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Consistent Daily Improvement with Beyond Freedom Evolution

Daily Improvement

Daily Improvement

Posted By Lee Anne B

In the past, before I joined Polaris Global, I would only look at success as being something BIG – a big event that everyone noticed and something I felt really excited and proud about achieving. Examples of this were winning a company competition, or winning a big job from a client.

Since using my Beyond Freedom Evolution, I have realised that every bit we improve on a daily basis can be seen as success, as a win. It doesn’t even need to be noticed by anyone. On a daily basis, if we are learning something new (that is a win) and it is going to move us forward some, a consistent little bit each day, this compounds into something big!

As we learnt at our Sovereignty Live event a few weeks ago, compounding interest left long term and invested with a long term vision can more than double or triple the end return over time. It can create something really big out of something small applied consistently!

The same applies with anything you do whether it is investing money, time and building a business.

What have you learnt to be more consistent with since starting Beyond Freedom Evolution?

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  1. Lee Anne B says:


    I had the pleasure of hosting this weeks Polaris Global Professional Marketers call with one of my team – Adam. I really enjoyed being able to share my thoughts around the ‘Key Elements to creating success in your Polaris Business.’

    Here are the main points below:

    1. Marketing – Minimum of four legs. Do not take it personal (it is more than likely that you will be removed from at least one website over your journey). Be Persistent and consistent. If you are not marketing and generating leads your business is not in business.
    2. Consistency – no stop starting. Keep doing the numbers, the numbers pan out over time. 90 day marketing back to back.
    3. Create a strong DMO (Daily Method of Operation). The more organised you are, the more time you will have free. It will free your mind of having to remember everything and also ensure you are not paper shuffling.
    4. Prospecting – Follow the three step system and do not reinvent the wheel. It is a numbers game. The more people you speak to, the more Three Way Calls, the more sales.
    5. Mindset – Use your Beyond Freedom Evolution everyday. Visualisation, expectation of leadership. Be on all the training calls. Be keeping your mindset in check because it really is the foundation behind everything else that you do.

    What was your take away from the Polaris Global Professional Marketers call this week?

  2. Peter W says:

    It was a great call Lee and what I took away was that the DMO needed repair and more ads are required to be seen and and a refresh on Mindset.

  3. Louise L. says:

    Appreciate the recap Lee Anne. Loved the DMO. I googled “paid Google calendars” for more information. When I clicked on the site I found great info and a fun place to put a banner! (Tx for the new banner training in our Polaris Business Manager).

  4. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Peter, I am so glad you took something away from the call

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Your welcome Louise, glad to be of assistance to the Polaris Global community

  6. Lise R says:

    I loved this call Lee Anne! You and Adam did a fantastic job on last week’s Polaris Global Professional Marketer’s Call. As I was away when it was recorded, I just caught the recording earlier this week. The topics you covered are so bang on and simple to implement.

  7. Adam B says:

    It was awesome fun sharing the call with you Lee and as always I got so much out of it. It’s great to get back to basics and follow the simple formula that we have here. Well played!

  8. Helen T says:

    I got heaps out of this call too – made me realize I needed to get more marketing going to create more stability, so have been working on that this week

  9. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks Lise appreciate it x

  10. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Adam, it was great to get back to basics that is for sure. Polaris Global has a very simple system to follow

  11. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Helen, so glad you good a gold nugget from the call, I know that I do every single Polaris Global training call

  12. Karen L says:

    Hey Lee Anne, it was a great call, thank you.

    I had one lady sign up for the business manager and then she sent me an email saying she was not sure she still wanted to go ahead with Polaris. I responded to her email by saying while she was making her decision to go into the Polaris Business manager and listen to the Polaris Global Professional Marketer’s call you did with Adam.

    She signed up the next day and got started with M1/Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  13. Adam B says:

    Great story Karen, love the fact you were detached till the end and even more so, looking forward to meeting this lady at one of our live events to see how the business has changed her life..!

  14. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Karen, awesome to hear xx Love the Polaris Global training calls

  15. Louise L. says:

    Good point and comment Adam. I’m taking notes Karen 🙂 Don’t we all love the NEW Polaris Business Manager in more ways than one!!!

  16. Karen L says:

    Thanks Adam and Lee Anne. When I first read her email I was not sure how to respond so when in doubt go without so I said nothing. While I was at running training, I thought about the great call you two did that morning so I stopped and got my phone out and sent her the email directing her to the call recording. It was probably not what she was expecting me to write as I didn’t try to convince her, I just directed her back to our great training calls. Shane mentioned recently this is what the leaders do when a team member has challenges, he said to direct them back to the training, so I did!

    Hey Louise, yes loving the new Polaris business manager. It’s awesome!

  17. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful to hear Karen, I see your leadership totally shining through in all that you are doing in life and in your Polaris Global business

  18. Fiona C says:

    Fantastic call Lee Ann and Adam you both shred some priceless information thank you so much 🙂

  19. Karen L says:

    Thanks Lee Anne xx

  20. Lee Anne B says:


    Over the past few weeks my Best friend has started a new business as a Marriage Celebrant and I was excited to be able to assist her with setting up her website, facebook page and business cards etc. This excited me because what I did for 10 years in my franchise was exactly that. I am a qualified graphic designer so that was my passion for a long time. By the time I sold my Franchise to be full time with Polaris Global I had lost my passion for designing.

    I really enjoyed getting back on the “bike” and getting a little bit creative again. I was really surprised how easy it was to use the programs and everything I had learnt in the past. Just like getting back on a bike when you haven’t ridden in years, you still know what to do; you may be a little wobbly, but the skills are still there 🙂

    I find the same thing happens in my Polaris Global business. I may do a marketing strategy, stop it for a while and then go back to doing it again; reengaging old learnt skills.

    When have you done something again that you hadn’t done in years and it was like you had been doing it all along?

  21. Peter W says:

    It is good to go back some times Lee and I am home in Cunnamulla and shorn a few sheep and everything came back into place, didn’t do it easy and after 10 sheep. I was thinking how easy writing ads really is and how similar both business are, shearing is physical strength and Polaris is emotional strength, both take the same amount of management in completely different areas and both have to learnt to achieve a result.

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Peter, it is amazing how really every thing we do in life has a process we have to go through to learn what needs to be learnt, it feels hard at the start, but once we do it enough it is so simple x

  23. Louise L. says:

    I like where this topic is going Lee! I pressed the reset button on my biz last fall and started our outstanding Polaris marketing training again with new eyes. So bloody simple it’s ridiculous.

  24. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Louise, amazing how simple things can be when we take a step back and look at it with fresh eyes.

  25. Helen T says:

    Love the analogy Peter – Polaris Global does require emotional strength – all of the qualities that are so rewarding to develop within ourselves to be true to who we really are.
    Lee Anne – It did all feel so difficult in the beginning, so new and bewildering. Now I am seeing that many aspects of the business are feeling much easier. Shane talked about seeing problems in his call this week and I really identified with that and it’s helped me be more conscious of how I am looking at a situation. Now I have a bright pink sticker above my keyboard that says “Rise Above Problems – Trust & Let Go – Believe in the Magic of the System – Keep it Light, Fun and Exciting” Helps to re-orient me every day.

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Helen, Congrats to you for rising up, being in the top 10 this week in Polaris Global of putting people through the system xx Totally on the right path x

  27. Karen L says:

    For me Lee Anne it was getting back into athletics after at least 15 years away from the sport. One thing I was always good at was the shot put and it was amazing how I remebered exactly what to do even though I hadn’t done shot put for 20 years. I remember commenting to someone watching that it’s just like riding a bike.
    I have done the same with my marketing for my Polaris business and gone back to some things I did in the beginning that worked very well for me.

  28. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Karen, I love how there are so many learnings in life that we can take and apply to our Polaris Global business 🙂

  29. Lise R says:

    Great topic Lee Anne. I can totally apply this to my skiing. Each year when I pull out the skis from storage I feel a bit shaky the first couple of runs out. Just like riding a bike, my skills come back to me in no time at all and I feel confident to get back out there! My skiing has totally improved leaps and bounds since embarking on my Beyond Freedom Evolution.

  30. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Lise, It is amazing that all areas of our lives can be enhanced by using our Beyond Freedom Evolution

  31. Lee Anne B says:


    How Serious are you really about creating a successful Polaris Global business?

    I see so many people who have all the right intentions: they are excited, have set some goals, and they get started. But do they really? I see them consequently let other things take priority and their Polaris Global business never really gets off the ground.

    I find the biggest thing that can happen to someone is they have a goal like spending more time with their family. That is their priority. I know about this goal from experience. It was one of my big goals when I started my Polaris Global business. So they go looking for a home based business like Polaris Global, they find it, they get excited, they get started. What they don’t realise is a business does not give you a lifestyle from day one, you have to build the foundations first.

    I knew that I had to sacrifice a few things short term to create what I wanted long term. Eg. I would have less time with my family in the beginning if I wanted to have more time with them long term. This is where people can fall over when getting started. They let the time with the family short term take over the long term goal.

    It is the same in any business and with any goal. You need to have the long term vision glasses on and go for it.

    How serious are you about creating a successful Polaris Global business?

  32. Louise L. says:

    Definitely great advice Lee Anne. So grateful for your leadership and all Polaris has to offer us! Now is the time and I’ m taking it even though it seems slow, I know it will be worth it. Digging in, getting focused, and prioritizing so that in future I will have all the time to do all the things I want to do.

  33. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Louise, your more than welcome. I love being part of this amazing Polaris Global community x

  34. Peter W says:

    Totally agree Lee, I know for myself Polaris has been used as a amazing Strategy to Implement toward my Company and WOW haven’t we had some fun over the last 6 years. I decided to ride the wave until we sold the Company and only recently on a flight back from Perth asked myself when I was going to work my business full time or if i was going to work it full time. Like the income streams within the Company there comes a time when one business is ready or maybe the person is now ready to see what is possible. I have been lucky not to have to rely on Polaris for an income to survive. I have had the talk of “can I dedicate all my time yet to make this business fly” and now I am confident with my audience, my belief as to what my new priority is for next 5 years. And what a great target to chase Lee.

  35. Karen L says:

    So true Lee Anne. You have to be prepared to have less of some things initially so that you can have more once you have built your Polaris Global business. Definitely worth it.

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Peter, I agree it has been an amazing journey with Polaris Global that is for sure xx

  37. Lee Anne B says:

    Exactly Karen you do not get the lifestyle from day one in starting your Polaris Global business, you need to build the foundations first

  38. Lise R says:

    Great post and reminder Lee Anne. I am very serious about creating massive success here in my Polaris Global business, but I wasn’t always this serious. I used to let life get in the way and my own thinking get in the way of me just going out there and creating the result. Now, being on the otherside of that equation feels great!

  39. Lee Anne B says:

    I can relate to what you have said Lise, I too have not always been this serious about my Polaris Global business, such a small change in mindset and attitude can make such a big difference.

  40. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne fantastic post, I definitely was looking for the lifestyle before I built the foundation. I have upped my game several times throughout my journey with Polaris, I did this again at the end of 2014 and now when I look back at how much I respect, honour and prioritise my business now I see why I wasn’t getting the consistent results I deserve to create. I am so excited for my level of action and commitment t this wonderful opportunity and I know the financial results are a by product of that.

  41. Lee Anne B says:

    Great to hear Kym, I have also done this along the way in my Polaris Global business too. It makes the journey so much more exciting x

  42. Lee Anne B says:


    April’s Beyond Freedom Evolution Supplemental Audio was very simple but awesome. I loved the conversation around running and running barefoot.

    The supplemental audio each month really provides so much added value to our Beyond Freedom Evolution program.

    I personally have had the experience of foot and leg pain from wearing sneakers so I can totally relate to the things Shane Krider was talking about.

    Back when I was a child up to about the age of 10, I actually walked on my tip toes everywhere. I’m not sure why, maybe I wanted to be taller? This has really affected the way my feet grew, they are very wide now from the downward pressure I exerted on my forefeet. So this in turn has affected the shoes I can buy and the way I walk and run.

    To this day, I still mainly spend my time walking around with no shoes on at home etc. I really enjoy the feeling of walking without shoes, after listening to Shane I understand why now.

    So thank you Shane for the insight regarding walking barefooted.

    Are you someone that loves wearing shoes?

  43. Louise L. says:

    Reading the recommended BEYOND FREEDOM EVOLUTION book “Born to Run” soon. Never buying those super-cushioned runners again! Loved to go barefoot all my life but thought it was a bad habit. Also, walking barefoot on a sandy beach or bare earth can energize and can extend your life!

  44. Leoni B says:

    Funny, but I cannot stand walking bare feet ( except for on the beach), but I also hate shoes that hurts me. I remember buying the most beautiful shoes last year, wore it once and it ended up at Vinnies as a donation.

  45. Brianna says:

    great post Lee-Anne, personally I’m a slippers girl (living in melbourne and all)
    But I agree, barefoot has always been my chosen footware or lack of…. other than super pretty heels.

    I love how the BFE community teaches us to dig deeper for our own personal understanding of how we work.

  46. Peter W says:

    I can remember being chosen to Run in Brisbane as kid for sprinting championships, I came second in the heat and tossed the shoes and went through to the win the final and each year the coaches kept asking me to wear them. In grade 12 I finally wore them and lost that year. Now I am to soft fostered to run anywhere with out shoes.

  47. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne all that tippy toeing may have been preparation for the high heels. Seriously though I am a big fan of no shoes and kick them off at every opportunity – I recall a bush hike I did once when we trekked through the Australian bush barefoot – I have always considered I have Fairy feet ( very soft) however I remember being very conscious of where I was putting my feet, it was a wonderful experience. I must do it again.

  48. Karen L says:

    Hey Lee Anne, I have a no shoe policy in my home and have had for years. My osteopath is a great advocate for spending more time barefeet so I have learnt this a long time ago and only where shoes when I go out. Shane Krider often references the book Born to run and it’s on my list of books to read for sure.

  49. Lise R says:

    Very interesting post Lee Anne. I am the opposite actually, I prefer to wear socks or shoes. Being from Canada, we need to wear shoes most of the year due to weather conditions so my feet are used to being protected.

  50. Lee Anne B says:


    What we have here in Polaris Global is a business, a real business. It’s not a get rich quick scheme and not something that you get started today, give it a try and then be successful. You have to have a vision, you have to have some firm goals and you have to have the belief and desire to do the action required to create those goals. Yes – you create those goals, no one else is going to do it for you.

    I see people who get started in a business, they have all good intentions, they set a few goals, they give a few things a “try” and then they lose their drive, often because they didn’t master it all the first time and therefore have to learn some new things.

    If I think back to running my traditional business, even once I was 10 years in, I was still learning new things and having to reinvent myself every week. In my Polaris Global business, I am always learning new things too. The difference though – it’s a smoother, simpler process here, the things I’m learning are a lot more about myself, my mindset and about marketing. I have ongoing training and the advantage of the community networking to help me succeed.

    It is disappointing to see people quit just before they are about to break through the surface. Not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur, but anyone can learn to be one, as long as they make the decision to do so, back it up with massive action, a lot of learning and never quitting.

    The only way to fail really is to quit. Have you quit something in the past that you wish you hadn’t?

  51. Amy Adams says:

    Love the truths here Lee Anne – so important to keep long term focus. I’m re-writing my goals and updating my vision board as we speak which is now creating a looooong list of to-dos. Tomorrow’s job is to break them down into bite size BFE pieces to get to the end goal. This is totally on par with my thinking today. Love it.

  52. Brianna says:

    Love your honesty in this post Lee Anne. I love your point about learning more about yourself, your mindset and about marketing.

    I spent most of today breaking down my mindset around a few areas in my life where I haven’t achieved the results I want and had some really great breakthroughs. I love knowing that these breakthroughs can potentially assist others in the community too – It’s so powerful to hear leadership, like yourself talk about mindset. It just goes to show pushing through is well worth the results waiting for you on the other side.

  53. PeterW says:

    Very direct realities Lee, with any business it takes time and skill to master. Time depends on how dedicated the individual is and whether there reasons are strong enough to move through the challenges. We do have a go role model in you Lee.

  54. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome Amy, Exciting when you get to re-do goals. Makes the Action taking more exciting. Love your share thanks

    Totally Bree, We never arrive at success it is the journey that makes it enjoyable. Your Polaris Global business is the same, enjoy the journey, it is one hell of a ride 🙂

    Thanks Peter, That is me direct and straight forward.

  55. Louise L. says:

    I appreciate this post because it helps me see how determined I am to stick it out and that there are leaders here like you to tell it to me straight. Thanks Lee. I regret that I quit dreaming a long time ago about the possibilities for my life. Now because of Polaris I have an action plan to fulfill many dreams! Woohoo!

  56. Lee Anne B says:

    Awesome to hear Louise, never stop dreaming. Keeping working towards your goals. Thanks to Polaris Global I have been able to hit so many of my goals. So very grateful

  57. Karen L says:

    So true Lee Anne. In a world of people wanting instant results, people can get disheartened and give up when they don’t see instant results here is Polaris. Anything worthwhile takes work and perhaps what they fail to realise is that is will be so worth it in the end if they stick with it. What you can achieve here with Polaris Global is way beyond what any job or traditional business will offer you. For example, David earning $50,000 in 6 days. How awesome! Things can change so quickly if you are willing to hang in there and hang on for the ride.

  58. Lee Anne B says:

    Totally Karen, that is for sure. You have to be kind and patient with ourselves especially when we are setting up our Polaris Global business

  59. Fiona C says:

    Love your share Lee Anne – Massive action, a lot of learning and never quitting is the key to success 🙂

  60. Lise R says:

    Awesome post Lee Anne and so true! There is nothing more frustrating that seeing someone give up after one “try”. I have failed so many times here in my Polaris Global business with marketing, websites, training calls, etc but I get back up and do it again until I succeed!

  61. Lee Anne B says:


    The Polaris Global Sovereignty Live was absolutely amazing. Every Polaris Global event I have been to I say the same thing, and every event after that. I have been to a lot of events in the time I have been with Polaris Global, and I find that each and every event I go to gets better and better.

    First of all, what I really loved about this event was the group of people. We had so much fun together, there were so many great times outside of the conference room as well as in. The places we visited on the trip were absolutely amazing too. Pisa, Florence, France, Spain and really all of Italy. WOW!

    I found the content that Shane Krider provided at the event was really exactly what I have been asking for without actually asking. I really needed some nuts and bolts strategies on how to use the money I have created with my business to create more wealth and the best ways to invest it.

    I would highly recommend to anyone who was not able to be at the event to get their M4 content as it is well worth the money.

    If you attended the event, what was your biggest takeaway/learning?

  62. Peter W says:

    Well Lee, I didn’t get to event but can’t wait to get the content, but all you guys have certainly come back with a spring in your step..I suppose my win during the event was that I finally finsihed this 10 year court case and eventhough we didn’t get exactly what we wanted, I get to focus here starting today….That on it’s own is a big win…Can’t wait to get the content….

  63. Lee Anne B says:

    That is a HUGE Win Peter, I am sure you are glad is over and you can move forward. We certainly missed you at the Polaris Global Live Event, see you at the next one

  64. Karen L says:

    I’m with Peter – can’t wait to listen to the content. Sounds like Shane Krider has knocked it out of the park at Sovereignty Live.

  65. Lise R says:

    Yes, I agree Lee Anne. Anyone who was not able to attend our most recent Polaris Global event needs to absolutely get their hands on the content ASAP!

  66. Lee Anne B says:

    You will love it Karen x Shane Krider surely did

    Absolutely Lise, everyone needs it no matter how long you have been running your Polaris Global business

  67. Lee Anne B says:


    When I first got started in my Polaris Global business I was a very impatient person. I expected everything NOW and did not like to wait for things. So when I started and did not have huge success out of the gate you can imagine my disappointment.

    I soon realised that I had a lot of learning to do and a lot of mindset work that I needed to accomplish (I’m thankful for my Beyond Freedom Evolution). So it is a process, things don’t completely change overnight at the start, you have to build the foundations and the base first.

    At the moment, I am going through a similar process with my health and healing after surgery. When I went in for the surgery I expected the healing to be very fast and that I would be back to my normal self and normal routine ASAP. How wrong was I…?

    All over again I have had to learn a lot of patience and have realised this process has been no different than when I first started my Polaris Global business. I have to wait for the main healing to happen, as long as I do what is required in the meantime and once enough time has passed (whatever that is for me) I will be back to normal or better.

    You cannot force the results and you cannot force the time frame. Just be patient.

    Are you being patient enough with yourself?

  68. Brianna says:

    Lee Anne – thank you. A timely blog post for me, I’ve been in a place of impatience and caught myself thinking this way yesterday, after deciding that thinking just wasn’t working for me I made peace with the fact some things take time and have consciously decided to think from a space of openness & readiness to receive whatever must take place first before achieving the results.

  69. Peter W says:

    So true Lee, can’t force what you don’t know, you can’t get what you don’t learn and comparing is just a waste of time…This is different business which throws out the challenge of change and that is why it can be both exciting and frustrating and a bit patience is required…I know where to order that now…..The rewards reach well beyond Polaris Global…that’s what I think is amazing….

  70. Louise L. says:

    I’ve got truck loads of patience. I can loan you some. I need help in the obstinate department!

  71. Lise R says:

    Great topic Lee Anne and one that tends to rear up for me more than I would like. Having the patience required in my Polaris Global business has not always been the easiest challenge to overcome. I am generally a very impatient person so being here and having to learn that lesson over and over again has been a true blessing.

  72. Karen says:

    Still a work in progress for me Lee Anne. Like you I am impatient and can try to force things. From being a part of this wonderful Polaris Global community I am learning patience and that things do not always happen in the time frame that I think they will. As you say, just reset the time frame and keep shooting for the goal.

  73. Berni I says:

    Beyond Freedom Evolution and in Polaris Global and healing and life = Patience is a virtue