Friday, August 24th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Janine

Meet Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner, Janine.  This is her story:

“Prior to creating my own business, I was an Office Manager, working really hard and helping my Boss become rich. I was stressed with the workload and very tired of office politics. So I went searching, knowing in my heart there must be a better way!

When I looked at the Polaris business opportunity, my main concern was that I had no business or marketing skills. However, my fears disappeared very quickly – all the tools I required were here: a simple system, daily method of operation, daily training calls, marketing training, leadership support and most importantly, the Success Education in the form of the Beyond Freedom Evolution (BFE) program.

I am thrilled to say my results have been Awesome!

The recent Sovereignty Live Event in Las Vegas was FABULOUS – not only did the means to create wealth double, but I was able to learn strategies of how to keep and build that wealth. I also learned to make bolder decisions, take bolder action and to be a more powerful leader. So how has that impacted my business? Well, my enterprise is expanding, and my last weeks profit ($3,600 USD), was equivalent to a months pay in my old job!

What I love most is talking to happy and excited people all over the world, assisting them to create the wealth and lifestyle balance they have been looking for. It is extremely rewarding for me – oh, happy days!

I’m proud, honored and grateful to belong to the Polaris Global community. There is constant support, integrity and openness – we assist each other every day. It’s a wonderful, positive environment. We are like one big happy family!”

Sydney, Australia

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Carol

This is what Carol has to say about her Polaris Global business:

“After working in the high-end corporate field, Polaris Global training is far more comprehensive and supportive than any corporate training offered throughout my career. This, coupled with the BFE program and Live Events, has opened doors I didn’t realize were closed

I started my career as a jockey for 20 years. I was then a corporate manager on the money market and ran my own legal agency business that sold to a public company. When I returned to being a corporate employee it simply wasn’t satisfying enough for me anymore. That is when I found Polaris, and the rest is history

I love earning my own uncapped income, working my own goals, not having to deal with office politics and having the freedom to book appointments without asking for time off. I love the portability of this business; I take my laptop and phone when I travel and I’m still in business.

Before I started with Polaris Global, I could send an email and do a Google search – and that was about the extent of my computer skills! Now for me to open my laptop on a daily basis and see inquiries from all over the world – and to know that “I” created that – is an amazing feeling! I credit that to all the training and support we receive here.

We all have a story. Being part of this giving community of people has assisted me through trying times. I am forever grateful for the opportunity of being a part of this wonderful company we all call home: Polaris Global.”

Carol B.
Launceston, Tasmania

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jenny

This is what Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner Jenny has to say about her Polaris Business:

Starting our home business has been one of the best decisions we have ever made and fueled our desire to achieve financial freedom. We were completely blown away by the training and support provided and really pleased that it is ongoing. We love being connected to so many positive people creating amazing results in their lives.

For the past ten years my husband, Warren, worked in the Industrial sector as a Tradesman, while I worked in hotels around Australia for an international Hotel Chain. The shift work, stress and long hours were taking a toll on both of us. We also wanted to start a family. Being stay at home parents was the ultimate desire for the both of us, so working from home was our goal. Now it is our reality.

We love the flexibility the business affords us to be able to spend quality time with our son and not miss any of those special moments. And the simple 3 Step System makes this a business that anyone can do!

We came to Polaris purely focused on the business opportunity but then discovered so much more with the Beyond Freedom Evolution program. It has been transformational in our lives and we know it will continue to assist us in creating our success. The Live Events blew all our expectations out of the water. And the ability to be amongst fellow like-minded entrepreneurs all working toward goals and dreams is so powerful and amazing.

Jenny Buys
Gold Coast, Australia

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Helen

Hear what Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner Helen has to say about her Polaris lifestyle:

“I have been with Polaris global from day one and my experience with this company has been EXTRAORDINARY, INSPIRING and LIFE TRANSFORMING.

My back ground is in the hospitality industry, working in restaurants and as a receptionist in hotel/motels and I was so over the hours which kept me away from my family that when I got laid off I decided I would find myself something I could do from home and be in charge of my own time.

Although everything and anything to do with business was something I had never experienced before, it was such a simple system and process to follow. The on going training and support is no less than PHENOMENAL. Live interactive training calls 5 days a week, always someone to assist with any question that came up. What I found here was an incredibly supportive community of other business owners and that although your business was your own, you were NEVER ALONE, which made it easy and reassuring for me.

What I love most about my business is the fact that its simple, its portable, the money is fabulous, it’s exciting and interesting, I guess I love EVERYTHING about it. I do really love speaking to people all over the globe, which is how I choose to market. HA I used to think market was a place to buy fresh food – lol – I feel like I have grown and developed into the successful leader and entrepreneur I came here to be, although when I first started I didn’t know that’s what I came here to be.

AHH, how I LOVE my life now.

The other part of this business I LOVE SO MUCH is the personal development I get to do on a daily basis. This happens through some of the training calls, and on a daily basis through my Beyond Freedom Evolution home study course. BFE has been the catalyst for me in over coming anxiety and fear of flying due to claustrophobia. I’m now proud to say I have been able to fly from Melbourne to Puerto Rico, which is over 20 hours in flying time, easily, happily and enjoyably AND I can barely wait for the next trip which is a complete turnaround from where I was before my BFE. It has also helped me in the way I interact with my eldest son who has had some mental health challenges, and over the last couple of years with me working on my thoughts and actions through BFE, has flowed over to my son who has also become a happier, calmer person.

This business, my BFE, the amazing live events and this beautiful community has impacted not only my life, though also my whole family, as I consistently work on myself through all the products within my business, getting to be the best ME I can be, and showing my kids there is another way to life, a life without limits and that anything and everything IS POSSIBLE, which makes me SO GRATEFUL.”

Helen Savage

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kirsty

This is what Entrepreneur Kirsty has to say about her Polaris Home Business:

“I am continually blown away by the support from the company and the community. We are supported in every way possible to achieve our goals. Through using BFE I have learned how to create more powerful results in every area of my life than I have ever experienced before and this is just the beginning. The future is looking extremely bright!

My husband and I owned a Retail Franchise Business. We were on call 7 days a week, could never take holidays together and we were very restricted as to how far we could expand our business. Now we have regular family holidays, while still generating a fantastic income and our business has gone global – into over 11 different countries around the world so far!

What I love most about working the business is that I’m excited about what I do every single day. I genuinely love running my business. This is because I get to help other people and see them achieve their goals. I get to be creative and spread my own wings, and I get to have balance. I have the flexibility to be where I want, when I want. I’m calling the shots now, for me and my family!

The system, and this business as a whole, is SO simple. It’s like a Business in a Box! I’ll admit I spent a lot of time trying to reinvent the wheel, because it looked too simple to me. But as soon as I started taking onboard the training and following the system, that’s when I started to get results – and very quickly too! My second month of following the system I earned over $10,000 and it keeps going up from there. If only I had done that in the beginning… 😉

So if you’re thinking “There has got to be a better way”, you’re right. Here it is. Now, the choice is yours.”


Gold Coast, Australia

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Belinda

This is what Belinda has to say about her Polaris Home Business:

“I have been blown away with my journey here at Polaris. Every single aspect of my life has been dramatically impacted. I was a shy and detached stay-at-home Mum of six years who really didn’t see any future – then Polaris came along and instantly my mindset changed, my relationships changed and within four months I was having multiple 5-figure income months!

I’m so grateful I followed my gut. It certainly is the best decision I have ever made.

I always say if I can do this business then anyone can. I didn’t even know how to send an email when I first started my Polaris business. I didn’t have any business experience or computer skills. Now I run my entire business online! It’s 3 steps – it’s that simple. Just do what the leaders have done before you and you can’t go wrong.

What I love most about working the business is that “I” am now “me.” I had never known who that was previously. And by me being the best person I can be, I’m now the best Mum and the best Wife I can be, too. I’m there when my kids wake up, I get to tuck them in at night, go to their assemblies, spend school holidays with them and be there for them when they are sick. This business gives me my family and my family gets the best version of me in every aspect.

Polaris has truly changed my life. I really don’t know where I would be right now without BFE and the amazing community of people I surround myself with everyday. I would also like to make special mention of my beautiful mentor, Rachel Krider. When I first got started I didn’t have any belief in myself, I didn’t give myself any value. But Rach did. She had so much belief in me and placed so much value on me that she started me on my journey of an upward spiral and I haven’t stopped since! Rach continues to be a massive support and I’ll be forever grateful to her.”

Perth, Australia

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Pauline

This is what Entrepreneur and Home Business Owner Pauline has to say about her Polaris Global business:

“I was a ballerina, dance teacher and examiner but having a family changed my focus. I wanted a business that I could work from home around my family while being able to generate a great income as well.

When I found this business it ticked all the boxes for me. I retired my husband from his corporate position in the building industry within seven months of getting started and I’ve tripled the income he had been earning, working only 1/2 of the hours.

We now enjoy quality family time, have been able to give our son the best of everything, indulge in our passions for fitness, travel and life in general and I love that I’m assisting others to do the same. It’s fun, satisfying and rewarding on every level and I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else.”

Melbourne, Australia

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Polaris Global Presents “Entrepreneur Spotlight” with Lee Anne From the Gold Coast

Polaris Global is proud to present this week’s Entrepreneur Spotlight! Meet Home Business Owner and Entrepreneur Lee Anne from the Gold Coast in Australia. This is what she has to say about her Polaris Global business:

“I love being a mum to our two beautiful daughters. I also love the flexibility this business gives me to do the things I want to do. Plus it has enabled me to make an exciting amount of income, too!

The community of people that I am part of is second to none. Many have become lifelong friends. The business is extremely simple to run, with no huge overheads to weigh you down. And best of all, it’s all handled from the comfort of my home.

I am excited about the future now. I jump out of bed every morning because I truly love my business. I have learned so much more that I ever would have imagined. I’ve learned how to be a more powerful leader and am excited to say my business now spans more than 12 countries! I love that I have created more money here in a week than I ever made in a full year in my traditional business, and I’m only getting started. Not only do I get to create my goals into reality, I get to assist others to do the same.”

Lee Anne
Gold Coast, Australia

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Award Winners Of Polaris Global

Special recognition goes to the recent Polaris Global award winners – (in order of contest winners) Pauline & Simon O’Halloran, Alison & Paul Wheeler, Lee Anne & Andrew Bartlett, Lisa & Bob Molina and I also snuk in as the number 5 producer throughout the contest period.

Polaris Global Award Winners

Polaris Global Award Winners

Award winners spent a night at “The Castle” in Las Vegas, along with Shane Krider and Greg Strom. It was an intimate environment for us to share future goals and mastermind about the future developments of Polaris Global. We also had some fun! The guys were treated to racing the latest elite cars (Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, McLaren’s, Porches etc) around a race track, while the girls celebrated with a shopping spree! We (meaning the girls, not the guys) were spruced up with professional hair and makeup and the Polaris Global film crew joined us to capture the moments. It was a great time and something that will stay in my memory for a long time to come.

Thanks for the experience guys, big congratulations!

The Castle

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

When A Plan Comes Together

A message from Shane Krider & Rachel Oliver, Polaris Global

Paul & Alison Wheeler have been Polaris Global distributors for a little over 12 months. I was chatting with them yesterday and they shared with me that in the last 4 weeks they have profited $24,407.69 from their Polaris Global business.  It didn’t surprise me to learn how much they had made for the month. Paul & Alison are among the many rising star distributors at Polaris.

But was this always the case? Is it luck that has created such success? Is it chance?

I was on a call listening to Alison the other week and she mentioned that when they first started their journey here they didn’t have a clue how to market. How to generate leads did not come naturally to them. They’d implement an action plan and experience mediocre results. BUT, Paul and Alison had RESOLVE. They took responsibility to “figure it out”. Put one foot in front of the other, applied consistent effort and BECAME top marketers.

I’ve been a marketer for coming up to a decade now. I’ve coached many people over the years and it’s a very rare occurance where someone gets started in their own business and is a master marketer from day 1. I’d say 99% of the time a person has to go through the learning curve just like Alison and Paul have been prepared to do. Success is not an accident – Success is a choice.

What do you choose?