Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Monica

This is what Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner, Monica, has to say about her Polaris Global business:

“It was always my dream to have my own business working from home, and this is the perfect business for me! I love the flexibility of work around my daughter‘s commitments, and the training and support is better than ever I imagined.
Personal Development is my passion and this business is the best decision I have ever made. It continues to help me to expand my mind and grow my business following the simple system and having fun”.

Monica H.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Michelle

Please meet Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner, Michelle. This is what she has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“My experience with Polaris has been one of complete transformation. I came looking for an income solution that would also give me the flexibility to raise my children daily. My work background is Corporate – the hours were long and took me away from my children for 12 hours a day. I knew I had to find a business model that would enable to me get back on track with my values around being a Mother.

What I have created here is a whole lot more. Beyond Freedom Evolution is a dynamic education curriculum – I now live my daily life with a confidence, contentment and leadership that I never knew was possible. These skills inevitably filter through to my children because it is by being a demonstration of my value framework and ambition that they ‘learn’.

The System and the Business infrastructure are set up for simplicity. This is so key for scaling up my business with ease. All I have had to do is to follow the simple steps, embrace the super training that is provided – live six days a week – and apply myself! This has made me much more productive; I now exercise five times a week, I am able to volunteer into community projects on a regular basis and I even managed to schedule in voluntary work as a Gamesmaker at Olympics London 2012!

I’m so grateful for the Vision of Polaris, and I’m excited to be assisting others to create the results they are looking for as well. The community here is always solution-oriented. It’s fun and the “pay it forward” ethic is just a natural attribute of the group.

The Leadership at Polaris is a breath of fresh air. The generosity of spirit and genuine desire for people to have success here is palpable. I do believe I have found an environment where sustainable positive change in the world can be made and we get to do this while having fun.

I love the flexibility of my ‘working’ day. It’s not work anymore – I have created a style and discipline with fits with all the other priorities I have to take care of. It is so freeing!”

Michelle G.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Marika

Meet Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner, Marika. This is what she has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“I’ve been amazed with my personal wins and what I have been able to achieve so far within my business. The training and support that is provided here is truly outstanding together with the brilliant Live Events, it has just been an incredible journey so far. I am also very excited that my business is expanding to so many different parts of the world.

I was in the Legal industry for 18 years, I hated my job, was feeling bored and wanted more out of life. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss so I started searching for a work from home opportunity. I really didn’t know the first thing about running my own business.

With no business experience at all the simplicity of the 3 Step System is so easy to understand and follow. I love that I can now work my own hours I am in control of MY time and MY Life!

I absolutely love this business, its products and love being able to see all the positive changes not only in my life but also in the lives of others.”

Marika M.

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Fiona

“I have spent the last 27 years working in the Casino industry – working long hours 24/7 l was always feeling drained and tired and realized that l needed to change the way l was thinking and living my life…

My ultimate goal was to work for myself and be able to get back to my love of travel and be able to continue investing in the property market.

I was instantly drawn to this business opportunity and knew immediately that this was what l was looking for.

I have never done anything like this before. l found by following the simple system, attending the Live Events and being on the live calls makes this business very easy.

The products have helped me step out of my comfort zone after years of doing the same job. I’ve now been able to get promotions as well as believe l can do anything l put my mind to.

The fact that the business is so portable and flexible – l can run my business around my full time job. l only have to put a few hours a day into my business for the results and the returns.

I’m now extremely happy and love that l travel the world with like-minded people that are extremely supportive and fun to hang out with.”

Fiona C.

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jo

This is what Entrepreneur and Home Based Business Owner Jo had to say about her Polaris Business:

“How would I describe my experience here? Fabulous! I have found the training and support to be incredible and I love that it is ongoing. I have met the most amazing people from all over the world and formed many new and lasting friendships. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by positive minded people who are on the same journey as myself and who are more than willing to offer support and advice to enable me to achieve my goals. Through this business model I have grown massively as a person and am very proud that I can call myself a successful Entrepreneur.

Previously I’d been a stay at home Mum for 17 years. I have four gorgeous children and love them to bits – but to be perfectly honest I had really lost myself in that role and was feeling extremely unmotivated. Added to this was a desire for us to enjoy more of what the world had to offer but to do that we would need to improve our financial situation. I decided to search for a home-based business that would enable me to still be a hands-on Mum while creating an income. I did bit of exploring before finding this opportunity. When I found it I just knew it was what I’d been searching for…it just felt right.

Given that I’d been out of the work force for so many years I was really rather scared and unsure that I’d be able to succeed at anything, but one of the things that drew me to this opportunity was the fact that there was a very simple system in place. I was amazed at how quickly I got my business up and running. All I had to do was plug myself into the amazing training that is available continuously and simply following the 3 Step System. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it and it works!

I love that I get to choose not only the hours that I work but also where I work from. If I want to go to the park or the beach with the kids I can. I simply pack up my mobile and laptop and off we go. I also love that I get to choose my income goals and I get to decide how much effort I want to put in to achieve them because I know that I will personally be rewarded for the work that I do and it’s a great feeling to have that sense of control.

Finding this business has completely changed my life. Not only does it provide me with an opportunity to create an extremely lucrative income it has also enabled me to rediscover myself. Through the company’s incredible personal development products I have not only found myself, but I have found a ME that I didn’t even know existed. I am now full of confidence and have developed decisive leadership skills. I now have enormous goals and an absolute certainty about my future. But what I particularly love is that I am most definitely a far stronger role model for my children. What can say other than I am totally loving life and will be forever grateful for having made the decision to simply get started.”

Adelaide, Australia

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Phil and Jacquie

CONGRATULATIONS to this weeks’ Entrepreneur Spotlight featured business owners Phil and Jacquie. This is what they have to say about their Polaris Home Based Business:

“Working our Polaris business is like a breath of fresh air. The leaders not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. The open-communication style of training is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before and the support given by everyone, even those with no financial interest in our business, has been exceptional.

We come from backgrounds in Teaching, Accounting and, more recently, running our own real estate business. With the downturn in the real estate markets, going to work six days a week just to pay the staff wasn’t cutting it for us.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the business is getting the opportunity to talk to many different people from various parts of the world and each one has a unique story. To be able to offer them hope and the means to fulfil their dreams is priceless.

The 3 Step System is so simple and so freeing because here is a business that can generate significant income directly as a result of our own efforts. We don’t need to hassle everyone we know and everyone we meet because with this system people respond to our marketing; we only talk to people who want to talk to us.”

Phil and Jacquie
Queensland, Australia

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Shawna

This is what Entrepreneur Shawna has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“When I got started with Polaris I was in a horrible financial situation, and in a bad relationship that I couldn’t seem to find my way out of. The most beautiful thing in my life was my new baby girl, Bella. I knew I needed to change things for both of us. The Polaris community and Beyond Freedom Evolution provided me with the support and information I needed to turn my life around so I could get back to being the woman I once was: happy, fun, confident, adventurous and courageous! There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing others do what you are wanting to do!

I had been in sales my entire career and also had prior experience as a business owner. I’m happy to say my business continues to grow, I’ve been home with my daughter full-time and we have a lovely relationship!

The system is genius. It is very simple to follow. I like having the confidence in knowing what has to be done to be successful. There are so many things I love, but what I love most is being able to work when I want to. This way I can be the person I want to be. Polaris allows me to live my life with freedom and flexibility!

I am just so grateful! I didn’t realize the beliefs I had that held me back from getting everything I dreamed of until I started working with BFE and connecting with our community. It’s amazing how you can go through life achieving a certain level of success but not quite getting to where you want, and the confusion of WHY NOT can be so painful. When you start really looking at your behavior and feeling what is going on in your body you can remove the barriers.

I personally feel more connected to myself than I ever have. I’m grateful for the support, all that this community has offered me, and I am grateful for the insight that has come from the education.”

Shawna Garcia
Utah, USA

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Michelle

Meet Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner, Michelle.  This is what she has to say about her Polaris Business:

“I am so totally blown away by the changes in myself since joining the company. Prior to using Beyond Freedom Evolution I was letting fear hold me back and now I know, without a doubt, that I can achieve anything! I love the positive community – we encourage & support each other daily and  I have formed many incredible relationships. I am making a difference in my life and also inspiring others to be their best!

I have a Military background, having served for 16 years full-time and I also qualified as a Personal Trainer. I always wanted to make family my main priority; however I felt stuck in a job, not really knowing how or where to find a solution. I now give my family the time they deserve as I am able to schedule my business around them.

What I love most about the business is that it is flexible, easy and fun. I get to connect with people from all around the world and share an amazing opportunity. I do what makes me happy and because of that I am able to give the best of me to others. I demonstrate what is possible and instill belief in my family and others.

I love how easy the system is!!!  We follow the steps and there is no cold-calling. People can sense my excitement and want to find out what I am doing. I can access training anytime I want and there is regular live training. I am now a powerful leader and assist others to create duplication.

I am so proud to be part of a company that makes a significant difference to the lives of many. The owners are always looking for ways to increase our results and I love the life-changing conferences, products and events.”

Thank you,



Friday, September 7th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Janet

CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Janet!  This is what she has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“I cannot believe that today I can say it – guilt free: “I am a stronger and more powerful person then ever before!”  After years of tragic family events and lot of negativity. I healed!  I healed my husband, my family, my little community …. and this is just the beginning!  I was able to achieve all of this thanks to our unique curriculum BFE, our priceless community and our brilliant Live Events around the world. Polaris Global is just a perfect blend of power and happiness for a better and brighter future.

I worked in retail, wholesale and management. I loved my job, because I love people. Then I became a mother and my needs changed. I knew that I could not stay in my career field anymore and needed a change to more family freedom, flexibility and plenty of school holiday time.

In my business today, I love the challenge, flexibility, opportunity, company support, training and the community. The system is very simple. If, you can follow it, you are already winning.

Polaris Global is such a unique concept that sometimes I think we are way ahead of our time. However, if you are a big thinker and ready for the ride of your life, then you are definitely at the right place at the right time. Hope to see you at our upcoming events soon!”



Friday, August 31st, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Anne

CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Anne! Here is what she has to say about her Polaris Home Based Business:

“My experience since I started with Polaris has been overwhelmingly positive. The training we receive to get started here is second to none, and the support from my colleagues has been fantastic. From our fabulous products, I’ve learned a lot about taking responsibility for my own success and this has helped me in all areas of my life, not just the business.

I come from an IT background, working in software support for years, and more recently as a test analyst. I wasn’t enjoying my work any more and I went searching for something new, not really knowing exactly what I was looking for, and stumbled upon the Polaris opportunity. I haven’t looked back!

I love speaking to people around the world and introducing the products and the business opportunity to like-minded individuals. I also love the live events and traveling to fabulous overseas destinations. The combination of travel and the continuing education received at these events is very special – as well as the opportunity to meet my fellow colleagues and form some great friendships.

I am actively grateful for everything in my life at the moment, from the smallest thing to the biggest – from beautiful fresh cut flowers, to spending time with my family and friends, to running my Polaris business, to listening to my favorite music – all these things and more bring me much joy and happiness. I look forward to an exciting future!”