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Beyond Freedom Evolution Counting The Wins

Counting Your Wins

Counting Your Wins

Posted By Lee Anne B

Since starting on my Beyond Freedom Evolution Journey one of the things I have learnt which has had the biggest impact on my life is Counting My Wins.

Success is not always just about the HUGE end goal. It is made up of all the little successes along the way. You should always make sure you celebrate and reward yourself along the way too. Each little step… each little achievement adds up to the completion of the main goal. No matter how small and silly you think the step is… celebrate it!

A great tip here is to keep a little notepad handy so that every time something good happens in your day you can write it down. Then at the end of each day you should read over the list of successes you have had that day. Even things like… I spoke to a great lead for my business today, I had someone pay an invoice to me today or, fantastically, I got to spend some quality time with my children this morning. Anything is a success to celebrate. The great thing about this exercise is when you get to the end of the day and you read the list of things you achieved, it is impossible to even think that you had a bad day.

WOW! Amazing things happened when I implemented this into my life. My life literally changed for the better. No longer were all my days crappy and on a downward spiral. The more I did this and have continued to do this, the more wins each day I seem to find; they present to me more and more easily. I am so very grateful to Beyond Freedom Evolution for this significant, powerful exercise.

Counting the wins should also include rewarding yourself along the way. This means having a few short term goals along your journey that you reward yourself for. So as an example – if your main goal is to earn $200,000 in a year, have $50,000 intervals where you reward and treat yourself. A romantic dinner with your partner at a fancy restaurant, a splendid night spent away, a day at the races or a spa and pamper package – an exciting reward that is significant to you. Rewards like this will make you infinitely more determined and inspired to get to the bigger goal. You can see progress and you have a taste of what the larger goal feels like.

So be sure to keep your focus on the HUGE goal, but have fun along the way and count the wins, celebrate the successes and enjoy the process.

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  1. Lee Anne B says:

    Congrats Jan, I know you have been working alot on things that once you feared and you have pushed past some of those in your Polaris Global business already. So excited for you x

  2. Lee Anne B says:


    Thanks to Alison and Kirsty for the Polaris Global professional marketers call this week. They outlined the details of the first Polaris Global Australia Tour happening at the end of this month; how to get your ticket and how to invite your guests.

    They also talked about setting a goal on how many people you will have at each event and making sure you are booked and registered for the events you are attending personally.

    I am booked for every event. I am so excited to be doing the full tour myself. I have a goal of 20 guests at each event, plus 15 team at each event with their guests too.

    I know how powerful these events can be for your leads and team to experience, so be doing all you can to get to an event and have at least one guest so you can leverage from the energy and flow on which the events will have for everyone’s Polaris Global businesses.

    Which events are you attending and how many guests will you have?

  3. Jan S says:

    I am all booked in and excited for the Brisbane event with Rachel Krider & Shane Krider.
    I am planning to have 3 guests to that event. Thank you to Alison & Kirsty for the tips in inviting guests.

  4. Leoni B says:

    I am booked for Brisbane and Sydney. I can’t wait to spend time with like-mined people again and just tap into the energy.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I am attending the Adelaide event and super excited to finally meet Rachel Krider in the flesh. I plan to have 10 guests at the Adelaide event and at least 5 at each of the other events. I am so pumped for the Australian Polaris Global tour.

  6. Lise R says:

    So exciting! I will not be at the events but I am super looking forward to all of the momentum that is created as a result of the AUSTRALIAN LIVE TOUR – POLARIS GLOBAL.

  7. Lee Anne B says:


    Are you choosing to be a person of action in your Polaris Global business, or are you making excuses as to why you can’t, or thinking you don’t have enough time or enough leads?

    I have seen it so many times where someone joins Polaris Global because they have a certain goal, like more time with the family or to create a better income. Then the reason they don’t continue on the mission becomes for the exact same reasons i.e. I can’t continue with my business because it is taking extra time from my family?? What the??

    When you start a business you don’t get the lifestyle from day one, you have to build the foundations and get it off the ground first. A lot of the time you have to give up more of what you want to create (so short term pain, long term gain). Without the groundwork you won’t achieve the long term goal.

    You basically need to work to get over the hump. At the start it can feel like you are putting a lot in without getting a lot out, it is that you are just piling stuff on one side of the scale and at some stage it will get heavy enough and tip.

    You just need to learn it, not get frustrated, keep doing it consistently UNTIL. Give yourself no unrealistic timeframes.

    Give yourself the space to fail and just do it anyway. Because really the only way to fail is to quit.

    Are you choosing to be a person of action?

  8. Karen L says:

    Another great blog Lee Anne.

    I definitely choose to be a person of action and just in the last few weeks, it feels as though almost everyone I follow up with loves the Polaris Global business and will get their money together to get started! It takes time to get to the point of being in flow and is absolutely worth being patient and keep going UNTIL.

  9. Lee Anne B says:

    Love that Karen, I find the same in my Polaris Global business too. When I am in flow, I am totally in flow x Congrats Karen

  10. Lise R says:

    Great post Lee Anne – I can feel the energy behind it, so cool! Yes, I am a person of action. I knew that with my Polaris Global business I would need to learn a few things in order to create the success I wanted. Here I am now, 4 years later, and still on the learning curve learning new things everyday,

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Lise, there is a saying that if we are not learning and growing and moving forward ongoing we are moving in the right direction. I can see too that your Polaris Global business is thriving because of this too x Congrats

  12. Kimberly says:

    I have on the wall in front of my computer a picture of my kids. Underneath I have 2 things written.”I am always rewarded for my efforts and I always achieve my goals” and “short term sacrifice for long term rewards”. This is what I use to keep me focused on the bigger picture.

  13. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Kimberly, I have things posted all over my wall too and the mirrors and all over the house to be exact LOL

  14. Helen T says:

    One shift I am making is in watching my language. Shane says instead of saying “I need to…” say “I choose to…” This has really helped me to move out of victim mode and into self empowered mode. Simple but powerful!

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    That is great Helen, that is something I work on alot too. no more If or need xx

  16. Lee Anne B says:


    I love the Beyond Freedom Evolution calls every week. We’ve had another great one thanks to Helen and Sharn – “Maintaining your chain of action.”

    Challenges will appear, it is part of the journey. Adversity travels with success hand in hand. Think of it as the universe testing you to see how serious you really are about your goals.

    The most important thing is to stay the course no matter what, persevere through.

    I love when Sharn and Helen talked about leading by example rather than telling someone what to do. Be the person and others will follow. I am totally starting to implement this with my children.

    When all else fails just come from a place of love and gratitude.

  17. Rachael T says:

    I like what you said there
    ‘The most important thing is to stay the course no matter what, persevere through.’
    There is no quick fix but I believe there will be great results if you continue to take each step and day as it happens and the rewards will follow. If you give up after a short period because its not moving as fast as you envisioned it, you will never know the wonderful outcome you missed out on. I never want to say to myself again What if?

    I know the universe tests me each day but it is the test I love due to I see changes in my though process to what I was even 6 months ago.

    Beyond Freedom Evolution is a great tool and I have to say if I can’t relate to something at the time of reading it, its not far down the track when I go, oh okay, there it is.

    So grateful and know I will continue to be.

  18. Karen L says:

    You are definitely leading by example Lee Anne with your Polaris business.

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Rachael, as they say sometimes good things take time. Sometimes we have lessons to learn before success will come. I know I did in my Polaris Global business when I got started x

  20. Lise R says:

    Staying the course no matter what is a biggie for me. Another awesome lesson from our Beyond Freedom Evolution!

  21. Lee Anne B says:


    Learning to put what is Important in front of what is Urgent has been something I have gained since joining Polaris Global. I am so very grateful for this, it has literally changed my life in so many ways.

    I have learnt that yes, I need to acknowledge the bills and the things that are Urgent, but I will never get to my goals if I am always putting urgent before important. Important are the things I want in life, the path to my goals.

    The key take aways from the Polaris Global training call that Shane Krider did around this topic are below:

    Living Life BUT First
    Important is having happiness in your life
    Urgent is the Bills etc
    Trying to live life in a way way to make other people feel comfortable will not serve you and your goals.

    Are you putting what is Urgent in front of what is Important?

  22. Karen L says:

    Learning this from being a part of the Polaris Global community has been a great distinction for me and assisted me to focus on the important, not the urgent.

  23. Lise R says:

    Great distinction again by Shane Krider on this one. I am learning to find the balance between urgent and important and not to let someone else’s urgency dictate my actions either.

  24. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely important note Lise, we can’t let others urgent things get in the way of what is important for us

  25. Berni I says:

    great points from Polaris Global

    Important in front of what is Urgent

  26. Fiona C says:

    Thanks for the reminder Lee Anne l know when l first got started with my Polaris Global Business paying the bills on time and keeping up with them did drain me now that l don’t focus on them life is good.

  27. Kym K says:

    Important over urgent is seeing and living the big picture and from there I can see more options, I love it.

  28. Lee Anne B says:


    I was thinking back to when I first started my Polaris Global business and how I used to be so scared of writing a blog, or writing anything as a matter of fact. Designing I was good at, but writing words to sound right…. nope that was not me.

    So about six months into my business I set myself a goal to write one blog per week. I made a decision I was going to get good at this writing thing. So I wrote blog after blog after blog. I got my husband to proofread them for me each time and adjust what needed to be adjusted.

    Then, when Polaris Global announced the first Blog For Your Dream Car competition, I was so excited, but again the fear came up of how I was going to write valuable blogs around Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution. Despite this, I made the decision that as much as it scared me, I was going to do it anyways. And wow…, the growth and inspiration I received from being part of this has blown me away.

    I am so grateful to have won the first blog competition and know that it came from being scared and doing it anyway. So anyone out there feeling that way, write a blog, we would love to hear what you have to share, and the experience of writing it will be one you will love.

    Have you started blogging or is fear gripping you?

  29. Leoni B says:

    Nope, I am still fearful. Even commenting on these are a bit of a stretch for me. I am setting my goal today – I will do one blog per week.

  30. Lee Anne B says:

    Congrats to you Leoni xx Feel the fear and do it anyway xx

  31. Brianna says:

    I agree Lee-Anne, the inspiration from this community is amazing. I haven’t been consistent and have just worked out where to find these updated blogs! even just reading back into the archives has been inspirational for me.

    I’m unsure about it being fear, perhaps more a procrastination. But you’re right, just doing it anyway really does create the results we desire.

    great share x

  32. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne I must admit I love to wrote and had been blogging for a while prior to joining Polaris Global, however committing to writing several blogs a week has really helped me to share more open heartedly, I appreciate our safe harbour community for that. So I too encourage everyone to just do, it is a safe platform to share you insights and wins.

  33. Karen L says:

    Great share Lee Anne and from what you write on the Polaris Global blogs, I would never have guessed you had a fear of writing blogs. You are doing a great and valuable job spreading your pearls of wisdom. Thank you.

  34. Lise R says:

    I love this honest share Lee Anne and I am so glad you went ahead and did it anyway! I have loved reading your blogs and picking up on your success clues in your Polaris Global business and in the other areas of your life as well. I have always loved writing so blogging was not something I was afraid of, but it did push me out of my comfort zone initially to commit to the consistency of writing daily blog post.

  35. Lee Anne B says:

    Either way Bree great to have you participating in the Polaris Global blogging , I really enjoy reading your posts

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Kym, you are great at writing so much value your blogs bring to the Polaris Global community. Thank you

  37. Lee Anne B says:

    Thank you Karen, funny how we make something a thing like that. I still to this day think that I am not a writer, more creative. So very grateful for your comment and the support I have received from the Polaris Global community

  38. Lee Anne B says:

    Thank you Lise appreciate the kind words. I love reading your blogs too as do the rest of the Polaris Global community x

  39. Lee Anne B says:


    As I pack for our trip to Europe I thought it would be of value to share some travel and packing tips with those that are coming to their first Polaris Global live event.

    There are some key items and things to remember when travelling to help to make the trip easier.

    Be sure to bring a power plug for the country (USA on the ship) and a power board so you can plug more than one item in
    Laptop and power lead
    Phone and phone charger
    Costumes for the themed parties
    Nothing sharp in your carry on
    No alcohol to be brought onto the ship
    Phone and Internet while away, a good plan to work with
    Money exchanged if staying elsewhere before the cruise
    Be sure you have your Seasail Passes printed out for the cruise and have done your online check-in

    Looking forward to seeing my Polaris Global family, not long now!

    What other items would you add to the checklist?

  40. Karen L says:

    Thanks Lee Anne for the list. I have travelled many times and have my list down pat. The thing I remember the most is Pauline saying to bring a power board so that you can charge more than 1 device at a time. Vital for your Polaris Global business!

  41. Fiona C says:

    Super star – Super organized have fun 🙂

  42. Lise R says:

    Great list Lee Anne! We leave in less than two days and I am so so excited to be catching up with my Polaris Global family. Items I would add would include – passport, personal development books/audio/your Beyond Freedom Evolution audios to listen to while travelling!

  43. Lee Anne B says:

    Yep so true, all those items are a must too Lise

  44. Lee Anne B says:


    I have found that we experience life how we choose too. We only experience challenges in life in the way we allow them and how much significance we give them.

    There were a few people on the recent Polaris Global Live event in Europe whose bags didn’t arrive so they boarded the ship without them. There were Taxi strikes in Paris when we had to get to the airport 1km away with 7 bags and 2 kids on foot. After 8 weeks have a chronic chest/throat infection that I am hanging on to. There are so many things in life that happen to us all.

    Anyone that had these challenges happen could have used the poor me, victim card and spent the whole trip moaning and not enjoyed the event. But not one of us did. We acknowledged the obstacles, found a solution and pushed through. Because of this we all had amazing holidays and an amazing event and the things worked themselves out in the wash later.

    I can say though, if those things had happened to me before finding Beyond Freedom Evolution or Polaris Global I would have gotten really upset and let it ruin my trip and for weeks after be angry at myself for doing so.

    So very grateful for the growth and learnings I have had around this.

    Have you experienced the same?

  45. Karen says:

    For sure Lee Anne. From being a part of Polaris Global and the Beyond Freedom Evolution, I have learnt to focus on solutions rather than problems. Very grateful for this shift in mindset.

  46. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome to hear Karen, focusing on the problem makes it stick around for way too long x

  47. Lise R says:

    Haha! Yes, we were those people but we did not allow the experience to ruin our holiday at all. We were inundated with support from the Polaris Global community and the cruise ship while we waited for our bags to arrive. If anything, it was an incredible learning experience for sure.

  48. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally, you were not letting something like your bags not arriving ruining your Polaris Global event experience. Awesome for you Lise xx You are an inspiration. I don’t know if I would have handled it so well

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