May 23rd, 2010 by Rachel Krider

“No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!”

Nick Vujicic Inspiration

Nick Vujicic Inspiration

Nick Vujicic has a remarkable story. As I watched his video today tears streamed down my face (see below) Tears of gratitude. I showed the clip to Shane and he mentioned that he’d seen Nick recently at LAX with many people lining up to hug him and honour him. Nick’s story is a true testiment to the strength of the human spirit. He was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia without arms and without legs.

At first the doctors didn’t believe that Nick would live for very long, but tests proved that he was a healthy baby boy except, as Nick has said, “just one hitch, I’d been born without any limbs”.

He turned his challenging situation into a gift. A message of hope that he shares with thousands of people around the world. Providing inspiration and love to so many people both directly and indirectly through who he is being.

At 25 years of age he’d completed a bachelor’s degree in both financial planning and accounting and also an active motivational speaker. But what really got me is the his ability to accomplish the simple things that so many of us take for granted, such as swimming, fishing and even playing soccer!

Enjoy this clip of Nick.  Nicks Video Click Here

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  1. Bev Abel says:

    What an Inspiration.
    And how grateful I am for my arms and legs.
    Have sent it to many contacts.
    Your an inspiration too Rachael

  2. Emma Lewin says:

    Doesn’t that put monday morning in perspective – what an inspiring guy, thanks Rachel

  3. Judee Pouncey says:

    I have seen a couple of videos of Nick and have been very inspired. I especially loved the faces of the young people watching him as he spoke and then giving him hugs afterwards.

    What an awesome spirit he has!

    Wouldn’t he make a great speaker for a Polaris live event!

    Thank you for sharing this, Rachel! : )

  4. chrissy greig says:

    Thanks Rach…I have watched this clip before and like you the tears were flowing…I have faced some financial challenges recently but when you see what challenges Nick has had to overcome mine are nothing.
    Thanks Nick for your inspiration.

  5. Rich Welt says:

    HI Rach,
    Thanks for posting this on the blog. When I watched Nick’s video I had tears of inspiration rolling down my cheeks. To see a man so small in stature be so large in spirit was truly a life changing moment for me. How dare I spend any time in my own self doubt or self-pity, when a man like Nick continues to achieve great success in areas of life that so many of us have taken for granted. I am very thankful for Nick bringing his gifts out into the world for all of us
    to benefit. I carry much pride in my heart for the work we are doing in Polaris and all of the blogs you are posting for everyone’s benefit.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Alkmini Sussa says:

    I love living life. I am happy.
    What an amazing young man, and how insignificant do all our ‘normal’ adversities seem in respect.
    On the weekend I discovered that a dear friend’s 16yo son tried to commit suicide and I didn’t know what I could do or say that would truly help them both, and then you posted this Rachel. Thank you so much, as I know it will inspire them both to never give up.

  7. Faenza Aitken says:

    This story brings up a similar one and I started thinking about it today, with Nick and others like him give us and communities such inspiratiion to think about ourselves as we take simple tasks for granted where he has so much to overcome.
    To think about it almost seems like he is guided by a higher vision and of course he is…ultimately his own, we would be well advised to take a leaf out of his book for gratitude that we are capable of so much more and of value to others just by what we can do and achieve with the use of our limbs.
    This is a great example of empowerment and inspiration and a great start to my day, thank-you Rach.

  8. Suzi says:

    Makes me feel so humble – any problems I might have just pale into insignificance. Shows how important attitude is – it’s not our circumstances or what happens to us, it’s how we THINK about it, and that is our CHOICE. Great stuff – thanks Rachel.

  9. Simone says:

    What an incredible man, having such an incredible impact on people. To be pushed to grow and develop our true potential in a positive, nurturing environment is something that many people pay to obtain. What a delight that our Polaris Global business community offers this freely as part of sharing, giving and inspiring each other.

    I heard a quote recently “Its not the mountain you have to conqueur, its yourself you have to conquer”.
    Sir Edmund Hillary

    Thank you Rachel, and thank you Nick for the reminder. Much gratitude!

  10. Alison Podmore says:

    My parents used to always say to me “you don’t know how lucky you are” and of course I now say that to my children. After watching this video clip, this is so true. It really brought back to home how grateful I am for everything and everyone around me.

    I take my hat off to Nick – what a true inspiration to everyone!

    Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  11. Judy Germantis says:

    What a true inspiration of the human spirit. Just goes to show that we as humans can achieve anything, be anything if we truly Know No Limits. Thanks Rach for sharing.

  12. Marie Vassallo says:

    Thanks for sharing this Rach, Nick is truly an inspirational human being and when we saw Scott Burrows speak at our Foundation Live conference, Nick was someone who came to my mind because I have seen his DVD before and his story really stuck with me and makes me realise that my adversity is nothing compared to that of others and people like Nick and Scott make me give myself a good kick up he backside and just get on with it because they change our thinking on what we think is possible and what isn’t. Rach you are another one who made me re-think what’s possible because prior to coming here I didn’t really think it was possible to make a good income from a home based business-you certainly blew that theory out of the water-Thanks for that as I now look for things that i didn’t think possible before and know that there is a way round everything and that when I tell my kids that ‘Anything is possible’, it truly is.
    Who has made you re-think what’s possible?

  13. Theresa Pembroke says:

    Wow, what a humbling experience to watch this video…..I have spent minutes pondeing what else to say, I am lost for words. An inspiration and gift to be shared with others. Thank you

  14. Rachel Oliver says:

    hey Rich – and thanks to you for forwarding it to me. Really struck a cord with me x

  15. Thanks for sharing, I found this story while looking for lyric updates, useful comments and great points made.

  16. John Howlett says:

    As somebody why was a ‘victim’ of Rheumatoid Artritis at an early age, I can testify that it was a very lonely place. However I was offered a week away with a Personal development worker who turned my life around. I am now building a new life on the other side of the world. Done let anything hold you back and start dreaming. Nothing is impossible.

  17. Karen Edl says:

    I have seen Nick previously and yes I was humbled by this amazing human being. He is such an inspiration to us, you can achieve anything you want. Nick has shown us it is OK to be different on the outside. Stand up and be who you are. Work for what you you want out of life, know the life you want. Thank you Polaris for assisting me to know this.

    Thank you so much for sharing Rach!

  18. Jo Austin says:

    Another great post Rach….can’t express my appreciation enough.

    How petty and insignificant do the problems I have to face seem after watching this movie. However it’s not about how big our problems are it’s about how we face them. Are we going to give up and earn the title of “failure” or are we going to look for a solution, keep trying and BE successful.

    Certainly before discovering Polaris and Personal Development I was a person who just put everything in the too hard basket.. Since joining this amazing community I have recognised that I am responsible for my own success and now I face each day with a CAN DO attitude and I can honestly say I am loving life.

    A positive mindset is a powerful asset!

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