September 12th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global can give you the life you want

Live the life you want! Sounds easy enough. But we know it’s not always that simple. There are responsibilities, bills, children, work. And before you know, it’s Sunday night and you think… what did I actually achieve this week? And then you’re back in the grind.

Polaris Global can get you there!

Polaris Global can get you there!

That all changed for me when I became a student of Polaris Global’s personal leadership program Beyond Freedom Evolution. It didn’t just teach me how to become successful in all areas of my life, it guided me to my true goals. BFE broke down the steps into achievable bite-size pieces and before I knew it, I was working for myself, away from the office that had imprisoned me for years, and living the life I had dreamed.

Work life balance – sorted!

Spare time for the kids – done!

And the Polaris Global business opportunity gives those budding entrepreneurs out there an avenue to achieve financial freedom. And it’s offered in one easy-to-use success package.

Polaris Global’s step-by-step business plan and personal leadership principles are a winning equation for a successful business that can lead you to the work life balance you’re yearning for.

The additional draw card for so many of Polaris Global successful entrepreneurs has been the flexibility of the web-based business platform, which allows you to work from anywhere, whenever you like!


Thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution, I am following my North Star, and loving my life. Every second of it! I highly recommend it.

~ Amy Adams

9 Responses to “Polaris Global can give you the life you want”

  1. Louise L. says:

    Sounds like you are flying high, Amy! I am on that path too and it could not have been done without what we have here.

  2. Fiona C says:

    Believing in my life and achieving my goals has become a reality now! by using my Beyond Freedom Evolution working through the steps i now have a greater belief in myself.

  3. Caroline B says:

    So true Amy this business gives the freedom to do what we want. My husband and myself are working on travelling around OZ full-time, we just need internet service and a phone. And yes we are enjoying every minute.

  4. Lee Anne B says:

    Great post Amy. Polaris Global has really changed my life in so many different ways. Personally, Financially, really just everything x So very grateful

  5. Pauline O says:

    I can’t begin to imagine my life without Polaris Global Amy. I am grateful beyond words for every aspect of the business, product, leadership and community. Polaris Global is unique in the industry and totally rocks!

  6. Lise R says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this post – love it. I think most people believe that there is no other way. As a result of finding BFE and immersing myself into this amazing community, I KNOW there is a better way!

  7. Debbie R says:

    I agree Amy, very often people become frustrated in life because they feel they have no choice or control. Polaris Global teaches you step by step how to take control and start living life on your own terms, by living the principles of Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  8. Stephanie M says:

    I have so much gratitude for Polaris and BFE. Our business, products, community and leadership inspire me daily.
    I now have true purpose and an exciting life ahead, filled with success, prosperity, love and happiness.
    Yes it is sometimes challenging to balance life, business and 3 young children, yet I know, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

  9. Marley M says:

    Portablity is the best benefit in any business you can have. Polaris global offers that and the fact that we don’t have to stock anything at all!. But of course you have to know what your selling so i decided to become a student of the bfe program, and its helped me in all areas of my life. I never knew what i wanted out of life when i was younger, i know that i wanted to make alot of money and also help other people reach their goals so polaris has given me the opportunity to do that. Happy to be here.

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