March 15th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global decision winner

Any student of Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution knows the importance of decisions. And we know how effective decisions increase your confidence, results and are instrumental in your success journey. Bold decisions create bold results?!

Polaris Global is a decision winner

Polaris Global is a decision winner

The power of Polaris Global’s success education continually blows my mind. I’ve had a challenging week – we all have those I know. But during this particularly stressful time I was consciously aware of my brain switching into BFE mindset. I felt my body calm, my mind slow down so I could properly assess the situation, take in all the information, and make a super important decision.

Firstly, I took the time to ask questions and research. I needed to Know For Myself exactly what was going on. I armed myself with as much knowledge as possible. Because as BFE teaches us, the more you learn, the more your competency in a new area grows. The more you decide, the more your certainty increases.

Staying focused and asking the right questions at a stressful, emotional time is difficult. BFE saved me for sure. I didn’t dive in and go with the herd, I stopped, asked questions and took the time to make sure I was clear in my decision.

But I made confident decisions, quickly and efficiently. I took control, and felt relief in the confidence I felt. Fully aware there will be some Course Correction required along the way as we learn more, but the current situation was under control and my action plan was clear.

Most importantly, what I recognized is my ability to stay calm and make confident decisions when needed, instead of falling apart under the weight of the situation. And that would not have been possible without studying Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution

And THAT is something I Know for Myself. For sure!

~ Amy Adams


5 Responses to “Polaris Global decision winner”

  1. Lee Anne B says:

    Making the decision to start my Polaris Global business has been the best decision I have made, then the decision to work on it consistently and grow it to the amazing business I have today, so very grateful. Loved your post thanks Amy

  2. Kym K says:

    Staying calm and taking a step back under stressful situations so we can make well informed chooses is a wonderful tool that Beyond Freedom Evolution definitely offers us, to strengthen that part of ourselves is definitely very empowering.

  3. Portia C. says:

    Thank for this post Amy. Standing by my decision to pursue my Polaris Global business has been a constant battle for me. Like you, “I Know for Sure”, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. The knowledge I’ve gained from Beyond Freedom Evolution has been priceless. I’m constantly amazed by the tremendous benefits I receive from the team calls. They have both given me such a strong, confident mindset. It’s sad that those who most need what Polaris Global has to offer are the ones who are not open to it.

  4. Susan B says:

    Decisions. I have no problem with them but reading your post, I realize how much I have grown in my decision making process,how more aware I am of where I am in it and what I have yet to do. Even something relatively simple as buying a laptop showed me how much I have learned and grown. There were definitely frustrations in finding what I wanted as quickly as I wanted. Before, I would have given up. Now I know to step away from the frustration for awhile, then make that decision. And it’s amazing how the universe recognizes our growth and comes up with even more than I wanted for a cheaper price. Thank you, BFE.

  5. Brianna says:

    love this post so so SO much Amy – you put it beautifully when you said “Fully aware there will be some Course Correction required along the way as we learn more, but the current situation was under control and my action plan was clear.”

    it creates even more certainty when you know you can always course correct when needed.