February 23rd, 2015 by Amy Adams

There’s no stop to Polaris Global. Full stop.

Aaah! Stoppers stoppers at every turn! Have you ever lived a week like that? Where around every corner there is a roadblock: something, someone, somewhere, lurking ready to jump? Urgh. That’s been happening to me all week.

Don't let the Stoppers sink your success

Don’t let the Stoppers sink your success

Polaris Global classifies Stoppers in Beyond Freedom Evolution, their success education program, as roadblocks that appear on your journey to success. They can come in many forms – people, life events, obstacles. They consistently pop up around times of change.

As an avid student of Beyond Freedom Evolution I have become adept at identifying Stoppers, and use the steps laid out in BFE to manoeuvre past them with minimal impact, and stay on track to my goal.

These recent events led me to recap the essentials from that BFE chapter and reminded me of some important factors. Don’t blame those who appear to be putting up roadblocks to change. That won’t solve anything. Instead, look for the way to move past them with minimal fuss and disruption.

The Polaris Global lesson – look internally first. Align your sense of self with the valuable concepts from BFE to make it easier to welcome change, innovation and success, and you’ll inject that attitude more fully into the world. Then there’s no stopping you!

I can hear the winds of change, and I love it! Bring. It. On!

~ Amy Adams


3 Responses to “There’s no stop to Polaris Global. Full stop.”

  1. Carrie M says:

    Thanks for your post Amy. A great reminder that I can be my own Stopper at times, and to use the Beyond Freedom Evolution principles to assist me to move past any obstacles. Cheers!

  2. Brianna says:

    Awesome post Amy – a great reminder we have the tools to move past stoppers.

  3. Marley M says:

    A reminder post thanks amy. I mentioned on my first live I had obstacles i stepped back and throught what would i do?. Keep going and beyound.