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Monday, February 8th, 2016

How Do You Know When You Are Happy? What Does It Look Like For You?

Posted by Cathy W

I have been thinking about this since our Master Of Destinies call a few weeks ago and wanted to share and would love to hear other perspectives on this.

I went through many years of my life not really knowing what happiness was and thinking that I would never feel happy. Sure I had moments of joy in my life but they passed and the underlying feeling I had was one of sadness. It was not until I threw myself into personal development that I started to understand that my happiness had to come from within. I had to deal with all the sabotaging beliefs that I had about myself – it was a long journey but so worthwhile.

I believe I have Internal (long term) and External (short term) happiness and both are important to my well being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My Internal happiness comes from loving myself, believing in myself, nurturing myself and allowing myself to just BE. Being in control of the ‘mind’ chatter and not allowing it to influence my decisions. Knowing how to protect myself when life is challenging and having a general feeling of excitement about life and Gratitude for all that I have.

My External happiness comes from all the little things that happen each day and having an awareness and appreciation for them all. Enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a good book, having a good day in my business, playing with the dog, catching up with family and friends, gardening, watching the sunrise, finding a $20 note in my pocket … you get the idea.

Being Happy inside allows me to enjoy all the External moments of happiness but not rely on them to make me feel good. I can be just as Happy spending a day on my own and having no contact with the outside world.

Finding that inner happiness gave me the power to change my life and to stand strong even when times were tough … it is kind of like a secret sanctuary that I live in and when things become chaotic on the outside I can disappear into myself and stay calm and usually make better choices about how I am going to do life.

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Learning about this thing called life

Posted by Susan D
When I worked a corporate job we were all sent off to do a course on Resilience training.  This term Resilience is often mentioned in the work environment as we deal with various people with different opinions, standards, values, beliefs, and at times this can cause conflict.  The training was more or less how to bounce back from that conflict and go on to have a working relationship with that person even if you do not see eye to eye on a personal level.
I was thinking about this today as I had a bit of a rough morning.  Being a carer for my husband can be rather challenging at times and can create conflict and I can find myself in emotional situations that I really don’t want to be in. But this is part of life.  No matter how positive we are, or how many positive supportive people we surround ourselves with, we are all going to face situations at times that are not great.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they taught things like Resilience 101 at school’s.  They could teach you as you are growing up just how to bounce back from negativity and conflict. It would have been great!
I am really grateful that this is one of the lessons I have been learning over time with our Master of Destinies program and the 17 day Personal Prosperity Challenge with Prosperity of Life.  They have taught me how to be more resilient.  Instead of some situation derailing me for an entire day, or even worse – for days or weeks, I’m bouncing back so much quicker.  I have learned that I have a choice here – to stay in the ‘mood’ that the situation has created in me and play the victim, or take control of my emotions and re-focus on positive and uplifting things – things that improve my mood. This morning was such a moment for me, and I went and looked at a heap of positive quotes, I listened to some music that made me feel good and lifted my vibration, and I got myself out of that ‘funk’ quite quickly.  I have yet to learn how to control my emotions in the heat of the moment, but always the student I am learning more and more every time I go through our program, and I will continue going through it as it helps me navigate through this thing called LIFE.
Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Raising the vibration of prosperity of life

Posted by Lisa R

I shared on an earlier post last year that when we write blogs on the Prosperity of Life platform we are initiating and raising the vibration of others. Such a simple act of writing and reading of wins and others’ successes can have such an impact on how we feel and go about our day.
I can tell you that one of the biggest, most impactful side effects of blogging on the the Prosperity of Life platform has been the increase in my vibration which then translates into results in my Prosperity of Life business. I know that the two go hand in hand.
How can you assist others in raising their vibration through this platform? Blog often about your wins and experiences along your journey here and know that you are assisting others here within the Prosperity of Life community in raising their vibration = raising their results.
Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Move Up, Move Forward!

Posted by Andonia R
The snow has started to fall, and the season for horsemanship lessons is coming to a halt. The time has come to place my focus back into Polaris Global, and generate great success and continue to build my window of opportunities in the Equine industry.

I use to be unsure of saying I sold “Personal Development” products because I use to think people wouldn’t take it seriously. The difference between than and now is it doesn’t matter. People will choose to move up and move forward in life doing what fits them, and not everyone will choose Polaris and our BFE courses to do that, and that’s okay.

I lost a friend only a few days ago, and in her choices she took the innocence of another. It breaks my heart, not because she is gone, because she missed how beautiful you can make your life. It’s sad that around us their are people who are constantly in the way of themselves and can’t seem to make the choice to move up and move forward. I feel peace with her decision, I understand it to a degree and that choice takes strength and courage as well. Though a burden of loss, pain, and self blame could remain I have faith it can be a step in growth, which could lead to self awareness and a step into living a more fulfilling life in courage and integrity. Use the experience to help themselves & others to move up and forward.

I take these moments to look around and be grateful for what I have, and working towards. To know that I have BFE and know that it has saved my marriage, my relationship with myself and others. It is a blessing and I cherish what I gain every time I attend a call, read a blog or take the time to write my own story. I might have been selling a product last year when I first started with Polaris, however, I’m offering a life change and experience to gain perspective and awareness of the things we work hard for. To help those find their path in life and become the best versions of themselves. To promote growth and healing and being true to yourself, your future self. To move up, move forward and continue believing that you have purpose and reunite yourself with the ability to become what you create.

To moving up, and moving forward.

I’ll never stop believing.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Aftermath of Prosperity of Life blog competition

Posted by Lisa R

It has been nearly 2 months since I was announced as the Prosperity of Life Top Blogger for 2015. Leading up until that point I was blogging very regularly – anywhere from 3-5 times per week. What I found was that my connection and passion for my Prosperity of Life business continued to increase and gain traction. I felt on fire and on purpose with my results.
Since the competition finished I have not submitted another blog. I used the excuse that I was too busy, I “deserved” a break after all of that blogging, etc. What I have noticed is that my passion and excitement have started to dwindle. While I continue to move at the same rate in my business, my energy levels have dropped. Interesting correlation right?
This brings me back to the concept of karma and that to have anything you must first create it. If I desire to keep up my vibration and passion then I must be willing to continue to give that to others. In blogging and sharing our wins on this platform we are vibration initiators and we assist everyone in maintaining that passion and excitement for what we do here.
Here is to another full 12 months of blogging! Let’s go! Who’s with me?!
Monday, October 19th, 2015

Is your signature visible and legible?

Posted by Bart

If everything we touch we leave our signature on, is your signature visible and legible? When you think of your signature as a record of your influence then with each stroke of the pen we leave a trail of impact. Positive or negative, legible or illegible, our signature is there. bartPic181.jpg

Think for a moment of all the places you have left your signature. Look at your family, your work, your friends, your social media exchanges, and your casual interactions. Each of these is but one pixel of your signature. That pixel, as with true art, combines other pixels and creates a masterpiece. Is this masterpiece something that is revered for ages or will it collect dust in the attic?

When you consider that everything you touch you leave your signature on, it begins to raise your level of awareness as to not only the person you are but also the person others perceive you to be. Just as no one signs your signature quite the way you do, your signature is a form of sensation. That sensation, though room for interpretation, becomes your trademark.

Some signatures are precise, some ‘old-school’, some artistic, some eclectic, and some only primary print. But isn’t this what creates the artistic beauty of our earth? Remember, without ‘art’ earth would only be ‘eh.’

Take a look at your signature through the influences of everything you touch. Is that the message you want to convey? Is that the person you see every morning in the mirror or is that the signature of someone you would not befriend?

An interesting paradox may be created or a lifelong parable; a legend in the making. What is your signature?

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Success is an INSIDE JOB here at Polaris Global

Posted by Yolanda V

I just got off the weekly team call where Rachel interviewed Adam B after he had earned $115000 AUD in a 30 day period.  Firstly I wish to extend my deep appreciation to Adam for sharing so authentically and secondly I wish to congratulate him on his awesome results and just going from strength to strength.228

I would love to share some of the lessons I took from this call – there were so many nuggets of wisdom but the ones that really stand out to me are:

BELIEF!!  – You deserve to have belief in yourself and the system. It is a really simple system but it WORKS (if you do obviously).  Believe in yourself every moment of every day.

If you lack the belief – borrow from someone else – To me this was a great and timely reminder. Even if you are going through times where you don’t see the evidence of what you want to create – get clearer on your vision and your picture. Visualise you achieving the goal and let that be the only evidence you need to fuel your belief.  Don’t let any stinking thinking blemish or blur your picture.  Do more Beyond Freedom Evolution to get rid of that “stinkin thinkin”.

Be, Do, Have – Be the Leader you aspire to be.  If you don’t believe in what you are saying, nobody else will.  Lee Anne always say to me: “It is not WHAT you are saying, it is HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING”.  For the longest time I did not know how to change how I feel about what I am saying to people until I learned that lesson about getting very clear on my picture of what I want to create and keep that picture in my head and heart when I go through life.. It is amazing how that has changed my vibration and energy.

There is NO PLAN B – An awesome reminder Adam gave towards the end of the call is something that Shane often says – “There is no plan B”.  Decide what you want to create. Cut off all other possibilities and go all in. There is no safety net… There is only one option and that is the one YOU CHOSE!!

I am feeling super inspired to go forth and create massive results in my life and my business. I have also always felt like I did not fit in and did not belong.  I really did not like to corporate life and office politics. I did not like the back stabbing mentality that people had and the feeling that they had to pull others down to lift themselves up.  What I LOVE about this community is that we all support and encourage each other to succeed. We celebrate each other’s wins and are happy for each and every success story. No matter how small the win – a win is a win and we celebrate together.

I am feeling tremendously blessed to be a part of this amazing free harbour community where I too can just be myself and I have the space to make mistakes, learn, grow and become the person I am becoming.  I feel loved and appreciated in this community and love each one of these amazing people.

What did you get out of today’s Global Team Call?

What lessons have you learnt about creating success?


Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Counting the Wins on a Daily Basis

Posted by Brianna B

One Step, one win at a time

I love the ‘count your wins’ concept. In fact I love it so much I decided to purchase a yearly diary devoted to recording my daily wins. I set myself a goal to prove a 3 plan could be hit with free marketing methods, and I wanted a clear record of how I would achieve this goal. download (1)

Wednesday the 25th of February 2015 I purchased my diary and wrote in my first wins, they stated:

  1. Bought my wins diary
  2. Learnt something new about social media and compliance
  3. Created another account to post ads with
  4. Posted a new blog on polaris global
  5. Commented on others blog posts
  6. Made a very filling healthy smoothie
  7. Listened to Brian Tracy’s chapter on goal setting
  8.   Learnt that posting jobs every 15 days on Linkedin is most effective

After the first day I decided on the second I would start to record the amount of ads I posted.

Day 7, I cracked 124 ads!!

Day 8, I started to record the amount of people I put in front of the biz info, 1 person!

Day 15, I put 4 people in front of the info in one day, and although I’m embarrassed to admit I only put 3 people in front of the info the previous week in total, so HUGE celebration for me today.

Day 31, 521 ads posted. This was as a result of looking for new websites to market on every day. My belief about posting ads was expanding and I began to build a new belief that I could post as many as it takes and not get bumped.

Day 61, M1 SALE BABY!

Day 67, M1 SALE AGAIN!

Day 82, M1 SALE! This is starting to get pretty fun.

Day 83, A team member upgraded to M7!

Day 86, 6 people in front of the info in one day, new record!!!

Day 116, 19 people in front of the info for the week (first successful week of hitting above my 3 plan) HUGE celebration.

And it goes on and on, I now have an amazing diary with my daily wins. As of day 116 I knew for myself that this business can be operated with minimal/no budget and result in huge success. I even ended up training our amazing community how to utilise one of my favourite platforms, Facebook.

If I ever feel I am not making progress I can simply read just one week ago and already see how far I have come, let alone that first day.

How do you record your wins?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

My Journey with Beyond Freedom Evolution

Posted by Brianna B

Identifying the Stoppers

Today we had an amazing Beyond Freedom Evolution call hosted by Lise & Kalie. It lined up perfectly with where I am currently up to in the BFE program having started the exercise a few days ago. This is my third time through the program. The first time I identified just about everyone in my life as a ‘stopper’ and had a very “me vs. them” attitude which ultimately did not serve me. Brianna

The second time I went through this particular exercise I actually hosted the BFE call with Alison and identified myself as the primary stopper. While I could see others actions as “stoppers” I ultimately put the responsibility on myself as the reason they were able to be stoppers and really focused in on what I was doing to allow them to be a stopper.

This third time round, I had an interesting shift in perspective and a MASSIVE realisation. I still feel I am responsible and totally accept this, however after hearing Lise & Kalie share their perspective stoppers I realised I had been making myself wrong in identifying anyone or anything other than myself as the stopper. I can see how this belief has made me distant from certain friendships that ultimately I would rather work to strengthen and come to a level where we raise each other’s vibrations even if we don’t agree on certain things, and be more than okay with that. After all having friendships and relationships with alternative perspectives can challenge you to grow and open your own mind (as long as it is in a positive/supportive manner of course)

As of this afternoon I am revisiting the exercise with a fresh perspective and allowing myself the space to name ALL my perceived stoppers without judgement on myself or others.

Anyone else have a shift in perspective after a BFE call?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

My Freedom Odyssey

Posted by Jill A

Hi to all in this very special community of ours!!

So to begin with:

I don’t write for public, in fact writing for anyone who has dyslexia, is more than writing; it’s as if the you are waiting for a sky to fall on you once you send it out there, it is so much more than anything I thought I would/could ever do, even though I always have a lot to say!

However, I felt I just had to share what has been happening in relation to BFE, how it has moved into my life, changed my life and given me more freedom to be me than ever before, I think why not?  WHY NOT indeed!?

I am at present waiting to hear from my partner who is busy getting ready to “sail his dream,” literally, into our lives, a 41 ft. Formosa Yacht, From Pago Pago, that has fallen into our laps. Just like that, … straight out of a story book there she was waiting for him, to find!

Just like my vision of finding some type of business that I could do while I was sitting in some lovely hot sand with my laptop on my knee, to be able make myself an income that I could then enjoy life with, share with my family and build what I want to have for my future; he also had a vision of this yacht,  both these things have found us in the last year, and by the way… We also found each other.

So if anyone has any doubts how this curriculum can work in your life, just put it out there, just do a bit every day, get busy learning and enjoy moment, laugh when people are telling you how hard life is, and just smile, as you know different.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with a  great community, and with a great products.

Building a new reality has been so much fun, and more than entertaining for me as I struggle with technology, but I know that I have come such a long way and will continue to grow though this experience.

Move over world, I’m coming through , and nothing will pull the rug out from under me this time.

Thank you for all you have given and continue to give to us here , at Polaris, Rachel and Shane.