June 15th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global marketing scam?

This is an honest review of all the facts concerning Polaris Global.

Just the facts!

Just the facts!

Polaris Global produce an award-winning personal and leadership development program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, a 12-month web-based success education curriculum. It features success principles that will put your life and business goals within your your reach immediately.

It is designed for individuals who are ready to get the most out of life, and also appropriate for corporations looking for an education program to motivate and enhance the skills of their executives, management, and employees, all while building company loyalty and creating dramatic results.

The Beyond Freedom Evolution online curriculum includes e-book texts, video and audio content, and an innovative exclusive social media platform and journal system. The language is simple, the exercises are practical, and when applied diligently the results are immediate. Sales and surveyed students can testify to that (click for more info).

In addition to this retail product, Polaris Global offers an unrivaled income opportunity that allows you to distribute this leadership product. Paying it forward! And with this comes a generous compensation plan. Polaris Global gives you a winning business formula and every possible opportunity to become financially successful.

What Polaris Global offers above any other home business opportunity, is a chance to succeed within a tested business format, with unparalleled mentoring, weekly motivational calls, a super supportive network and access to pick the brains of the company Founders, even when you’re just starting out.

Like any new business, you must have the means, the knowledge, time and dedication to get the business off the ground. It’s not magic – success won’t instantly appear for you because you decide you want it. You have to work for it. Earn it. Deserve it!

That’s it. All the facts about Polaris Global. No scam, hype or schemes. Polaris Global offers you the opportunity to enhance yourself as a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution and revel in the award-winning curriculum. And for those entrepreneurs looking for a life-changing, flexible home business, it’s totally worth your time to check out Polaris Global’s income opportunity.

No bull.

~ Amy Adams

13 Responses to “Polaris Global marketing scam?”

  1. Pauline O says:

    You’ve stated the facts perfectly Amy and there are hundreds of incredibly happy customers and distributors commenting on this blog site as testament to the value of the product and potential of the business opportunity. Polaris Global transformed my life for the better on every level and I’m in gratitude for it every day.

  2. Lise R says:

    No bull is right. What we have here with Polaris is very straight forward – a life changing Success Education curriculum and a unique opportunity to achieve financial prosperity with our online business. That’s it! 🙂

  3. Bev Abel says:

    So True Amy…
    I saw the opportunity coming up six years ago, and SO grateful I chose in!!!

  4. Helen S says:

    SOOOOO RIGHT ON Amy, when i think back to my days prior to Beyond Freedom Evolution, which was just over 5 years ago now, it feels like that was somebody else’s life, someone who was at the effect of all the goings on around them, who had anxiety issues, was not able to travel like she desired throughout the world, due to those issues, had chronic health issues and was constantly in battle with dysfunctional family situations, and i guess there is probably more i could add to the list hahaha, but I WONT!

    It ‘s bizarre really, when i think back and REALISE how far i have come, not only are all those external situation no longer effecting me, though i am now a leader in my own life, running a successful business from home, i have a pretty harmonious family life, assisted my eldest son with extraordinary mental health challenges and seeing him independent and living his life happily……ALL BECAUSE i was a student of BFE!

    Your post Amy has been a great reminder to me on how fortunate i am to have come across Polaris Global and SO grateful for the opportunity I gave to myself which led to the EVOLUTION IN MY FUTURE and continues to do, not only has it impacted my life by empowering me, it has also impacted all around me in a positive way. THANK YOU!!

  5. Kym K says:

    Absolutely Amy,
    What we have here at Polaris Global is a legitimate, lucrative Business model and a Truly life changing program. I have been a student of personal development for many years and I have read many books and attended a few of those cathartic seminars all in an attempt to “fix myself”, what I love most about our Beyond Freedom Evolution Program is that assisted me to realise that I wasn’t broken and it gave me the tools to change the areas of life I wasn’t happy with the results, NO BULL.

  6. Debbie R says:

    Spot on Amy, I have used Beyond Freedom Evolution since day one and it has positively transformed every single aspect of my life. It’s so rewarding to offer the product through our business opportunity, not as a sales rep, but as someone who truly believes in the value of the product because of the wins and personal transformation I have personally experienced.

  7. Chrissy G says:

    Great post Amy and some very true facts about Polaris Global and the type of opportunity we offer.

  8. Carrie M says:

    Love this post Amy! I’ve been a student of personal development for about 8 years now – reading lots of books, going to lots of seminars; not really achieving my goals and making progress though.

    Through using Beyond Freedom Evolution, I have had massive positive shifts in my life – my health, relationships and love for myself have improved significantly. Change is continuous and ongoing; BFE recognises this and helps with ongoing personal growth.

    Thanks BFE!

  9. Fiona C says:

    Great post Amy and you are spot on! The Beyond Freedom Evolution 12 month course has change my life forever.

  10. Lee Anne B says:

    Well put Amy, I agree Polaris Global is so far from being a SCAM, it has been the best thing I have done in my life is starting my Polaris Global business and using my Beyond Freedom Evolution program. So very grateful that is for sure

  11. Karen L says:

    So true Amy. Polaris Global and Beyond freedom evolution have transformed my life for sure. From implementing what I have learnt I have taken my running results to a whole new level and have had people scratch their heads wondering how I can run so fast. I credit my results to Beyond freedom evolution and being a part if the supportive community.

  12. Beverlee G. says:

    Could not agree more with Amy and everyone else on this blog. Polaris Global has transformed the way I think about success, wealth and personal happiness. Shane, Rachel and the other leaders are heart-based, authentic people that I aspire to emulate. I am SO GRATEFUL that I found this opportunity!!

  13. Liza D. says:

    Amy, you could not have said it any better, totally agree with you and all the other’s comments. I too have had life transformations due to Polaris Global in being more positive, happier and just being ME. I am so trilled to be working within a company that inspires and motivates it’s members to succeed in making a better lifestyle for themselves and their families. Very grateful and thankful for this life changing opportunity!

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