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Becoming a Member of the Polaris Global $50k Month Club

Success Versus Failure

Success Versus Failure

Posted By Lee Anne B

When I first started with Polaris Global I was making on average $30,000 p/a in my franchise and was looking for a home based business that would allow me to create a better income plus give me the flexibility around my children to work from home.

Well I absolutely found that here with Polaris Global, and WOW… found so much more!

I have had so many HUGE wins over my time here in Polaris Global. But the first BIG achievement I ticked off my list was becoming a member of the Polaris Global $50k club, meaning I made $50k profit in a single month. Yes profit!  Absolutely amazing considering this was more than what i used to make in a full year in my old franchise.

Even better than the financial reward, I was able to work from home instead of being stuck in the commute to and from work.  My children’s second home was no longer childcare, I had time to exercise and eat better and to top it all off, I reduced my stress and got to have more experiences and fun in life – enjoying life as it deserves to be!

Polaris Global for me has never been just about the money, it is totally about the full package,and  the money makes the ride a lot more fun and enjoyable and I am able to take more people with me to experience it!

What has been your biggest win so far since joining Polaris Global?

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  1. Lee Anne B says:

    Your welcome Bronwyn, I love to help others create success in all areas of life, this is excatly why I joined Polaris Global, I get to do that everyday x

  2. Lise R says:

    Love this list that you and Rach covered the other day, such a valuable call AND a great wake up call for sure. A great reminder to be doing the thing and NOT giving ourselves any excuses!

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Lise, it was such fun to do. Important points for sure to be conscious of in our Polaris Global businesses for sure

  4. Lee Anne B says:


    Thanks to Bart and Fraser for another amazing Beyond Freedom Evolution call this week. The main topic for the call was about being unstoppable and how those few words can totally change everything.

    I started using I am unstoppable a while ago now, back when I went through my Beyond Freedom Evolution for the first time. It has been so powerful for me, I know it is one of the reasons I have created what I have in my life and in my Polaris Global business.

    Someone who thinks they are unstoppable knows what they want. They will take risks someone else may not consider; ones that may be scary to others. I know I have taken lots of extremely scary risks on my journey.

    Someone who is unstoppable has confidence, they position themselves for success.

    They don’t let the adversity thrown at them, bog them down.

    Do you believe you are unstoppable?

  5. Lise R says:

    Yes, this was such a great call. I have added the “I am unstoppable” to the end of my North Star and I can see such a difference in the energy around it, so cool!

  6. Lee Anne B says:

    Everyone in the Polaris Global community is unstoppable.. watch us go!

  7. Lee Anne B says:


    I had the pleasure of hosting Live Prospecting this week with Debbie P. I always really enjoy hosting the Polaris Global training calls. I have to say the Live Prospecting call is always the most fun though. It is the most fun because it can’t be planned. We never know what we are going to get. We may have a whole call of left messages or disqualifications. Or like we had on the last call I hosted a whole pile of people not able to talk, so lots of appointments made to speak.

    No matter whether someone has been here with Polaris Global for a short time, or has been around for a while, there is so much value with each and every call. There are new word tracks to learn, different processes to take and really it is just a great example of life.

    We all have days in our Polaris Global business where we leave lots of messages or disqualify nearly everyone one day and then the next day everyone answers and qualifies.

    The numbers all work out in the wash, so the key to success is to keep doing the numbers and be consistent with it, UNTIL..

    What is your favourite part about prospecting in your Polaris Global business?

  8. Lise R says:

    So true Lee Anne, the key is consistency. Some days I leave all messages, the next day I put 7 people through. We really never know what we’re going to get!

  9. Tracy M. says:

    My biggest win with Polaris Global so far is having amazing leaders like yourself, Shane and Rachel Krider really confirm to me what I have always known but never really believed….that I CAN do this…and not only CAN but WILL.

  10. Helen T says:

    So much value in being able to listen in on those live calls and hear what really goes on in the process of prospecting. The biggest value for someone new like me is in hearing the consistent posture that is maintained regardless of what happens. Keep doing it UNTIL…

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Exactly Lise, great example that the numbers pan out if you do them consistently. I have always found this to be true in my Polaris Global business

  12. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Tracy, It all started with our mindset, so keep that in check and keep working on that and you are half way there. I love what Polaris Global stands for and the amazing leadership here

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Helen, I agree. Another great example of posture today on the Polaris Global Professional Marketers Call, learning learning learning xx

  14. Karen L says:

    What I enjoy with my Polaris business and prospecting is you never know what you are going to get on the phone. People fascinate me and I find it interesting. As you say, the numbers all work out in the wash.

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Karen, I love that everyday in my Polaris Global business is completely different, new and exciting

  16. Lee Anne B says:


    My oldest daughter Jayla turned eight on the 5th January. I can’t believe that she is now in year three at school and how mature she is becoming. When I started my journey here with Polaris Global Jayla was only two.

    I feel so grateful for the experiences I have been able to show Jayla and Lexi (my six year old) over the past five years thanks to Polaris Global. Both my girls have travelled to Tahiti, Europe and USA and been on multiple Cruises. I have taken them to Disney Land and shown them things they would never have seen or learnt at school.

    I feel due to my growth and development personally through my Beyond Freedom Evolution studies and the amazing community of people in Polaris Global (including Shane Krider, Rachel Krider and Greg Strom), my daughters are growing up so much wiser and are able to dream and create bigger and better things in their lives due to the lack of limitations placed on them.

    Have you seen people in your family change and grow due to being part of Polaris Global?

  17. Jan S says:

    My favourite part about prospecting in my Polaris Global business is learning to let go of the attachment and just enjoy the experience. As you say, every day is so different “Like a box of Chocolates” as Forrest Gump would also say.
    I love to see the changes in ME as I talk to different people. I can now see that it isn’t all about me – it’s about helping others.

  18. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Jan, totally the more people you help get what they want, the simpler and easier what you want will come. Being part of Polaris Global really does speed up that process

  19. Tracy M. says:

    My biggest win so far is the small changes I see in myself everyday from being a part of Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution – keep it coming 🙂

  20. Lise R says:

    This is so cool Lee Anne – what an amazing life experience you are creating for your family here as a result of being a part of Polaris Global. My marriage has definitely strengthened in a big way and I see the people in my life responding to me in a much more positive way.

  21. Karen L says:

    Great share Lee Anne. Beyond Freedom Evolution is such a powerful, life changing program, it should be in every household.

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Tracy, those are the best wins. Since starting on my Beyond Freedom Evolution journey the wins have kept coming and still do 5 years on

  23. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Lise and that is wonderful to hear. Amazing things happen when you are part of a company like Polaris Global that is for sure x

  24. Kimberly says:

    Although my husband doesn’t do the Polaris business and says Beyond Freedom Evolution is not his thing, we had a really great conversation the other day and all I could really do was smile. So much of what he was saying I could had been influenced by what I do. It was kind of a pretty proud moment

  25. Lee Anne B says:

    Love that Kimberly, I too see my kids, my husband and my parents even saying and doing things which I can see as a direct influence of my Beyond Freedom Evolution and Polaris Global journey

  26. Lee Anne B says:


    I just listened to the February Supplemental Audio in my Beyond Freedom Evolution program and really loved it. So thank you Shane and Rachel Krider!

    The audio is all around Empowering Goal Setting and how to set yourself up for success.

    Here are the key take away points I loved from the Audio.

    If you feel like you are winning you put out a completely different vibration. It changes everything.
    Improper goal setting can make you feel stupid and inpatient.
    Most people overestimate short term and underestimate long term goals.
    When there is enough outflow, the inflow starts. Have a long term vision.
    You need a strong DMO and cut out the time to achieve your goals.
    Set yourself up to be a winner (winning and losing is down to perception).
    Stack the deck in your favour, set yourself up to win.
    If you are going to be successful you have to give yourself time.

    Have you listened to the Audio yet? What was your favourite part or take away?

  27. Lise R says:

    I love this month’s Beyond Freedom Evolution supplemental audio too! I have just listened to it and have taken away similar points to what you listed here Lee Anne. #1 for me is always feel like I am winning! 🙂

  28. Karen L says:

    Hey Lee Anne, I got a lot out of the Beyond Freedom Evolution supplemental audio this month. For me, I’m impatient and want it now and this has been one of my biggest learning curves to allow myself time to create the results.

  29. Lee Anne B says:


    Since joining Polaris Global my life has changed is every way. Health, Fitness, Relationships and Finances to name a few. One of the main and I feel most important changes has been my words. The way I think and say things. Changing my words has literally changed my life.

    I used to be someone that would say “hope” and “if” a lot. Eg. “If” this thing happens I will be so excited or I “hope” that it all works to plan. As you can imagine, that train of thinking was not getting me very far and I was not someone who had made a decision to create something special.

    Nowadays I use “when” instead of the old “if” (and I still correct myself on this one sometimes) and the word “hope” is just removed. Some of my team would know I pick them up on “hope” all the time. I say take the word hope out and just go and do that.

    Another word to change would be”need” to “want.” Wanting something is so much more powerful than needing it.

    What are some words you have changed?

  30. Helen T says:

    Since I have been with Polaris Global I have made a conscious effort to use the words “thank you” more often. If I find myself worrying about whether something will happen or not, I change it around and say out loud or in my mind “thanks so much for this”, imagining that it has already happened. This helps to put me into a good feeling rather than feeling tense. This for me is a big part of the Gratitude step of the Six Daily Activities for Success.

  31. Berni I says:

    Some of my favorite changes are deleting

    very similar to your words from Polaris Global

  32. Karen L says:

    Me too Lee Anne. My language has changed since being a part of Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution. My words used to be wishy washy and now I use the words definitely and absolutely a lot. Also I have gotten rid of trouble and problem and words like that and now use challenge, solution or situation instead. Like you, I have started to be more aware of the words other people use such as ‘hope’ or ‘wish’ and I will pull them up on it.

  33. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Helen, I love that. Thank you is something great to increase for sure. Gratitude is part of every day of my life and Polaris Global business.

    Love those Berni, great ones to remove x

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Karen, a great thing that I know every one learns when they first start on their Polaris Global journey

  35. Lise R says:

    I love this new habit, I can so relate to this Lee Anne. I even find myself correcting the people around me when they use this type of language. I used to say “try” – now I say “do!” So much more powerful thanks to the awareness in going through my Beyond Freedom Evolution program.

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    Me too Lise, my big one is hope, I hear so many people adding the word hope to what they say, just take it out and say the statement again, so much more powerful xx As my Polaris Global team would know xx

  37. Lee Anne B says:


    I loved the Polaris Global training call last week. Shane Krider talked about the Voodoo. Here are the key points I took from the call.

    We overreach when we don’t have confidence. We try too hard.
    There are reasons why we overreach. Someone might be invalidated by others. Someone would invalidate another because they are a threat.
    We buy into the voodoo of something is wrong with us or we need to be an expert.
    We are creators and can create what we want, stop listening to others.
    You’ve got to confront the Voodoo
    Say more to less people
    Stop trying so hard
    It’s our own belief in the problem that causes the problem
    The minimalist way to do it is the way

    What were your key take away points from this call?

  38. Karen L says:

    Great list Lee Anne. My main take aways from the Polaris Global training call with Shane Krider was the overreaching and your own belief in the problem causes the problem. Another great Polaris training call with gold nuggets.

  39. Lee Anne B says:

    That was a big point to Karen, it is only a problem if we believe it is a problem. I love the Polaris Global training calls for this exact reason x

  40. Lise R says:

    Great points from the Polaris Global training call Lee Anne. I love the whole “there is nothing wrong” idea. This is massive for me. Knowing that there is no problem to fix gives me the space to invest that energy into new ideas.

  41. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Lise, there are so many gold nuggets to take from the Polaris Global training calls that is for sure

  42. Lee Anne B says:


    Another topic that Lise and Kirsty covered on the Polaris Global Professional Marketers Call was about being outside the comfort zone.

    I remember before I started with Polaris Global the rollercoaster ride I was on. I would do all I could to stay in my comfort zone. Everything would be good and then all of a sudden, bang..A huge smack in the face, (adversity), would be thrown at me. This would kick me out of my comfort zone and I would move forward, get to a new level and then repeat the process again.

    I have learnt through the training provided at Polaris Global and by using Beyond Freedom Evolution that the journey can be so much more enjoyable and the success comes faster when you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone regularly. I also learnt that the more you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone the smaller the adversity is that gets thrown at you.

    I love what Lise said about being in the comfort zone doing things that won’t frighten you or thrill you.

    I don’t know about you, I want to be thrilled. What are you going to do this week to get out of your comfort zone?

  43. Karen L says:

    Thanks for the share Lee Anne. Kirsty and Lise did such a great job on the Polaris Global professional marketer’s call. Success is always outside your comfort zone. If it wasn’t, you would have it now.

  44. Lise R says:

    Thanks Lee Anne. I used to hate to get outside of my comfort zone in every area of my life. I was playing a small game and experiencing small results. Now, especially in my Polaris Global business I am taking myself outside of my comfort zone (attending all of the events, spending more on marketing, hosting more calls, etc.) and seeing the results manifest!

  45. Anthony P says:

    The call was awesome! When I joined Polaris Global I didn’t want to do any prospecting with people that I know or total strangers out in public, but the more I thought about it, and about how effective it could be to just do something different, and nurture /build a relationship and invite them to the website to fill out the details for a callback, it’s still very uncomfortable, but as I tell people about the product and a little about the opportunity just from using it and being here, and sharing my wins with people outside Polaris Global, the more I want to go out and be with new people and meet them and share the opportunity on top of my online marketing. I’m going to go out and do some local surveys this weekend for the first time.

  46. Kym K says:

    It was another wonderful call and this is a big opportunity to stretch and grow. Today when I was in my yoga class we were a new pose I had not encountered before – I noticed how initially I wondered how my body could do it and then I reminded myself, Ill never know unless I try, I gave it a go and wow my body did figure out to do it, it felt amazing. I love yoga for this reason, to try things I would never otherwise do and that assists me to carry that over into my Polaris Business.

  47. Lee Anne B says:


    Over my time here with Polaris Global I have learnt that Marketing my Polaris Global business is not something I just set and forget and never have to work on it again. The beginning stages of setting up your marketing can be overwhelming, there can be lots to learn.

    I have also learnt to have fun with it all, make it a game and be patient; that is one of the biggest keys. PATIENT. As they say, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

    I have revamped my marketing on many occasions across the six years I have been working my business. I am currently revamping it all again. Writing new adverts, researching new places to market. I can say this time it has felt different. It has felt all inflow and really enjoyable, kind of exciting in a way. Change is as good as a holiday right?

    I really think changing up what you are doing on a regular basis means your marketing won’t go stale, you will always have fresh new ideas and be open for that new next exciting opportunity that may come your way.

    Have you redone your marketing recently? Or are you just setting up your first 90 day marketing plan?

  48. Karen L says:

    Like you Lise I have redone my marketing recently with new sites and new wording – often from the back office. I love how we receive so much awesome training for marketing for our Polaris Global business and access to tools to make it step by step and very straight forward.

  49. Lise R says:

    Yes! I have totally restructured and added in new legs to my marketing strategy lately and I am always on the look out for new opportunities to market my Polaris Global business.

  50. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Karen, great to hear x I love how Polaris Global is always keeping a breast of the latest marketing and technology

  51. Lee Anne B says:

    Great Lise, you have to keep it fresh and exciting that is for sure

  52. Karen L says:

    Just realised I wrote Lise instead of Lee Anne, sorry.

  53. Anthony P. says:

    I’m just starting to figure out my Marketing. I Have 1 leg consistently producing leads and another just starting to. Im doing more with free ads as I’ve made some costly mistakes with paid. I’m looking for what works consistently. And i’m loving having fun switching things up and staying fresh and creative. And I’m realizing that what works most consistently is me. I’m in flow, and it feels really good!

  54. Lee Anne B says:

    It is a process Anthony, marketing is a skill that you learn. I know over my journey in my Polaris Global business I have learnt lots of things including marketing, The Polaris Global team call this week will really help with your learning process too

  55. Lee Anne B says:


    I am so excited that Shane and Rachel Krider are coming back to Australia next month and along with that, that we are doing another series of Polaris Global Live Events and Training Days.

    At the start of this year we did our first Polaris Global Australian Roadshow and it was so much fun. I loved meeting everyone and being able to be part of the awesome training provided for the distributors.

    Some tips I would give you about planning for the events:

    Decide and book/register for the events you are going to attend. Attend as many as you can,
    Set a goal of how many guests you are going to have at each event,
    Set a goal of how many team members you will have at each event,
    Ramp up your marketing around the locations of the events,
    Send out invites to everyone in your ‘on the fence’ and ‘getting started’ categories,
    Mention the event and extend an invite to anyone new you put through the system.

    I find that the conversions totally increase when people get to meet everyone in person at the events, so book as many people in as you can

    What are your goals for these events?

  56. Lise R says:

    Yay! I am so excited too Lee Anne! As LOA would have it, Jeremy and I happen to be in Australia at the time of the Polaris Global Brisbane Live Event!!!!! I have purchased my ticket and will see you there!

  57. Lee Anne B says:

    Woo hoo, Yay can’t wait to see you guys xx The Polaris Global Community rocks x

  58. Karen says:

    Lee Anne, I am so excited Shane and Rachel are doing another Aussie Tour for Polaris Global. Writing my list of goals today that I would like to achieve from the events.

  59. Berni I says:

    Good luck Lee exciting for events with Polaris Global