April 13th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global event Sovereignty Live – all aboard!

I can’t believe we are gearing up for Sovereignty Live 2015 already! It’s always such an exciting time at Polaris Global preparing for this amazing experience.

All Aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure Of The Seas

All Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure Of The Seas

Sovereignty Live is one of Polaris Global’s most popular events. It’s a five-day experience designed to assist you in increasing your financial income as well as personal wealth, all while cruising in luxury to exotic destinations. No wonder the tickets sell so fast!

Polaris Global Founders, Shane Krider, Greg Strom and Rachel Krider lead the event sharing their philosophy on understanding money. It is designed to accelerate each person’s self- confidence, self-reliance and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

Whoa! That’s some pretty powerful stuff. A Sovereignty Live ticket gives you life-changing tools, exploration of amazing locations all while meeting extraordinary people and making lifelong friendships. It’s an investment that comes back ten-fold.

This year the destinations are Spain, France and Italy on board the amazing Allure of the Seas luxury cruise liner. Rach recently gave us a quick insight via the Prosperity Pulse update into the city of Naples and is super excited to be visiting there for the first time, and to gain inspiration from its history. Sounds awesome!

We always receive a tremendous amount of feedback from this event. People love sharing their breakthroughs, ah-has and the quantity of personal growth testimonials has been joyful. It’s just so great to hear how everyone’s journey has been different, and how so much has been gained from Sovereignty Live events.

Check out some of the highlights from past events on our pinterest board and Flickr albums. You guys sure know how to have fun!

So who’s cruising Europe with us this year? Better get shopping for my theme party outfits… yahoo!

~ Amy Adams


3 Responses to “Polaris Global event Sovereignty Live – all aboard!”

  1. Yolanda V says:

    Whoohoo Amy !! I cannot wait. I am so super excited – it will be my very first live event so I have no idea what to expect but looking at the pictures and listening to everyone else talking with so much excitement, I have no doubt I will return from this Sovereignty Live Event a changed person. I look forward to the life transforming training from real people who have been where I am and who are now self made millionaires. I love Polaris Global!!

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    I a so totally there. Planning outfits already. I can’t wait to hang around my Polaris Global family again. So much inspiration, joy and fun to have

  3. Portia DiMicco says:

    Wow! I know that this will be a most extraordinary transformation experience of a lifetime and it’s my heartfelt desire to be there. I’m not sure of the “How”? But I know that I have a strong desire and determination to make it happen. I have made my request to the Universe and have released the outcome. It’s all over my vision board and I am excited to make it my reality. As I give thanks for its manifestation my heart leaps with excitement. I look forward to the immense benefits I will receive from this anticipated event and to the pleasure of meeting you all with great expectation and excitemen