September 26th, 2015 by Amy Adams

Accountability – Being Honest with Myself

Posted by Cathy W

BFE – what a great call today – thank you Bart and Helen.

I love this topic of Accountability and being Responsible for ourselves.

This is very relevant to me right now.

I joined Polaris a year ago and was excited and motivated. My husband was going to keep us afloat financially while I got my business up and running.

Great plan – but things changed!

My husband became very sick and was no longer able to work. Our lives were turned upside down for many months and I switched my focus to caring and supporting and sometimes just surviving myself. It was a very traumatic time but we got through it and now we are following the path of recovery.

What happened for me was that I became emotionally and physically drained and felt like I just had nothing left for me and consequently my business did not grow. I kept justifying this by telling myself that I could not work on my business while I had so much to deal with at home and I convinced myself that this was just the way it was.

I sat in this energy for some time but then I sat myself down and asked myself what I could own about the way I was dealing with this situation. I was not responsible for it but I am responsible about how I deal with it and the choices I make. I started to consider what I could do to create a different work environment where I could start to work and be excited about my business.

I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself that ‘I do love you but I do not like your behaviour right now’.

Hmm so being honest with myself and accepting what I was doing that was not helping the situation has really given me the motivation to start taking responsibility for making things happen in my life, my business.

Blaming someone else or feeling sorry for yourself does not bring about the results you want to see.

Taking responsibility for your life and your actions and being accountable for the decisions you make – this moves us forward to where we want to go.

Woo hoo – this is a WIN – another great section of today’s call.

3 Responses to “Accountability – Being Honest with Myself”

  1. Kym K says:

    Great post Cathy, I love your look in the mirror conversation – they are tough to have. I remember when my youngest son broke a major bone in his leg in 2012 – it was physically and emotionally demanding supporting him however I continue to feel enormous gratitude that I worked from home with my Polaris Global Business. I have had plenty of pity parties however Beyond Freedom Evolution has assisted me to minimise this, Id much rather count my wins. Well done – fabulous win.

  2. Brianna says:

    Fantastic post Kathy, I can totally relate to getting into that slump. I feel horrible and I have a picture of myself as a 3 year old stamping my foot saying “but it’s not my fault!” and then I realise this type of thinking serves no one and it’s EXHAUSTING! I love the surge of motivation and energy after making a decision and then following through with action it’s so rewarding and leaves me wondering why we do go back into the state of stamping our foot and passing up responsibility in the first place. And then I too count the win for becoming aware and changing it.

    Congratulations on your shift!

    xx Bree

  3. Cathy says:

    I think sometimes we go back to stamping our foot because we have not yet got all the learnings or are not willing to own them all….it can be fun though when you actually recognise you are doing it

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