October 3rd, 2015 by Amy Adams

Counting the Wins on a Daily Basis

Posted by Brianna B

One Step, one win at a time

I love the ‘count your wins’ concept. In fact I love it so much I decided to purchase a yearly diary devoted to recording my daily wins. I set myself a goal to prove a 3 plan could be hit with free marketing methods, and I wanted a clear record of how I would achieve this goal. download (1)

Wednesday the 25th of February 2015 I purchased my diary and wrote in my first wins, they stated:

  1. Bought my wins diary
  2. Learnt something new about social media and compliance
  3. Created another account to post ads with
  4. Posted a new blog on polaris global
  5. Commented on others blog posts
  6. Made a very filling healthy smoothie
  7. Listened to Brian Tracy’s chapter on goal setting
  8.   Learnt that posting jobs every 15 days on Linkedin is most effective

After the first day I decided on the second I would start to record the amount of ads I posted.

Day 7, I cracked 124 ads!!

Day 8, I started to record the amount of people I put in front of the biz info, 1 person!

Day 15, I put 4 people in front of the info in one day, and although I’m embarrassed to admit I only put 3 people in front of the info the previous week in total, so HUGE celebration for me today.

Day 31, 521 ads posted. This was as a result of looking for new websites to market on every day. My belief about posting ads was expanding and I began to build a new belief that I could post as many as it takes and not get bumped.

Day 61, M1 SALE BABY!

Day 67, M1 SALE AGAIN!

Day 82, M1 SALE! This is starting to get pretty fun.

Day 83, A team member upgraded to M7!

Day 86, 6 people in front of the info in one day, new record!!!

Day 116, 19 people in front of the info for the week (first successful week of hitting above my 3 plan) HUGE celebration.

And it goes on and on, I now have an amazing diary with my daily wins. As of day 116 I knew for myself that this business can be operated with minimal/no budget and result in huge success. I even ended up training our amazing community how to utilise one of my favourite platforms, Facebook.

If I ever feel I am not making progress I can simply read just one week ago and already see how far I have come, let alone that first day.

How do you record your wins?

7 Responses to “Counting the Wins on a Daily Basis”

  1. Cathy says:

    Great post Brianna
    I love the ‘Count Your Wins’ too and every night before I go to bed and recognise all my wins for the day. It is so easy to trivialise the little things we do.
    Congratulations to you too with your achievements

  2. Caroline B says:

    Thank you Brianna you have put it down to such simple terms that anyone can understand. I am going to take some much inspiration from you blog and just run with it. I have been such a stop starter and been my own worst enemy in not doing enough. I thank you and I will be keeping a more accountable track of what I am doing and I’m sure that i will also report back on my progress in the near future. Thank you once again also thanks to this community of like mind people and what wonderful inspiration that we can get from others Cheers Caroline B

  3. Yolanda V says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome story Bri !! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing and reading about your success journey here. I am happy to be witnessing your growth and I can hear how you have changed (I can really hear it in your voice). You are an inspiration to me and I will be following your lead. I used to record my wins on my BFE app (but not every day). I already have a diary and have created a little space on each page to write down 10 wins every day. My journey to record my wins DAILY starts today 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Carrie M says:

    LOVE your post Brianna thanks for adding such value to our community. I’ve recently been so blessed to have a wins buddy and we now share our wins each night. I also write them down in my gratitude journal and am loving the momentum of the ‘attitude of gratitude’ that these things are having on my life.

  5. Louise L says:

    Very inspirational and a great plan to keep motivated around marketing. Beautifully done! By the way, on Day 31 were the 521 ads posted all in one day?

  6. Robyn E says:

    Awesome post Brianna and very inspiring! Gave me a brilliant idea for 2016 with win counting and productivity tracking ???

  7. David says:


    I would be interested in seeing more of your wins, more of your sucesses in your wins journal.
    Can you share more?