January 19th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global got me to the finish line


For a lot of people, with the New Year come resolutions. And I’m no different. The turning over of a year is as good a time as any to set new goals, and thanks to Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution, I’m no longer afraid of them.

Sprinting to the finish line with Polaris Global

Sprinting to the finish line with Polaris Global

Last year, for my BFE Taking A.I.M (Action in Motion) project, I decided I would run. I always admired those fit people who can just put on their joggers, leave their house and go. Not limited to gym timetables or times of day. I looked enviously at them as they went through their rhythmic motions, all the while looking tranquil. How do they do that?

So I decided to do it. Thanks to BFE, I used the Taking A.I.M exercise to challenge myself to a 13km / 8 mile fun run. It wasn’t pretty, but crossed that finish line. And thanks to BFE, I was able to reach my goal by breaking it down into little pieces and make it achievable. Like super tiny pieces. Cos I couldn’t even make it around the block without stopping. Seriously!

This year, I’m aiming for a half marathon. Aaaaargh! BFE Help meee!

Through this journey to becoming a runner, particularly a mother who runs, I’ve discovered an amazing support network. What started as a one-woman-mission has turned into a whole team of people encouraging and challenging each other. We take it in turns on choosing a charity to support at each running event and fundraise as a team. The camaraderie and generosity is amazing.

And none of this would have happened without the guidance of Polaris Global through BFE and the challenge of the Taking AIM project. It got me to lace up my runners, get off my butt, and just keep chugging / shuffling / moving. Albeit very slowly.

Amazing what can be achieved with a decisive action, a lot of determination and a double running pram.

~ Amy Adams




12 Responses to “Polaris Global got me to the finish line”

  1. Mina V says:

    Amazing Amy… Yes what little steps can achieve in life. Keep up the running. Love reading your blogs.

  2. Mina V says:

    Amazing Amy… What little steps can avhieve in life. Keep up the running. Love reading your blogs

  3. Susan D says:

    How awesome Amy! I’ve done a 6km run a couple of years ago and I would like to do one again, or maybe even a 10km, but the thought of a half marathon – kudos to you for pushing yourself to that level. I look forward to hearing progress of your training for it.

  4. Jan S says:

    Your blog is so encouraging Amy. I have now decided to push myself into taking action (however small).
    I do have a few health issues that stop me from walking any distance, but why not just walk around in the house where I can sit if needed. My home has the perfect floor plan to set up my walking track. Surely some movement is better than no movement. Thank you.

  5. Louise L. says:

    Now that ‘s what I call action in motion! Excellent excellent excellent. A true example to the Beyond Freedom community!

  6. Susan B says:

    Good for you, Amy! You’ve inspired me to try running again once the good weather comes. My BFE will help me to take it in small steps since running is not a favorite activity. That said, with a change in attitude, maybe it can become a favorite way of staying in shape. You go, girl!

  7. Kym K says:

    Congratulation Amy – that’s a huge accomplishment. Its amazing what can be achieved with Beyond Freedom Evolution at your side.

  8. Marley Mason says:

    Great feeling to hit goals when you have a powerful group of people and bfe to help us. Im grateful to be part of the business and program, i feel that im not being judged or made fun of in anyway being involved and stepping up and being the leader for myself such as getting on our live training calls. Myself im an athlete and mentally you have to be driven as well as physically.

  9. Brianna B says:

    awesome post Amy – congratulations on your consistency!

  10. Robyn E. says:

    Inspiring and what a great taking A.I.M. project!

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Go for it Amy, awesome work 🙂 Love your AIM project and we are all behind you in achieving it

  12. Kirsty M. says:

    This is so great Amy, and I think a key thing here is that you’ve pulled a major part of your success from your supportive community. I remember seeing Shawn Achor speak at an event in Hawaii back in 2009, he taught us about the Success Formula – that 25% of our success comes from those who we directly associate with. Thank goodness that we tick that box with our weekly BFE Live Mastermind calls (& of course company training calls and events too)! You’ve also ticked that box with your running “support” group. My running support group would also need to have a paramedic in it since I never got past the “run for 8 minutes” mark, but you’ve made me realise I was doing it on my own (apart from the app lady in my earphones) – maybe I’ll hunt for a local running group… In an area heavily dominated by retirees I should be able to find a group I can keep up with 😉