January 9th, 2014 by Amy Adams

Beyond Freedom Evolution is the key to a healthier me

Posted by Lee Anne B

Changing the way I see & feel about foodLeeAnne Bartlet

For me Food has always been an enemy… jumping from yo-yo diet to the next fad diet. Yes I lost the weight many times, but never seemed to keep it off when I went back to eating “normally” again. I admit I have a very sweet tooth and love ice-cream, chocolates and sugar. So continuing to eat healthy has been my biggest struggle. Plus I always hated exercise; so that along with healthy eating, being fit and maintaining a good weight was a big struggle.

I have learnt that it is all about my mindset.  I have changed my mindset and found a new way of being.  I am clean eating now and have totally increased my fitness level by exercising five days a week. It is awesome to be feeling healthy and fit!

I have changed my mindset around how I see food, and what I am eating and how much. BFE has been the key.  It has not been a quick fix, and I have not arrived at the final destination (do we ever?), but I am well on my journey to a fitter, healthier me and loving it. As I have found – the healthier and happier I feel the better results I create across the board in all areas of my life.

The journey has been well worth it. While I am not perfect, and no one is, I can say I am never going back.  That old me, she no longer exists and good riddance to her!

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  1. Elizabeth R says:

    You go girrrrl!!!!!!

    How inspiring! And dare I say delicious (knowing you will no longer use that word as a trigger for food).

    I too am taking on fitness this year. I have seen through BFE that I need an actual event to train for, rather than just training for the sake of fitness (does not inspire me enough to take more action than walking the dog).

    So I’m going to make a ridiculous statement. This year I will run a marathon! Do I know how? Ahh NOOOO! But I will manage it, and all the monkey chatter and sore muscles, and blog about it, as the journey to get to the race starting line (let alone the finish line) inspires me enough to deal with myself about why it seems ridiculous today!

    Tomorrow I will have a chat to myself about cheese (my achilles heel…..)

    Cheers Liz

  2. Jan S says:

    My attitude to food and weight gain have been an issue with me since I was about eight and only twice ever in my life have I been goal weight. Presently, I have gained a huge amount of weight and certainly do not feel good, either emotionally of health wise, about the fact.
    A few years ago I was at my goal weight and exercising daily. I felt so well, confident and proud of myself. With-in weeks of reaching that goal, bit by bit I started gaining weight again and I felt helpless in getting back on track.
    I know mindset is the key and am developing this with the help of BFE and learning to be responsible for my own health. I do not find it the least bit easy. I lose a few KG then gain it back within weeks. Know the story?? But I will not give up. I can feel changes happening in my thinking. Very subtle but yes, they are there.
    I am also using daily affirmations to work on this issue.

  3. Andrew B says:

    Good work hun, I’ve seen this change in you transpire and I’m proud as punch to see you looking so good and most importantly, feeling so good and happy in yourself – it’s great and inspiring! Andrew xx.

  4. LC says:

    Love it

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Elizabeth xx Jan it is not an easy journey, but it is well worth it. The ongoing flow on effect is totally amazing. Thanks Andrew, you have been an awesome support x

  6. Craig F says:

    Lisa B – you are not alone! I thought food was my friend and comforter, yet a combination of not much excercise and the wrong choices showed up around my waist.

    Using Beyond Freedom I have been able to look at the motivation for my comfort eating and I am pleased to say with a more positive view on life not only has my waist started to shrink but my success has increased!!

    Thankyou – BFE

  7. Darryl M says:

    Food – that’s an interesting topic for me to blog about. It will give me time to seriously think about something that I really take for granted. Being a very sports minded person all my life, I have been exposed to like-minded people who have set me on the right track to eating fairly health. I always watch what I eat – no salt, no sugar, I stay away from the sweets and I exercise regularly. The exercise that I enjoy now is refereeing basketball games – four or five nights a week. Doing something that I am passionate about – it is not really exercise is it!!

    I must take some time over the next week or so to re-evaluate what types of foods that I do eat now – just to ensure that I am on the right track.

    Thanks Lee Anne – once again, you are an inspiration to me.

  8. Leisa T says:

    Good on you Lee, weight loss is a very difficult. You are right it is all about your mindset, once you master this it feels as though anything is possible, thank you BFE Cheers Leisa XO

  9. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂 it is a very challenges and interesting journey for me, but I am determined to hit the goal and stay there, no going back!!

  10. Pam B says:

    Beyond Freedom Evolution! Three big words that house a huge commitment. Well done to you even though I am sure we loved the old you as well. Congratulations on your efforts and I will definitely endeavour to develop your mindset and join the BFE revolution as well.

  11. Kimberly B says:

    healthier eating and exercise is going to be one of my focuses this year.

  12. Lee Anne B says:

    Great Pam, look forward to it x. Great Kimberly, a great year for it for sure

  13. Mike D says:

    being healthy means more than just eating the right food or doing a bit of exercise or being positive and feeding your mind as well as your body, it’s all of the above, and doing it with intent.

  14. Berni I says:

    What you have achieved is amazing Lee well done

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Mike, you can’t be healthy with an unhealthy mind. Beyond Freedom Evolution is an awesome tool to assist with this. Thanks Berni, appreciate it

  16. Lee Anne B says:


    Let me say I cannot express in words how grateful I am for having found Polaris Global and our Beyond Freedom Evolution program all those years ago. It has really changed my life in so many ways.

    I have made a short list of the things I am most grateful for

    Polaris Global
    I am grateful for our CEO’s, Shane Krider, Rachel Krider and Greg Strom
    I am grateful for our Safe Harbour Community
    I am grateful for our Leading Edge Compensation Plan
    I am grateful for our Sovereignty Live Events
    I am grateful for our Influence Live Events
    I am grateful for my team

    Beyond Freedom Evolution
    I am grateful for all the exercises that have helped me grow
    I am grateful for the personal development I have attained
    I am grateful for the success education that comes with this comprehensive program
    I am grateful for the wisdom that is taught by the successful featured people
    I am grateful for for the achievements I have made using Beyond Freedom Evolution.

    What are you most grateful for having found Polaris Global or Beyond Freedom Evolution?

  17. Debbie R says:

    By using Beyond Freedom Evolution extensively in my life I am living my absolute perfect life in every single aspect. I am in love with my life, and for that I am so grateful!

  18. Leisa T says:

    This is a fantastic list you have shared Lee, congratulations to you, you deserve all you have achieved.
    I am grateful for having my life back again, to the point where I can actually start achieving results because I believe in myself again. Big things will happen, cause I WANT IT! Cheers Lee, another awesome post, from an awesome leader, out here blogging and leading the way for others – I love it! xo You are a huge inspiration

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Debbie, I agree I totally love my life thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution & Polaris Global

  20. Chrissy G says:

    Great grateful list Lee Anne.
    For me what I’m grateful for the most is learning about gratitude from our Beyond Freedom Evolution and our Polaris Global community.
    This has changed my way of looking at my life.

  21. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Chrissy, Beyond Freedom Evolution is a powerful program if we let it be (by doing the work)

  22. Dale H says:

    Well stated Lee Anne. Congratulations on being able to find a new state of mind regarding food and exercise, that I’m sure will provide you an abundance of positive results with your fitness and weight. Something I’m sure we can all learn from.

    Best wishes,

  23. Kimberly B says:

    great list Lee Anne, I am most grateful for the amazing positive community we have in Polaris Global.

  24. Berni Ireland says:

    voluntary suffering bring MAGIC
    (resist food)

  25. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Dale, it has been a long time, and always still working on it. But very happy with the results so far

    Thanks Kimberly, I totally agree, Love the Polaris Global community

  26. Pam B says:

    A new me. A healthier me. A wiser me.! Thanks Polaris Global Community

  27. Lee Anne B says:

    HAHA Berni, yes must resist food LOL

    Gotta love a new, healthier wiser you x Thanks Pam

  28. Lee Anne B says:


    It was another amazing Polaris Global Professional Marketers call this week. Thanks to Rachel and Shane Krider again for the fantastic training you provide us all with each week. I am so grateful.

    The topic this week was about being in Anticipation rather than Expectation. All I can say is WOW! This has totally moved my perspective for sure. I can see now the distinction and I totally agree that being in Anticipation rather than Expectation is such a bigger and more powerful place to be.

    Being in Anticipation means that I still know it is going to happen, I am not sure on the time frame, I am excited about it happening and I am enjoying the process. I felt Expectation was great because I still knew it was going to happen, but there came an element of trying to make it happen, rather than the flow that Anticipation creates.

    It reminds me of expectant mothers (we just had a friend who gave birth a few days ago to twins.) A pregnant mother is called an expectant mother because she has the total expectation that she is having a baby (or in this case 2 babies.) I have been in this situation twice myself. I think an expectant mother can also be in anticipation too; she is excited, knows what is coming, but has not experienced it before.

    So to apply Anticipation to my Polaris Global business it means that I am excited, I know I am going to achieve the goal, I don’t know when and how it will feel when I get there, but I am looking forward to experiencing it.

    What does Anticipation mean for you?

  29. Debbie R says:

    Loved this distinction from Shane Krider too Lee Anne. It is a powerful distinction to understand the difference….expectation can often cause one to force, where anticipation builds more excitement. I have found personally that coming from a spot of anticipation allows you to keep that enthusiasm at a peak as we are working towards the goal..and keep continually doing what it takes…..until.

  30. Lee Anne B says:

    Well put Debbie I agree. I know I have totally worked my Polaris Global business from expectation in the past and tried to force it, Anticipation is such a more exciting place to be

  31. Lise R says:

    This was definitely a call to remember (and SAVE!). I have listened to it now twice and I am still learning from what Shane shared. How powerful it is to have the distinction between the two. I am excitedly anticipating so many things for the last quarter of 2014! WOOHOO!

  32. Lee Anne B says:

    hahha Love it Lise. Absolutely I love everything Shane Krider has to say on every Polaris Global call. Always a lightbulb moment to be had

  33. Steve D says:

    Very Inspiring, love it!

  34. Anne R says:

    I loved the clarity and distinction around being in anticipation, rather than expectation set out in this weeks Polaris Global Professional Marketers call – it was definitely a light bulb moment for me! I have felt that being in a state of expectation had me putting my goals in a time frame, which would lead to disappointment and frustration (which in turn, would create an overall negative vibration). Being in anticipation does not have any of this attached to it – such an exciting concept to grasp!

  35. Penelope D says:

    Maintaining good physical and mental health: fitness, weight, well-being etc is a decision and an intention we make long before we achieve the desired outcome. For me, I made up my mind exactly how I would create my elder of excellence years a long time ago (I did not know the term ‘future self’ then). I was blessed that I had an innate desire to achieve this because of my own experiences during my growing up years, with the adverse outcomes of neglecting one’s health. In my own way and with the resources and information that was available to me at the time, I have established my pattern and regime to stay on the path of good health. I did not have anything like The Beyond Freedom Evolution ‘back then (if only). Wow! with the Beyond Freedom Evolution today, we can achieve any goal (s) we desire. How exciting! Elder of Excellence years for sure!

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    Thank you Steve x

    Lovely Anne, yes I agree I feel being in Anticipation in my Polaris Global business instead of Expectation really changes the vibration and excitement x

  37. Anthony P says:

    I’m not sure I GET the distinction between anticipation and expectation, they are synonyms after all 🙂 …
    for me, I suppose anticipation is mainly about excitement and being in that excited state where I’m firing on all cylinders and I just flow…To tie it back to the original post, that’s what’s happened to me with my weight loss… Through BFE, I made a decision to start a rigorous, doctor supervised weight loss program, because I can no longer tolerate the way I WAS living…Every day, when I am choosing which foods to eat and when, I am anticipating the results by following the process that will take me to the result, without deviating…I have lost a significant amount of poundage since I started this journey and I am anticipating the results i am about to achieve. I know I will achieve the results, it’s just a matter of when. SO i keep doing the thing that gets the result…for me, it’s no sugar, no oil, no carbs that don’t come from vegetables, rotating my proteins and cutting way back on read meat…and exercising when my blood sugar is at a safe level. I anticipate I’ll be at my goal weight by the end of the year…now that’s exciting!

  38. Tristy W says:

    Hearing about your success in life and this business through the use of the Beyond freedom of Evolution is very inspiring!

  39. Lee Anne B says:

    Woo hoo congrats Anthony. Yes Anticipation is about excitement where expectation can lead to disappointment, that is the main difference. I love that you have been able to use Beyond Freedom Evolution like I did to assist with creating the right mindset to lose weight and get healthy. Well done

  40. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Tristy it is great to have you on the Polaris Global team and starting your own beyond Freedom Evolution journey

  41. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Penelope, it is such a wonderful journey working through Beyond Freedom Evolution, I feel so lucky everyday to be here and surrounded by such amazing people. I know there is no luck involved, but still feel lucky

  42. Ann-Maree M says:

    Last weekend I facilitated a workshop for a young & creative group of people and one of the rituals on opening the session was to ask the group to call out their expectations of the day… what it was they were looking to take away by the end of the day.After listening to the call on expectation vs. anticipation, I decided to shift up the opening to ask the group if they would instead think of what they were anticipating to take away from the day.
    What I saw in the moments that followed through the shift in words was seeing the change in body language, the group more thoughtful in what they put forward and what felt like movement to be open to discovering new versus more of the same. I love the opportunity to play with the distinctions Shane puts forward each week to observe me and those around me as a result of.

  43. Lee Anne B says:

    Love that Ann-Maree, super cool. Congrats for taking it so quickly and implementing it. Just shows how much Beyond Freedom Evolution can change the way we do things and how much more quickly we can implement new ideas xx

  44. Craig F says:

    For me Beyond Freedom Evolution has not only been about a healthier me but a happier me. As I am having more success in my eating and now feel healthier so I am happier and dont have bouts of regret, as I dont need to look back at the “junk” I have just eaten.
    Whats the old saying – discipline weighs ounces but regret weighs tonnes

  45. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Craig, congrats to you. Beyond Freedom Evolution has really been a great support for me along the happier and healthier me journey too x

  46. Lee Anne B says:


    I have learnt over time that every so often you need to reinvent yourself. This goes for your Polaris Global business too. You can’t keep doing the same thing, year in and year out and expect the same results. Things change in life, the world evolves and so do people.

    I have gone through a revamp personally a few times since starting my Polaris Global business. Was it because things weren’t working? No. It was because I wanted to be on my top game, getting the best results possible in life and in my Polaris Global business.

    So what does a reinvention mean? It means change it up. Write some new adverts, find some new photos/images, redesign your logo or branding and get excited again about what it is you are putting out there.

    If you are feeling bored and tired of what you are doing, so will others. So keep it exciting and give yourself a revamp.

    Have you reinvented or revamped yourself or your Polaris Global business lately?

  47. Lise R says:

    Interesting post Lee Anne – this is something I have been thinking about lately too. I have created a new splash page for my niche market and have switched up my language in my prospecting too….Hmm, what else can I switch up? 🙂

  48. Lee Anne B says:

    It is such a great feeling Lise and totally changes the vibration of your Polaris Global business. It gives you that new zing

  49. Berni I says:

    Polaris Global regular revamps keep you interested

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