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Consistent Daily Improvement with Beyond Freedom Evolution

Daily Improvement

Daily Improvement

Posted By Lee Anne B

In the past, before I joined Polaris Global, I would only look at success as being something BIG – a big event that everyone noticed and something I felt really excited and proud about achieving. Examples of this were winning a company competition, or winning a big job from a client.

Since using my Beyond Freedom Evolution, I have realised that every bit we improve on a daily basis can be seen as success, as a win. It doesn’t even need to be noticed by anyone. On a daily basis, if we are learning something new (that is a win) and it is going to move us forward some, a consistent little bit each day, this compounds into something big!

As we learnt at our Sovereignty Live event a few weeks ago, compounding interest left long term and invested with a long term vision can more than double or triple the end return over time. It can create something really big out of something small applied consistently!

The same applies with anything you do whether it is investing money, time and building a business.

What have you learnt to be more consistent with since starting Beyond Freedom Evolution?

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  1. Anthony P says:

    Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me that my goal is not to quit my job, or buy a new house or take my dream vacation. Yes, I will do all those things as a result of my Polaris Business over time, but my real goal is Mastery. I realize that Mastery is something that can only be accomplished through practice. No matter how mich practicing the little things, like the six daily habits may irk me, because maybe I think it’s not important for the long term, whta I’ve learned is that I must seek to practice all the time and that even when I seemingly master this art/science of personal development/Internet Marketing, etc, I will STILL have to practice. and being a Master is about the awareness of the practice and continuing to do the basics. There is nothing that separates the master from the novice except the time they’ve been practicing the basics.

  2. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Darryl that you have also come to that place and knowing that everyone has there own time. Beyond Freedom Evolution is a powerful tool and I love what you wrote about not letting others decide how you feel xx so true

  3. Lee Anne B says:

    Wow Anthony what a powerful realisation you have come too. You are right Beyond Freedom Evolution does not teach us how to get all the stuff, it teaches us to BE who we need to be to achieve what we want in all areas of life xx Huge congrats for getting to that point x

  4. Ann-Maree says:

    Lee Anne I love Beyond Freedom Evolution! When I first purchased the program I was driving back and forth to Brisbane every day, so I downloaded the audio’s and this program was my morning and evening companion. Some weeks I travelled interstate, so I printed the workbooks, had them bound and did the reading and activities over breakfast each day.
    Since the launch of Quickstart, I love the convenience of the bite size daily ritual.

  5. Lee Anne B says:

    Love that Ann-Maree. I have done the same with the audios on my I phone. I listen to my Beyond Freedom Evolution audios while walking or even while on the plane x Love it

  6. Lee Anne B says:


    Another Great Polaris Global Team Call this week thanks to Pauline and Alison.

    Even though I have been here a long time now, I still love hearing how simple our Polaris Global business really is. I say this because when I first got started I missed that point. I tried to do it my way and overcomplicate it. That really didn’t work for me.

    The results came once I started following the training, following the simple system and being consistent with it. Simple as that.

    Here are the steps again if you missed them. (If you missed the call I recommend you catch the recording.)

    1. Place the Adverts,
    2. Call the Leads and Provide Information,
    3. Follow up and bring to a 3 Way Call.

    That is it. Very simple. There is no point there that says, ‘make some new friends,’ and there is no point that says ‘sell and convince them to join.’

    I have learnt along the way that if I am not getting the results I desire and I am being consistent with my Polaris Global business doing the 6 daily activities, then I must be overcomplicating one of the three steps.

    Are you following the 3 step process? Or have you not followed these in the past?

  7. JodieC says:

    I too have downloaded the audios of Beyond Freedom Evolution and listen to them in my car.
    Every small step to improvement is an improvement. Whats big is the big picture, the choice to make the change, to take the steps on the way to the change and believe it will happen.
    The excitement within me grows every day even if I’ve only made a super small step I know I’m moving forward.

  8. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Jodie, great to hear. Step by step is the process. Every step we take moves us closer to our goals. Beyond Freedom Evolutions topic counting the wins is a great one to keep as a daily activity to help us stay focused too x

  9. Berni I says:

    yess KISS xx

  10. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Berni, Keep it Simple Silly x

  11. Adam B says:

    Fair to say lee that in my first 6 months or so of my polaris global business, I didn’t follow the system. Also fair to say that’s why I want getting the results. It is simple and if done right very very powerful. Love it!

  12. Lee Anne B says:

    I can say the same Adam, I tried to re-invent the wheel when I started my Polaris Global business too, just doesn’t work. The system works if you work the system

  13. Debbie R says:

    This is one of the many things that allows distributors to create success in Polaris Global. Following the system in place makes it easy to duplicate. This is what makes franchising work….a simple system that people follow. An easy way to think about it, is to think of your favorite restaurant chain. You can go into that restaurant anywhere, and the product is the same…a hamburger is the same in Canada, the states, or in Europe. The recipe/system is followed to a tee. That is all people have to do with their Polaris Global business….follow the recipe/system.

  14. Lise R says:

    Love it Lee Anne. I have just come off of a 3 way call and they were like, “that’s it?” HAHA! Love it! What we have here is so simple and we have to remember not to complicate it!

  15. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Debbie, Duplicate and follow. Step by step, the Polaris Global way. The best thing Debbie is Polaris Global is so not a franchise, we have a similar system to one without the bits I don’t like, like franchise areas and franchise fees 🙂 WIN WIN

  16. Lee Anne B says:

    Yes so true. I totally overcomplicated when I first started my Polaris Global business that is for sure. Keep it Simple !

  17. Anne R says:

    That particular Polaris Global team call was definitely a great reminder for me, to keep it simple… I’m definitely one to over-complicate things, I think because somewhere along the line as an employee, I learnt to do the opposite! I’m so excited now that my main focal points are to keep to the system, keep consistent, and work on myself – wow, LOVE it!!

  18. Fiona C says:

    Well l did move a lot of paper around my desk for some time… But Yes now l “keep it simple” 🙂

  19. Lee Anne B says:

    Keeping it simple is the key Anne, Well done on your consistent work in your Polaris Global business and on yourself with your Beyond Freedom Evolution x It shines through

    LOL Love it Fiona, we can all get caught up in the paper shuffling

  20. Lee Anne B says:


    Consistency really is the key to success in any area of life. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat healthy consistently and exercise consistently. Exercising once a week and eating healthy once a week is not going to get you to your weight loss goals. The same applies to your Polaris Global business. Doing a bit here and there is not going to get you to that six or seven figure income you are looking to create.

    The biggest thing I have learnt since starting my Polaris Global business is about being consistent. When I first started, I treated my business like a hobby. I did a bit here and a bit there. So I listened to a training call, I did a bit of marketing and spoke to some leads and I didn’t really use my Beyond Freedom Evolution at all. Funnily I wondered why I didn’t have huge results out of the gate…?

    I made the decision in my business then that failure was not an option. What came with that was a desire to do what I needed to do. The magic dust is the Six Daily Activities for Success. How often would I do them? Daily..! Consistently. Over and over. When I want to take it to the next level, what do I do, the Six Daily Activities for Success, and I do more of them. More marketing, more Personal Development, more of it all. But I still stay consistent. Consistent input equals consistent output, as long as you are doing all the items, not just some.

    Are you being consistent in your Polaris Global business in all areas?

  21. Adam B says:

    Great post Lee, you have definitely proven that consistency is the key to a successful polaris global business. I’ve taken this on board and make sure I do everything I can consistently and Funnily enough my results are now in line with that!

  22. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Adam, funny how consistent effort = consistent results in your Polaris Global business. x Well done

  23. Lise R says:

    So true Lee Anne, consistency is key here for creating results. I found that when I started applying the 6 Daily Steps for Success consistently, I began to experience some amazing results in my business. There is no secret!

  24. Debbie R says:

    Consistency is definitely the key Lee Anne. A key distinction to understand is this applies to all aspects of our lives, not just our Polaris Global businesses. There are specific (daily activities) we must maintain consistently to have the result in anything that is important to us.

    -relationships – must do the things that made you fall in love to maintain love
    -gardening – must water, fertilize, weed, etc to get the result of beautiful flowers
    -hobbies/sports – must keep up the practice to become better, and not regress

  25. Lee Anne B says:

    Congrats Lise that is great. I found the same, Once I started working my Polaris Global business consistently and doing my 6 daily activities consistently that is when the consistent results arrived

  26. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Debbie I agree, I feel the same, I have the key things I do each day in my Polaris Global business for sure, but I also have personal things I make sure I do each day, Eg. Tell my family I love them, everyday, Exercise everyday, Eat a certain amount of Veggies

  27. Fiona C says:

    Yes Lee Anne Consistency really is the key to success this is one thing l have learnt from your success – hearing your story and watching your success over the years has been a Hugh help for my self belief. A Big Thank you x

  28. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Fiona, so glad I could be of assistance. Seeing your journey through the Polaris Global blogs has been wonderful xx Thank you for sharing your story

  29. Shelley J says:

    Great post. My recent reminder about being consistent and its importance is now starting to see my team bring 3 ways to me, that I need to be the consistent leader which is great being answerable to more than just myself!

  30. Lee Anne B says:

    Leading from the front is the way Shelley x What you demonstrate to your team in Polaris Global is what they will do also

  31. Berni I says:

    Consistency is the KEY in busines

    Great consistency in in your Polaris Global and BEYOND FREEDOM EVOLUTION business.

  32. Lee Anne B says:


    Having just arrived back from Denver, Colorado from our Polaris Global Influence Live and Alchemy events I am so excited about the future and what it holds.

    The two days of Alchemy celebrations started with an amazing cocktail party at Shane Krider and Rachel Krider’s home. Their house is stunning and situated in beautiful Evergreen. I had the pleasure of staying at their house for four nights before the influence event too which was totally amazing.

    I was also excited to find out at the Alchemy party that I was the winner of the Blog For Your Dream Car competition. This totally topped off my already amazing time I had been having in the USA.

    Then the next day we headed off on a tour of the Rocky Mountains, with a stop off in Central City (an old and classy Gold Mining town, now days full of casinos.) We then headed off to a Gold Mine, which was a wonderful experience too.

    It was so great to see more of the Rocky Mountains and Denver, somewhere I am looking to spend more time in for sure in the near future.

    What was your favourite part of Denver/Alchemy?

  33. Lise R says:

    I loved the whole experience! It was such an honour to stand beside you and Debbie as the blogging finalists and get to share with everyone our wins/experiences as a result of participating. The Alchemy Adventure Day was also pretty spectacular, I loved Central City and the old buildings!

  34. Lee Anne B says:

    Right back at you Lise. I have loved the whole Polaris Global blogging experience and continue to love it to this day x

  35. Fiona C says:

    The day trip to the Rocky Mountains for sure l will also be heading back one day Lee Anne – l loved the architecture the timer homes are beautiful walking through the town with all the casinos and visualising what it would have been like in its hay day was a special moment for me.

  36. Lee Anne B says:

    Me too FIona. I really loved Colorado, such an amazing place. Already looking at time next year to head back x

  37. Anthony P says:

    I was not in Denver, but I have made it my goal to meet you, Rachel and Shane at a live event in 2015. I have been to Denver airport, via my job, and that’s all I’ve ever seen is the view from the windows. I want to go to all those places you mentioned, which I’ve only read about in travel magazines and seen on Travel Channel. I want to be hanging out with you guys real soon, and am pursuing that reality …

  38. Berni I says:

    So glad you won & had fun at Polaris Global Alchemy

  39. Lee Anne B says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and meeting you in person at the Polaris Global live event in 2015 Anthony 🙂

    Thanks Berni, we sure did x

  40. Louise L. says:

    Lee Anne, congratulations on your win and for being the cool, calm and collected person that you are. Also wanted to you to know that I loved the photos that Greg posted of you and Andrew on our PG Facebook page. You are a shooting star!

  41. Lee Anne B says:

    Thanks heaps Louise, There is some amazing photos from the last Polaris Global event in Denver, I had an absolute ball and really enjoyed meeting everyone in the Polaris Global community xx

  42. Lee Anne B says:


    Over my 5 years here with Polaris Global I have decluttered my business a few times. I always feel so much lighter, excited and ready to take on new challenges. There are a few ways to declutter. Eg. Clean out your lead manager; Clean your desk; Get all the little to-do things done and off your list. Whatever makes you feel completed.

    Over the weekend I decided to take the same strategy to my childrens’ play corner. Every time I would walk into the lounge room I felt “Arggg” as it was always messy. So this weekend Andrew was away and I came up with a plan and implemented it.

    It took the whole weekend, and I am pleased to say the childrens’ corner is gone and everything is now in their bedroom. We have four bags of rubbish and three bags of things to give away. The girls have even said how much cleaner and nicer everything is. WIN there for me!

    I even kept going and decluttered and cleaned my office while I was on a role.

    I have now made the decision to tackle other areas of the house Eg. my wardrobe is next (I need to clear space for our upcoming Vegas shopping trip!)

    What have you decluttered recently?

  43. Louise L. says:

    Great job, Lee Anne and a significant topic to approach for me anyway! I’ve been fasting (water, tea and lemon juice) once/week for a few weeks now. I laundered throw rugs, pillows, comforters, and redecorated my bedroom. (Fasting seems to give me tremendous energy to deep clean.) My plan is to get rid of as much stuff as I can and move to a smaller place in spring, which I never thought I would do in a million years. Thank you BFE! BTW, how do you clean up your Lead Manager?

  44. Lee Anne B says:

    Great one Louise, I have done Water fasts in the past myself. Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me lots of things and decluttering life in all ways has been a big one for me for sure. Cleaning up my lead manager means, moving people around eg from follow up left message to on the fence. transferring some leads out to my team etc 🙂 just making sure it is all in order

  45. Lise R says:

    Great post and so timely for me right now 🙂 I am going to declutter my office space this week – make some more space for my upcoming trophies 😉

  46. Louise L. says:

    Super. Thanks, Lee!

  47. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Lise, Go out and buy a trophy cabinet (that is what I did) it is now full and I need to buy another one LOL. Gotta love the awards available here in Polaris Global xx

  48. Fiona C says:

    Great tips Lee Anne – I love to have a clean out to declutter my wardrobe every session my rule is if l didn’t wear it last session its off to the op-shop – have fun in Vegas 🙂

  49. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Fiona, I love to clean out my wardrobe before a good shop in Vegas ready for the next Polaris Global event

  50. Berni I says:

    GO Lee at Polaris Global be careful not to declutter your family!!!

  51. Lee Anne B says:

    hahaha I will do my best, they do need a bit of a declutter LOL

  52. Lee Anne B says:


    Looking back on my journey here in Polaris Global I can see a few main keys that happened for me to ‘click’ everything into place. Let me say though it did not happen overnight. I was not someone that had HUGE success straight out of the gate here. I was a slow learner.

    I started and tried to reinvent the wheel, I tried to SELL it, I also tried anything else I could think of. The first thing that clicked into place was following the system, this really put things into alignment (I just wrote a whole blog about this, check it out).

    The second thing was cementing in my certainty and belief, because I knew that the people I spoke to in my business were going to see the business through my eyes. So to do this I decided to play full out and commit to upgrading and becoming an M8 director. Did I have the funds for this? No. I had to get very creative to find the money. It was my 8th week in business at this stage, I had qualified out at M1 in my 6th week in business and by this time had not put any money in my pocket.

    So why did I upgrade, the main reason was I wanted to cement in my certainty. I knew that investing the money to become M8 was drawing a line in the sand. Failure was no longer an option, I was going to create success here no matter what, I was going to just keep following the system and being in massive action UNTIL.

    It worked and since then I have never looked back.

    So do what you need to do to get to that place of certainty ASAP and watch your business soar!

    How did you get to that place of certainty in your Polaris Global business?

  53. Lise R says:

    Great post Lee Anne. I can relate to having a slow start as well. The moment I committed to becoming an M8 director that really gave me the drive to do whatever I needed to do to make it work and create the success that I had come for!

  54. Lee Anne B says:

    Great Lise, committing full out in your Polaris Global business certainty will give you the motivation you need to create success

  55. Adam B says:

    Similar story for me Lee. Slow out of the gates, trying to sell as well etc etc. But unlike you, I upgrade to M8 before I even had my first training sale. I saw the upside potential here and knew that making that serious commitment to myself, that I had no excuses. I just had to make this work. Great post.

  56. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful example of leadership Adam, well done. I know that decision has totally paid off for you in your Polaris Global business too x

  57. JodieC says:

    I made the wonderful decision to upgrade to M8 in my Polaris Global Business the day I paid for my M7.
    Iam loving my journey and excited for the possibilities I have given myself by doing so, Thank you Lee Anne for the great Leadership and example you have set.

  58. Helen T says:

    I have just gotten started and already I can relate to what you are all saying. There’s a big difference between having a mind-set of ‘just trying this out to see if it really works’ to ‘ I know this works because it has worked for so many before me and it will work for me too”. Having the daily reminders in the Beyond Freedom Evolution program helps to keep me on track and not get derailed by negative thoughts. It reminds me that ‘it’s all up to me’. Scary! but also great because I am in the driver’s seat.

  59. Leoni B says:

    I know for certain that Polaris Global is where I want to be. Upgrading to M8 I made a commitment to myself and as you say Lee Anne, failure is not an option. It may not be going as fast as I want, but I know everyday is closer to success as long as I take the action.

  60. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Jodie, it is a pleasure, it has been wonderful watching your growth personally since starting with Polaris Global, awesome leadership decision from you part too xx Leaders attract leaders

  61. Lee Anne B says:

    So true Helen, it is up to you, great thing about Polaris Global is you are not alone, you have the Polaris Global community and the Beyond Freedom Evolution to keep you on track x

  62. Lee Anne B says:

    Congrats Leoni, Failure is so not an option. We all have our own pace and journey, the key is learning to be patient with ourselves. I have learnt a lot about patience since starting with Polaris Global as I had so much to learn about myself x

  63. Clare says:

    Making the decision to upgrade to M8 was a no brainer for me. Having found a product that I believed in and that I had massive results from only using it for 6 weeks was my certainty. I knew I was in this for the long haul. I wasn’t qualified at M1 at that point. As you know I had to get very creative to get there but I had made the decision and that was the first step, the rest just eventually fell into place. Again for me failure is not an option.

  64. Kimberly says:

    such a great post and awesome to read every bodies comments. I know I will get there because after nearly 2 years I am still here and working away

  65. Lee Anne B says:

    Congrats on the decision Clare, I know this has been paying off for you in your Polaris Global business

  66. Lee Anne B says:


    One of the key learnings I took away from a Shark Tank episode that I watched recently was that there is never a time to wait.

    People can get into the mode of thinking that they need to wait for something particular to happen before they take the next step. They then have something to blame their lack of success on. It is never the economy. There are plenty of businesses that thrive in those times and that is because they are people of action.

    I know personally here in Polaris Global our business is very much like that – as long as you are in action and doing what is required.

    80% are sitting around waiting, waiting for WHAT? Who know’s. There is never a time to wait.

    I have learnt along my journey that I have been someone of action, I have not sat around waiting for something or someone else to create success for me. I think the main reason for that is I am hungry, and I have learnt that I am 100% responsible.

    Are you someone that is waiting?

  67. Louise L. says:

    The Shark Tank! So much to learn from those guys. Yet, at the same time, so appreciative for the gentle and massively successful leadership training here. Yes, I waited for my ship to come in . Then I decided to buy my own ship. Then I got lost and my ship sprung a leak. I cast out on a dinghy and Polaris came to my rescue!

  68. Adam B says:

    Great post Lee, I’d like to say I a person of action too. In very hungry to achieve big results in my life and know that in 100% responsible. Procrastination never creates anything!

  69. Lee Anne B says:

    Love it Louise, I agree the leadership here in Polaris Global is amazing, yet so much more to learn

    Absolutely Adam, procrastination does not create anything that is for sure x

  70. Lise R says:

    Love this post Lee Anne and such an appropriate time as we move into the holiday season. Many people take this time to wait for the New Year and slow down business activities. I choose not to wait, I am taking action!

  71. Lee Anne B says:

    Lets go Lise, full power ahead.. xx

  72. Lee Anne B says:


    I really loved the Supplemental Audio this month in our Beyond Freedom Evolution program. Shane and Rachel Krider are talking about What Other People Think.

    Here are my key take aways from the Audio. So many gold nuggets. Love them:

    Role models are embraced at a young age. People know, read books etc
    Successful example is important
    Emulate the person who has achieved what you want to achieve
    I want to take more responsibility
    Know for yourself is important
    I would rather be tired than broke – Mark Cuban
    Anything can be learned
    Millionaires value freedom over comfort
    I am on my purpose, I know if it is meant to be it is up to me
    What do other people think? Nothing, so know for yourself
    Start acting on your own best estimations
    Give yourself permission to fail
    Give yourself the space to achieve what you desire
    It is easy to stay where you are at, as long as you don’t look into the future and see the consequences of doing so
    You have to teach people how to treat you
    A decision is a seed, you have to back it with passion and bold decisions
    Get on your own path and think for yourself
    Get over the other peoples opinions, forget the safety net
    I am here to learn and be the student

    What was your favourite take away from this months Beyond Freedom Evolution supplemental audio?

  73. Lise R says:

    I also loved this audio this month. My biggest take away was not to give too much power to other people’s opinions. Trust in myself and in my overall intuition/desires.

  74. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely, Trusting in ourselves is so important x I love that Beyond Freedom Evolution teaches us how to do just that

  75. Tracy M. says:

    I have learnt to be more consistent with researching marketing avenues… everyday slowly but surely…more and more

  76. Peter W says:

    Millionaires value freedom over comfort is mine Lee, far easier to build a dream than wish for it. I may borrow a few of your points. Thanks

  77. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Tracy, consistency is the key to success in life and in your Polaris Global business

  78. Louise L. says:

    Thanks, Lee, for putting up such great tips up for us! My take away was the exercise- what I stand for if I knew I was worth 5 billion tomorrow. Polaris Global is my rock. The product-line, Shane, Rach and Greg, and all of us together, making dreams come true.

  79. Lee Anne B says:

    Wonderful Louise, what a great take away. I love my Polaris Global business and the community too x

  80. Karen L says:

    Hey Lee Anne, there was so much to take away from the Supplemental audio in the Beyond Freedom Evolution. My take away was how much it shows you that successful people think very differently to people getting average or normal results.

  81. Lee Anne B says:

    They sure do Karen that is for sure. Successful people have a totally different mindset around everything. I have learnt this through running my Polaris Global business

  82. Karen L says:

    Yes Lee Anne, you are a great example of this with the results you are achieving with Polaris and you are leading from the front!

  83. Lee Anne B says:


    One of the biggest lessons I have learnt along my Polaris Global journey has been patience. I am totally someone that wants things to be instant. I am an all in or all out gal. If I do something and play full out, I want to see the results right now.

    I teach it to my children all the time, you have to be patient, things don’t happen instantly, we put the work in and continue to do that and the results come. I have learnt this to be true over my time here with Polaris Global, why I don’t apply this to all areas of my life, I am not sure. I must need to learn more patience.

    For 2015 I am going to use more patience in the rest of my life, with my children, with my health and weight loss journey and in my Polaris Global business. I am going to do what is required and then some and keep doing that. I am going to take the focus off the results now because they may not match the effort I am putting in simultaneously.

    So be patient, set your goals, take consistent action and keep going and keep going. What will you be more patient with in 2015?

  84. Karen L says:

    For me patience has never been my strong point.

    Being back sprint training for just on two years, I have had a number of injuries which has really tested my patience. One thing I have learnt from Beyond Freedom Evolution is to focus on what I can do which last year that was gym work and flexibility while I was healing. As a result of this work, just tonight I ran a personal best time in the 100m and that was with the world’s worst start. If I had nailed the start like a usually do, my time would have been even more awesomer! It’s taken 7 months to get to this point after a muscle tear and patience really is a virtue because it felt fantastic to run like I did tonight. Even coach said I looked like Carl Lewis! Huge compliment.

    Thanks for the great share Lee Anne.

  85. Lise R says:

    Such a timely post for me Lee Anne! I have yet to fully apply my patience to my Polaris Global business. I tend to be like you – instant and full on – I expect things to happen now! I know that my business and I deserve to cultivate the habit of patience.

  86. Helen T says:

    I too tend to be all in or all out and push myself too hard to get results. I have been doing the same in Polaris Global. I easily forget to just take the action steps and let go of the results. Every now and then I remind myself it is a marathon, not a sprint. I think this year I will be more patient with myself and focus more on what I HAVE already done, not what I haven’t yet done. Impatience is saying “this isn’t happening when it should”. Is this the thought pattern I really want to be sending out there? Because I will just get more of things not happening when they should. Everything happens in divine right timing. Certainly a more powerful affirmation!

  87. Louise L. says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Lee. My impatience lies with my impatience too. I had to shovel the snow off my walkway last Saturday so I said ” I deserve to do it” and it went much faster! So “deserve” is my new power word to help me reach my goals this year. I’m rooting for you gurl!

  88. Adam B says:

    This is a great post Lee. My whole career has been based around instant results. I now know life is not always to be this way. I too am changing my focus to your closing statement! Think I will include enjoy the process and breath more.. Love it thank you!

  89. Lee Anne B says:

    I am with you Karen, me either. I have been one of the most impatient people in the past, so glad I am learning to be more patient through working on myself with my Beyond Freedom Evolution

  90. Lee Anne B says:

    Absolutely Lise, the calmer and more patient we are the bigger and faster our Polaris Global businesses grow

  91. Lee Anne B says:

    I sometimes get in that place too Helen, the harder we PUSH the results the further they get away. We have to do the work, be consistent and then make way for the results to arrive. So let them flow in, not pull them in. It is something I have had to learn in my Polaris Global business, I have not mastered it yet, but on the road to getting better at it

    Your welcome Louise, I will take that challenge with you, Let make 2015 a year full of more patience

  92. Helen T says:

    “let them flow in” – I like that. Has a whole different energy to it than “pulling them in”. Relaxed and receptive, not stiff, tense and needy. Always lots to learn! Thanks Lee Anne

  93. Helen T says:

    This subject reminds me of a great quote:

    “Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”
    ― Lao Tzu

  94. Peter W says:

    My patience seems to be a stretched form, but I am swapping the impatience thoughts to more direct actions, which is certainly paying off so far.

  95. Jan S says:

    Thank you for this post Lee Anne. The thing I most need to be patient with is myself. This has been a somewhat painful & expensive lesson to learn. I have been hitting myself over the head, not respecting myself and my learning ability. As Shane Krider says “Just keep doing the thing” and the results will come. Well, I have started “doing the thing” – now to practice persistence & consistency. My six daily activities, DMO and recognising my achievements are my road map to achieving this in my Polaris Global business.

  96. Leoni B says:

    That was my biggest set back since I have started with Polaris Global. I will place an ad and if I did not get results immediately, I would stop and go back to the drawing board, thinking that the ad was not good enough. That caused me to stop start and we all know that does not work. It also caused frustration – re-doing the same stuff.

    Now, I have an ad for every day of the week and it is copy, paste from Monday to Saturday. I spend time over weekends now to change or improve them.

  97. Kimberly says:

    Yep I’m with you Lee Anne, I need more patience instead of expecting instant results. I also have always felt I have to do things bigger than I am capable and then unable to follow it through. Instead I have begun with smaller steps and building consistency in all areas and seeing it flow into my Polaris Global business.

  98. Kym K says:

    Lee Anne – Parenting certainly offers us the opportunity to master patience. I love that you have highlighted take your attention off the results and instead place it on the effort. This was a break through for me when I heard it on one of Polaris Global training calls. Thanks for sharing.

  99. Fiona C says:

    Love it Lee Anne that was a big goal for me last year be patient….l have always wanted things done yesterday! l know l run my business part-time I’m happy with my journey so far, but it did take me years to say this – my aim project was the big test for me to build my dream home, at Christmas l had a big set back that has put the job back 8 months oh well l said not getting upset at all, thats all thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution its out of my hands my new house will be built and ready for next Christmas.

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