

As much as I love travel, I’m loving being home too. Emptying the suitcase and getting back into a routine is wonderful, although I do miss having someone cook for me.

While I’ve been away, the seasons have changed, the winter sunsets spectacular and the locals are happy to see me, as I am to see them.camera

As I unpacked my stuff, I too unpacked what I’d experienced. While it was fresh in my mind I reviewed the hand written notes I took from the Influence Live conference I’d been a part of. This extraordinary event over 8 days has been life changing for me and those who were part of it. The content presented by Shane Krider in tandem with the experiences we had work-shopping together, the conversations with others and discovery on the ground in new cities was a rich and full experience.

This week is an opportunity for me to express my thoughts about a key topic that struck a chord with me, gaining deeper distinctions.

The result is two-fold – I get to better understand what I learnt by sharing this with you and then you in turn may have the opportunity to reflect and pay it forward to a friend. Everyone wins, ‘yeay” we love that!

What does being a leader mean?
I took a look at what the Oxford Dictionary says – a straight forward, no-frills answer.

noun: the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country – a natural leader – the leader of a protest group
synonyms: chief – head – principle – boss – commander – captain
I appreciate the dictionary presents the top line description of a word although how often have you experienced a person in the leader position and it’s just that – top line, with a ‘do what I say’ posture.
What do we look for in a leader?
We’ve all had experiences with people in leadership positions, including ourselves, either in business or at home with the family. So what is it that distinguishes a leader from a boss or a chief or the head of the household?  How do we define a leader today?
For me it’s when the leader is on purpose with their values, ahead of asking or expecting another to follow suit. It’s a demonstration of and being true to oneself.
Here’s a few points I have clarity for the leader, on purpose.

1.When the leader stops buying their own excuses
2.Gets on with it whatever it is vs. giving up
3.Speaks from the heart to then speak their mind
4.Knows as a leader and to lead, they require another person to be present ‘a follower’
5.Understands and respects empathy to serve others instead of sympathizing
6.Has a point of view and expresses it
7.Understands they may piss off another person from time to time – ‘oops’
8.Doesn’t require permission to take a stand
9. Has the ability to confront a situation
10.Grants themselves the space to be
‘Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader success is about growing others’ – Jack Welsh

Shane spoke about first being our ‘authentic self’. This is where leadership begins and the first person being led is ourselves. In some areas or our lives, we lead naturally and in others we have the potential to shrink. Why is that? It’s a combination of the negative thoughts and the pictures in our mind that create some version of a story that doesn’t serve us. The alternate is to give ourselves the space to expand, to fully express ourselves.
Glance around at any of the successful and worldly identities we know and appreciate – Richard Branson, Oprah, Bill Gates to name a few. They are the purest form of demonstrating a leader on purpose, speaking their mind, showing vulnerability, never shrinking from making their point of view known, even if it’s not in line with the popular vote.
We admire these people for speaking from their heart to express what’s on their mind.

These three words ‘Be Do Have’ are the guide and the magic comes about when we respect the order.
It’s not ‘Have Do Be’ The order begins with ‘who are we being’.
To be the Leader ask yourself ‘Who am I Being’ and what actions ‘Would I be Doing’ and taking towards the outcome I desire. The ‘Have’ comes about as a result of Be and Do.
When the dice rolls and it’s your turn to take the lead next, consider whether you’re expanding or contracting, how it feels in your body and then decide to make the change to be authentic.
Transformation can take place in an instant when we allow it to take up residence, leaving behind ‘what was’ as if it never existed. Just as we fuel our body through eating well, doing regular exercise, feeding our mind with the outstanding Master of Destinies program too is a daily practice, keeping us moving forward in create a healthy balanced life.

Monday, June 20th, 2016

A Gypsy Heart Loves to Travel

Post by Ann-Maree M

What is it about travel that brings us to our senses, bringing about the full gamut of emotions?

You see, I left home just over two weeks ago to arrive across the other side of the world in blogpreparation to join a ten day cruise with a difference. That event was Influence Live cruising and conferencing in one, with the Prosperity of Life Community surrounded by like minded people. I consider this as time out to expand my thinking in leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as exploring the ship and the shores, discovering the new.

Growing up in a family that never travelled, I definitely got bit by the bug somewhere and I’m grateful it chose me. When I was in my twenties, instead of traveling the world with a backpack, I discovered Australia by road for a year or more.

Then I worked my way into a career where I flew many times a month, interstate then the annual international trip to an event. And for a time I lived abroad with the opportunity to travel to lands I never imagined I would get to experience. ‘And they call this work’ I said?

People said to me ‘you’ll get tired of the travel’ and I didn’t. Instead I began to travel for fun to attend events where I learn and discover and fell more in love.

What I’ve realized about travel is this…it’s everyday life on steroids.  It’s challenging and rewarding, tiring and invigorating, negotiating and then going with the flow to surprise and delight.

Travel is defined, presenting a ‘one of opportunity’ to experience life through a specific lens at this specific moment in time, just like working on ourselves.

Why defined? Well the road trip around Australia for starters was a continual journey, from one destination to the next and while we decided how long we’d stay in a spot, we were continually moving. And if we were to linger in one place, it was unique in the moment as are thoughts.

I often hear people grizzle about work travel however I am continually surprised and delighted by the quick work trip interstate to remind me of the beauty of the seasons, the slight change in culture and the people we meet, along with accomplishing why I was traveling in the first place.

It’s the beginning of the journey I love…I love flying! With no technology to check, to sit back and reflect or get some seriously great work done, I am free to create. I went through a stage when I felt a little out of place traveling solo. The good news is I did overcome that mind chatter and today never give it a second thought. As I work on myself through my ongoing desire to make personal development a practice, the things that matter become clearer and the rest isn’t even a consideration.

When it’s your time to travel, embrace the opportunities that present themselves to be in the moment that stands before you. And you may be surprised as what traveling alone can teach you about the world and about yourself.

1.  Endless Possibilities
There are so many places to visit, people to meet and many things to experience. Dream big, explore, and continuously work to achieve more.
2.  Much to Learn
Experiencing how others live in a different culture is enlightening and making us appreciate what we have. With an endless amount of knowledge to be unlocked through travel, visiting and learning in person is truly a life-changing experience.
3.  Expand Communication
Being present and savoring the moment opens our heart to see that there is much beautiful diversity in the world, yet somehow we all share similarities, we’re human.
4.  Appreciate Independence
Traveling alone gives us time to think and explore new things. Once I would have been afraid to sit at a restaurant or try something new on my own. Traveling alone helps us to let go of these fears, to enjoy days on our own and to reflect.
5.  Food for the Soul
Embracing new surroundings, we forget about the day-to-day worries of life. Whether it’s traveling to a new restaurant someplace local, a different state or a different country, each location carries something unique. Be present and take it all in.

These five relate to the journey I embarked on with personal development. From books to seminars and workshops to this cruise, it’s continual for me, like taking a shower every day.

It’s not about where you go or how exotic travel is travel.
From the Sunday drive to seeing the world there’s plenty to see bringing joy, discovery and the adventure.
Same goes for the daily practice of personal development. And if you couldn’t make this Prosperity of Life event, then be sure to get to the next one, it’s life changing.

‘Ones destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things’ – Henry Miller

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Surprising Benefits of Curiosity and How to Cultivate It

Posted by Portia D

Being curious and wanting to learn more is great for your health and well-being. Curiosity keeps your brain active and alert, which is particularly important as you get older. Studies even show that curious people are happier and tend to live more interesting lives because they’re open to experiencing new activities, places and ideas.

Curiosity is also known to strengthen your relationships. Showing genuine interest in others deepens connection and can expand empathy when listening to someone with views different from your own.

Perhaps the most compelling benefit is that curiosity helps you learn new things. Studies show that being interested in something new helps you learn it faster and results in greater ability.

This is great news for naturally curious people, but what if you aren’t particularly curious? Here are some ways you can develop curiosity:

  • Read articles, magazines and books about subjects you’re unfamiliar with and wouldn’t normally read. See if it sparks a new interest.
  • Ask questions. Everyone around you has knowledge of something you don’t, and people often enjoy talking about things they’re passionate about.
  • Stay positive. It’s easier to learn something new when you focus on the benefit and see the learning process as a fun, new experience.

Reignite the curiosity you had as a child, and see if you experience greater life satisfaction, improved relationships and a sharper mind. When the time comes for you to learn something new for work or in your personal life, you’ll likely have an easier time picking it up and enjoying it too.