March 3rd, 2015 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global step-by-step

Polaris Global success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution, can literally be applied to every facet of your life. Proof in point…

Polaris Global lesson: you snooze, you lose!

Polaris Global lesson: you snooze, you lose!

The alarm blared at me this morning. I swear the clock figured out a way to increase the level of irritability. Urgh. And then the kids were not at all cooperative, I couldn’t find the remote control, and finally I found myself standing in front of my wardrobe staring blankly for ages, when I should have already been out the door.

Then my Beyond Freedom Evolution gear clicks in…

Snap out of it woman!

My schedule today was insane. I knew it. My kids knew it. My stupid alarm knew it. And it started with a six-mile run as part of my half-marathon training. My longest run in a really long time. And I really didn’t feel like it. Really really.

BFE mindset: Just put on your runners, and get in the car and get there. Walk it if you have to, just go.

So I did.

And then when I got there it was a beautiful morning, the river was glistening and there was a cool breeze. It was one of those moments when nature reminds you how beautiful it is. So maybe a little jog, just to the bridge two miles up the road would be doable. And I could walk from there.

And then, as the bridge was approaching and I’m looking forward to slowing down, my favorite motivating song comes on, and pow! Extra power kick, “You shoot me down, but I won’t fall, I am Titaniuuuum….”

I’m at the playground two miles passed the bridge. Yeah! I check in on my little running companion in his pram, who is bouncing and laughing at the ride. He’s having so much fun he’s beaming. Well, okay then champ let’s keep going!

And before I knew it… six miles finished. Scheduled training complete. When I could barely brush my teeth this morning.

Tiny little pieces, one step at a time, and my BFE mindset totally got me over the finish line today.

Sometimes, the step to success really is as small as putting on your shoes.

~ Amy Adams

6 Responses to “Polaris Global step-by-step”

  1. Kym K says:

    Amy, wonderful share, I felt like I was on the run with you. I absolutely can relate to how you gently, yet firmly coax yourself forward and I believe the reason is because it feels so darn fabulous to overcome the obstacle, especially when we are the obstacle. Thank you Beyond Freedom Evolution for helping win the game.

  2. Portia C. says:

    I love it…just do it! Amy, I remember those days, having been a marathon runner myself. Days where you just didn’t feel like getting in gear and getting moving. But you mustered up the courage to push yourself, next thing you know your persistence paid payoff. Taking the first step and then the next, just keeping the desired goal in mind. Next thing you know, the university just aligns itself with our vibrational rhythm giving us the boost we need to keep going. It’s most certainly the mindset of a BFE practitioner. It’s what has been the driving force in keeping me on cost in by Polaris business. Grateful counting and appreciating even the smallest win! Thanks Beyond Freedom Evolution!

  3. Marley M says:

    Hey amy great post, just goes to show what persistence and action can do!.

  4. Carrie M says:

    Thanks for sharing such a cool story Amy!

  5. Brianna says:

    amazing post Amy! I think we’ve all been there those mornings, so worth it when you push through!

  6. JodieC says:

    Fantastic post! I’ve been doing this for about two weeks, just taking the next step as quick as I can, my mindset has been all over the place. I am now back in the groove with fewer “just put on your shoes” moments. Just keep on pushing…