November 11th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global change in action

A month ago I posted a blog Polaris Global keep your eye on the prize that mentioned my friend who had some grand ideas she talked up, but it became apparent there was no real compass heading or idea how to get to the finish line. There were no plans, practical steps or budgets set. No vision of the journey just the end goal. It was clear she needed some BFE intervention!


Departure, bold decisions, action!

Add Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution success education curriculum, and what a difference a month makes!

There have been multiple phone calls, plans and questions. She’s asked advice on everything from advertising to website creation and content. I’ve poured over every word she’s sent me, and have happily helped her write, re-write and edit her copy to ensure it’s absolutely clear and concise to give her every opportunity for each web viewer to become a customer.

She’s set up meetings with an accountant, and sought out other successful people in her field, and asked them a million questions (some may even say interrogate… with a smile! Ha ha!) It’s been inspiring to watch and see the transformation that Beyond Freedom Evolution has had.

And I’m just so happy! For her, for her family, to see the decisions turning into actions… it’s awesome. Her whole demeanor has improved and her spirits are clearly lifted as she rides that feeling of being on the right path. There’s nothing quite like it!

And without a doubt, the change is all due to teachings in Beyond Freedom Evolution. To see it in action is just a beautiful thing.

No prizes for guessing what happens next…


I’m feeling inspired to go out and pay it forward… again. And again. And again.

~ Amy Adams

6 Responses to “Polaris Global change in action”

  1. Brianna B says:

    I too receive so much joy from seeing growth in others – their success feels like my success.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Lise R says:

    So cool Amy to see the change in people when they are applying the principles taught in the Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum. Good for her. It is one thing to read it and another to apply it.

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Amy, super cool. Don’t you love when you get to be part of the process with friends and family. I love that in my Polaris Global business I get to assist people on their way to creating their new life xx

  4. Kym K says:

    Beautiful share Amy on the wonderful opportunity to play a small part in some ones life change. Kudos to you and your friend.

  5. Marley says:

    Hey great post Amy.

    Yeah action certainly does. I can remember before picking up the BFE program i never had a clue how to implement it. I would look at it and blast through it just to finish it. But now I’m just taking my time and understanding what it is, rather just doing it. Hey Lee Anne you replied to a recent post i put up on the blog, congratulating me on my bodybuilding wins. You told me Polaris has changed my life but no they didn’t. YOU are the one who change it, all they did is give you the tools you needed. You took the ACTIONS that where required to get where you are now, That’s why your life CHANGED. I’m here to do the same thing win and assist others to as well.

  6. Lee M says:

    Such a great post Amy and a great reminder for myself its not just the end result we need to focus on but it is ensuring we take up every opportunity, and take action wherever we can so that we achieve our desired result… Thanks for your post..

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