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Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Accountability – Being Honest with Myself

Posted by Cathy W

BFE – what a great call today – thank you Bart and Helen.

I love this topic of Accountability and being Responsible for ourselves.

This is very relevant to me right now.

I joined Polaris a year ago and was excited and motivated. My husband was going to keep us afloat financially while I got my business up and running.

Great plan – but things changed!

My husband became very sick and was no longer able to work. Our lives were turned upside down for many months and I switched my focus to caring and supporting and sometimes just surviving myself. It was a very traumatic time but we got through it and now we are following the path of recovery.

What happened for me was that I became emotionally and physically drained and felt like I just had nothing left for me and consequently my business did not grow. I kept justifying this by telling myself that I could not work on my business while I had so much to deal with at home and I convinced myself that this was just the way it was.

I sat in this energy for some time but then I sat myself down and asked myself what I could own about the way I was dealing with this situation. I was not responsible for it but I am responsible about how I deal with it and the choices I make. I started to consider what I could do to create a different work environment where I could start to work and be excited about my business.

I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself that ‘I do love you but I do not like your behaviour right now’.

Hmm so being honest with myself and accepting what I was doing that was not helping the situation has really given me the motivation to start taking responsibility for making things happen in my life, my business.

Blaming someone else or feeling sorry for yourself does not bring about the results you want to see.

Taking responsibility for your life and your actions and being accountable for the decisions you make – this moves us forward to where we want to go.

Woo hoo – this is a WIN – another great section of today’s call.

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Loving My New Self and New Awareness

Posted by Cathy W
I have just completed the 17 day Personal Prosperity System challenge and it was a truly mind blowing experience.
I feel like I have just got to know myself again – my new self and I know there will be many more New versions as life continues.
I feel like I am looking down on myself with all the many opportunities and possibilities the Universe provides all surrounding me.
Today was all about being in the Now, connection and not allowing counter intentions to take over.
I had to laugh as straight after the call I was with a friend and they said that they had just done a job but they had never done it before so it probably would not work.
How many times I have said the exact same thing and now I see why. If I say I have never done something before and that it might fail,  is going to make it less embarrassing if it does fail. I won’t have to worry about what others might say or feel bad within myself. I have already set myself up for failure and justified well the reason why I failed.
What I will say from now on is that I have never done this before so I am going to have a new experience – now that feels so much better.
Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Gratitude to the Universe

Posted by Cathy W
I have woken up this morning feeling so excited, peaceful, light, grateful…oh and so many more feelings. I just want to express my absolute gratitude  for the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System. I have listened to the webinars over and over and in particular the first 2 … The 6 Higher Faculties of the Mind and Internal vrs External Realities. These 2 brought me to a place of such awareness about me and my life. 12038221_936740549716431_1200676781034981300_n
Some of the things I used to dream about have actually happened and I really had little awareness around this – they just happened. So if I can attract into my life the things I want without even knowing, then how much more can I create with all my awareness and attention in tact woohoo!!!
After my marriage break up my circumstances changed quite dramatically. I had a beautiful home on a 16 acre property where we were totally self sufficient food wise. I had dogs and chooks and we also made our own organic wine. I was co-owner of a successful business. So when I left I was leaving behind so much and was not able to take much with me at all as I was moving into a small unit. But you know it was quite liberating to not have much ‘stuff’ and I spent many years finding ME – who was I without all that stuff. I started to climb out of the dark place and found I quite liked me and while I did not have much I was happy.
I have never been very comfortable with the idea of manifesting and thinking as if I already have what I dream about but I did used to dream and had a huge vision board. I would often take myself to a quite place and just imagine what it would feel like to have–
A beautiful loving relationship
A little home with a garden full of fruit trees and vegies
A dog in my life again
A house with a verandah where I could sit and listen to the rain
To have the sea close by
To have my girls close by
And to be able to work from home
Well, can you believe I have all of the above and I have so not had an awareness around what I have created until now. I started to question how could all this have happened but then stopped myself – I do not need my mind to sabotage any of this – and just accepted that I had a Vision and the Universe provided the opportunities and I seem to have grasped those opportunities to create what I only used to dream about.
So now I have such an awareness imagine what I can create from here on.
I am so grateful for the 17 day system – it has just allowed me to acknowledge how much is out there for me to experience and having the understanding around my mind, the physical universe and my vision has totally put me in the drivers seat of my life.
So full of gratitude today.
Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Rockin’ Bris-Vegas with the Polaris Global Aussie Tour!

Posted by Carrie M

Wowsers! On Sunday I enjoyed a jam-packed day of new things, fun, connection and purpose with a heap of Polaris Global Distributor Peers at our first event on the Aussie Tour in Brisbane. brisbane event

I have a mind (and a notebook) full of things that jumped out at me during the day.

Here are my top 5 gold nuggets that I’d love to share with you!

  1. Make a decision and back it up with action.
  2. Create alignment with my future vision and find my truth.
  3. Be persistent and consistent.
  4. People will remember how you made them feel, not what you said.
  5. Act as if I can only succeed!

I received SO many gold nuggets on Sunday. I know that many of them I have probably heard before, and my mind may have been closed to that learning at that time.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears” (? Louise Hay). I believe this with learning too – I can often hear things a few times and one day it will just suddenly click, or I will gain a new and deeper understanding around that particular principle.

I’d encourage you to get your bum on a seat at one of the events – you only have everything to gain from being there!

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Throwing your hat in the ring

Posted by Caroline B

Why we don’t step up to the plate.

After being at our training conference today I had time to myself driving home.

As the thoughts of the day run through my head I realised over the course of the day that I’ve just been too hard on myself.Hat

I have been doubting myself for so long and not stepping up to the plate. Have you ever heard of “Make sure that you get what you come for” (thanks Kirsty). I got that in the first five minutes of the afternoon, are you taking this serious? The answer is a big fat NO.

The reason why that I have been doubting my ability and I think that over time we don’t step up to the plate straight away when we certainly have had the opportunity. Then because we have not stepping up to the plate we start to retract into ourselves and just cant find a way out. I as I stand here today I encourage everyone to stand up and be noticed as Lise said the other day on a call day “be loud and proud“. Thanks to our personal development program we just have to depart from where we are make a decision and then take action.

Some of the things that we have to remember everyday.

  • Be serious about what you want and go for it
  • Every day stand up and be counted and decide what are 2 steps today you are going to take
  • Follow through on every thing that you do and don’t do it half hearted
  • Change your thoughts on what is possible – believe that everything is possible.
  • Make a decision and back it up with action
  • It’s not what happens it’s what you do about it.
  • Be the CEO of your own company everyday without fail
  • Believe in yourself, don’t doubt yourself
  • They can do it I CAN DO IT
  • Be do have
  • Make bigger decisions
  • Have to be the leader you have to become the leader
  • I am the person I could be

We all can go from O to hero as Sir Richard Branson says “Screw it lets do it”.

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Picking Yourself up on a SLOW day

Posted by Cathy W
So today has started out as one of those ‘Slow’ days for me. Cathy Walcroft 2-1
I attended the Business Presentation in Brisbane all day yesterday and loved every moment. Being surrounded by the positive energy in the room really inspired me and motivated me to get my business on track.
I drove home with my head so full of ideas and learnings but thankfully I did get a good nights sleep.
Today, however I woke up feeling very sluggish. So much in my mind and just not sure where to start.
Is it ok to have a ‘slow’ day? I believe it is as long as I am still doing something.
So I am allowing myself today to take a few more breaks, focus on one thing at a time and enjoy the whole process.
I started the day doing my Tai Chi and then having some time in the garden to reflect on all the possibilities that I have at my fingertips. Then I picked out just 3 things that I wanted to achieve today.
I can be hard on myself on these sorts of days and push myself so much that I end up not really achieving a lot and then get to the end of the day feeling very frustrated and incomplete.
I know for me personally I cannot run at 100mph every day and I know if I listen to my body and acknowledge what I am feeling that I end up being way more productive long term.
It is a beautiful day here in QLD and I have set my work space up in the garden. My dog is sitting right next to me and I am just so grateful that I can chose where I am going to work.
Today is turning out to be a good day.
Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Taking in what you are learning

Posted by Caroline B

Somedays we can hear what we are being taught, but if we don’t have our listing ears on it just won’t sink in (thanks to KM son have your got your listing ears on mummy). IMG_1612

My thoughts on how to take things in.

Turn everything else off when you are listening
Take notes
If it is a recording stop and start it as many time that you have to to hear what the person said
Live take quick notes and the go back and go over the recording, I bet you get something different out of it the second time
Write a blog about what you have heard it will sink into your mind a lot more
Take action on what you have learnt
Set goals on the new things that have triggered inspiration in you

It only takes a brief moment for inspiration

I have often thought to myself no I wont go for that walk this morning

I don’t want to go for a walk this morning i’ll have a day off
Its much nicer in here in bed
Too cold out there
Im too tired
I will be late for work if I go for a walk
You probably be late even if you don’t go for a walk
I will go for a walk when I come home
Tomorrow is another day I will go for a bigger walk tomorrow
No one is expecting me to walk with them

I have use those excuse and so many more  then biggest thing is that we have to have that goal what ever it is, other wise we can not create that inspiration to do something.

As silly as it sounds I wanted to draw with felt pens and colouring pens (doodling art) (Abstract Art) and today I bought myself a sketch book and started my abstract art, It only too one moment to get inspired to buy a sketch book to do my drawings in. But this has taken my some time to get motivated to start back my hobby. I had made some many excuse to take time out for myself. One moment in a meeting (thanks to PO said she once had a conversation with Jim Rohn) you have to work harder on yourself than you business. I can remember this as she said it yesterday even tho it was about 3 – 4 years ago.

Inspiration only takes one moment we just have to open to be inspired.

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Always a winner with Polaris Global

Posted by Lisa R

Woohoo! I am still buzzing with the excitement of winning the latest blog competition with Polaris Global! The top blogger prize is an all-expenses paid trip to stay in a castle in Ireland with the top 3 income earners in the company. WOW! What an opportunity – I can’t decided if I am more excited for the castle stay or the opportunity to mastermind with the top most successful business owners in Polaris Global.

I set my sights on winning the competition when it was announced last year at our Influence Live event in Denver, Colorado and I have been blogging my “know you what” off for the last year to achieve it. I know that as a result of participating in the blogs that my business has soared. My lead flow, conversions, and overall energy around my Polaris Global business has increased as a result of sharing my wins on this platform.
As was announced on the call, the next blog competition will be announced at this upcoming business training event in Brisbane on Sunday. I would be setting the goal, now, as I did last year to knock out the next top prize.
See you at the top!
Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

It would be so different if I did not procrastinate

Posted by Caroline B

I started thinking back over my life in the last 10 years or so and things could have been so  different if I did not procrastinate. Thing is you just have to think about things that could of been so much different if you just made a decision sooner (not forgetting about the lesson that I now have learnt because I did not)

To cut a long story short last week on a training call I realised that I am a procrastinator.

Glad that I did not procrastinate and got up to walk that morning.

The day after my wake up call I did not hesitate to get out of bed to go for a walk and I’m so glad that I did.

I’ll share with you just a few things from my 1/2 hour walk.

As I set off for my walk at 6am in the morning I did not take so much notice that it was a very foggy morning as I was turning the corner it was very eerie that the fog was nestled down the valley over the hills.

My walk takes me down the road up a incline down a hill and then up another incline. As I was travelling along the road there was a very crisp clean feel about the air around me.

Normally on my walk I would see a few horses, ducks, maybe a kangaroo or two, and also a miniature horse.

On this morning I felt that I had walked back into yesterday era, it was as if the valley had been taken in time.

As I walked back after reaching the end of the road and turning back there was a white horse and its mate a miniature horse standing at the edge of the fence, but I did not see them on the way down, its like the were covered in fog only moments ago.

Then I came across a old cattle loading dock that had taken me back in time, I know that this had been there all the time when I walked but this particular morning it was like the fog had been lifted and I could see the beauty around me.

Up the road as I travelled along I could not see the top of the hill even that it was only metres away, this is when another eerie feeling come over me.

Fog kept on moving along with me and until I reached what I call the summit the fog lifted only for a moment or two.

There was another eerie feeling coming over me that the fog had taken the hill that I had already travelled down not knowing what was on the other side.

The ducks were not even making a sound it was like they were under instructions to keep the noise down.

Another property they have a couple of fires ready to go for a family gathering, the fires are all stacked up to form a peak, something that not everyone knows how to do these days.

There’s a few horses up the road and one was watching me, and it was like he had come down to say “I’m watching you to see are you ok” or on the other hand was he saying please keep a eye on me.

I know it’s been a long story but the thing is what I did experience that morning I would not experienced if I was still in bed Procrastinating about going for a walk.

Stop procrastinating and enjoy your time on this planet as you have very little time.

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Over coming Obstacle 1 – FEAR

Posted by Vanessa M

I’m early on in my BFE journey and  I found myself  wondering why things are not happening as I suspected they would or should. So I use my journal to reflect and ponder this question.

I have come face to face with my first obstacle fear.

But what is fear and why is it so paralyzing? Why does my body respond with a physiological reaction? How does it have such an effect on my emotions? What is my personal experience of fear?

I find myself snapping at the kids, my back hurts, my jaw is clenched tight, I feel a constant irritating tingle in my forehead. This seems more than just the flight or fight response normally associated with fear because it stays with me for days. I’m neither flighting nor fighting. I just have anger bubbling under the surface. I try to conceal it but it spurts through the cracks every time I’m pushed just a little closer to boiling point. I’m angry at myself and I’m angry that I’m angry. I don’t like to feel this way. But what exactly am I fearful of and why does it manifest as anger. I Can’t seem to find joy in my day, I’m eager to move my body, I can’t sit still but when I move I don’t really seem to get anywhere or achieve anything. I know this feeling is counterproductive and not in alignment with creation and this just makes me feel more frustrated.

Finally I do boil over and my anger turns to sadness and tears. My pent up frustrations are finally release. I cry, I’m woeful, where did I go wrong? I feel so off track, so derailed.

I decide it’s time to stop and breath. JUST BREATH. The tension I have  just released from my body has given me the space to see more clearly.

FEAR! HOW DARE YOU! You are nothing but a state of mind. You took a single negative thought and that was all the kindle you required to start a raging fire. The more you started to burn the more power of destruction you had. Well guess what? You have no power over me because it is I who has the power to create you and I also have the power to cease you. It’s a conscious choice to extinguish you and I chose to believe a life of unlimited potential. I can be, do, have anything! Fear is not the enemy. I am my own enemy If I give fear the power to burn inside of me. I chose to use my will power to replace negative thought. I chose gratitude and love, I chose personal development and BFE to fortify my stance in overcoming fear and living the life I love.

I am grateful for this journey.