September 27th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Polaris Global stop the Stoppers!

Stoppers. Sigh. I’ve come across a few of them this month. Any student of Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution program knows how regular these little lurkers can pop up in the face of change and growth to try and defeat your spirit and stop you from achieving your goal.

Don't let the Stoppers sink your success

Don’t let the Stoppers sink your success

So what is a Stopper? They are roadblocks that appear when you’re on a chosen direction towards a goal. Mine have mostly been people who are always so negative about everything. They try and deter you from your dream, they are always saying you can’t do it, don’t get your hopes up; it’s never going to happen. They criticize your decisions, are not supportive and always play the victim. They are often your first challenge when starting a new success goal.

A very powerful chapter in Beyond Freedom Evolution (Departure Part III) is ‘Identifying the Stoppers’. Once you can see them for what they are, you immediately see how they’re blocking your journey and success. It is quite an eye-opening part of the syllabus. And can be quite a difficult process to get through. But ultimately, very rewarding.

The BFE program gives you steps and example scenarios in the accompanying videos, on how to navigate a Stopper. Step around them, and not let their negative attitudes affect you and your goal. This lesson alone has completely changed the way I spend my time, and who with and the difference is amazing.

Instead of wasting time, energy and space on listening to Stoppers, trying to convince them, I now just let them finish their spiel, and side step them. So tired of hearing a negative spin about everything. It’s exhausting. They’re sucking the success right out of the air around them!

No thank you.

Along with the Polaris Global Mastermind support network behind you the whole way, you’re unstoppable! What an awesome life skill.

For now, my road is clear. But I’m ready for anyone who tries to block me. Look out! I’m armed with BFE and I will use it!

~ Amy Adams


9 Responses to “Polaris Global stop the Stoppers!”

  1. Lee Anne B says:

    There are so many stoppers out there in life. What I have learnt since starting on my Beyond Freedom Evolution journey is that I am my own biggest stopper x

  2. Chrissy G says:

    Love the visual you gave me Amy, with you are armed with your BFE and not afraid to use it.
    The section on Stoppers in our Beyond Freedom Evolution program is very powerful because like Lee Anne said we can find out we are the biggest stopper in really achieving our goals.

  3. Carrie M says:

    Love this post Amy! Prior to Beyond Freedom Evolution, I thought I had to always defend myself and be reactive with the Stoppers and what they were saying.

    Since using BFE, I now know that I can just let their comments and energy float right past me! I don’t need to buy into their story and what they are creating for themselves; it’s not about me. I now find myself saying ‘I understand that is your opinion; it is not my opinion and it is okay that we have different ones’.

  4. Louise L. says:

    This is probably one of the most powerful concepts in BFE for me so far and the most difficult as I am by nature a people-pleaser. But thanks to BFE, that is becoming history and I am becoming more and more free to stand my ground.

  5. Lise R says:

    This is a very powerful concept in the curriculum and I have had the biggest breakthrough working out that I am my biggest stopper.

  6. Robert T says:

    Hi Amy, I haven’t blogged for a long time. This was given to me to share at Influence – the words come from a place of being and seeing. The words really cannot encapsulate the feeling but here goes-
    To The Children Of The Universe:
    Beloved from the stars and life itself,
    Know that all is given, it is here now, Also understand there is nothing lost or unknown.
    The joy of life is Leela – (Sanskrit for the Dance of Life). It is freedom, happiness, joy, sadness. It is finding, it is losing, it is frustration, anger – It is every emotion we know. It is all decision and action from that. LEELA the dance of life. Know for yourself it is true by your own feelings. It is everywhere, in every moment
    Therefore, be kind to yourself and to all – remember to forgive yourself – by so doing you will forgive others.
    Have no doubt, know that you are loved, enjoy and remember who you are – you own special purpose. Know that you are special, a Child of the Stars, a gift from all life and the Universe Itself

  7. john says:

    This is a very powerful concept in the curriculum

  8. Marley M says:

    Yep stoppers are everywhere, but i always stick to what i want now. People told me i would never become a champion athlete and i never would compete on a stage. I now use the principle of fitness in everything i do, discipline, leadership and prosperity.

  9. Portia C. says:! The stoppers are the ones who never spread their wings. And when others do it makes them feel small. Theodore Roosevelt said it best..”It is not the critic who counts…” As students of BFE and members of the Polaris Global community we are the ones who strives valiantly. Let’s continue to spread our wings, may the winds carry us to great heights.

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