October 18th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Change with Polaris Global

Change is difficult – Polaris Global can make it worthwhile.

If you change nothing

Polaris Global can change everything!

First thing I learned… take a deep breath, recognize the need for change and make a conscious decision to accept it. This used to be so difficult for me. It gets easier. Beyond Freedom Evolution makes you acknowledge these opportunities and make the most of them. I’m forever grateful.

The golden steps to navigating change as outline in BFE are…

Make the choice to actively change, don’t be a passive passenger. Lead the charge.

Be clear on your desired outcome. Let this be your compass guide. Crystallize your vision.

Believe in your decision, recognize and acknowledge any Stoppers, and action the steps to go around them and continue towards your North Star.

Take small steps to start and then more boldly as you feel confident. It’s all action!

Follow through – keep on trucking! If you stay focused, you will reach your goal.

I have to say, these BFE guides have saved me. The guidance I have found through Polaris Global has kept me from feeling completely overwhelmed in times of complete flux. The steps, exercises and teachings have turned a huge challenge into a very exciting journey.

As a student of BFE, I know how it can change your life. But this is such a practical use of the curriculum; it has just propelled my gratitude. In times of stress and change, I focus on strength, empowerment and can’t wait to get to the other side and celebrate victory.

~ Amy Adams


7 Responses to “Change with Polaris Global”

  1. JodieC says:

    Fantastic timing Amy. My ‘to do’list today is to revisit the basics in the Beyond Freedom program and this is a wonderful overview., and a timely reminder to me. I have been fighting what you could call a fear and its just about remembering to take those small steps and the universe can not just deliver when I ask for it, it needs time. Thank you for this – a perfect reminder.

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    I have totally learnt to love change since starting my Polaris Global business. I used to have a total melt down and really not cope. I know now that change can be a good thing and really help me get to my goals so much quicker x

  3. Kirsty M. says:

    Amy this is the perfect read for me tonight as we are going through major change here is our household (another 5 boxes packed as we move house once again…)!
    Being clear on the outcome, using this as your compass & keeping that perfect picture in mind is exactly what gets us through the change and the KNOWING that on the other side we certainly can celebrate the victory.
    Thanks for the timely reminder!

  4. Lise R says:

    Great topic! Change can be intimidating sometimes, but in my experience, change has always resulted in something great out the other side. Sometimes in life we must be willing to get uncomfortable to increase our results!

  5. Robert T says:

    Very well said Amy, I understand the feeling of overwhelment, questioning within myself and all that goes with it – toss in a liberal helping of frustration, big questions in life, all of the stuff that makes up life itself (self doubt – the not so feel good emotions) It’s a bit like a McDonalds Frappe – all mixed up and still manages to taste good. The Flux (what a great way to describe life.) I totally synch with your words about BFE – it is an anchor in my life, sometimes an anchor is as vital as a compass, sometimes I know for me I need to anchor up in a safe harbour before I can set a new course or reset my compass heading. As a sailor, I relate to the concept of North Star, navigation and sometimes just waiting for the storm to subside. I know always there is a bright new day, just sometimes it is not according to my thinking of when it should be. I also know that sunshine follows rain, that joy follows sadness. The Alchemy is to love all, it is a practice of discipline for me, this my understanding of Alchemy.
    Keep on Trucking – Persist, Crystallise the Vision – know for yourself. My interpretation of your words. Thank you Amy

  6. Chrissy G says:

    Thanks for your insight Amy into Change. I have come to embrace Change since becoming a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  7. Marley M says:

    Bfe program works and it does help you get clear on what it is you want. For alot of people its difficult to do, but the right guidence and circle of people will certainly help. A proven system doesn’t work unless you do!.

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