May 10th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global marathon effort

Polaris Global community – your super supportive vibe, and love of Beyond Freedom Evolution constantly reminds me how important it is to keep your BFE mindset in everything we do. I’ve needed that this month. (And a bit).

Polaris Global all the way to the finish line!

Polaris Global all the way to the finish line!

I shared earlier in January that I set myself a New Years goal – to run a half marathon. And like every goal, I started at BFE. Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution was what got me off my couch and running two years ago. It’s something I never thought I could do.

Well.. nothing changes if nothing changes!

So, I took the Polaris Global BFE Taking A.I.M mission and transformed myself into a runner. Not just someone who can make it around the block without stopping (week one) but someone who finished an 8 mile fun run (week 25). It is still a huge highlight for me.

And now, 2015 is the year of the half marathon.

It’s supposed to happen in six weeks. And I haven’t run since Easter. Yep! Huge roadblocks and life events have slowed my training down to a complete stop. So what now? Find the BFE lesson, learn from it, make your course correction and keep going. Just keep going! So today I ran. And it was awesome!

Sometimes health and family need more immediate attention than the finish line. And that’s okay. So thank you to the Polaris Global community and BFE mindset, I’m confident in my new journey plan, and that half marathon will be mine!

And what do you know – a special charity close to my heart, just changed their annual fundraiser to a fun run with a half marathon distance option in September. How about that!

Polaris Global and BFE all the way to the finish line!

~ Amy Adams

11 Responses to “Polaris Global marathon effort”

  1. Carrie says:

    Awesome that you have learnt from the experience Amy and are back into it!!

  2. Kym K says:

    Amy I love that – once you make the decision the opportunities open up. Go You I look forward to hearing of your experience in the marathon.

  3. Kirsty M. says:

    Woohoo! Go Amy! When my son did his first run at school I was at the finish line cheering him on & he won. He reminds me all the time that the only reason he won was because I was screaming the loudest out of all the Mums at the finish line! Just imagine us all – the whole BFE crew – at the finish line cheering you on – coz we are! That’s the power of our community so GO FOR IT!

  4. Robyn E says:

    Inspiring! I’m about to launch into the action part of BFE for my second time today and this post reminded me of my Taking Aim ideas from my first round. Don’t think I will be challenging you on the marathon running Amy 😉
    Certainly what you have said here about “life” getting in the way is “okay” and we can course correct around it and back through toward the goal again.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  5. Howard says:

    Well done, Amy. Isn’t it wonderful to see how life bends to accommodate you?

  6. Portia C. says:

    That’s awesome Amy…way to go! I just love what we can accomplish with our Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum. The way it challenges us to get out of out comfort zone and “Just Do It”! I’ve ran several half-marathon over the years. I remember my first, It felt so incredible when I crossed the finish line. Keep up the training, with your BFE mindset I’m betting you will do great.

  7. Amy Adams says:

    Thanks for your support Portia! It’s daunting but breaking it down into little achievable goals is helping me believe it’s possible! I’m envious of your running efforts… I hear collecting the medals is addictive!

  8. Amy Adams says:

    It is truly amazing Howard!

  9. Amy Adams says:

    Thanks Kirsty! I certainly will be tapping into that Polaris Global community support to get me across the line. I’m going to need all the help I can get! ha.

  10. Rosemary says:

    Wow Amy I admire your training efforts and I love that you recognise its OK to get off track and that the important things is to readjust and continue. Those are valuable lessons from BFE that I have been reminded of again this morning in another context – I have been hard on myself for not doing enough lately on marketing but BFE reminded me to acknowledge this and start from NOW doing better – so that is what I have done. Look forward to following your progress towards the half marathon!

  11. Karen says:

    Woohoo, Go Amy. You are a great example of consistent action towards your goal. Well done.