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CEO’s With Integrity – Shane & Rachel Krider and Greg Strom



In Good Company at Polaris

In Good Company at Polaris


Posted By Lee Anne B

Since I started with Polaris Global I have been totally blown away with the leadership of this company. Shane Krider, Rachel Krider and Greg Strom are always professional, inspirational, full of integrity and always leading from the front.  I have been blessed to experience their quality attributes for over four years now.

Shane, Rachel and Greg are all very approachable, easy-to-talk-to people.  They are always willing to assist and they effectively help us to be the best distributors and business owners we can be, and to achieve the best personal success we can attain.  They do this by being the best business people they can be and achieving their own personal best day-in, day-out.

Over the time I have been with Polaris Global I have had the pleasure of spending much time with Shane, Rachel and Greg at a one-on-one level at our live events and over the phone.  I always come away from my conversations with any of them feeling wonderful, inspired and powerful!

I can listen to Shane Krider and the wisdom he presents to me all day.  Rachel Krider always makes me smile with her bubbly, experienced and  very real personality – she’s a down to earth Aussie and l relate to her so fondly.  Greg Strom is a wealth of experience in the fields of promotion, production and business and is always a great laugh and a pleasure to be talking to.

I am so proud and grateful to be part of Polaris Global and to have Shane Krider, Rachel Krider and Greg Strom, leaders full of Integrity and passion, and such a friendly resolve to do all  they can to help others succeed.

Thank you so much to all of you for being who you are, CEO’s full of inspiration and integrity!

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  1. Lee Anne B says:


    Thanks to Kirsty and Alison for a wonderful Polaris Global Professional Marketers Call.

    The Four Phases of Business

    It’s not worth it
    The length of time in this stage can differ a lot. You speak to someone you know, they tell you it is a scam or you can’t do it etc. Can be a rollercoaster ride. Building momentum phase. You are filling the pipeline. You are building the foundations of your business. You get to Phase 2 if you keep things working. DO NOT STOP. Be very disciplined with your time.

    2. It’s worth it
    Having more fun. More in flow. People getting started. Some team duplication. The tap has turned on. Keep filling the pipeline. You get more organised. More efficient. Do not get bored. Keep busy, keep moving forward. You are less attached.

    3. I am not worth this much
    It feels simple. Making a lot more money than you have before. You don’t feel that you deserve the income you have made. It all seemed too easy.

    4. I appreciate my value and my service
    Leading from the front. Be of service to others. You know you have an amazing opportunity. Providing value.. it is not all about me. It is flowing, it is simple and you know you deserve it.

    What Phase are you in, in your business now?

    Don’t let current circumstances dictate the decisions you make. Operate and speak from your vision and the possibility.

  2. Anthony P says:

    It was great that someone could put the words to these four phases. I spent some time in phase 1 and have broken through to phase 2 and feel the momentum building and started to feel like I’m in flow. Regardless of what’s happening, I make my circumstances, and make them work for me. So this call was a beautiful reminder of what’s possible and I look forward to what the next stages will bring. Polaris does such awesome trainings just when I need them most 🙂

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    I agree Anthony, Polaris Global does an awesome job of training. I really love the 4 phases of business too

  4. Lise R says:

    I love love love this call and the girls did a great job. I am totally in phase 3 and it feels very outside of my comfort zone. I just love that I am always being challenged with my Polaris Global business and it always me to always be growing and expanding.

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Lise, growing and expanding is something that I continue to do in my Polaris Global business too x

  6. Karen says:

    Lee Anne, I always love this Polaris Global training call and a great reminder to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going as it is absolutely worth it. Your results are a testament to this.

  7. Rachel says:

    Thanks for your post Lee. I’ve so enjoyed this journey with you over the years. Your business acumen and success is inspiring to me. See you soon!

  8. Carrie says:

    Thanks for your blog post Lee Anne! Am loving all of the new content that Shane Krider and Rachel Krider are bringing to our community (and the world); the Born to Prosper Show and Mind Power Podcast are off the charts!
    There is definitely something magical in the water over there in Chile.

  9. Christine Greig says:

    Thanks Lee Anne…for your great blog post and I have experienced every one of the 4 business Phrases multiple times during my 7 years of being a Prosperity of Life distributor.

  10. Kym K says:

    I love this post Lee Anne – its always a great reminder that things change – life is a journey and its about enjoying the ride.

  11. John T says:

    In life timing is everything. It’s never too early or too late,it’s just the right time. I love the way MOD focuses on Mindfulness,the knowledge and practise of it is truly liberating.I have done many things in my life from professional sport to a life of sales management and entrepreneurship. In fact I have performed extremely well in these pursuits.
    In the last few years I had a serious life threatening illness which I beat with my mind. One of the most thrilling experiences of recent years has been listening to Shane and Rachel and the” right on” philosophies that they expound. Not only is it wise but it also really credible,possible and good to listen to. The practise of excellence is only one part of the quotient to a successful life, the practise of rightmindedness is also extremely important. Clearing the filters to do and think right is the key to making it all work. Without that there will be provenance which is the key to binding all of this learning and experience together.
    Thank you again Shane and Rachel for all your cool stuff,I look forward to meeting you soon.